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Nexus One turned down by Verizon?

12/13, 10:05pm

Phone may be GSM only

Verizon may have given up an opportunity to sell Google's HTC Nexus One, yet another leak hints tonight. While echoing what Electronista has heard about T-Mobile as the primary carrier, MediaMemo adds that Verizon has supposedly turned down the Android phone and led to Google's decision to drop plans of its own for a CDMA version. It's not known if this precludes a carrier-attached CDMA version versus the unlocked model suggested so far.

Review: Enlight's Orbis ring flash

12/13, 3:55pm

Enlight's low cost ringlight reviewed

A ringlight offers even, soft light to a variety of subjects. Originally installed and used to light up items in medical photography (think dentists and plastic surgeons) as well as macro photography subjects, photographers started to experiment and sought out larger and more powerful ringlight devices that ended up costing in the range of several thousand dollars. Outfits like Alien Bees developed the earliest affordably priced totally complete ringlights; and now we have Enlight Photo's new Orbis ring flash, which promises a full ring flash for as low as $199. It promises to greatly expand the use of light by hobbyists, but we'll see in our review if it works well.

27-inch iMacs see two-week shipping delays [u]

12/13, 2:25pm

LCDs, graphics delay large iMac shipments

(Updated with Apple apology) Apple has quietly pushed back the shipping time for all 27-inch iMacs to two weeks. Having already delayed them by five to seven days earlier, the delay is believed to stem from a quality measure addressing cracked screens on delivery as well as systems that exhibit periodic flickering or simply lose their video signal altogether. Neither Apple nor resellers have had an official explanation for the delay.

Review: Samsung Jack

12/13, 2:05pm

Samsung Win Mo 6.5 QWERTY inspected

In a world full of BlackBerries and iPhones -- not to mention Android and webOS -- it's easy to forget that Microsoft has a smartphone OS to offer the world. The Samsung Jack is a friendly reminder and one of the showcases for Windows Mobile 6.5. But with a post-rebate price only $20 less than an iPhone 3G, does the Samsung Jack deserve attention from would-be smartphone owners? We hope to learn the truth in our review.

Google phone photo confirms HTC design

12/13, 10:50am

HTC Passion confirmed at Google campus

The purported Google phone, the Nexus One, has been virtually confirmed through a Twitter update from San Francisco marketer Cory O'Brien. A photo of the Android 2.1 device shows it to be none other than the previously leaked HTC Passion and as a consequence should have the 3.5- to 3.7-inch OLED touchscreen, trackball, 5-megapixel camera, GPS and Wi-Fi of the promised design. Previously, an Electronista tipster had already confirmed that the version given to Google employees supports native T-Mobile 3G.


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