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Samsung producing 30nm 3-bit, DDR flash memory

11/30, 11:10pm

Samsung making fast, dense NAND storage

Samsung tonight said it has started mass production of two variants of its 30 nanometer NAND flash memory. Leading off is relatively new DDR (double data rate), multi-level cell NAND memory; like DDR RAM, it puts through twice as much data in a given cycle and promises to be much faster than historically slow NAND chips. The Korean company goes so far as to claim more than three times the speed, estimating that a single DDR multi-level cell NAND chip could read data at a peak 133Mbps versus 40Mbps for its old equivalent.

Motorola's Cliq sales fall short of initial goals

11/30, 8:45pm

Battery issues believed to be reducing sales

Sales of Motorola's Android-based Cliq handset have reportedly missed the company's initial goals, according to Oppenheimer analyst Ittai Kidron. Extremely short battery life has been cited as a primary factor contributing to the drop in sales, while the handset's sole carrier, T-Mobile, has allegedly lost interest in the device.

MID developers abandoning the platform?

11/30, 7:30pm

Intel's new alliance could be in trouble

A number of developers from Intel's Mobile Internet Device Innovation Alliance (MIDIA) have decided to abandon the platform, according to a report issued by the Taiwan-based newspaper DigiTimes. The companies allegedly left the organization to focus efforts on other projects such as smartphones, according to unnamed sources associated with the defectors.

Nook online orders pushed to January 11th

11/30, 6:20pm

Nook pre-orders delayed several weeks

Compounding its retail delay, Barnes & Noble quietly noted today that pre-orders of the Nook have been pushed back yet another week, to January 11th. The news comes less than a week after the first delay into 2010 and doesn't come with an additional explanation. The bookseller has already promised to give out "IOU" cards for those whose Nooks will ship after Christmas.

QuickerTek intros solar chargers for range of MacBooks

11/30, 6:15pm

Both 27W and 55W models are available

QuickerTek has expanded its line of solar chargers to include new models capable of supplying power to MacBooks. The Apple Juicz chargers feature a flexible solar cell that can be folded for storage while traveling. The 27 watt version unfolds to 41.5 x 30.5 inches and is claimed to recharge a MacBook or MacBook Pro in eight to 12 hours when used in optimum sunlight conditions. A 55 watt model is said to charge a notebook in as few as five hours.

Analyst sees iPhone headed for T-Mobile USA next

11/30, 6:00pm

T-Mobile favored over VZ in iPhone growth

Verizon's pro-Android stance may push Apple to choose T-Mobile as its next US carrier for the iPhone, Thomas Weisel analyst Doug Reid said today in an investor's note. Assuming AT&T's exclusivity in the US ends next year, the researcher believes T-Mobile would be the easier option as Google's deal with Verizon creates a united front that sets up Verizon as an 'enemy' to Apple. T-Mobile would be a relatively easy addition, while Verizon is deemed less likely to be an option until 4G is widely available in 2011.

nova media plug-ins add support for Nokia N97, N97 mini

11/30, 5:05pm

Grows devices handled by iSync

nova media has updated its iSync plug-ins with extra support for Nokia smartphones. The collection allows Mac users to sync a phone's contact and calendar information, so long as it is one of over 250 recent models. The update supports Nokia's flagship N97, along with the N97 mini.

Moto Droid sales topping 800,000?

11/30, 5:05pm

Analyst says Droid in strong demand

Motorola's Droid smartphone may have sold several hundred thousand units in less than a month, RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Sue said in a research note today. Based on store surveys, the expert believes between 700,000 and 800,000 of the Android devices may have been sold since November 6th. Major Verizon stores could be selling as many as 100 to 200 Droids every week.

Windows patch triggers "black screen of death"

11/30, 4:40pm

Windows fix conflicts with security apps

A Microsoft security fix has inadvertently left some Windows PCs almost inoperable, app developer Prevx warned this weekend. Those running some security apps after applying a November 10th fix have reported the system starting up with a black screen, nicknamed the "black screen of death," that shows only a single Explorer window. It doesn't prevent complete use of the system but bars use of the Start menu and other features on Windows XP, Vista and 7 systems.

Lancerlink shows Win CE pico projector

11/30, 4:30pm

Lancerlink projector has 640x480 resolution

Japan's Lancerlink is showing its MPJ-104WCE pico projector that is just 5.5 inches long. It sports a 400MHz ARM9 CPU and has Windows CE 5.0 for standalone playback of MPEG-4 and WMV video files, MP3, WMA and WAV audio files as well as PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Apple rejects Droid app from App Store

11/30, 4:30pm

Move likely publicity stunt

Apple has rejected an app advertising the Motorola Droid, according to reports. Called iDroid, the app has only one function, which is to imitate the glowing red eye of the Droid while linking to promotional material. Its developer is noted to be Swavv Apps, which has otherwise produced only two other titles, Beer Pong and Spin the Bottle.

ASUS demos Eee PC 1201T with Athlon Neo

11/30, 4:15pm

ASUS Eee PC 1201T is first without Intel Atom CPU

What is the first Eee PC netbook from ASUS to run on a chip other than Intel's has been spotted. The Eee PC 1201T offers the option of a 1.6GHz AMD Athlon Neo CPU but otherwise shares the specs of the Eee PC 1201HA, which has an Intel Atom processor. There is also 2GB of RAM, and the 12.1-inch display has 1366x768 resolution. Also, the 1201T can play back 1080p video thanks to its ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics processor.

Department of Defense orders 2,200 more PS3s

11/30, 3:55pm

Departmenht of Defense orders 2,200 Sony PS3s

The US Department of Defense has recently ordered 2,200 more PlayStation3 gaming consoles to expand its supercomputer. The current device uses 336 PS3s in a cluster, all running Linux. The PS3s contain IBM's Cell microprocessor, and represent better value than other devices suitable for use in a supercomptuer with the chip. The official Justification Review Document shows the gaming consoles in question are the older, 160GB PS3s, as they have the ability to run another OS, unlike the new, slim PS3.

Font Sleuth 2.0 adds new windows, improved font searches

11/30, 3:35pm

Also introduces new sorting options

ToThePoint has launched an update of its font organizing software, Font Sleuth 2.0. The software groups fonts by customized criteria, and presents WYSIWYG results in a viewer window. Each font can be previewed using sample texts, sizes, colors and alignments. Lists of fonts can be saved and printed.

Nokia to just use Maemo on one phone in 2010?

11/30, 3:35pm

Nokia may be stuck on S60 next year

Despite calls to upgrade quickly, Nokia is going to add just one phone based on its Maemo OS next year, a source said today. A tip to Reuters claims the N900 will get just a single companion model and that the rest of the lineup will continue to use some form of Symbian. The reason behind the supposed decision isn't evident.

NAVIGON preps MobileNavigator 1.4.0 update

11/30, 3:00pm

Adds Google Local, enhanced walking navigation

NAVIGON has submitted a new version of MobileNavigator, v1.4.0, to the App Store. The program provides turn-by-turn navigation similar to the company's stand-alone GPS devices. It functions in portrait and landscape modes, and includes voice directions as well as simulated street views.

Cyber Monday deals: Dell, Newegg, Walmart

11/30, 2:50pm

Walmart, Dell, NewEgg show CyberMonday deals

As it's Cyber Monday, which follows Black Friday, many companies continue to offer sales on their wares, with electronics included. Among them are Walmart, Dell and Newegg, with the three retailers showing off what's on sale today. Walmart is taking the sale and extending it for the entire week, calling it Cyber Week. Standout deals from the retailer's 150 sale items include a 12-megapixel digital camera with a memory card and accessory kit for $89, a 10.2-inch Acer netbook with a case and USB flash drive for $268 as well as a 22-inch Samsung LCD HDTV priced at $248.

Sony to ship TransferJet chips in January

11/30, 2:40pm

Sony's TransferJet now up to 560Mbps

Sony began the week with word that it has developed the first practical chip for its TransferJet short-range wireless standard. The components will enable very high-speed wireless syncing for cameras, smartphones and similar devices, and in the development process has been upgraded from its original 375Mbps; it should now transfer as quickly as 560Mbps (70MB per second) when very close. Sony promises the improvements should boost the format's resistance to wireless interference.

PC makers to tie SDXC slots to 32nm notebooks?

11/30, 2:10pm

Dell, HP, Lenovo to use new card format

Notebook designers are planning to add SDXC to their systems in sync with the mobile Core i3, i5 and i7 processors launching early next year, a purported leak said today. At least Dell, HP and Lenovo are believed to be engineering their notebooks to use the new card format at the same time as they switch to the 32nm processors in January. It would give the PCs recognition of cards up to 2TB in capacity and transfer speeds faster than current solid-state drives, at up to 300MB per second.

HTC Hero jumping directly to Android 2.1?

11/30, 1:20pm

HTC Hero photos show Anrdoid 2.1?

The HTC Hero smartphone may skip Android 2.0 entirely in favor of Android 2.1, according to recently leaked photos of the device's screen with what appears to be an upcoming Android build. HTC had previously said it won't incorporate Android 2.0 into its handsets until it can fully optimize its compatibility with HTC's own Sense UI touch interface.

Native iPlayer iPhone app nearing launch?

11/30, 1:20pm

Evidence shows in monthly report

The BBC is indeed preparing a native iPhone iPlayer client, press material from the broadcaster suggests. The network recently released a presentation of October iPlayer figures, within which can be found a mockup of an iPhone app. Beyond simplifying and accelerating iPlayer for Apple handhelds, the app would appear to support downloads, as well as sending messages to show hosts. Users would likely continue to need a TV license.

Bell launches MiFi 2372 hotspot with HSPA 3G

11/30, 12:55pm

Bell first with MiFi USB modem in Canada

As promised, Canadian wireless and cable provider Bell on Monday has began offering the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot. The device uses Bell's recently launched HSPA network and will let up to five users share a single 3G connection over Wi-Fi.

LogMeIn to host beta of Pro2 for Mac

11/30, 12:25pm

Developer now taking sign-ups

Developer LogMeIn says it is now taking entries for a beta of Pro2 for Mac. The Pro2 option has so far been unavailable to Mac users, who must otherwise rely on the basic Free client. Both versions of LogMeIn's software let users control a remote Mac or PC system.

DealNN: Cyber Monday edition

11/30, 12:20pm

Deals on printers, HDTVs, iPods and more

It's Cyber Monday, and holiday sales are in full force at online retailers across the web. has a wide selection of great gift ideas for $100 or less like the Epson Stylus NX510 all-in-one InkJet printer, which was priced at $149.99, but has been reduced to $69. Or the HP OfficeJet J4680 all-in-one InkJet printer, which was $129, but is now only $65. Other items include an eMachines 18.5-inch LCD monitor for $69.99, and a Kodak M863 bundle for $89.99.

AT&T intros 1GHz LG eXpo, pico projector accessory

11/30, 12:10pm

LG eXpo coming to AT&T with 1GHz CPU, projector

Wireless provider AT&T and LG on Monday said they will soon offer the first 1GHz smartphone in the US with the LG eXpo. The vertical slider has a full QWERTY keyboard and will support AT&T's 7.2Mbps HSPA network. The eXpo will also be the first phone in North America to support an optional pico projector from Texas Instruments that can throw up images as far as eight feet away.

CrunchPad tablet project self-destructs

11/30, 12:05pm

Division ends CrunchPad project

News site TechCrunch on Monday said that its CrunchPad tablet project has 'self destructed' due to a legal dispute. The touchscreen slate was to have been unveiled soon but is effectively being shut down as the actual developer, Fusion Garage, has claimed it will sell the device without further input from the co-developer and would only carry the CrunchPad name, using site founder Michael Arrington only as a product evangelist.

Korean iPhone launch shows high numbers

11/30, 11:35am

Device considered 'relative bargain'

The launch of the iPhone in South Korea has so far proven a success, reports say. The number of pre-orders at carrier KT is believed to have to risen from 53,000 to approximately 65,000 by Saturday's release date, significant in a market where 400,000 smartphones were sold in the third quarter. At a special launch event in Seoul, hundreds of people are said to have lined up for as long as 26 hours in order to buy one of the country's first 1,000 iPhones.

Second Google phone leak hints Android past 2.0

11/30, 11:15am

Google branded phone on campus in weeks?

A new rumor this morning supports renewed talk of a Google-branded phone launching in the near future. The company's Mountain View headquarters should reportedly receive large numbers of prototypes in a matter of weeks ahead of its actual release. Moreover, it may also run "Flan," the next major iteration of Android beyond 2.0, also known as "Eclair."

Analysts differ on Apple Black Friday turnout

11/30, 10:40am

In-store traffic reports conflict

Apple's retail Black Friday traffic may have been up or down this year, depending on which analyst an investor chooses to believe. Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros. claims that field checks show "strong" foot traffic, with high sales of Macs, iPods and iPhones. Though the Black Friday weekend accounts for 10 percent of holiday sales, Wu considers the traffic an important bellwether.

Samsung sells 50 millionth touchscreen phone

11/30, 10:35am

Samsung touch phone sales up 4X in 2009

Samsung today said it has sold 50 million full touchscreen phones since putting them on sale in 2008. The symbolic milestone comes as sales have grown from 10 million last year to 40 million this year. Of the collection, a full 10 million are the entry-level Star (S5230), while the Samsung F480 (also known as the Behold or Tocco) represents 9 million. The Corby has already passed the 3 million mark despite just launching in September.

ASUS now shipping 12.1-inch Eee PC in the US

11/30, 9:30am

Eee PC 1201HAB now shipping at Best Buy

ASUS' 12.1-inch Eee PC 1201HA netbook is now available at Best Buy. The netbook includes a 1.33GHz Intel Atom processor with integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics and 1GB of RAM. The 160GB hard drive contains Windows XP Home.

Apple pushes third-party gear for Cyber Monday

11/30, 9:30am

Also begins free shipping program

As with a number of other companies, Apple has launched special Cyber Monday online deals. The discounts do not cover Apple's own products, but rather a collection of third-party Mac, iPod and iPhone accessories. Some iPhone gear on sale includes the mophie Juice Pack Air, $8 cheaper at $72, and the MoGo Talk for iPhone, a case/headset combo down $13 to $117.

Nook delayed for retail, in "very limited" numbers

11/30, 9:20am

Barnes and Noble expects Nook to be late

Barnes & Noble today warned that the Nook's retail launch has been delayed by a week to December 7th. Its launch is being set back as the company is prioritizing those who pre-ordered the e-book reader. Only a "very limited" number of the devices should show up at the physical bookstores next week, the company said.

Kindle, iPods top Amazon's Thanksgiving sales

11/30, 8:45am

Amazon touts Kindle as top seller

Amazon today claimed a "record" month of sales for the Kindle and has provided some details of its bestselling devices. Without giving numbers, the online retailer said the e-book reader had its "best sales month ever" even before Cyber Monday, the online follow-up to Black Friday. It remains the bestselling individual product of any category at Amazon as well as the most gifted and requested item on the store.

Apple 'bullying' flash memory makers?

11/30, 7:55am

Apple NAND buying may hurt Samsung

Apple was accused on late Sunday by anonymous industry sources of 'bullying' NAND flash memory suppliers through its purchasing tactics. The company has allegedly, knowingly requested more memory from Korean firms Hynix and Samsung on a regular basis than it actually buys when the supply is ready. The iPhone and iPod maker is said by the Korea Times to regularly wait until the glut forces a price drop and then to buy only a smaller amount of stock that leaves excess inventory once again.


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