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Owners of new iMacs reporting Flash playback problems

10/29, 11:10pm

Choppy videos, maximum CPU load

Several owners of the new iMacs have reported problems when attempting to play Flash videos, according to several posts on Apple's Support pages. Forum poster Subcide first noticed the issue with a 27-inch iMac and the latest Flash player. YouTube playback appeared "really jerky" with distorted sound, while the Activity Monitor indicated the CPU usage was spiking to 105 percent every few seconds.

iTunes 9.0.2 update breaks Palm Pre sync again

10/29, 11:10pm

Palm sync again stopped by iTunes patch

Palm Pre owners tonight discovered that iTunes 9.0.2 once again breaks sync with iTunes. It's unclear what Apple has done to deny a native presence and, unlike with some past iTunes updates, there are no direct allusions to altering compatibility. Users are known to still have use of gateway apps such as DoubleTwist or Missing Sync.

FCC filing shows FlipShare TV accessory for Flip camcorders

10/29, 9:50pm

Package provides remote control, wireless streams

An FCC filing has uncovered an unannounced FlipShare TV product that apparently serves as an accessory package for Cisco's Flip video recording devices. The system provides a USB dongle that communicates with a larger FlipShare TV box attached to a television. The TV box provides an HDMI output and standard RCA connections.

HighPoint launches SATA 6Gb/s PCI-Express 2.0 cards

10/29, 8:45pm

New PCI cards deliver 600MB/s throughput

HighPoint is launching a new series of SATA PCI-Express 2.0 cards, the Rocket 600 series. The new cards offer a SATA 6Gb/sec host adapter that will allow single or dual drives to reach 600MB/sec throughput, geared to reach maximum speeds using SSD drives. The cards are backward compatible with PCI-Express 1.0 technology and older SATA 3Gb/sec and 1.5Gb/sec drives. The new PCI cards use the same cables and connectors as previous generation SATA devices.

Apple Remote update supports Apple TV 3.0

10/29, 7:55pm

Compatibility extended to iTunes 9.0.2

Apple on Thursday released an update to its Remote app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Version 1.3.2 adds support for the Apple TV v3.0 firmware and corresponding iTunes 9.0.2 updates also announced on Thursday. Along with the Apple TV compatibility, the Remote download also offers several bug fixes.

Nokia readying Qualcomm-equipped handset for AT&T

10/29, 7:20pm

Company attempting to double US market share

Nokia is allegedly working on a Symbian-based handset aimed at the US market, an unnamed source has told VentureBeat. Interestingly enough, the device is expected to integrate a Qualcomm chip. If true, the component choice could indicate the companies are continuing to warm up to each other after a lengthy legal war over patent claims.

Tests: Windows PC "crapware" adds 2 minutes boot time

10/29, 6:00pm

Apps on Win 7 PCs still slow vs Apple

A series of tests have revealed that even newer Windows 7 PCs are being bogged down by unnecessary software that makes them run much more slowly than Macs. Comparing factory versions of several notebooks versus clean models, PC Pro finds that Acer and Sony systems take about two whole minutes more to boot because of the "crapware," or third-party utilities and trial apps, preloaded out of the box. They also consume roughly 1GB more extra active RAM and also rob the system of as much as 2.4GB of space in Acer's case.

Press shots emerge for HTC Droid Eris

10/29, 5:30pm

HTC Droid Eris images leak, specs confirmed

Press images of the upcoming HTC Droid Eris handset have been leaked on Thursday, revealing the final look of the device as well as confirming some of its specs. Also confirmed is the date of when it should hit store shelves, scheduled for November 6th, or around the same time as Motorola's Droid.

Magellan SE4 navigator shows up at Best Buy

10/29, 5:05pm

Budget priced Magellan SE4 now shipping

A new Magellan GPS model, the SE4, is now available at Best Buy. The budget-priced SE4 has a 4.3-inch touchscreen and contains Navteq map data for 48 contiguous US states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The spoken turn-by-turn directions can guide users to one of the preloaded six million points of interest, and the device has the ability to route to multiple destinations.

Xerox-developed ink could result in wearable electronics

10/29, 4:55pm

Xerox silver bullet ink used for flexible gadgets

A new conducive ink developed by Xerox will allow for the development of electronic circuits on flexible plastics, films and textiles. This so-called 'silver bullet' melts at 140 degrees Celsius, which means it could be laid into clothing and other products that use materials with melting points much lower than traditional metals. Typical melting points of metals range in the 1,000-degree Celsius range would melt such materials.

MSI intros CR610 notebook with Athlon II, Windows 7

10/29, 4:50pm

MSI shows 16-inch CR610 notebook with Windows 7

MSI on Thursday announced the upcoming release of the CR610, a 16-inch notebook PC running on AMD's Tigris platform with an Athlon II processor. Also, the PC ships with Windows 7 preloaded onto its 2.5-inch hard drive, which can be had in 250, 320 and 500GB capacities. Up to 4GB of RAM can be specified, with graphics handled by an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 chipset.

Samsung shows 10.1-inch color e-paper display

10/29, 4:35pm

Samsung 10.1-inch e-paper display just 0.7mm thin

Samsung is demonstrating a color 10.1-inch e-paper device at the currently ongoing FPD International show in Japan. The display is also ultra-thin, thanks to integrated circuits in the TFT glass substrate, which is glass. This makes the display rigid, while a plastic color filter and e-paper from E Ink are flexible.

Easypano's Panorama2Flash arrives for Mac

10/29, 4:35pm

Conversion software generates Flash panoramas

Easypano says it has launched a Mac version of Panorama2Flash. The software batch-publishes images as Flash panoramas, viewable in a fullscreen mode. Easypano claims one-click publishing, and the ability to add top and bottom images. Users can also customize pan, tilt and FOV values for Flash output, along with rotation speed and scene quality.

iLuv ships iMM183 with dual docks, weather

10/29, 4:15pm

iLuv iMM183 finally available

Several months after the original unveiling, iLuv today began shipping the iMM183. The clock radio can charge and play two iPhones or iPods but is unique in its addition of NOAA weather radio that can provide alerts with text when a storm or another imminent threat is close to the radio's location. It handles 10 pre-programmed channels and will archive 10 alert messages for those who miss messages when they appear.

NBA launches live video, audio streaming apps for iPhone

10/29, 4:05pm

Video streaming carries restrictions

The NBA has released a new app for the iPhone and iPod touch, NBA League Pass Mobile. Users can watch live TV coverage of over 40 basketball games per week, while optionally viewing overlay information such as the current score and live player stats. Games can be replayed up to 48 hours after their original broadcast.

ASUS bringing readers with 3G, WiMAX to US, Europe

10/29, 3:55pm

ASUS e-book readers due in 2009, sport WiMAX

ASUS has plans to introduce e-book readers that have 3G, Wi-Fi and WiMAX mobile data network access technologies to market this year. CENS on Wednesday reported that the devices will sport expected 9-inch screens but that they will ship to Europe and North America at about the same time. They will also be offered at cellular carriers starting in March of next year, likely at subsidized prices.

Google to limit call blocking on Google Voice

10/29, 3:45pm

Google Voice tries to appease FCC

Google in a response to the FCC on Wednesday said it has discovered a method to curb some of the rural call blocking that prompted a formal investigation into its Google Voice service. The search firm's new technology is much more specific and now only blocks less than 100 phone numbers, which Google now says are limited to "traffic pumping" sites like questionable conference call services that cost the company a disproportionately high amount in connection charges.

iTunes 9.0.2 adds support for Apple TV 3.0

10/29, 3:45pm

Media player offers new background options

Apple on Thursday released iTunes 9.0.2, an update do its media software. The latest version adds support for Apple TV's v3.0 firmware, which features a revamped menu system and several iTunes features such as Genius Mixes, LPs and Extras. Other minor changes include a dark background option for Grid View and improved support for accessibility.

Apple TV 3.0 update becomes official

10/29, 3:25pm

Overhauls user interface

Quickly validating rumors, Apple has officially released v3.0 firmware for the Apple TV. The core change is a new menu system, designed to make it simpler to flip between major categories; it also draws focus to particular information, such as which videos have been rented or are unwatched. New is an "Internet" category, which folds in YouTube while adding support for Internet radio streaming. Favourite stations can be tagged.

HTC dismisses talk of Android-based HD2

10/29, 2:40pm

HTC chief says HD2 Win Mobile only for now

HTC chief Peter Chou in an interview late yesterday dashed hopes of an HD2 with Android by positioning it as a Windows Mobile phone. Following rumors that have included photos, Chou tells Forbes that the very aim of the HD2 is to "take care" of Windows Mobile and restore the tarnished Microsoft brand. He admits to Forbes that the platform, which still makes up the bulk of HTC's phones, has proven a problem in recent months.

Apple confirms Louvre store opening for Nov 7th

10/29, 2:30pm

Location to be company's first in Paris

Apple has confirmed the November 7th opening for its retail store located at the Carousel du Louvre. Like many Apple Store openings, the first 5,000 visitors will get a free t-shirt. Customers will be able to check out products on the bottom level, which includes a special area focused on the iPhone. A second floor hosts services such as educational workshops.

QOOQ cuisine PC offers recipes, Internet access

10/29, 1:50pm

10.2-inch QOOQ tablet PC helps you cook

The newly unveiled QOOQ is a 10.2-inch tablet PC meant to reside permanently in a family kitchen and provide users with countless recipes and other kitchen help and hints. The French device contains preparation videos, ingredient information and a cooking magazine. It can also connect to the web via an Ethernet port or Wi-Fi connection, though there is no traditional web browser functionality; instead, it uses the online link to update recipes, listen to Internet radio or check weather.

CoreMelt 2.23 adds 5 new plug-ins, licensing improvements

10/29, 1:25pm

Offers new editing tools and bugfixes

CoreMelt has launched an update to its plug-ins for programs such as Final Cut Studio and After Effects. CoreMelt 2.23 offers five additional plug-ins, for instance allowing "fluid and flowing" graphic elements, shaded backgrounds, and the simpler creation of smooth glass, rough glass or water reflections. The two remaining plug-ins handle strobe transitions and adding CoreMelt masks and frames to a layer.

Intel replacing 2.66GHz Core i7 with 2.88GHz chip?

10/29, 1:25pm

Intel updating Core i7 processors

While Intel hasn't publicly announced its plans, the chipmaker is set to replace its popular 2.66GHz Core i7 920 CPU with a 2.88GHz Core i7 930 early on into 2010, says a Thursday report. The new chip will be based on 45nm architecture, but Fudzilla says it will otherwise retain the current chip's quad-core, eight-thread design for the LGA 1366 socket. This is a contradiction to Intel's recent plans, which see the LGA 1366 multiplier sockets open only for Extreme Edition chips, such as with the recent 3.2GHz Core i7 960.

Jibbigo translates between English and Spanish voice

10/29, 1:05pm

Exploits iPhone 3GS features

A company called Jibbigo has released a new bilingual translation app for the iPhone and iPod touch, capable of translating a user's speech directly into another spoken phrase. Users record one sentence of English or Spanish at a time, which the app then translates into a synthesized counterpart. A vocabulary of 40,000 words is included, generally skewed towards travelers and doctors.

Apple patenting wireless headset with media player

10/29, 12:50pm

Apple headset would play music, record calls

A US patent filing published today suggests Apple has been researching the prospects of a wireless headset with its own media playback support. The device would operate as a typical wireless headset as a companion for an iPhone or similar device but would play music from storage built into the earphones. It could have basic music controls and a display, but with a microphone it could also use voice commands to play specific content without looking.

Keynote Objects FX 4.0 adds 50 new 3D images

10/29, 12:00pm

Expands collection to 150

Jumsoft has announced Keynote Objects FX 4.0, an update to its 3D image collection for Apple's iWork suite. The upgrade brings the total number of objects up to 150, covering items ranging from classic furniture to gift boxes. The 50 new ones are geared towards sports and leisure. Each image is optimized for Keynote presentation use, at a resolution of 1024x768.

Sprint to carry subsidized Dell Mini 10 Nov. 1?

10/29, 12:00pm

Sprint entering 3G netbooks with Dell

Sprint is on the verge of launching its own netbook deals with a model of its own, a source says today. The same insider that accurately leaked the provider's Any Mobile, Any Time plan now says a version of the Dell Mini 10 with built-in 3G data will sell through Sprint for $199 after factoring in a two-year data contract and a $100 up-front rebate. TechVi hears the system will ship November 1st and have the familiar 1.6GHz Atom, 1GB of RAM and 160GB hard drive of the Mini 10v.

Best Buy to sell Droid for $200 without rebate

10/29, 11:35am

Best Buy undercuts Verizon Droid pricing

Best Buy this morning scored a minor win by revealing that it will sell the Motorola Droid for $200 on contract, but without the $100 mail-in rebate that Verizon demands at its own stores. The retail chain adds that it will start taking pre-orders later today, just over a week before Verizon opens sales itself.

Netflix streaming coming to Nintendo Wii?

10/29, 11:05am

Nintendo Wii rumored to get Netflix streaming

Leaked images that were not made public reveal the Nintendo Wii will soon get Netflix streaming capabilities, StreamingMedia reported on Wednesday. The source is said to be someone involved with the project, who confirms the development is already in testing stages and the arrival of the service is due fairly soon.

Apple Stores to transition to iPod touches for checkout?

10/29, 11:05am

Switch already said to be in effect in one area

Apple is transitioning its current mobile checkout system away from the Pocket PC to the iPod touch, several sources claim. A distinguishing trait of Apple Stores is the ability of clerks to handle payments away from a fixed station; the company has, however, been using Pocket PCs for this purpose since 2005, in spite of launching the iPhone and iPod touch in 2007. The move to the Touch is said to be coming in time for the 2009 holiday shopping season, and already in effect at a Valley Fair Mall location in Santa Clara, California, possibly as a trial.

Apple terms hint Apple TV 3.0 overhaul

10/29, 10:50am

Apple TV to get iTunes LP, Extras

Apple has inadvertently hinted at a major refresh for the Apple TV through an update to its iTunes Store Terms and Conditions. The new agreement, which has shown up in iTunes 9 but isn't yet reflected on Apple's website, references an as yet unreleased Apple TV 3.0 update and says it will enable both iTunes LP and iTunes Extras, both of which so far only work on a computer. The LP standard is already known by AppleInsider to be formatted for 720p and to include HDTV metatags but hasn't had any definite migration plans until today.

Nintendo DSi LL due early 2010 for Europe; US too?

10/29, 10:00am

Nintendo DSi LL to leave Japan in early Q1

Nintendo has quickly confirmed that the DSi LL will ship outside of Japan. A British representative explains that the larger handheld, named in a statement as the "DSi XL," should reach at least Europe sometime in the first quarter of 2010, or before the end of March. The contact isn't ready to supply pricing but does say it will cost more than the DSi when it goes on sale.

ASUS unveils first full-speed USB 3.0 mainboard

10/29, 9:40am

New ASUS USB 3.0 mainboards have record speeds

ASUS on Wednesday showed off one of the first USB 3.0 mainboards ever, the P7P55D/P7P55D-E, which also has a SATA 6Gbps interface for what's claimed to be record-fast transfer speeds: ASUS estimates that a 20GB HD movie takes less than 70 seconds to transfer at peak speed even with the new USB connection. Both use ASUS's hybrid processor, hybrid phase and hybrid OS technologies for faster overall performance with the ability to overclock chips, control active cooling and provide instant-on Internet access, respectively.

Apple shares new developer seed of Mac OS X 10.6.2

10/29, 9:25am

Concentrates on graphics fixes

Apple has begun distributing a new developer build of Mac OS X 10.6.2, 10C535. The release follows a week after 10C531, and is mainly said to address graphics issues, specifically relating to drivers, QuartzCore and ColorSync. Separately fixed are problems with the Dock; as with the past two builds, Apple has identified no outstanding issues.

Motorola turns slight profit ahead of Droid

10/29, 9:10am

Motorola set to recover following Q3

Motorola landed a crucial victory today with word of a profit for its summer quarter. The company bounced back from its year-ago $397 million loss to a $12 million profit for the same season this year. Its actual cellphones shipped fell sharply from 25.4 million phones to just 13.6 million but were offset by help from cost cuts as well as boosts in sales for its networking equipment and enterprise-class hardware.

Sprint's subscriber losses narrow in summer

10/29, 8:30am

Sprint loses $478m cash, 135K customers

Sprint today reportedsignificant losses for its summer quarter. The carrier's net losses widened from $326 million a year ago to $478 million but were softened by losing a relatively modest 135,000 cellphone customers; the number is Sprint's smallest loss in customers in the past two years. It now has a total of 48.3 million subscribers and remains the third-largest provider, above T-Mobile but well below AT&T's 81.6 million.

Nintendo counters iPod with DSi LL as profit falls

10/29, 7:40am

DSi LL has larger screen for Internet use

Nintendo quickly confirmed rumors today by unveiling the DSi LL. Its screens have increased by more than an inch to 4.2 inches each and are seen as better for Internet access as well as for gameplay. It also gets a larger, more comfortable second stylus and a battery life that increases from 2.5 hours to three during active gameplay.


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