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Dell Mini 3iX surfaces in Brazil, ready for US 3G bands

11/03, 12:00am

Device similar to 3i launched in China

Dell's Android-based Mini 3iX has surfaced in Brazil with support for Wi-Fi and 3G UMTS/HSDPA on 850MHz, 1900MHz and 2100MHz bands, according to photos posted on the Brazilian site CelularCafe. The integration of 850MHz 3G components adds evidence to rumors suggesting Dell is planning to bring its Mini 3i smartphone design to the US market.

Intel investigates iPhone sync problems with new chipset

11/02, 10:40pm

Connection failures report on P55 components

Intel is reportedly investigating a compatibility issue involving the iPhone and certain chipsets, according to CNET News. A number of users have reported that iTunes 9 for Windows is able to recognize the iPhone, however the device cannot sync with certain machines utilizing Intel's P55 chipset and motherboards from certain manufacturers.

Thursby announces ADmitMac 5, DAVE 8 updates

11/02, 9:55pm

Support added for Snow Leopard, Windows

Thursby Software Systems has announced ADmitMac 5 and DAVE 8, two updates in the company's line of Mac networking products. The apps are designed to connect Macs to Windows networks, enabling bi-directional file and printer sharing. The latest versions of both ADmitMac and DAVE provide multi-processor and multi-threaded optimizations for Apple's newest Snow Leopard operating system, in both 64-bit and 32-bit modes, along with continued support for the older v10.5 OS.

Lenovo intros ThinkCentre A70z all-in-one

11/02, 8:55pm

Entry-leve AIO geared for small businesses

Lenovo on Monday introduced the ThinkCentre A70z, an all-in-one system geared for small- and medium-size businesses. The systems offer a choice between Intel Core2 Duo or Celeron Dual Core processors, with hard-drive options reaching up to 500GB. A DVD drive, webcam, integrated speakers, and optional Wi-Fi components round out the specs.

Tweetie 2.1 to bring updated retweets, geolocation support

11/02, 7:55pm

App expected to hit beta stage by end of week

Following the recent release of Tweetie 2.0, developer Loren Brichter is almost ready to launch the next update, v2.1, which adds a variety of bug fixes and several new features. The app will support the new-style retweets, along with geolocation information, according to a preview posted by TechCrunch. Both features will only work with the select accounts Twitter has enabled for the additional functionality.

E-book submissions outpacing new games on the App Store

11/02, 6:55pm

iPhone to be formidable opponent to the Kindle?

While the iPhone platform has proven attractive to game developers, e-books have begun to dominate the latest apps, according to data collected by Flurry. From August 2008 to August 2009, most of the new apps were released into the Games category. Starting in September, however, the Books category took the lead for the first time in the App Store's history.

Windows 7 SP1 due in less than a year?

11/02, 6:30pm

Microsoft rushing Win 7 service pack

Despite having launched less than two weeks ago, Windows 7 is already on track to have its first service pack ready in less than a year, a timetable posted today suggests. Wzor, one of the sites that slipped out pre-release betas of Windows 7 earlier this year, says Microsoft is already aiming to release its first beta of Service Pack 1 to testers by December and to offer a public beta by January. After this and a second beta, Microsoft is scheduled have two release candidates and to release to manufacturing (RTM) as early as June or as late as August.

Acer rolls Aspire 8940 notebook with Core i7

11/02, 5:50pm

Acer Aspire 8940 has quad-core, GTS 250M

Acer chose a rare Monday evening launch for an update to its Aspire notebooks. Acting as the new flagship, the 8940 takes the lead from the 8935 and use the same 18.4-inch screen but with a much faster 1.6GHz Core i7 in place of the Core 2 Quad. It further brings considerably newer GeForce GTS 250M graphics to better drive the 1080p display and, as with other Acer updates, replaces Vista with Windows 7.

Motorola Cliq ships to T-Mobile

11/02, 5:20pm

Motorola Cliq now shipping at T-Mobile

As promised, T-Mobile on Monday announced the Motorola Cliq is now available at T-Mobile. The Cliq is the first Android-powered handset to use MOTOBLUR, a feature that brings e-mails, messages, status updates and other information from social networks to the home screen through streams. The Cliq also gets Wi-Fi and has a hardware slide-out QWERTY keyboard along with a 3.1-inch, 480x320 touchscreen.

Verizon to topple AT&T, take smartphone lead?

11/02, 5:15pm

Verizon adding 15 smartphones in 2 mths

A slip of new data today suggests Verizon may be planning a full assault on AT&T's command of the US smartphone market. One historically accurate contact for BGR says Verizon is watching its launch of the Motorola Droid very closely and, if successful, will accelerate smartphone launches it would have put off until early 2010. These would include particularly advanced devices like the Android-based HTC Dragon and Motorola Calgary, the former of which could launch on November 27th in place of the BlackBerry Curve2.

Acer Liquid may have downclocked 768MHz chip

11/02, 4:45pm

Acer's Liquid Android smartphone specs confirmed

The specifications for Acer's upcoming Liquid smarpthone have been revealed at a conference in France, Revioo reported on Monday. Despite an earlier report, the phone's Qualcomm SnapDragon processor will not be rated at its full, 1GHz clock speed but instead be limited to 768MHz.

iPhone continuing to gain enterprise support, says analyst

11/02, 4:40pm

Could reach 7 percent adoption by 2010

Despite resistance, the iPhone is slowly being adopted by more and more corporate enterprises, says Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Bank. The analyst estimates that approximately 2 million iPhones will be in enterprise use by the end of 2009, whether bought directly by IT departments or by workers receiving reimbursements. Such sales could give Apple a 7 percent marketshare, a substantial increase over the 2 percent achieved in 2008.

MSI Wind12 U230 with Windows 7 surfaces online

11/02, 4:25pm

MSI Wind12 U230 gets Windows 7, AMD Athlon Neo X2

While there was no official announcement, MSI will soon offer a new netbook-class Windows 7 portable, according to a product page for the Wind 12 U230. The PC has AMD's new 1.6GHz Athlon Neo X2 dual-core processor, which is paired with ATI's Radeon HD 3200 integrated graphics chipset. Other specs are common to the current U210 notebook, including a display that's sized at 12.1 inches and with 1366x768 resolution.

HTC Touch HD2 coming to T-Mobile UK in November

11/02, 4:10pm

WM 6.5 HD2 with multi-touch screen coming to T-Mo

T-Mobile UK has put up a product page for the HTC Touch HD2 handset, revealing it will be out sometime this month. The device is the first Windows Mobile (6.5) smartphone to use a capacitive multi-input touchscreen. T-Mobile UK site visitors get the option to register and receive updates regarding the device.

TAG Heuer intros Lamborghini-inspired phone

11/02, 3:55pm

TAG Heuer outs ultra-exclusive handset

TAG Heuer on Monday announced the release of a limited-edition cellphone, the design of which was inspired by the Lamborghini Murcielago supercar. Only 1963 examples of the MERIDIIST Automobili Lamborghini cellphone will be made worldwide to signify the founding year of Lamborghini cars. The phone is made of stainless steel coated in black titanium carbide and sports the same signature as the one found on the Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640's V12 engine block.

Atheros readies 802.11n chip for smartphones

11/02, 3:50pm

Atheros AR6003 promises 85Mbps on phones

Atheros claimed a minor breakthrough on Monday through a new addition to its ROCm chips. The AR6003 is billed as not just a rare single-chip 802.11n Wi-Fi part for smartphones and other handhelds but also the fastest of its kind. It takes advantage of features that aren't always used in 802.11n to boost the maximum speed up to 85Mbps in real situations when on the 5GHz band. The technique has the side benefit of increasing the usable range of a handheld compared to older 802.11g wireless.

Time changeover generates Snow Leopard problems

11/02, 3:30pm

Switch from DST hurts CPU performance

The flip from daylight savings to standard time has created unusual problems for Snow Leopard owners, Apple's support forums indicate. Some Mac users note that nearing the point of the official changeover, 2AM on November 1st, their CPU usage peaked as high as 100 percent for no apparent reason. Aside from rendering software unusable, such spikes also run the risk of overheating a computer.

Bell confirms HSPA for Nov. 4, iPhone to follow

11/02, 3:00pm

Bell HSPA a day ahead of Telus

Bell today confirmed that its promised HSPA+ 3G network will become available on November 4th. Supporting recent leaks, the 21Mbps network will launch just a day ahead of its Telus equivalent and should come with multiple phones and modems ready on the same day. Roaming deals will also be in effect immediately and should let Bell users roam on AT&T in the US as well as in most other countries.

Garmin intros aera GPS devices for pilots, drivers

11/02, 2:30pm

Garmin aera GPS devices for pilots, drivers

Garmin on Monday introduced a new series of portable GPS devices meant for use by pilots and drivers alike. Making up the aera series are the aera 500, aera 510, aera 550 and aera 560 touchscreen devices, which combine the simplicity of Garmin's in-car navigation units with the feature set and GPS accuracy necessary for pilots. The multi-mode devices switch between auto and aviation mode quickly.

Kingston, Paramount to sell movies on flash memory

11/02, 2:20pm

Kingston USB, SD cards to carry movies

Kingston and Paramount unveiled an unusual deal today that will see the latter's movies made available on SD cards and USB flash drives. The partners haven't detailed the formats involved but say the movies will be available both in bundles as well as individually. Neither company has committed to a release date.

Buffalo adds 802.11n router, USB adapter in US

11/02, 1:35pm

Buffalo intros new home networking solution

Buffalo on Monday introduced its Nfiniti Wireless-N Essential Router & Access Point, the WHR-HP-G300N, along with the Nfiniti Wireless-N High Power Ultra-Compact USB 2.0 Adapter, WLI-UC-GNHP. Meant for wireless home or small office networks, the router has enough performance to handle multiple intensive video streams and reaches the spec's peak 300Mbps. The adapter is faster than built-in Wi-Fi solutions, making it an upgrade option to existing, built-in wireless modules in notebooks or desktop PCs.

Review: iHome iP88 Dual Dock Clock

11/02, 1:30pm

Unit docks two iPhones and/or iPods at once

MacNN has reviewed the iP88, a new alarm clock built by iHome. The unit differs from most by allowing two iPhones and/or iPods to be docked simultaneously, solving an issue created when couples or individuals have multiple devices. Multiple alarms can be set, correspondingly, triggering a buzzer, AM/FM radio or a playlist.

Apple to up-end TV with $30 iTunes subscription?

11/02, 1:10pm

iTunes TV sub would rival traditional TV

Apple could upturn the entire TV market by offering an iTunes TV subscription service, a prominent rumor says today. iTunes head Eddy Cue is believed to be pitching the idea of a $30 monthly plan that would give users much broader access, much like conventional TV. The exact terms aren't specified by the "multiple" MediaMemo tips but wouldn't confine the service to a single device.

Apple expands anti-Windows 7 campaign to Google search

11/02, 12:50pm

Company attempts to defuse Win 7 publicity

Apple has turned to Google advertising in order to undermine Windows 7, observers note. When entering terms such as "download windows 7" into a Google web search, one of the sponsored links shown may direct users to Apple's Get a Mac website, which attempts to persuade PC owners to switch platforms. The link is displayed under the header "Upgrading to Windows 7," clearly indicating the target audience.

Analyst warns Droid will hurt BlackBerry, Palm

11/02, 12:15pm

Citi urges selling Palm, RIM stock

Citigroup analyst Jim Suva today signaled a major rethink of its approach to cellphone shares by downgrading both Palm and Research in Motion stock to a "sell" recommendation. The about-face comes as a direct result of the Motorola Droid and a belief that the Android phone is a dark horse which will upset phones like the BlackBerry range or the Pre by upstaging them both at work and through sheer publicity.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert reaches iPhone, iPod

11/02, 12:05pm

Modifies gameplay for handhelds

EA has launched an iPhone version of Command & Conquer: Red Alert, its real-time strategy game originally developed for Windows. The title is set in an alternate universe where Adolf Hitler has been assassinated by a time-traveling Albert Einstein, paving the way for the Soviet Union to become the world's dominant military threat. Unusual weapons come to the fore as well, such as combat airships.

Sprint 4G live in Chicago, Dallas, North Carolina

11/02, 11:20am

Sprint 4G finally active in Dallas and NC

Sprint began the week by bringing its 4G WiMAX service into action for several key areas promised earlier. The Chicago and Dallas/Fort Worth areas as well as several North Carolina cities, including Cary, Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, High Point, Raleigh and Winston-Salem, all now have access to the wide-area wireless. The carrier still promises downstream speeds of about 3Mbps to 6Mbps in real situations, all of which allow VoIP, video and other tasks normally off-limits to 3G.

Bell, Telus iPhone plans leaked?

11/02, 11:15am

New Canadian options start at $50 per month

Anonymous sources have leaked the iPhone plans of Canadian carriers Bell and Telus, a report claims. Bell is said to be launching on November 4th with three individual plans, beginning with one costing $55 per month. It includes 300 regular voice minutes, and free calling to local Fab 5 numbers as well as on evenings and weekends after 9PM. The plan also includes 1GB of data with tethering support, and unlimited Wi-Fi at Starbucks Coffee.

Sony VAIO P netbook coming to Verizon

11/02, 10:55am

Subsidized Sony VAIO P at Verizon

Wireless provider Verizon will soon add the Sony VAIO P netbook to its subsidized lineup, according to a Monday Phone Arena leak. Thus far, Verizon offers the Gateway LT2016U, HP Mini 311 and Mini 110 netbooks, but the VAIO P would be the smallest and lightest of the four. The system should be the standard 8-inch netbook but will have a built-in modem with both EVDO and GSM support.

Maingear unveils minimalist, Core i7 SHIFT tower

11/02, 10:50am

Maingear SHIFT is liquid-cooled, aluminum

Maingear today tackled the very high end, designer category of gaming PCs with the SHIFT. The system is specially designed by Maingear with an aluminum chassis and a rare, vertically-aligned cooling system; besides using an Asetek system to cool the processor without fans, all other components point upwards and have their heat naturally vent upwards instead of front-to-back like in most PCs. The system is also subtler with an all-black design and a pop-up port array on the top with card readers, FireWire, USB and audio.

id releases Doom Classic for iPhone

11/02, 10:15am

Recreates original gameplay mechanics

id Software has released Doom Classic for the iPhone and iPod touch. A new version of the company's signature first-person shooter, the app recreates all of the original game's episodes, as well as the later fourth episode, Thy Flesh Consumed. Also brought back are the original gameplay mechanics, here controlled through one of three different schemes.

Creative intros MediaBook reader/tablet hybrid

11/02, 10:05am

Creative MediaBook reader to have web access

At its recent annual meeting, Creative unexpectedly announced plans to release an e-book reader it calls the MediaBook. While the name may change before the device makes it to production, features such as a touchscreen, text-to-speech functionality and an SD memory card reader are not expected to change. It should also feature Creative's Zii processor and have the ability to browse the Internet, both of which differentiate it from other e-book readers on the market.

Dell Mini 10 with 3G official for Sprint

11/02, 9:50am

Sprint's Dell Mini 10 with 3G

Sprint today confirmed a late rumor by launching a subsidized version of the Dell Mini 10. Its version has an internal EVDO Revision A modem for 3G access and should usually pull between 600Kbps and 1.4Mbps downloads in real-world conditions. It also appears to be the original Mini 10 reviewed here with a 1.33GHz Atom, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive and Windows XP Home.

Orange UK confirms Nov. 10th iPhone launch, pricing plans

11/02, 9:40am

Options include subscription, pre-paid plans

Orange UK has publicly confirmed a 7AM, November 10th launch date for the iPhone, and simultaneously announced final pricing schemes. Non-business subscriptions range in cost from approximately 30 per month to 125, based on the number of texts and voice minutes a person selects, and the choice of an 18- or 24-month contract. People paying 125 a month can not only receive unlimited voice and texts, but included roaming voice and data allowances.

Moto Droid in Europe gets multi-touch

11/02, 9:15am

Moto Milestone due for Europe Nov. 9

Motorola today confirmed an international version of the Droid that should also be the first Android phone with multi-touch. The Milestone uses a virtually identical design with an 854x480 touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera, GPS and Wi-Fi but switches to GSM, EDGE and HSPA for basic calls, 2G and 3G respectively. It currently doesn't support US 3G bands but should be available through at least O2 Germany (PDF) for the equivalent of $596 without a contract but with a discount.

Apple breaking Atom chip support in 10.6.2?

11/02, 8:20am

Hacked netbooks out of Snow Leopard beta

Apple may have taken out support for Atom processors in its latest beta seed of Mac OS X 10.6.2, one user says. Those testing it claim Apple has changed support in a way that breaks compatibility with the small Intel chips, including their ability to enter sleep mode through an unofficial extension. If it reaches the final build, the move leaves those making "Hackintosh" systems with little choice either to stay with 10.6.1 or else to wait for an unofficial fix.

XM SkyDock for iPhone, iPod now shipping

11/02, 7:20am

Sirius XM ships satellite radio for Apple

Sirius XM today began shipping its promised XM SkyDock. The cradle gives any iPhone or iPod touch a satellite radio tuner that plays all of XM's channels, including the Best of Sirius package and others normally kept out of the Internet streams. A companion XM SkyDock app (free, App Store) ties directly into the tuner and provides both the main interface as well as support for iTunes song tagging.


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