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Apple readying dual-mode GSM/CDMA iPhone?

11/06, 9:50pm

iPhone may have CDMA option next year

An analyst report sent today hints at Apple producing an iPhone that would work with both GSM and CDMA networks. The OTR Global note obtained by AppleInsider claims to know of an iPhone in development with a hybrid Qualcomm chipset that will support the two normally incompatible standards. It would support UMTS-based 3G on carriers like AT&T and would presumably support EVDO-based 3G on Verizon and similar CDMA carriers.

Radio Shack to sell iPhone

11/06, 6:40pm

Radio Shack now third US iPhone reseller

Radio Shack in a terse notice today said it would begin selling the iPhone 3G and 3GS in its retail stores later this month. The initial rollout is small and will be limited to certain company-run stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as well as in New York City. Expansion to all of its stores isn't expected until 2010.

Review: LaCie Sound2 Speakers

11/06, 6:25pm

LaCie's portable Sound2 speakers tested

LaCie is without a doubt best known for its hard drives and other storage solutions, many of which are often particularly good-looking. The company's new Sound2 Speakers could also be described in just such a way. Shaped by French designer Neil Poulton and engineered by Cabasse, a French loud speaker manufacturer, the design comes across as a French supermodel. But does that mean the design is strictly superficial? Our Sound2 review finds an answer.

Jumsoft launches Aperture Themes 2.0 with 16 themes

11/06, 6:10pm

New version has 51 different designs

Jumsoft has released Aperture Themes 2.0, a package of ten new themes for Apple's photography software. The new content adds to the six themes available in the previous v1.0 bundle. The styles are geared toward creating web galleries with photos via Aperture. Each of the 16 themes has up to ten different layouts for a total of 51 designs.

Italian company entering Mac clone business

11/06, 5:45pm

Latest computer maker to challenge Apple

An Italian computer maker is the latest company to ignore Apple's Mac OS X license agreement and launch a new series of Mac clones, according to the Italian site Macity. The startup Engineering Project recently launched a site promoting its upcoming EVO computers, which are allegedly compatible with several platforms including Mac OS X.

Sonos Controller 3.1 for iPhone adds Twitter, improved UI

11/06, 5:40pm

App works with company's ZonePlayer S5

Sonos has released an update to its Controller app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Version 3.1 adds the ability to send Twitter updates with information regarding the current track. The interface has been refined, with new icons and logos on the Music Menu and a simplified layout. Users are also able to control the company's latest ZonePlayer S5 all-in-one device.

Verizon's Droid tethering plans to match iPhone's

11/06, 5:20pm

Droid tethering to cost $30, have 5GB cap

Verizon late Thursday confirmed that it would add tethering to the Motorola Droid but clarified its plans. Contradicting a prior statement, it now says tethering when ready will cost $30 in addition to the phone's existing voice and data plans. It will also have a 5GB bandwidth cap before overage fees begin, though the tethering rate will be separate from the Droid's regular data.

Vers launches new Shellcases for iPhone, iPod touch

11/06, 5:05pm

Cases available in walnut, cherry, bamboo

Vers, a company specializing in handcrafted wood, has added new open-front Shellcases to its product line. The cases allow full access to the display of an iPhone or iPod. Models are available in walnut, cherry and bamboo, and have their corners reinforced with steel pins in order to enhance the wood's resistance to impacts.

TiVo 802.11n adapter surfaces in FCC filing

11/06, 4:50pm

Unit expected to replace current 802.11g model

A recent FCC filing indicates that TiVo is readying an 802.11n accessory. The device, listed as the AN0100 Wireless 11n AP, appears to be a successor to the current AG0100 Wireless G USB network adapter the company sells for connecting its DVRs to a home network. The current model supports TiVoToGo, multi-room viewing, music, photos, and online scheduling.

Quirky announces Beamer iPhone case with built-in light

11/06, 4:40pm

Aids in iPhone photography

Quirky has announced a new addition to its line of iPhone 3G and 3GS accessories, the Beamer. The case features a hard plastic outer shell, and a two-piece design, requiring owners to remove the base before inserting an iPhone. Giving the case its name is an LED light, which can be used either as camera flash or a standalone light. A button triggers three different functions: 10-second lighting, constant light, or simply shutting off.

Ionic batteries could multiply battery life by 11

11/06, 4:40pm

Metal-air ionic liquid could extend batteries

A new development by partly government-backed Fluidic Energy could potentially extend the battery life of notebooks, cars and other devices well beyond existing lithium-ion cells. Known as Metal-Air Ionic Liquid (MAIL), it would improve energy storage beyond relatively efficient zinc-air batteries by using an ionic liquid salt to conduct electricity that is much more stable and isn't prone to drying out either by accident or by eventual decay. The move would let battery makers use metals denser than zinc and therefore hold a much larger charge in a given volume.

Apple launches Reserve and Pick Up retail program

11/06, 4:15pm

Designed to cope with holiday rush

Apple has unveiled a new program for its retail stores, Reserve and Pick Up. Via the company's website, shoppers can now opt to have products held for later purchase at a store they select. Only Macs and iPods are eligible however, and pickup must occur between December 15th and the 24th. As the program is meant to cope with potentially long holiday lineups, shoppers can also have some products wrapped.

ThinkPad netbook to ship in January?

11/06, 3:50pm

Lenovo ThinkPad X100e may reach CES

Lenovo's rumored ThinkPad netbook will launch at the start of the next year, a leak today says. It's now purportedly named the ThinkPad X100e and may ship on January 5th, just ahead of CES. System specs are only guessed at but may not necessarily cling to the Atoms found in the IdeaPads; instead, it's speculated that Lenovo may use either Intel's CULV processors or an AMD Athlon Neo.

Spanish translation of Mein Kampf appears on App Store

11/06, 3:50pm

Highlights discrepancy in standards

A Spanish translation of Mein Kampf has been launched at the App Store, observers note. Written in the 1920s by Adolf Hitler, the book is both an autobiography and a charter of the fascist, anti-Semitic policies that would come to guide the Third Reich. No other version of the book is available as a standalone app, and its icon is the Nazi Party emblem, complete with swastika.

Verizon dismisses lack of Droid queues, calls lines "flashy"

11/06, 3:00pm

Verizon wants stready Droid sales instead

The absence of long lines at most Verizon stores for the Motorola Droid is a positive sign, company spokesman David Samberg claimed today. According to the representative, Verizon believes early queues as "not really the goal" and that they are "flashy" more than a sign of actual built-up demand. The carrier would prefer to see a regular flow over coming weeks rather than an initial rush.

Gideon launches Snow Leopard app updates

11/06, 2:40pm

Dock-It, Snard, Snippet Monkey upgrade

Gideon Softworks has launched updates for Dock-It, Snard and Snippet Monkey, adding Snow Leopard support to all three. Dock-It 2.7.2 is a multifunctional dock and Finder enhancement tool, enabling users to create or customize multiple docks and navigate folder contents without the need of a Finder window. Docks can be used to hold files, folders, apps and scripts; users can drag-and-drop as well as copy and paste text clippings or URLs.

Nintendo again shoots down talk of Wii HD

11/06, 2:15pm

Nintendo head says Wii HD not happening

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has again taken time to deny rumors of an advanced Wii shipping next year. Following assertions by analyst Michael Pachter that a new model is due in 2010, Fils-Aime tells Gametrailers TV that Pachter is the only one making such claims and that the rumored console is "not happening." Fils-Aime doesn't talk about whether or not the Wii will be updated at any point in the future but is emphatic that a replacement isn't coming soon.

Superguide developer complains of App Store review policies

11/06, 1:50pm

App torn apart by one reviewer, OK'd by another

Apple has been criticized once again for its App Store review policies, as complains of frustrating inconsistencies between different members of the review team. The company has worked to publish its first book, the "iPhone & iPod touch Superguide," as both a PDF version and an app available on Apple's portable devices.

ARM provides early details of Eagle architecture

11/06, 1:45pm

ARM Eagle to be multi-core, 28nm

ARM president Tudor Brown at a presentation on Friday provided early details of his company's next-generation architecture for smartphones and other handhelds. Nicknamed Eagle, the processor design will focus on speed and come with a multi-core main processor, "high-end" graphics and better security against hardware-related attacks. Power use will be kept down by using GlobalFoundries' new 28 nanometer process and should get more efficient still when the assembly process shrinks to 22 nanometers.

Boxee beta to be unveiled on December 7th

11/06, 1:15pm

Should differ dramatically from current alpha

The first public beta of Boxee will be shown on December 7th, according to its developer. The app is primarily used to stream movies and TV shows to an HDTV, including remote content from sources such as Hulu and Netflix. Music and photos can also be streamed; versions of the app have been produced for the Mac, Windows and the Apple TV.

iPhone hits 17% smartphone share, passed by BlackBerry

11/06, 12:45pm

IDC Q3 2009 phone share results live

Apple gained market share in the summer but slipped in the face of tougher competition, according to new IDC data. The iPhone's share of smartphones grew from 16.6 percent to 17.1 percent during the quarter but was overtaken by Research in Motion's record BlackBerry sales, which pushed it above Apple from 14.6 percent to 19 percent. The reversal is credited to the BlackBerry's wider distribution and the launch of a pair of key phones, the Tour and the Curve 8520.

Sailing Media Sync 1.1.4 gains Droid support

11/06, 12:35pm

Backs chief iPhone rival

Sailing Software has released v1.1.4 of Sailing Media Sync, its multi-platform file transfer software. The Mac edition syncs music and podcasts from iTunes with phones other than those made by Apple. Playlists are preserved, including those created with Genius. Photos can be synced from Aperture and iPhoto.

ASUS' Ion-based Eee PC 1201N due in December?

11/06, 12:00pm

ASUS' first Ion netbook due end of 2009

ASUS' leaked Eee PC 1201N netbook has gained a more definitive release date through a rumor on Friday. The NVIDIA Ion-based portable is now slated by Electricpig as arriving in at least the UK by December. Premature store listings put the price at $756, though the cost is likely to be lower for the as yet unknown North American release.

Apple to preview Upper West Side NYC store

11/06, 11:55am

Formal unveiling due for November 14th

Apple has sent out media invitations for a preview of the company's fourth Manhattan retail store, scheduled to occur November 14th. The store is situated in the Upper West Side of the island, at the corner of Broadway and 67th; neighbors include the Lincoln Center and the Julliard School. It is still unknown when doors will open to the general public.

Dell Mini 3iX shows at FCC with US 3G

11/06, 11:20am

Dell Android phone greenlit at FCC

Dell's Mini 3iX smartphone has edged closer to the US today with an FCC filing. While the phone itself isn't photographed, a label diagram confirms its identity as it identifies the handheld as a phone with UMTS-based 3G and Bluetooth.

O2 UK to allow iPhone unlocks for competing carriers

11/06, 11:10am

Telefonica Europe CEO answers questions

UK iPhone owners subscribed to O2 will indeed be allowed to unlock for other carriers, according to the CEO of O2's parent company, Telefonica Europe. "Once the iPhone becomes available on other UK networks," says Matthew Key, "we will allow O2 customers to unlock their iPhones, although of course they will still need to honour any outstanding contract period they have. At the end of their contract period, they are entirely free to move to another operator -- though naturally we hope they won't want to!"

Microsoft demos transparent, touchless interface

11/06, 10:30am

MS glass interface uses eyes, gestures, voice

Microsoft chief research officer Craig Mundie as part of his college tour this week demonstrated a unique concept for a future computing interface that would in many cases go without any touch input. Although it would support pens for precise input, the transparent glass display would also recognize voices and detect touch-free gestures, much as with the Xbox 360's upcoming Project Natal. The system can also detect eyes and navigate based on their gaze.

Developer spying on iPhone gamers?

11/06, 9:55am

Raises iPhone privacy issues

A California iPhone developer, Storm8, has been accused of spying on iPhone owners, according to court documents. A lawsuit was recently submitted on behalf of Washington resident Michael Turner, charging Storm8 with several violations including breaches of contract, the California Computer Crime Law and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. On August 26th, says Turner, the company openly admitted that its games had been illicitly collecting phone numbers.

HTC Touch2 coming to Rogers?

11/06, 9:40am

Rogers may be first NA carrier with Touch2

Canadian carrier Rogers could be the first in North America to pick up a version of the HTC Touch2, according to sources familiar with its plans. The Windows Mobile 6.5 phone is reportedly coming onboard in one or more colors that aren't normally picked for the phone; blue and red are both being considered as choices. While not confirmed at this stage, it's also implied that the phone will have North America-native 3G where the stock version goes without.

Droid sees short launch lines [U]

11/06, 9:10am

Most VZ stores see small Droid queues

(Updated with additional lineup details) Early reports have suggested relatively small lineups for the Droid at Verizon stores. Visitors to most stores have seen lines of several people or less, with others seeing no lineups even with later early opening 8AM openings. The midnight opening at Verizon's 34th Street Manhattan store has also been described as modest, with one report so far suggesting that only 20 were in queue roughly an hour before it opened and no reports of the line growing much larger by 12AM.

Windows 7 not helping long-term PC sales?

11/06, 8:10am

Vista PC users in no rush to replace

Windows 7 isn't having as large an impact on PC sales as initially thought, sources from manufacturers said on Friday. Although US retail sales were up 49 percent, those speaking to DigiTimes say they didn't see a major spike in late October and don't expect one for the rest of 2009. The turnout has been soft enough that some notebook producers are actually facing overstock as they ordered more portables than demand required.

Epson intros line of ultra short throw projectors

11/06, 7:05am

Epson PowerLite 450W, 460 projectors

Epson has introduced its latest line of ultra-short throw projectors, the PowerLite 450W and Epson PowerLite 460. Both projectors are designed for educational purposes and draw on 3LCD projection. Each device provides a microphone input that allows users to hook up a microphone to boost their voices over the integrated 10W speaker; it also has a built-in closed captioning decoder for presentations to the hard of hearing.

Moto Droid goes on sale in NYC

11/06, 12:00am

Droid launches at 34th St store

As promised, Verizon tonight launched the Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Eris at its primary retail store on 34th Street in New York City. The midnight opening is the first official launch in the country but follows numerous reports from those who have visited Best Buy and Walmart stores and successfully obtained the phone ahead of its official street date. Walmart Super Center stores are also typically opening sales at midnight, though the next earliest opportunity will involve the 7AM and 8AM openings at some non-mall Verizon stores.


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