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Projector 2 adds 64-bit support, new cost options

12/16, 11:55pm

New version has improved interface, cost options

app4mac has updated its project management software, Projector. The Snow Leopard-ready software tracks tasks and calculates costs, with support for scheduling and time tracking. Users can also print reports or convert data into Gantt charts. Version 2.0 has been completely rewritten in Objective C 2.0 for 64-bit optimized performance.

FormEntry 1.0 utility creates form-based iPhone apps

12/16, 11:25pm

Software distributes forms over Wi-Fi

Widget Press has launched a new form-based application development tool, FormEntry 1.0 for Mac. The software is claimed to allow developers of any skill level to create form-based iPhone apps. The company also offers a complementary FormEntry iPhone app, which works in conjunction with the desktop utility. It can communicate and sync with iPhones and iPod touches via Wi-Fi, while users can set forms to expire at a certain time or date.

Mac Pro owners reporting CPU overheating while playing audio

12/16, 10:25pm

Bug apparently affecting Nehalem-based systems

A larger number of Mac Pro owners have reported problems with excessive CPU heat while simply playing audio, according to several threads on Apple's Support forums and Macrumors forums. Although playing MP3s through iTunes only utilizes a small fraction of the available CPU resources, users are claiming that the core temperatures soon approach the operating limits.

Report: Computer shipments return to positive growth

12/16, 8:45pm

Gains expected through 2013

As many industries continue to struggle in the current economic climate, a new IDC report suggests worldwide computer shipments have finally grown in the third quarter of 2009. Although sales expanded by a meager 2.3 percent, the gain follows three consecutive quarters of decline.

Image leak shows Motorola's Android-based Backflip handset

12/16, 7:55pm

Device also called the Enzo

Leaked images allegedly show Motorola's upcoming Backflip handset, according to Phandroid. The source of the images claims the device is referred to as the Enzo. The smartphone will be AT&T's first Android-based offering, with several specific customizations including Motorola's Blur interface, Yahoo search, and the AT&T's Nav, Music, and Mobile App utilities. Many of the standard Google apps have reportedly been omitted, except for Maps and the Android Market.

Zune HD's Twitter app now available

12/16, 7:05pm

Zune Twitter app simple, fast

As promised earlier today, Microsoft has finally launched its native Twitter app for the Zune. The software provides a faster, native alternative to the web for the service and covers most of the core features, including favorites and searches. It doesn't, however, include facilities for native geolocation or the official retweeting format.

Raytheon developing enemy-tracking iPhone app for military

12/16, 6:50pm

Company also working on Android platform

The military contractor Raytheon recently introduced an iPhone app that allows users to track enemies and allies, according to the New York Times. The interface continuously updates positions for individuals and military units, plotting the locations on a map. Users can also securely communicate using the app, or receive notifications when arriving at particular areas.

Continental finalizes in-flight Wi-Fi details

12/16, 6:45pm

Delayed Continental Wi-Fi due spring

Continental Airlines today set out more concrete plans for its in-flight Wi-Fi service. Pushed back from its original January 2009 target, the service is now due to launch in spring aboard 21 Boeing 757 airliners. Most of these will be present on domestic flights, the transport service says.

Google puts Android at 16,000 apps

12/16, 6:20pm

Android Market still short of 20K goal

Google on Wednesday acted on claims that Android had broken the 20,000 app mark with a correction. Following a third-party tracker's claims, the search firm now says that Android Market has just over 16,000 apps as of today. It also tells TechCrunch that it doesn't disclose the ratio of free to paid apps but stops short of either confirming or denying the roughly 62/38 percent bias towards free apps.

Verizon tests 10Gbps FiOS backbone

12/16, 6:00pm

Verizon fiber test promises 4X faster FiOS

Verizon teased the long-term future of its FiOS service today by confirming that it's the first to test a new form of passive fiber optic network that could dramatically increase the practical speeds of its Internet access. Called XG-PON, the test service has been shown running through a test FiOS home at up to 10Gbps downstream, or about four times faster than the existing 2.5Gbps infrastructure. Uploads are about twice as fast at 2.4Gbps versus 1.24Gbps on today's hardware.

Tokyo University develops organic flash memory

12/16, 5:35pm

Flexible organic flash memory prototyped in Japan

Researches at the University of Tokyo have developed what they are calling organic flash memory, which shares its basic structure with flash memory but is made entirely of organic materials. Its erasing and reading voltages are rated at a low 6V and 1V, respectively, though data can only be written and erased more than 1,000 times. Foreseen uses of the new memory include large area sensors, electronic paper and other big electronic devices, though the founders admit the technology's memory retention time of only one day needs to be extended.

Sony's Home Information Device spotted at FCC

12/16, 5:30pm

Sony HID-C10 spotted at FCC, brings Wi-Fi to TVs

Sony is planning to release a device called HID-C10, with the prefix standing for Home Information Device, according to a recent FCC filing. While details are scarce, it is known that the device will connect to TVs and has a Wi-Fi connection. As such, the device could just offer a wire-free Internet connection for Sony's web-connected HDTVs.

MSI media player clones Zune HD

12/16, 5:25pm

MSI outs Zune HD-like portable media player

Taiwan's MSI, known mainly for its PCs, has released its latest portable media player, the MT-V660. The device is styled after Microsoft's Zune HD and uses a Rockchip RK2806 chipset along with a 3.2-inch display with a 480x320 resolution. Videos can also be played back thanks to the MSI device's TV output, something the Microsoft device does not have without an optional dock.

iPhone overtakes Windows Mobile's US share in October

12/16, 5:05pm

Active iPhone users outnumber Win Mobile

The number of active iPhone users in the US has passed that of Windows Mobile for the first time, new data from comScore shows. After just pulling even with Microsoft in July, Apple's smartphone platform jumped to an average of 8.97 million current users in October, well ahead of Microsoft's 7.13 million. The iPhone has regularly had higher market share now has also surpassed Windows Mobile devices in its actual user base.

AT&T 3G network goes live in Vermont

12/16, 5:00pm

AT&T launches 3G network in Vermont

AT&T on Wednesday has made its 3G mobile broadband network available to the residents of Vermont. Major cities in the state, including Killington, Vernon, Warren and more will receive the faster service this week, with more cities coming online by December 31st. This includes but is not limited to Stowe, Jamaica and Winooski. Later, in 2010, Barre, Montpelier and Northfield, among others, will also get the faster service.

iCash 6 imports bank transactions, allows attachments

12/16, 4:45pm

Also adds tax editor, split transactions

Maxprog has released iCash 6, an update to its financial utility. The software provides accounting functions for individuals and small businesses, tracking income, expenses and banking transactions. It supports multiple accounts and currencies, and unlimited categories. Other features include budgeting, automatic backup and transfers between Macs and PCs.

PSP digital comics reaching US, other countries tonight

12/16, 4:40pm

Sony launches PSP digital comic books

PSP users can start downloading digital comic books to their portable gaming platforms later on Today, Sony announced on Wednesday. The service will go live in the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa today as well, with an Ireland release being delayed due to technical issues. Before users can download their selection from hundreds of new and classic collections in the Comic Store found in the PlayStation Store, they will need to up download a free Digital Comics Reader.

Skydda, NewerTech release new MacBook accessories

12/16, 4:30pm

BambooBook case, MacBook battery replacements

Skydda Design and NewerTech have each extended their lines of MacBook accessories, releasing the BambooBook carrying case and updated NuPower replacement batteries. Skydda's BambooBook is designed specifically for the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and features a hard bamboo exterior and a suede fabric interior. Users can continue to run a Pro without removing it from protection.

Panasonic to out Four Thirds camera in January?

12/16, 4:25pm

Panasonic patent shows FourThirds DSLR

A Panasonic patent was spotted on the web recently for an unnamed Four Thirds DSLR camera. The patent reveals a camera with a live view mode in addition to at a traditional optical viewfinder. A CMOS sensor is shown in the specs, but video recording will not be supported.

Verizon training staff on Palm, webOS

12/16, 4:00pm

Leak points to Verizon readying for Palm Pixi

Hints that Verizon is readying itself for Palm phones gained momentum today with a leak of training material. The carrier is now believed to be giving 20-minute training sessions both on Palm as a company and webOS specifically that started Tuesday and run until January 4th, just ahead of its CES keynote. No details are given to the Phone Arena tipster what device or devices will be available.

Canadian iTunes Store adds HD movies

12/16, 3:50pm

Country lags behind US

Visitors to the Canadian iTunes Store now have access to HD movies, Apple has announced. Titles can be bought for between $15 and $25 CAD, and rented for $5 or $6, depending on a movie's age and popularity. A limited selection is presently available, but does include movies like Inglourious Basterds, American Psycho, Star Trek, Coraline and Iron Man.

Bend launches HSPA+ with 50GB cap

12/16, 3:15pm

Oregon ISP promises 10X higher cap than rivals

Oregon cable provider BendBroadband today stood poised to upturn the cellular data industry by launching its own high-speed 3G service with much higher limits than usual. The HSPA+ network runs at up to 15Mbps, and typically 6-8Mbps, but is most notable for its bandwidth cap. Where most such services limit users to just 5GB of data transfers per month, the company's top-tier $65 monthly service provides 50GB of data and in many cases could use 3G as a primary Internet connection.

VLC for Mac development on verge of demise?

12/16, 3:15pm

Lack of volunteers hurts project

All work on the Mac version of VLC may soon have to come to a halt, says VideoLAN. VLC is an open-source media playback application, notable for supporting both audio and video, and formats missing from official playback tools made by Apple and Microsoft. The VideoLAN software is developed on volunteer basis, however, and the number of Mac developers is reported to have dwindled to zero.

Neato intros robot vacuum with laser-made maps

12/16, 2:10pm

Neato XV-11 robot vacuum has laser recognition

Neato Robotics on Wednesday introduced a robotic vacuum cleaner that will automatically clean floors. The XV-11 is the first such device to use laser vision to avoid most obstacles in a room without hitting them. Thanks to the RPS tech, the XV-11 has a 360-degree view of a room and can see doorways, walls, furniture and other obstacles that are more than four inches tall and up to over 13 feet away. It is also short enough, at just under four inches, to clean under beds and couches. Its D-shaped design also lets it get deeper into corners for more thorough cleaning. Its dirt bin is sized at 0.69 quarts.

Zune HD gets native Twitter app

12/16, 2:00pm

Zune catches up with Twitter software

Microsoft this afternoon began rolling out a dedicated Twitter app for the Zune HD. The app gives the media player its first native client for the micromessaging service instead of having to use the built-in web browser. It should be free and available for most users on Zune Marketplace by early afternoon Pacific time.

Blockbuster's Direct Access ships out-of-stock movies

12/16, 1:25pm

Blockbuster intros Direct Access shipping service

Video and game rental chain Blockbuster on Wednesday introduced a new service, Direct Access, that will allow customers to get hard to find or out-of-stock movies from Blockbuster's distribution centers if they can't find it in stores. The move lets stores check online for stock of all of the roughly 95,000 titles Blockbuster carries and will mail any movie available at Blockbuster directly to a viewer's house. In comparison, a local Blockbuster store has between 3,000 and 5,000 titles in stock.

PDF Studio 6.10 adds new PDF reader and parser engine

12/16, 1:20pm

Update improves speed, lowers memory usage

Qoppa Software has released PDF Studio 6.10, an update to its Java-based PDF management and editing utility. The upgrade includes a new PDF reader and parser engine, said to be faster while using less memory. A new screenshot tool lets users select a page area with a lasso, then copy the image to the clipboard, or export it to a file.

Ridge Racer Accelerated reaches App Store

12/16, 12:55pm

Brings console series to iPhone, iPod touch

Namco has released Ridge Racer Accelerated, the first iPhone entry in a long-running series of racing games. The games concentrate not on realism, but on speed and an unusual take on drifting. Accelerated includes two courses by default, which can be raced in reverse if certain goals are met.

NVIDIA to show next-gen Tegra at CES

12/16, 12:40pm

NVIDIA Tegra 2 to power more devices too

NVIDIA has revealed that it plans to show its upcoming next-generation Tegra processor at CES early next month. Senior communications VP Michael Hara provided few details of what the chip would involve at a Barclays investor conference last week but said it would be powerful enough to find its way into many more devices than today and will be built on a smaller, cooler 40 nanometer process that should keep power use to a minimum.

iPhone/iPod puts Apple 2-3 years ahead, says Morgan Stanley

12/16, 12:05pm

Platform adoption outpaces other technologies

The iPhone/iPod touch platform has been adopted faster than any other new technology in history, Morgan Stanley analysts claim. In a space of nine quarters Apple has achieved an install base of 57 million, surpassing the achievements of companies like NTT DoCoMo, Netscape and AOL. DoCoMo is noted to have attracted 25 million people in the same space of time, while AOL pulled in just 7 million. Apple's growth is also faster than that of gaming systems like the Sony PSP and the Nintendo Wii and DS.

WIND goes live in Canada with $35 unlimited data

12/16, 11:50am

WIND starts with Bold 9700 and low prices

Canadian provider WIND Mobile formally launched today and became the fourth major cell carrier in the country. The company pitches itself as the antithesis of typical cellphone carriers and promises none of the hidden costs of incumbents like Bell or Rogers, such as activation or service access fees. It also makes a point of offering phones and devices without contracts; while device prices are higher, it lets customers switch providers without an early termination fee.

JVC intros iPod dock with Dolby virtual surround

12/16, 10:55am

JVC dock holds iPod horizontally or vertically

JVC on Wednesday introduced a new iPod dock with built-in speakers that has a unique wraparound design and supports virtual Dolby surround sound. The XS-SR3 can hold iPods and iPhones either horizontally or vertically, depending on whether the user wants to listen to music or watch videos. Four clips are included to hold different models of iPods.

FTC sues Intel over monopoly abuse of AMD, NVIDIA

12/16, 10:30am

FTC ignores AMD settlement in Intel suit

The Federal Trade Commission today sued Intel for alleged anti-competitive practices. The complaint accuses Intel of conducting a "systematic campaign" of blocking access to competing processors that primarily centered on a system of rewards and threats to computer manufacturers. Intel has regularly either given incentives or threatened a lack of support to Dell, HP and other companies if too many (or any) of their systems ran processors from challengers like AMD, the US agency claims.

Adobe warns of new Reader, Acrobat vulnerability

12/16, 10:15am

Threat an active one, company says

A "critical" security vulnerability has been discovered in all versions of Reader and Acrobat, says Adobe. While the company is not providing many details, it does note that hackers can use the flaw to force a crash, and potentially assume control of an affected system. Unlike many such vulnerabilities, the new one is described as being present in the wild, and not just theoretical.

Sonic bringing CinemaNow to DivX, Flash

12/16, 9:30am

Sony frees CinemaNow from Windows Media

Sonic has launched a pair of initiatives to expand CinemaNow past its current platform. Starting Thursday, the company will make available DivX versions (link not yet active) of movie downloads. The gesture will let any computer that recognizes protected DivX play the service's videos, such as third-party hardware like LG and Samsung devices, game consoles (most likely the PS3 and Xbox 360) and phones.

Microsoft releases Bing app for iPhone

12/16, 9:05am

Offers voice search functions

Microsoft on Tuesday released its first official Bing app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Until now, Bing has only been offered as an integrated search function in third-party apps. Microsoft earlier this year released an SDK to help developers with the necessary APIs. The new app is the first to offer a dedicated interface.

Belkin makes Bluetooth Music Receiver for stereos

12/16, 8:20am

Belkin BT adapter streams A2DP from iPhone

Belkin today added a Bluetooth Music Receiver to its lineup for short-range wireless streaming. The adapter takes audio from any Bluetooth device that supports the A2DP stereo format, including many cellphones (such as the iPhone) as well as portable media players that recognize the standard, such as the second- and third-generation iPod touch. Range is limited to the Bluetooth standard's 33 feet but should be enough for wireless music in the same room.

EU to implement Microsoft browser ballot in March

12/16, 7:50am

EU approves Windows 7 browser ballot

The European Commission on Wednesday greenlit Microsoft's updated proposal for a browser ballot within Windows 7. Now referred to as a "choice screen," the ballot will give EU users what the Commission says is as neutral a choice as possible for their browser. Those first booting a Windows PC will get a neutral window to pick their browser and will see the browsers presented in a random order that gives equal weight to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

TweetDeck adds video capture support, Facebook integration

12/16, 12:55am

App ads bit.iy account, landscape composing

TweetDeck has launched the first major update to its Twitter app, TweetDeck for iPhone. The app posts and tracks tweets from a user's iPhone or iPod touch, with options to create and watch user-specified groups. The app handles multiple accounts and syncs TweetDeck columns between a user's desktop and iPhone. It supports Twitpic, YFrog and various URL shorteners.

Screen capture tool Snagit arrives as beta for Mac

12/16, 12:20am

Software can annotate, share screen captures

TechSmith has launched a beta version of its screen capture tool, Snagit for Mac. The current version can capture screenshots from the desktop, a window, a region or a scrolling widow -- viewing beyond the screen borders, either horizontally or vertically. It offers button-click and hot-key captures and allows for timing delays as well. All captures are automatically saved for later recall.


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