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Memory America, OWC launch 32GB, 64GB RAM kits for Mac Pros

12/21, 11:25pm

64GB and 32GB RAM upgrades

Memory America has launched 1066MHz DDR3 RAM expansion kits in 32GB and 64GB capacities for Apple's Mac Pro. The 64GB kit is arranged using eight individual 8GB modules geared for 64-bit operation, with support for data rates of up to 8.5GB/s. The components are RoHS certified and claimed to be compatible with all Mac Pro specifications.

CBS, Disney ready for iTunes TV subscriptions?

12/21, 10:45pm

Subscription iTunes TV, tablet in works

Apple may have two studios lined up for its proposed iTunes TV subscription plan ahead of a winter tablet lanch, sources claim Monday night. Where before the rumored service had merely been proposed to studios, anonymous tips now suggest that CBS and Disney are at least "considering" signing onboard. Under the plan, at least some TV shows across participating networks would be available through a monthly subscription, including CBS and its sibling CW network as well as ABC, ABC Family and the Disney Channel.

HP Mini 210 surfaces with new Atom CPU and $321 price tag

12/21, 10:25pm

Ultraportable offers Intel's Pine Trail platform

HP's upcoming Mini 210 netbooks have surfaced ahead of schedule on's inventory listing. The devices feature Intel's Pine Trail platform, based on the new Atom N450 CPUs running at 1.66GHz. The 10.1-inch LCDs sit behind a flush glass panel, while an integrated webcam and mic also come standard. HP ships each model with Windows 7 Starter pre-installed.

ATI Stream SDK 2.0 adds OpenCL support

12/21, 8:45pm

New Stream Profiler integrates Visual Studio 2008

AMD on Monday introduced an update to its ATI Stream SDK. The utility allows developers to utilize combined CPU and GPU power for accelerating applications. Version 2.0 now supports OpenCL 1.0 and atomic function for 32-bit integers, while adding a new Visual Studio 2008-integrated ATI Stream Profiler.

CaseCruzer intros Shock Case for Mac Pros

12/21, 7:35pm

Elastomeric shocks help protect against damage

CaseCruzer has announced the Shock Case, a hard carrying case designed for Mac Pro towers. The case features an isolated inner frame fabricated from steel, while elastomeric shocks provide protection against jarring or vibration. The housing integrates a retractable handle and oversized snap-down handles for transportation.

Sony ships flagship Daily Edition e-book reader

12/21, 6:45pm

Device optimized for newspaper content

Sony on Monday announced that its flagship Reader Daily Edition has begun shipping. The device features a seven-inch touchscreen optimized for newspapers and magazines, while a 3G connection utilizes AT&T's wireless network to download content from Sony's Reader Store.

Samsung NX10 spotted, lacks SLR mirror [U]

12/21, 6:35pm

1st Samsung swappable lens cam not an SLR

(Update with Samsung confirmation and stance) Samsung's first camera with removable lenses has been seen in supposedly production-ready trim thanks to a forum leak late Sunday. It should now be called the NX10 in its final guise and is now known for certain to be closer to point-and-shoot cameras as it lacks the mirror system that would be needed for an SLR. It's thought the camera is using a Samsung-developed system rather than using another mirrorless system like Micro Four Thirds.

AT&T lands surprise win in 3G test

12/21, 6:05pm

ATT faster in 3G, as reliable as Verizon

AT&T tonight landed an unusual victory in a cross-country network test. Checking across 12 major cities, including well-known trouble spots like New York City and San Francisco, Gizmodo finds that AT&T led in average speeds for half of the cities and that the network was roughly as stable as Verizon's in the areas tested.

Playrix debuts Fishdom: Frosty Splash game with winter theme

12/21, 6:00pm

Almost 100 different themed items to choose from

Playrix Entertainment has released Fishdom: Frosty Splash, the latest addition to the puzzle game series for Mac. The new edition features a special theme for winter and Christmas, while retaining the match-3 puzzle gameplay of Fishdom H20: Hidden Odyssey. Players must match pairs of similar pictures to advance through levels and improve an aquarium, which can now be decorated with almost 100 winter-themed items.

Specs leak for Motorola's Android-based Opus One iDEN phone

12/21, 5:40pm

Push-to-talk Android handset

Detailed specs have emerged for Motorola's upcoming Opus One push-to-talk Android handset, according to the Boy Genius Report. The device reportedly features Wi-Fi connectivity and a 3.1-inch capacitive touchscreen with 320x480 resolution, while the Android 1.5 OS is powered by a "Zeus" CPU. Motorola also integrates an accelerometer, proximity sensor, and dual microphones to help reduce background noise.

Panasonic outs new, safer batteries for notebooks

12/21, 5:05pm

Panasonic outs safer notebook batteries

Panasonic recently began mass producing high-capacity 3.1Ah lithium ion batteries for notebook computers that are noteworthy for their higher levels of safety and high capacity. The design, known as 18650, has an insulating metal oxide layer between the positive and negative electrodes Panasonic calls Heat Resistance Layer that adds no added bulk to the battery but prevents the battery from overheating and catching fire, even if a short circuit occurs.

Tapulous claims nearly $1 million in monthly app sales

12/21, 4:50pm

Dev represents high end of App Store success

Tapulous is now earning almost $1 million a month in terms of iPhone app sales, according to Reuters. The Tap Tap Revenge developer says that its games have been installed over 20 million times, even though it has a team of just 20 workers. While iPhone development does typically require few people, companies with Tapulous' level of revenue may often be substantially larger.

Fujitsu outs LifeBook MH380 with Pine Trail platform

12/21, 4:40pm

Fujitsu LifeBook MH380 has Pine Trail, LED screen

Fujitsu is the latest to introduce a netbook sporting Intel's new Pine Trail platform, the LifeBook MH380. The 10.1-inch netbook has an LED-backlit LCD with 1366x768 resolution. It's rounder than competing products and has a unique feature in its half-sphere indentation that allows for circular motion scrolling. Other specs are largely par for the course with newer netbooks and include a 1.66GHz Atom N450 CPU, 2GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive.

Nintendo files for WiiRelax trademark

12/21, 4:25pm

Nintendo trademarks WiiRelax name

Nintendo has filed for a trademark on what may be the final name of the Vitality Sensor. Calling it WiiRelax, the company suggests that either the accessory or the game itself will have the new title. The vitality sensor measures a user's pulse rate, which could, when used together with a piece of software, help determine whether a uses is resting or in an agitated state.

Samsung intros entry-level M5650 touchscreen phone

12/21, 4:15pm

Samsung M5650 gets 2.8-inch touchscreen, FM tuner

Samsung has launched a new handset, the M5650, in Portugal recently. The device has a 2.8-inch touchscreen and a Wi-Fi radio, along with support for 3G data networks. The handset also features an onboard music player along with an FM radio tuner.

Apple posts fix for graphics woes on 27-inch iMacs

12/21, 4:05pm

Problems linked to ATI cards

Apple has released a new graphics firmware update, directed at 27-inch iMacs. The patch fixes flickering and corruption problems, which Apple attributes to the Radeon HD 4670 and 4850 video cards the computers may be equipped with. Downloaders must have Mac OS X 10.6.2, and avoid any sort of power interruption during the update process.

Mobile device numbers to double by 2014

12/21, 4:00pm

Phones to face netbook, media player challenges

The number of mobile devices shipped each year should roughly double within five years, ABI Research says in a new estimate. In addition to determining that about 1.2 billion phones, media players, modems and netbooks will have shipped year, the analyst group predicts that these numbers will jump to 2.25 billion by 2014.

O2 UK reports iPhone-related data outage

12/21, 3:25pm

Fix leaves some problems remaining

The O2 cellular network has finally recovered from an outage affecting iPhone users, the UK carrier now says. Problems first arose on Sunday, blocking any kind of data use for most iPhone owners, although some claim to have had sporadic access. The interruptions continued into Monday afternoon local time, and have only just been resolved as of the evening. Normal service may take some time to return, the carrier warns.

Firefox 3.5 passes IE7 as most popular browser

12/21, 3:15pm

Chrome, Safari make small gains too

Firefox 3.5 has overtaken Internet Explorer 7 as the most popular single version of a web browser, according to new data from StatCounter. As of last week, the Mozilla browser took 21.93 percent of traffic, or just enough to edge out IE7's 21.2 percent. Microsoft still has the edge in overall share, but the data points to IE8 growing at a slower rate than Firefox.

Barnes & Noble Nook update boosts speed

12/21, 2:40pm

Nook gets software update from Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble has rolled out a software update for its Nook e-book reader, which aims to improve early complaints of slow speeds along with some other fixes. The speed of the page turns and overall navigation are said to be faster, and page numbers as well as a reader's progress through the book is also better handled, with clearer page numbering.

MSI details Pine Trail-equipped Wind netbooks

12/21, 2:20pm

New MSI Winds get longer battery life

MSI today provided early details of its first Wind netbooks running on Intel's Pine Trail platform. The U130 and U135 both update to the 1.66GHz Atom and should get about 15 percent more battery life than previous Winds. They also get a minor aesthetic boost with touches such as a new trackpad.

Leaked images show updated HTC Sense UI

12/21, 1:45pm

HTC to bring out updated Sense UI soon?

A series of photos leaked on HTCPedia reveal that the company's Sense UI will soon be updated. The photos show a Hero handset running on a new ROM. While these images show the software running on the HTC Hero, the first HTC handset to ship with the new UI will be the previously rumored Espresso handset. Eventually, however, it is expected the new software will become available on all HTC handsets.

Dailymotion joins video sites with iPhone apps

12/21, 1:20pm

Launches follow complaints against Apple

As planned, French video sharing site Dailymotion has released its first iPhone application. Two versions are available: first is free but ad-supported, whereas a version without ads costs $6. Users of either can search for videos, browse channels, and see popular or featured highlights. iPhone 3GS owners have the further option of recording and uploading their own clips.

Popcorn Hour gets SHOUTcast radio streams

12/21, 1:05pm

SHOUTcast Internet radio now on Popcorn Hour hubs

Syabas on Monday added a new functionality to its Popcorn Hour A-110 and C-200 network media hubs, allowing them to access AOL's free SHOUTcast Radio Directory. This will let users access over 32,000 MP3-based radio stations using their Popcorn Hour remote controls, bringing it to their home theater set-ups or living rooms on their TVs. The two Popcorn Hour hubs already support a wide range of digital audio and video files, and can stream audio and video content from partners that include Vuze, CNET TV, CBS, CNN and others.

Ford Sync gets 3G-to-Wi-Fi option

12/21, 12:30pm

Ford system to allow DIY in-car 3G

Ford today upgraded its Sync in-car system with its first ever Internet access. Just referred to as Sync Wi-Fi, the feature lets a car using an updated version of the entertainment system share a 3G connection with passengers over a Wi-Fi bridge. Unlike the Autonet systems used by Chevrolet and Chrysler, however, the Ford approach has users supply their own modem and relies on the USB port to plug in a 3G stick from multiple carriers.

Google to eat into Apple app share by 2014?

12/21, 12:15pm

Android's multi-platform nature an advantage

Apple will soon face tough competition from Google when it comes to cellphone apps, argues ABI Research analyst Bhavya Khanna. Total industry app downloads are expected to grow to 5 billion in 2014, as compared to the 2.3 billion estimated for 2009. Apple will likely remain on top of the industry, says Khanna, but the company is forecast to lose some of its 2010 share to apps from Google's Android platform.

Cowon outs V5 HD tablet with 4.8-inch touchscreen

12/21, 12:00pm

Cowon V5 HD gets HDMI output, 4.8-inch screen

Korea's Cowon has introduced launched one of its portable HD media players, the V5 HD. The device sports a 4.8-inch touchscreen with an 800x480 resolution, but it can output 720p HD video thanks to its HDMI output. A DMB TV tuner is integrated, and it supports multiple common HD-ready formats that include H.264.

Magazine ad references unreleased PSP-4000

12/21, 11:55am

Future UMD-ready PSP possibly confirmed

Talk of a new UMD-based PSP gained credence this weekend with a reference to a possible system in UK game industry magazine MCV's most recent issue (note: Flash-based page). An ad for peripheral maker Accessories4Technology shows support for a "PSP-4000" model alongside both all existing UMD models and the PSP Go.

Yelp backing out on Google deal?

12/21, 11:15am

Yelp may be courted by a new buyer

A follow-up rumor today claims that Yelp has stepped away from an offer from Google for unknown reasons. Now thought to be worth as much as $550 million, the buyout was reported by TechCrunch to be near completion but dismissed by Yelp on the weekend. The immediate reasons behind the exit are unknown.

Steve Jobs ranks first in INSEAD CEO list

12/21, 11:10am

List concentrates exclusively on financials

Apple's Steve Jobs has placed first in a CEO list compiled by the INSEAD business school. Set to be published in the next issue of the Harvard Business Review, the list is based on a collection of about 2,000 CEOs, and does not measure people by popularity or ethics but simply their financial importance to a company and its shareholders. Ranking is determined by a combination of change in market cap, industry-adjusted total shareholder return (TSR) and country-adjusted TSR.

Dell outs reworked, Pine Trail-based Mini 10

12/21, 10:35am

New Dell Mini gets up to 9.5 hour battery

Dell on Monday leapt fully into Intel's Pine Trail Atom-based platform by launching a new version of the Mini 10. The new version makes use of a 1.66GHz Atom N450 to extend its battery life past the original and, in a version with a 6-cell battery pack, can last for up to 9.5 hours on a charge. It also gets the new option of a Broadcom HD video decoder.

Charlie’s Games unveils Irukandji underwater shooting game

12/21, 10:00am

Unlock up to six different ships

Charlie's Games has unveiled a new arcade-style shooting game for the Mac platform, Irukandji. Taking place in an abstract underwater trench, players control a well-equipped gun ship and try to eliminate hundreds of animated sea monsters that do everything from kamikaze to shooting at the player. The object of the game is to force your ships way to the final confrontation, a giant translucent crab, defeat the monster, and gather as many points as possible along the way by killing enemies and avoiding death.

LG develops 0.1-inch thick LCD TV panel

12/21, 9:35am

LG makes thinnest ever LCD TV screen

LG Display today rolled out what it believes is the thinnest ever LCD panel for a TV to date. The 42-inch panel is just 0.1 inches thick (2.6mm) and accomplishes the feat through the use of an edge-lit LED backlight, a new optical film and other techniques. At the same time, it still produces a native 1080p resolution and supports a 120Hz refresh rate to increase detail and reduce blurring in fast action video.

Vodafone UK sets iPhone date

12/21, 9:30am

Carrier to join sales next month

Vodafone UK will begin selling the iPhone on January 14th, says the BBC. Subscription fees will start at £30 per month under a two-year contract, while phones will cost between £59 for an 8GB iPhone 3G and £239 for a 32GB iPhone 3GS. All plans will have a 1GB monthly data limit, which is higher than the 750MB cap imposed on Orange subscribers, but restrictive by comparison to O2's unlimited cellular data. Both Vodafone and O2 offer unlimited data via their associated Wi-Fi hotspots.

Motorola to run Droid Super Bowl ad

12/21, 9:05am

Moto in while Pepsi, others out

Motorola is likely to run a Super Bowl commercial for the Droid, a leak indicates today. The phone maker is believed by sources of AdAge to have bought "at least one" ad during the American football game. Although the subject of the ad isn't directly confirmed, the Droid is currently the company's flagship phone and its most heavily promoted device, as it has received numerous ads from Verizon attacking the iPhone and pitching the Droid as more open and feature-laden than its rival.

Intel ships Pine Trail Atom platform

12/21, 8:10am

Intel Atom gets longer battery life

Intel this morning finally began delivering Atom processors based on its Pine Trail platform. The chips are the first Atoms to be built on a 45 nanometer process and use about 20 percent less power on netbook-class processors and 50 percent less power on nettops. A new graphics core, the GMA 3150, moves to the main processor and not only reduces the footprint of the design by 60 to 70 percent but should improve performance by speeding up communication with the CPU.


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