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Cisco confirms FlipShare TV wireless streaming device

12/01, 11:00pm

Videos sent wirelessly between Flip and TV

Cisco Systems has officially announced the FlipShare TV wireless distribution system that had surfaced in FCC filings late last month. Confirming earlier speculation, the device transmits video signals between a computer and a TV. Like the company's Flip recorders, the system is designed with simplicity in mind. The package includes a USB key to attach to a computer, while a small box receives the feed on the TV side.

Red 27 releases Awesome Soccer for Mac OS X

12/01, 10:25pm

Game features advanced aftertouch controls

Red 27 Studios has launched a new soccer game, Awesome Soccer for the Mac. The game features a control system that allows advanced aftertouch, allowing gamers to bend and swerve the ball in multiple directions on one kick. Gamers can choose from 12 preset competitions from around the world, while the developer promises more competitions will be added later for no additional cost.

TrueHDR app captures high dynamic range images on iPhone 3GS

12/01, 9:55pm

App supports HDR on saved images for iPhone, touch

Pictional has launched a new High Dynamic Range (HDR) utility for the iPhone, TrueHDR 1.0.1. The app creates HDR images by blending two similar images, captured at different exposures, for an increased tonal range. iPhone 3GS users can take two images within the app, while all iPhone users can select saved images to blend.

Universal intros dual-format discs combining DVD and Blu-ray

12/01, 9:40pm

Users must flip disc to switch formats

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has introduced a new dual-format disc containing both Blu-ray and standard DVD content. The company has aimed the new discs at users planning to upgrade from DVD to Blu-ray in the future, or for owners of multiple systems utilizing both formats. Each side of the "flipper" disc contains the full film and special features.

Mac Games announces Zen Stones puzzle game

12/01, 8:40pm

Eliminate stones by matching colors

Mac Games has announced Zen Stones, a new puzzle game that challenges players to match at least three zen blocks based on color. The game interface presents an outside border made of various colored blocks, while several blocks have been placed in the middle of the game board. The object of the game is to clear stones out of the middle by clicking on the outer blocks and sending them either vertically or horizontally across the board into the middle stones, in an attempt to match the colors.

Lightroom 3 offers improved noise reduction, photo uploading

12/01, 8:25pm

New architecture brings faster performance

Adobe has released a public beta of the upcoming Photoshop Lightroom 3 photography software. The utility has been revamped with new architecture claimed to bring improvements to overall performance, while the raw processing engine also received an overhaul. Import handling has been enhanced, with a focus on making the process more streamlined.

Rumpus 6.2 adds Growl support, new iPhone interface

12/01, 7:20pm

new WFM features and template

Maxum Develipment on Monday released Rumpus 6.2, the latest version of its FTP program for Mac. The update features an improved iPhone interface for simpler navigation and media viewing, as well as an integrated "Drop Ship" function which enables users to send e-mails containing URLs directed to download links. New search capabilities can find files either by name or content. The function is powered by SpotLight and protects users against unauthorized access to personal data.

GE and Comcast finalize majority stake in NBC Universal

12/01, 6:50pm

Comcast poised to control content from Hulu

Comcast and General Electric have allegedly finalized a deal that will land Comcast a 51 percent majority stake in NBC Universal, unnamed sources told CNBC. The sources claim only paperwork remains to be finished as the companies prepare to officially announce the merger. Vivendi is expected to quickly finish signing an agreement to sell its stake, which sits at 20 percent.

Square gives iPhones, notebooks on-the-spot payment

12/01, 6:20pm

Square unveils mobile pay system

Square today took the covers off of a new mobile payment system that stands to potentially overhaul how customers pay at retail and restaurants. Created by early Twitter pioneer Jack Dorsey, the self-titled service currently uses a scanning dongle that attaches to an iPhone, iPod touch or notebook through the 3.5mm headphone jack. The add-on scans a credit card and processes the payment through an online system without having to use a relatively expensive commercial card reader and service.

Spiderweb launches Avernum 6 role-playing game for Mac

12/01, 5:35pm

Final chapter in the Avernum series

Spiderweb Software has launched Avernum 6, the latest and final chapter in the role-playing series. In this continuation, the world of Avernum is in a state of chaos as reptilian Slithzerikai rises from the lower tunnels to wage war on the weakened citizens, while at the same time the mushrooms Avernum uses as food have withered and died. The game allows players to explore dungeons and labyrinths, while working to overcome both warfare and famine in order to save the people of Avernum.

FCC makes white space database for future devices

12/01, 5:35pm

FCC white space rule would ease mobile data

The FCC late last week approved the creation of a database of white space frequencies to accelerate white space data access. Collected by a third party, the information would make a note of which frequencies are still being used by existing TV networks and thus which of the unused airwaves, or white spaces, could safely be used for wide-area networks. The database would be privately run and could charge for access to a limited number of aspects of the database, such as pre-made lists of available frequencies or registering hardware that runs at a fixed frequency.

Dell bug throttling notebook CPUs to less than 50%?

12/01, 5:05pm

Dell notebook problem halves CPU performance

Owners of Dell Latitude E6500 and E6400 notebooks are complaining of a problem on online forum boards that cause their 2.2GHz Intel CPUs to perform at just 1GHz. The problem is said to be triggered by any task that requires the CPU to perform intensively, including playing videos.

Apple approves Knocking live-streaming video app for iPhone

12/01, 4:50pm

App rejection reversed after dev e-mailed Jobs

Apple has approved Knocking Live Video, the first App Store title to enable live video streaming directly from an iPhone using the 3G network. The utility supports device-to-device connectivity between handsets, rather than uploading videos to web-based portals such as YouTube. Users can set up an account before requesting and "Knocking" friends. The video feed is then transmitted to the recipient, regardless of their proximity to the sender.

Nokia sues 11 LCD makers for colluding on pricing

12/01, 4:45pm

Nokia sues LCD makers for price fixing

The world's largest cellphone maker, Nokia, is suing 11 manufacturers of LCD displays for allegedly colluding on fixing the prices of liquid crystal displays, according to a Tuesday WSJ report (subscription required). In the suit, filed on November 25th in San Francisco, Nokia maintains the companies raised the prices of LCDs above what they would have been in a competitive market, in a period ranging from January 1st, 1996, to December 11th, 2006. Nokia purchased these overpriced LCDs for its smartphones.

REALbasic 2009 Release 5 updates SQLite, Linux support

12/01, 4:35pm

Adds user-requested changes

REAL Software has launched REALbasic 2009 Release 5, with numerous upgrades to the software development tool. The program offers object-oriented development for output to Mac, Windows and Linux. The Personal Edition is geared for hobbyists and students, while the Professional Edition is the minimum required for cross-platform compilation. REAL Studio is geared for full-time developers.

Sony Ericsson Satio gets software update

12/01, 4:30pm

Sony Ericsson Satio firmware update out

The Sony Ericsson Satio smartphone may soon go back on sale, as a software issue that caused it to be pulled from store shelves in the UK may have been addressed with an update. The firmware, R1CA037, downloadable over a PC and then synchronized to the handset, is said to only work with unbranded Satio devices and not ones sold by carrier Vodafone in the UK, for example. While what the update has exactly changed, if anything, remains unknown, but the phone is said to respond much faster now.

Android 2.1 due December 11th?

12/01, 4:20pm

Android 2 may get carrier billing

Google may be launching Android 2.1 just a month after 2.0, a combination of rumors suggests. Along with an update to Android's terms of service, info obtained by AndroidAndMe suggests the firmware will be available the same day. It also follows a makeover of the website that usually precedes wider availability of a new Android release.

Keynote Quartet FX '10 unites graphics collections

12/01, 4:10pm

Includes bonus expansion

Jumsoft has launched a new version of its Keynote bundle, Keynote Quartet FX '10. The package includes the latest versions of Keynote Themes FX, Keynote Backgrounds FX, Keynote Objects FX and Keynote Animations FX. It also includes a bonus package, consisting of themes and images for iWork. The base part of the package includes 150 objects, 100 animations, 35 motion backgrounds and 15 motion themes. The bonus package adds 400 more images and themes.

Airlock for Mac locks screens based on iPhone proximity

12/01, 3:45pm

Also works with iPod touch

The MHA has launched Airlock, new security software. The programs locks or unlocks a Mac based on the proximity of an iPhone or iPod's Bluetooth receiver. A Mac locks when a handheld goes out of range, then unlocks again when the device returns. Airlock also accepts a user's account password as backup, in case a handheld is unavailable or its battery dies.

AT&T ranks last in Consumer Reports survey

12/01, 3:25pm

iPhone hurts service, but customers stay

AT&T is once again trailing other major US carriers in its quality of service rankings, Consumer Reports has found in its latest survey (live soon; subscription required). Readers scored the network just 66 points for its performance in numerous cities, just below the declining Sprint's 67 and significantly lower than T-Mobile's 70 or Verizon's leading 75 points. Most of the criticism was leveled against AT&T's voice service, which has been widely described as unreliable as the sheer load of iPhone customers has oversaturated the 3G network.

fring adds one-way video calls to iPhone app

12/01, 2:55pm

Claimed to be first in iPhone tech

fring has released a new version of its self-named iPhone application, v3.0.0.4. The software merges access to multiple instant messaging platforms -- such as AIM, Skype, MSN and Twitter -- in a central location, with push notifications where possible. Contact status is displayed in real-time.

Comcast finally rolls out Internet usage meter

12/01, 2:25pm

Comcast lets users track bandwidth

Nearly a year later than originally planned, Comcast today launched a test version of its data usage meter for its Internet subscribers. The gauge, currently found only in Portland, Oregon, gives cable modem users a rough benchmark for the amount of data transferred in a given month as well as their use history. It should theoretically be more reliable than computer- or router-based trackers as it checks all Internet use, including consoles, phones and other devices that aren't always covered.

HTC Rome surfaces, runs Android

12/01, 2:15pm

HTC Rome spotted, gets official name, Android

A new touchscreen HTC smartphone, codenamed Rome, has been spotted recently, with the photos showing little other than the device's look and shape. What is known is that the device will be running on Android operating system and is currently known as the HTC Touch.B, though that's likely to change just as the HD2 was called the Touch.Three before it received its final name.

Samsung intros two Diva handsets for women

12/01, 1:40pm

Samsung outs Diva handsets made for women

Samsung on Tuesday introduced a pair of Diva-series phones meant to appeal to women, with the S5150 Diva flip phone and the S7070 Diva touchscreen phone. The former has a hidden LED screen on its outside that only lights up when a notification needs to be displayed. The interface has special fonts and features, including a wish list for shopping. An etiquette mode quickly silences the phone, and the device can be programmed to call itself in order to give its owner an excuse to leave a conversation.

LG to team up with T-Mobile on Android handsets?

12/01, 1:25pm

LG said to bring Android phones to T-Mobile

To stop losing its market share in the US, Korean cellphone maker LG is said to be in talks with wireless provider T-Mobile to sell its Android handsets, according to market research company Prudential. A cooperation with the carrier is rumored on the cards, with representatives from T-Mobile said to have visited LG headquarters in Seoul recently. It's unofficially expected LG will bring Android handsets to T-Mobile's lineup, though whether this involves the Eve or another handset isn't evident.

Cheetah3D 5.1 intros new automatic skinning algorithm

12/01, 1:10pm

Update also adds major speed improvements

A new version of Cheetah3D, v5.1, has been published online. The software handles 3D modeling, animation and rendering tasks, including various texturing functions. The update adds a new automatic skinning algorithm, claimed to generate "almost perfect" weight-maps. In the app's timeline, users can now select, move and delete keys for object hierarchies, as opposed to just individual objects.

YouTube to take on iTunes, offer paid TV?

12/01, 12:35pm

Rumor has YouTube charging for TV streams

Google could soon compete with iTunes by offering paid streams of videos through YouTube if a rumor from early today proves true. Multiple tipsters claim the video site has been in persistent talks with studios to let it charge for streaming, not downloading, individual TV episodes. The tentative system would cost $2 per show to stay consistent with downloadable services and would be available within a day after the episodes first air on TV.

iDVD to gain iTunes LP creation tools?

12/01, 12:20pm

Update would ship as part of iLife 2010

The next version iDVD will include tools for iTunes LP creation, a source claims. The feature would allegedly be part of a massive overhaul of the software, which has received comparatively little attention next to other iLife programs such as iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand. An iDVD update would likely arrive alongside the 2010 edition of iLife.

Clear, Sprint 4G live in Chicago, Seattle, more

12/01, 11:50am

Clear and Sprint expand WiMAX further

Clearwire and Sprint together expanded their WiMAX networks to key areas in the US. Both companies now offer the 4G-level service in Chicago, Honolulu and Maui in Hawaii, Seattle and the Puget Sound area. Clearwire has also added its specific service to Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio in Texas as well as Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh in North Carolina.

Softbank launches special iPhone 3GS promotion

12/01, 11:35am

Phones free or cheaper on contract

Japanese carrier Softbank has launched a new promotion for the iPhone 3GS, according to an announcement. People willing to sign a two-year contract can now receive a 16GB 3GS for free, as part of the company's "iPhone for Everybody" campaign. The 32GB 3GS should be newly available at a cost of 480 yen ($6) per month, down from 960 yen.

Sony intros smallest USB finger vein reader

12/01, 11:15am

Sony mofiria vein reader smallest in the industry

Sony in Japan on Tuesday introduced the smallest USB biometric scanner for reading users' finger vein patterns, the FVA-U1. Sony calls the technology mofiria and maintains it is more accurate and secure than fingerprint readers as it relies on unique blood vein patterns inside a user's finger. The FVA-U1 attaches to PCs using a USB 2.0 connection and is the market's smallest and lightest.

Intel's dual-core mobile Core i5, i7 priced in leak

12/01, 11:00am

Intel set to show 3 mobile Core iX chips in Jan

A leak today reveals that at least three of Intel's mobile Core i5 and i7 parts should be available come the start of next year at moderate prices. The company plans to head up the line with the 2.66GHz Core i7-620M, which will support Hyperthreading to perform the work of four cores. It should carry 4MB of Level 2 cache, support Turbo Boost up to 3.33GHz on one core, and cost $332 in batches of $1,000.

BBC refutes claims of native iPlayer app

12/01, 10:50am

No iPhone client coming soon, says network

Publishing mockups of a dedicated iPlayer app for the iPhone was an unfortunate mistake, the BBC now says. The network recently released a PowerPoint document discussing October iPlayer data, within which was a pair of images showing what appeared to be a native iPhone client. The app would theoretically support features like messaging, downloads and live viewing.

NEC Display outs LED-backlit 22-inch LCD

12/01, 10:45am

NEC LED backlit display has green credentials

NEC on Tuesday introduced its first LED-backlit desktop display for workers, the 22-inch MultiSync EA222WMe. Meant for business and school, the monitor is about 20 percent more efficient than other monitors with the same brightness. It's likewise NEC's most environmentally friendly desktop display, with reductions in heat, weight and packaging as well being free of mercury, halogen and arsenic.

Mac's web share sees rare drop in November

12/01, 10:05am

Mac down slightly as Windows 7 comes in

Mac web usage saw an uncharacteristic drop in November that may be owed partly to Windows 7, new data from NetApplications shows. Windows 7's first full month of availability saw its share nearly double to 3.98 percent of Internet traffic and contributed to a rare fall in the Mac's share, which fell 0.16 percent across all versions. The data also reveals that many users had skipped Vista entirely, as Windows XP lost 1.45 percent of absolute share in the Windows 7 switchover while Vista only lost 0.23 percent.

Apple, Psystar reach partial settlement

12/01, 10:00am

Psystar aims to continue selling computers

Apple and Psystar have agreed to a partial settlement in their long-running legal battle, court documents show. Following a judgment against Psystar, and an Apple call for a permanent injunction, Psystar has agreed to pay an unspecified amount in damages once all appeals have been exhausted. In return, Apple is said to be dropping all trademark, trade-dress and state law claims, removing the need to go to trial.

Sony sells 440,000 PS3s Thanksgiving week

12/01, 9:25am

Sony sees spike in PS3, PSP sales from holiday

Sony late on Monday said it had achieved a record for single-week PlayStation 3 sales last week. The combination of Black Friday deals at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and elsewhere, along with the usual increase in holiday shopping, helped the company push over 440,000 PS3s for the week ended Sunday. Upticks were also seen for PSP sales and for games across all platforms, though the company didn't provide exact numbers.

Creative unveils Zii Trinity smartphone platform

12/01, 8:40am

Zii Trinity serves as reference Android phone

Creative entered the phone arena for the first time today by launching its Zii Trinity platform. Like the Zii Egg, the Trinity is a reference design rather than a full product and gives those building hardware or software a full-touchscreen Android (or Creative's own Plaszma) smartphone to work from. It supports quad-band GSM/EDGE as well as tri-band, 7.2Mbps 3G over HSPA but still carries the ZMS-05 chip that provides 1080p video decoding and hardware accelerated OpenGL ES 3D.

Dell Precision M6500 boasts Core i7 Extreme [U]

12/01, 7:30am

Dell M6500 also gets Quadro FX 3800M video

(Updated with pricing) Dell today upgraded its most powerful notebook line today by launching the Precision M6500. The new mobile workstation updates to Core i7 quad-core processors and scales up to a 2GHz Core i7 Extreme. It claims an additional performance crown as the first notebook anywhere to use NVIDIA's Quadro FX 3800M, supplying an extra level of speed beyond the 3700M in 3D rendering.

RED details Ray Pro, new Scarlet 2/3" specs, accessories

12/01, 12:30am

New player distributes 1080p in 4 quadrants

RED on Monday provided a wide range of updated information on several upcoming products including the Ray Pro, Scarlet 2/3", Redmote Pro, Redcine-X, and new lenses. The company's engineering team is still working overtime to develop a new layout for a manufacturing revision that should help resolve the ASIC chip issue disclosed last week. 'Fire Chief' Jarred Land admits, however, that there are still hurdles to overcome.


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