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7-inch Apple tablet "definitely" coming in January?

updated 11:30 am EST, Wed December 23, 2009

Claimed reliable source says small tablet due

Apple's heavily rumored tablet could come in a smaller size if a rumor today proves true. Referring to a source who has been "amazingly accurate" with previous Apple rumors, BGR supports notions of a January Apple event but says that the launch is "100%" likely to include a 7-inch tablet. Whether this would be in place of or in addition to the more commonly rumored 10-inch tablet isn't known by the tipster.

Some of the earliest rumors, dating back as far as 2007, had pointed to a 7-inch device but had grown silent as talk increased of a larger version. A smaller size would more clearly separate the line from MacBooks and lower the price, though it may hurt perceptions of the hardware as an alternative to a netbook. Most rumors touching on the software side have implied it would use a variant of the iPhone OS instead of Mac OS X.

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  1. cmoney

    Joined: Dec 1969


    netbook alternative?

    Ha Ha. There's absolutely 0% chance this will be a legit netbook alternative. Netbooks sell because they're cheap cheap cheap. The midline iPod Touch costs the same as the typical netbook, with some netbooks coming in for even less nowadays. There's absolutely no way Apple will compete on price.

  1. Jonathan-Tanya

    Joined: Dec 1969


    depends upon why you had a netbook

    If you used a netbook to consume content, then this is a welcome change.

    I can't tell you how many people perceive the price of an iPhone 3g as $99 and the 3gs as $199.

    They simply aren't capable of adding back in the true price, by estimating a carrier subsidy that they pay back via their cellphone subscription.

    To them the price is $99 and thats it.

    So, this very well likely WILL compete on price, and is probably a much better alternative to a netbook for consuming media: movies, songs, and books.

    I'd like one, but I will look at that monthly subscription, so...I'm withholding judgement for now.

  1. cmoney

    Joined: Dec 1969



    that's the point. wireless subscription or not, i don't see any way this will come in at netbook price points.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: depends

    So, this very well likely WILL compete on price, and is probably a much better alternative to a netbook for consuming media: movies, songs, and books.

    Well, only if they insist on selling it with some lame-a** data plan, than perhaps. But why would people want to buy a tablet with a data plan on it?

    Most people don't add the cost of the monthly plan for their phone, because they already were paying that amount on the phone. I would see the cost of an iPhone to be just $30 a month, as that is what it would cost me over what I pay now. The only ones who should be adding in the $70+ a month completely would be those who otherwise would not have a phone.

  1. iphonerulez

    Joined: Dec 1969


    So now the rumor is a 7" tablet!!!

    I have to admit that every day brings at least one new tablet rumor. People are obviously just dreaming these rumors up or whenever the spirits talk to them. I had heard something about various-sized tablets so maybe it's possible this tablet rumor runs totally against Apple's standard that one-size-fits-all. A seven-incher wouldn't be too bad but I'm willing to pay for a ten-incher. I'm not too happy about the subscription part, but as long as I can buy one without a subscription I'll have no complaints. I'll use my own media to put on it and download lots of games and educational apps. I may not need an Apple tablet, but I certainly want one. I totally accept the fact that I'll have to pay serious bucks to own one.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969



    But at least we know it is 'definitely' coming in January. Well, according to some source, not to be confused with the other sources that say its 10 inches, or coming in March, or will also make toast.

  1. Bobfozz

    Joined: Dec 1969


    seven inches

    That size makes sense and Apple always tries to make sense. Will fit in most purses, a sports jacket, packed briefcases, etc. You get into ten inch territory and it becomes too obvious. Apple WILL make it different. Isn't it funny the way other companies are trying to "anticipate" Apple this time and beat them to the punch and the only thing that happens is Apple gets more free publicity.
    I hope and figure Apple will have a cool name. Names like "Nook" and "Kindle" are strictly dorksville thought up by dorks who are out of touch. "Zune" wasn't that bad of a name, but the mfgr. behind it? well.... The thought behind it?...

  1. bluejammm

    Joined: Dec 1969


    7" YES

    A 7 inch makes much more sense to me. It needs to at least fit in a cargo pocket.

    And who says it has to be a subscription device? I am hoping it will be similar to the Apple TV with wireless internet capability and OPTIONAL data plan.

  1. 010111

    Joined: Dec 1969



    who the h*** wears cargo pants in 2010? jesus... go to a store and look around sometime. things have changed a bit since 1995.

    that said... this tablet is going to look great next to my Apple Asteroid.

  1. Peter Bonte

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Should be cheap

    Miniaturization also cost's money, withe the same specs as an iPod Touch a 7" tablet could be produced at the same cost. Naturally we expect more processing and GPU power, but a 7" tablet in 2010 with iPhone OS don't need to cost more than the current iPod Touch.

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