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Attorney: Psystar won't close permanently

updated 07:35 pm EST, Sat December 19, 2009

Psystar lawyer claims still in business

One of Psystar's attorneys acted quickly to quiet reports that the company was closing down with a statement Saturday. Camara & Sibley LLP co-founder K.A.D. Camara claims that fellow attorney Eugene Action (and by extension Psystar head Rudy Pedraza) was "misquoted" and that the Mac clone producer is coming back after a break. As of Saturday evening, the Psystar site had come back online after a day's hiatus, but only the company's Rebel EFI software was listed, suggesting the company has honored its agreement to stop selling Mac clones.

Instead, the company plans to sell both regular PCs and Rebel EFI on the same site. It's not yet certain whether or not the system builder will pre-install Rebel EFI, but it will no longer bundle a copy of Apple's software.

The Florida-based company has argued that Rebel EFI isn't covered by the injunction won by Apple and that offering the emulation software means it's no longer directly violating the Mac OS X end user license agreement. Apple has disagreed and is fighting Psystar's appeal against the injunction as well as a Psystar countersuit that accuses Apple of violating antitrust laws by refusing to allow its OS on non-Apple hardware.

As of press time, Action hasn't responded to Computer World inquiries about the seeming contradiction between attorneys.

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  1. charlituna

    Joined: Dec 1969


    the dead should lie down

    the antitrust issue has already been rejected. the injunction prohibits Rebel EFI. Psystar's heads are idiots if they really believe after all of this they can get a reverse of all of it on an appeal.

    then again, maybe they should violate the injunction and go spend some time in jail for contempt. I hear their father can give them some tips.

  1. Bobfozz

    Joined: Dec 1969



    These people are beyond stupid and ANYONE who buys their products belongs with them. The judge DID reject the EFI approach and said to go further will be a regret. Pedraza is on the criminal route... and those who support him will doubtlessly help him pay his legal bills...right!

  1. ScottG

    Joined: Dec 1969


    They're NOW Selling T-Shirts...Ha Ha Ha

    Yeay!!!! NOW YOU Can buy the official Psystar T-Shirts that states "Support us if you think OSX should run on open computers." Seriously you have to see this on their site! That would be like wearing a T-Shirt that says (Think Different with a Micro$oft Logo on it.)

    Come on Psystar, the sales of your T-Shirt won't even cover your parking fees at the court house - LOL

    I got a better idea for a T-Shirt and Logo change, it should be a cartoon of a person bent over holding their ankles, and Apple's Law Team standing in line...NOW That's a T-Shirt worth buying!!!!


  1. Mr. Strat

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Just go away

    These people are disgusting. Just shut the company down and find some other way to s**** people out of their money.

  1. macnixer

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Psystar fake interview... with Fake Reporter

    Fake Reporter: So you have lost the case with Apple, what next?

    Rudy: Come again. We lost the case. No, we did not. Hey Lawyer 1, did we loose the case? Lawyer 2? You guys did not tell me about it. Wait here.


    L1: No we have not lost the case. Judge A, has decided that we cannot make Non-Apple computers with OS X on them or create software so that people can install OS X on their non-Apple computers. But we did not loose the case.

    L2: Ahem, L1, Rudy... can we talk.


    L2: Actually Psystar has decided to let go of the hardware business and in order to be compliant with Judge A, will not help people being criminals.

    FR: So you are closing shop?

    L2: Actually...

    FR: Thank you. (FR talking back to office - Psystar has decided to close shop.)

    R: We are working on a T-Shirt design now. It is will help people a lot. You know.

    L1: (To R) Please stop opening your mouth. (To FR) No comments.

    L2: Yeah. You are in a soup because you tried to sell someone else's stuff and now you do not even have money to pay us. This statement is not to be published.

    R: I am getting the money for you all. The T-Shirt will pay for it.

    L1: Wait. Wait Wait. What happened to those Texas boys you came with the other day to my office. your funds were coming from the....

    R: Ah. No comments.

    L1 & L2: What do you mean No Comments? Where is the money.

    FR: Guys. Can you please talk about that later and answer my question?

    L2: You keep shut reporter. We have another issue to deal with.

    L1: Psystar is not closing.

    FR: Good. So they will continue selling Open Computer and OS X?

    L1: No Comments.


    At Star*ucks. L1 and FR have a mocha.

    L1: That freaking stupid guy cannot close shop. Those freaking Texas funds are no where to be seen. I won't let them close shop. They have to sell something freaking whatever to pay me. I don't care about L2. And hey do not publish this.


    FR drops the tape in a trash for an exchange of some offer. Not declared. I see the tape and quietly pick it up. I did not steal the tape. There is more folks. Coming your way. Psystar jokers are going to keep us entertained a long time.

    Disclaimer: This whole thing is false and fake. If you believe this ever happened, it is your problem and what do I care.

  1. LeoNobilis

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Parasitic tenacity, parasitic intentions

    This leech won't let loose of Apple until it's squashed beyond repair!

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