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Google launches playable music search

10/28, 11:15pm

Google Music Search uses iLike, Lala

Google at a Los Angeles event tonight unveiled its widely expected advanced music search feature. The addition (a video of which is available below) automatically parses regular searches for music from all four major labels and automatically filters it by artist, album or track; users can then either sample or buy the tracks through Lala or MySpace's iLike. Those who use recommendation-based Internet streaming service like iMeem, Pandora or Rhapsody can also find related music.

Booq releases new Viper rush work-in laptop case

10/28, 11:00pm

Viper rush fits up to 17-inch MacBooks

Booq has released a new product for its line of computer protection, the Viper rush work-in hard case. The notebook accessory is made from high-density molded foam which encases and protects the device, while integrated bumpers elevate the notebook and providing ventilation. The case is designed to be opened approximately 120 degrees, enabling users to work without having to remove it from the safety of the bag. Interior non-scratch neoprene pockets and compartments can be used for storing cables, phones, keys, pens, power adapters, or other accessories.

Unity 2.6 adds graphic enhancements, bug fixes for Mac

10/28, 10:50pm

Unity 2.6 adds new search function for scripts

Unity Technologies has launched Unity 2.6, a new version of its 3D creation tool for designing iPhone games. The upgrade offers a variety of enhanced graphical features such as improved shadow map rendering, anti-aliasing, and integration of ambient occlusion. It provides users with a profile maker that displays where computer resources are being sent or what scripts are currently running, as well as a hierarchical CPU-usage data. Additional support has been added for Visual Studio and Utility Pro, enabling use with Subversion, Perforce and Bazaar apps.

Sony and Vizio settle patent disputes through licensing

10/28, 10:15pm

IP related to LCD TV technology

Sony has resolved a dispute with Vizio over the latter company's patents involving technology used in LCD televisions. Rather than fight the battle in court, Sony decided to become a licensee for rights to use the technology from Vizio's patent portfolio.

Apple's yearly ad budget rises past $500 million

10/28, 9:25pm

Spending still modest compared to competitors

Apple's ad budget for its 2009 fiscal year surpassed $500 million for the first time, as noted in the company's Form 10-K filing with the SEC. Spending from 2008 was closer to $486 million, while the 2007 budget was approximately $467 million. According to Fortune, the Mac maker's marketing spending is still modest compared to the $1.4 billion spent by Microsoft or the $811 million dished out by Dell.

Sony Ericsson Aino arrives in US as unlocked model

10/28, 8:00pm

Company's foray into touchscreen sliders

Sony Ericsson's Aino handset has arrived in the US market as an unlocked model sold through Sony's online store. The device marks the company's first touchscreen slider, with several high-end features such as an 8.1-megapixel camera with flash and image stabilization. A Media Home feature can be used to sync media content with a desktop computer via Wi-Fi.

Apple begins shipping Magic Mouse

10/28, 7:45pm

Accessory arrives behind necessary software update

Apple has finally begun shipping its new Magic Mouse wireless controller. The necessary software updates for Leopard and Snow Leopard arrived on Tuesday, enabling the operating systems to recognize the Multi-Touch gestures for scrolling, swiping, clicking and double clicking.

Apple update improves Bluetooth with Windows on Boot Camp

10/28, 7:15pm

Download geared for latest iMacs

Apple on Wednesday released a Bluetooth firmware update designed for users running Windows via Boot Camp. The download is said to improve the wireless performance with Vista and XP on the latest 21.5- and 27-inch iMacs released earlier this month, although specific details have not been provided.

Paris Apple Store at Louvre set for Nov. 7th opening

10/28, 6:40pm

Site said to be ready ahead of schedule

Despite earlier reports suggesting the Carousel de Louvre Apple Store would be ready by November 15th, the French site macgeneration now claims the grand opening is scheduled for November 7th. Sources allege the company will provide official details by Friday, including a partnership with the nearest Starbucks to provide free coffee for early birds waiting in line.

Garmin, TomTom stock tanks due to Android, results

10/28, 6:35pm

Google Maps helps GPS maker stock crash

Shares of GPS device makers Garmin and TomTom plummeted today through a combination of their quarterly results and the launch of Google Maps Navigation. Following both low guidance for Garmin's next quarter as well as poor results from TomTom, shares for the two fell 16.4 percent and 20.8 percent respectively and remained low through the entire trading day after news of Google's free, turn-by-turn mapping service became public.

Apple engineers making a flurry of China trips?

10/28, 5:50pm

Apple trips may hint major hardware in 2010

Apple engineers are scaling up the number of trips to China to prepare for new products, a rumor indicates this evening. Visits to the Asian manufacturing base are reported by SAI as accelerating and may even include trips during the holidays. The exact nature of the trips isn't mentioned other than that at least one system integration engineer has been one of those making the trips.

Apple sued over infringement of camera tech patents

10/28, 5:40pm

Sony, Canon forced to pay millions over same IP

A lawsuit filed by St. Clair Intellectual Property Consultants has targeted Apple for allegedly using camera technology protected by several patents. The four patents, each relating to digital camera systems, were originally issued to a company named Personal Computer Cameras, although St. Clair purchased the technology between 1995 and 2001.

Nokia ships N97 mini, updates N97 to 2.0

10/28, 5:25pm

Nokia N97 mini now shipping, 2.0 update released

Nokia on Wednesday announced it is now shipping the N97 mini and has released a new update for its N97 smartphone. The newer N97 variant still has a QWERTY keyboard that angles out but has a smaller 3.2-inch touchscreen, a more compact keyboard and 8GB of built-in flash instead of the larger model's 32GB. It costs the equivalent of $664 in Europe, where it's sold unlocked and without a contract and should also be available subsidized through carriers in the near future.

HTC Hero to skip Android 1.6, use 2.0?

10/28, 5:10pm

European HTC Hero handsets to get Android 2.0

A letter sent back to a curious HTC Hero owner from HTC Customer Support reveals the European version of the smartphone will skip the Android 1.6 update in favor of the latest update do the OS, 2.0. While no dates for the update were given, the HTC letter urges the customer to visit HTC's website regularly for the release. What is also unknown, but very likely, is that HTC Heros in other markets, the US included, will get a similar update and forego 1.6 altogether.

Astak intros stand-alone Mole Internet camera

10/28, 5:05pm

Astak intros Mole computer camera

Astak has announced the release of a standalone computer camera, the Mole on Wednesday. The wireless Wi-Fi camera can upload videos to YouTube, detect motion and alert users via Twitter or e-mail, and let them see what it sees via an iPhone or web browser. It can also record what it sees onto SD cards.

Olympus China website hints E-P2 camera due soon

10/28, 4:40pm

Olympus E-P2 Micro Four Thirds camera due Oct 31?

A less expensive companion to the Olympus E-P1 digital camera, the E-P2, may be officially revealed on October 31st. This is indicated by Olympus' Chinese website, which is already listing the camera. Both the E-P1 and E-P2 rely on the Micro Four Thirds standard.

Machinarium adventure game hits Macgamestore

10/28, 4:30pm

Scrapped robot saves girlfriend has published Amanita's Machinarium, a point-and-click adventure game set in a world populated by robots. Players find themselves in the game's title city, guiding a robot trying to making it out of the scrapyard to save his robot girlfriend and confront the Black Cap Brotherhood.

Logitech boosts remote range with Harmony IR Extender

10/28, 4:20pm

Logitech intros Harmony IR Extender

Logitech on Wednesday said it will soon ship the Harmony IR Extender System. The device will allow users to extend the range of their existing infrared remote controls, or letting them control components that are hidden out of sight and range in cabinets or even different rooms. The plug and play product passes the signal to connected wired IR blasters and mini blasters that in turn pass on the signal to the system components.

Moto Droid to get Times Square ad blitz?

10/28, 4:15pm

Moto Droid ads to show in NYC heart

A leak today has revealed that Verizon plans to drive home its ad campaign for the Motorola Droid with a major promo in Times Square. Likely timed with the Android phone's launch next week, Verizon is said to be taking over the NASDAQ and Reuters billboards with promos that let visitors temporarily take control of the signs by giving them voice commands, mimicking Android 2.0's feature. A mockup for BGR suggests visitors will call a phone number and enter a queue until the ads are ready.

Review: Scosche solCHAT solar-powered speakerphone kit

10/28, 4:10pm

Sunlight extends battery life

MacNN has reviewed the Scosche solCHAT, a solar-powered, hands-free speakerphone kit. The Bluetooth-based device can mount either to a car's windshield or its visor, and it is USB powered, either through a car charger or a computer. The solChat automatically pairs with a Bluetooth-enabled cellphone, and uses an audio-based interface.

No Touch, iPhone 2G compatibility coming for TomTom kit

10/28, 3:50pm

Possibility hinted at in earlier statement

The combination of the TomTom iPhone Car Kit and its corresponding navigation app will not be compatible with the iPod touch or original iPhone, officials from the company now say. The Kit's product page has for a time said that while it can hold all iPhones, the matching app is only compatible with the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Regardless, a spokesman at one point claimed that company had simply not made any "public announcements" regarding the possibility of support through a software update.

FoxTrot Professional Search 2.5 works with PDF, HTML content

10/28, 3:40pm

Utility enables find-by-content functions

CTM Development has released FoxTrot Professional Search 2.5, an update to its find-by-content utility designed for legal, media, or enterprise users. The software provides options for searching through content such as PDFs, HTML, word processing files, e-mail, and other documents. Multiple categories of relevance-ranked results are presented on the interface.

Twitter Peek to offer dedicated tweeting

10/28, 3:35pm

Peek to out device with Twitter support?

Peek will soon offer a new product that will add Twitter support to the existing e-mail and text messaging functionality of the existing devices. While nothing official is known, a leaked image of the box for the Twitter Peek indicates this is indeed true. Like other Peek devices, the new Peek product will allow unlimited updates over T-Mobile's EDGE network in the US.

Sony recalls VAIO all-in-ones' AC bricks due to shock

10/28, 3:25pm

Sony VAIO LT, JS2 all-in-ones at risk

Sony this afternoon launched a recall of AC power adapters for two of its all-in-one desktops for a potential shock hazard. All VAIO JS2 and LT desktops sold between September 2005 and today that use a particular AC adapter, the AC19V17, are believed at risk of shocking owners following four reports outside of the US of the adapters short circuiting on their own. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recall affects about 69,000 devices that also include Sony's PRBX1 and PRFE1 VAIO Docking Stations for notebooks.

UK confirms plans to force alleged pirates offline

10/28, 3:00pm

UK introduces 3-strike illegal download policy

The UK government's business secretary, Lord Mandelson, has confirmed initial plans to cut off Internet service for those who persistently, illegally download files. The policy should take effect in the summer of 2011 but will allegedly be considered a "last resort" after three notifications. After two initial warnings with close monitoring over the space of a year, Internet users would be disconnected with three months' opportunity to appeal the decision.

Citrix launches public beta for GoToMyPC for Mac

10/28, 2:45pm

Enables cross-platform remote access

Citrix says it has opened up public beta entries for GoToMyPC for the Mac. Long a Windows-only service, Mac owners should now likewise be able to remotely access files, programs and network connections on a distant computer. The addition of Mac support means that users can also handle cross-platform access, connecting from a Mac to a PC or vice versa.

HTC Droid Eris to cost just $100 at Verizon?

10/28, 2:40pm

Droid Eris may undercut Sprint's Hero

The Droid Eris could cost almost half as much as the Hero at Sprint when it goes on sale, a source says today. The "very trustworthy" insider tells gdgt that the HTC Android phone should cost $99 (likely $100) on a Verizon contract when it ships November 6th. The price compares roughly to the Hero at Cellular South but is much lower than Sprint's $180 asking cost for the same phone.

Lenovo teases ThinkCentre all-in-one desktop

10/28, 2:10pm

Lenovo shows pro all-in-one

Having just introduced its IdeaCentre B500 all-in-one, Lenovo today quietly provided a teaser on its Flickr account for a new ThinkCentre counterpart. The lone photo has few details but does confirm built-in speakers, a webcam and a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Most ThinkCentre PCs are higher-end and are likely to involve Core 2 processors.

LG, Samsung put out translucent OLED concepts

10/28, 1:40pm

LG, Samsung show see-through OLED displays

At the currently ongoing FPD International 2009 in Japan, LG Display and Samsung Mobile Display have shown off two see-through OLED prototype displays. Either display replaces the backing with transparent material, allowing viewers to see what's behind the display with black backgrounds. This is achieved thanks to translucent materials used for the positive and negative electrodes. Both displays are also sandwiched between plates of transparent material.

Microsoft store PCs come without trialware

10/28, 1:20pm

Microsoft Signature PCs arrive at retail

The Windows PCs at Microsoft's first retail stores are deliberately purged of the third-party apps they would normally carry, employees and eyewitnesses have confirmed. Product Advisor Jared Marino explains these systems, regardless of the brand, are considered Signature PCs and won't include any unnecessary third-party software. In exchange, they come preloaded with the normally optional Windows Live Essentials pack as well as extras like Bing 3D Maps, Security Essentials and the Zune client.

Companies promise GPS support for iPod touch

10/28, 1:00pm

Tech made possible through app/router combo

Third-party GPS support for the iPod touch is coming soon, an announcement claims. GeoLife says it has submitted a new version of Navmii to the App Store, which -- in tandem with a PosiMotion G-Fi router -- should allow a Touch to access turn-by-turn car navigation. The Touch lacks both the GPS and 3G receivers found in the iPhone, normally rendering it incapable of handling directions while driving.

Eye-Fi memory cards allow direct uploads to Facebook

10/28, 12:35pm

Eye-Fi adds Facebook support to Wi-Fi SD cards

Eye-Fi on Wednesday said it has added Facebook support to its Wi-Fi enabled digital camera memory cards, letting them upload photos and videos without a PC. At the same time, they can alert their friends on the social networking site when they upload photos to one of more than 25 other photo sharing sites the cards already support.

Google details Maps Navigation for Android, iPhone

10/28, 12:20pm

Google Maps Navigation official with 3D

Google today provided added details of the turn-by-turn mapping service found on the Motorola Droid. Google Maps Navigation adds many of the features that would normally exist in a dedicated GPS unit, such as a bird's-eye view and spoken directions, but takes advantage of Google's existing Maps features. Traffic is free in those areas where Google provides service, and Street View can show directions overlaid on top of in-location photos.

Apple to lose massive iPhone subsidies with Verizon?

10/28, 12:05pm

Tradeoff may be worthwhile, says analyst

Apple will lose its current "sweetheart" US carrier subsidy if and when it signs an iPhone deal with Verizon, says Brian Marshall of Broadpoint.AmTech. The analyst argues that a Verizon iPhone will arrive in the second half of 2010, but with Apple unable to pressure the carrier into paying the same subsidy per phone required of AT&T, thought to be $450. A more likely Verizon figure is pegged at $300, which may contribute to thinning Apple margins.

JVC outs sub-$200 ultra-thin Blu-ray player

10/28, 11:45am

JVC now shipping $200 ultra-thin Blu-ray player

JVC entered into the low-cost Blu-ray player field on Wednesday through the XV-BP11. It recognizes only Blu-ray Profile 1.1, omitting Internet features, but also measures just 1.5 inches tall. It still carries a front-panel USB connection for plugging in and viewing content from camcorders, digital cameras and USB thumb drives. It natively recognizes AVCHD (H.264) video used in HD camcorders along with recorded Blu-ray, CD and DVD discs.

Sources: Apple rejected Intel Moorestown platform

10/28, 11:30am

Apple may see future Atom as too hungry

Apple has flatly rejected Intel's Moorestown Atom platform for being too power-hungry, a rumor claims today. Unnamed industry contacts say Intel reportedly approached Apple on its own to suggest the ultra-mobile platform but that the Mac creator rejected it outright due to power concerns. According to the Fudzilla source, Apple needed idle power consumption about ten times lower than what Moorestown can manage.

Firefox 3.5.4 closes 16 vulnerabilities

10/28, 11:00am

Cuts off theoretical attacks

Mozilla has released Firefox 3.5.4, a minor but still significant update to its multi-platform web browser. The patch fixes 16 vulnerabilities, 11 of which are said to be critical. Among these are problems with third-party media libraries, the core and JavaScript engines, web worker calls, the GIF color map parser and the string-to-number converter.

Motorola Droid official, to match iPhone's price

10/28, 10:35am

Moto Droid carries Android 2, ships soon

Motorola today officially took the wraps from the Droid, its flagship Android phone and Verizon's primary challenger to the iPhone. The touchscreen slider is the first Android phone anywhere to use Android 2.0 and carries its new web browser, Exchange mail and other boosts. Notably, it also introduces a beta version of Google Maps Navigation, Google's first turn-by-turn app: the service uses voice commands to provide constant, spoken driving directions.

Apple 10-K statement shows 2009 incomes, outcomes

10/28, 10:20am

Company makes gains in iTunes, losses in iPods

Apple has published an official 10-K statement for its 2009 fiscal year, revealing some broader trends. The company for instance sold 54 million iPods, 1 percent less than in 2008; the result was more damaging in financial terms, bringing in 12 percent less revenue at $8.091 billion. Lower selling prices are said to be blame, as each iPod is estimated to have brought in an average of $149, as compared to $167 in 2008.

VIZIO brings LED backlights to small TVs

10/28, 9:45am

VIZIO Razor LED comes in 19, 23 inch models

VIZIO today claimed a small first in HDTVs by launching two small LCDs with LED backlighting. The 19-inch VM190XVT and 23-inch VM230XVT are more color-accurate as a result of the new illumination and are also more energy efficient; they consume less power at peak but also have ambient light sensors to dim the display in dark environments. Each has a display that measures less than one inch at its thinnest point.

Lenovo IdeaPad S12 with Ion, Windows 7 up for sale

10/28, 9:05am

Lenovo S12 Ion upgrade on sale

After a significant delay past its original summer goal, Lenovo on Wednesday began selling a version of its IdeaPad S12 netbook with NVIDIA's Ion graphics onboard. The upgrade comes in tandem with Windows 7 Home Premium and gives it enough visual power to support the full Aero Glass interface as well as to decode 1080p video and handle some more recent 3D. Lenovo also adds Bluetooth 2.1 for wireless peripherals.

BlackBerry Storm2 goes on sale, faces tough reviews

10/28, 8:35am

Verizon ships Storm2 but now criticized

Verizon as promised has begun selling the BlackBerry Storm2 online and, later today, through its retail stores. The touchscreen smartphone costs $180 after an immediate online discount but only reaches the same price at retail after a $100 mail-in rebate. Notably, however, the carrier is already putting the phone in its Buy One, Get One promo and will let buyers get a second Storm2 for free.

litl readying thin netbook with custom OS

10/28, 7:50am

litl Easel netbook due soon

A new PC startup, litl, is known today to be readying an unusual netbook design with a rare customized operating system. An FCC filing for the Easel reveals a 12-inch system whose display can bend past 180 degrees and with a deliberately rounded, child-friendly look. However, it should also run a custom version of Linux with a "card" interface that lets users pick from blue cards for core apps and settings, black channel cards for news, weather and other widgets, and white cards for Firefox pages.

Revo bows Heritage multi-format digital radio

10/28, 7:00am

Heritage digital radio includes iPod dock

Revo has introduced Heritage, its latest multi-format digital radio with an iPod docking station. It earns its name from a classic European table radio design from the 50's and 60's, that includes aluminum, soft plastics, and walnut trim. Sound is nonetheless more modern with a custom designed 3-inch neodymium speaker driver, a 7W amplifier, and an OLED display. It supports a series of different broadcast types such as the UK's DAB and DAB+ digital radio broadcasts as well as FM and Internet radio over Wi-Fi.

DocProtect 1.1 adds image support, PDF subscription model

10/28, 12:10am

Enhanced support for large image collections

Excel Software has announced an update to its project- and document-protection application, DocProtect 1.1. The program is designed to protect rights and prevent access to HTML projects, image collections, video and audio files, PDFs, and Excel spreadsheets for all non-licensed users. The latest version enables users to release and restore licenses between computers, while adding a new PDF-style subscription model for newsletter and magazine publishers.


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