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News Archive for 09/11/07

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Apple TV 3.0.1 fixes "disappearing" media

11/07, 8:25pm

Apple TV update fixes hidden content

Apple in a rare weekend update released Apple TV 3.0.1. The firmware upgrade, accompanied by a support document, mends a flaw which made music, video and other content from "disappearing" until the Apple TV next syncs with its host iTunes computer. The company urges customers to apply the update "immediately" and suggests rebooting the Apple TV followed by checking for an update in the Settings menu.

Review: Sonos ZonePlayer S5

11/07, 6:45pm

Sonos' 1st speaker-equipped hub reviewed

Venturing into Sonos' world has historically been expensive and partly redundant: listeners have usually needed at least two pieces of equipment, and it isn't at all uncommon to see setups that cost over $1,000. The ZonePlayer S5 aims to fix this with a single-piece $399 speaker and receiver that relies on what you already have -- such as a computer or an iPod touch -- to provide its multi-room audio. Our full S5 review will let you know whether the drop in cost is a better bargain.

Doom creator discusses experiences with Apple

11/07, 4:00pm

Suggests Apple frowns on iPhone gaming

id Software co-founder John Carmack has described working with Apple as a "rollercoaster ride" in a new interview, arguing that Apple executives are not happy with the increasing popularity of the iPhone and iPod touch as a gaming platform. Carmack -- responsible for Doom, Quake and other titles -- has spent several years working with Apple in order to get games such as Doom Classic onto the App Store.

Users encounter early Magic Mouse issues

11/07, 3:35pm

Drag and swipe features fail to work

In spite of the relative newness of the Magic Mouse, some complaints have begun emerging on Apple's support forums. Anticipated drag and swipe functions are sometimes said to be failing, leaving only regular click commands available. When the special wireless mouse software is applied, a Mac may still fail to detect a Magic Mouse.

Zune 4.3 brings 3D game support, faster web

11/07, 12:40pm

Zune 4.3 firmware arrives

Microsoft wrapped up the week with a significant firmware update to the Zune HD. The 4.3 patch sets the groundwork for upcoming 3D games and apps while also improving the web experience. Web browsing is now much faster and has the option of forcing it to show desktop websites and a better tap-to-zoom feature.


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