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Apimac intros line of language translation apps for iPhone

10/27, 11:35pm

Apimac dictionaries translate to Spanish, Italian

Apimac has introduced a new line of translation dictionaries for the iPhone and iPod touch. The Apimac apps come in three different versions, English - German, English - Spanish, and English - Italian. Each app provides necessary tools for searching both words and phrases, while delivering an up-to-date dictionary with grammatical notes and a phrase book holding thousands of English phrases and translations.

FCC mulls auctioning TV spectrum to wireless providers

10/27, 11:20pm

Shift said to help reduce 'spectrum gap'

The FCC is considering auctioning certain parts of the TV-broadcasting spectrum and selling it to wireless companies for broadband, according to the Wall Street Journal. The shift is designed to help avoid a situation FCC chairman Julius Genachowski recently described as an impending "spectrum crisis," as data usage rates continue to grow faster than the wireless providers can expand available bandwidth.

Plex update brings Snow Leopard optimizations, bug fixes

10/27, 8:25pm

Application turns Macs into media centers

The Mac OS X media software Plex has been updated with several Snow Leopard optimizations and bug fixes. Version 0.8.3 now works with 5.1-channel audio, a feature that had proven problematic with Apple's latest operating system. The developers have also addressed an issue with low volume when listening to downmixed 5.1-channel audio. Custom settings now allow for three different levels of dynamic range compression for AC3 and DTS audio.

Apple software update enables Magic Mouse special features

10/27, 7:25pm

Downloads available for Leopard and Snow Leopard

Apple on Tuesday released software updates that add Magic Mouse support to both Leopard and Snow Leopard operating systems. The downloads allow users to take advantage of the new Multi-Touch functionality featured in the new mouse. The top surface integrates sensors that detect gestures for controls such as scroll, swipe, click and double-click.

Final Draft 8 adds text highlighting, scene navigator

10/27, 6:30pm

New tools for scriptwriting

Final Draft has released an update to its self-titled scriptwriting software, which includes a range of new functions and features. Version 8 adds the ability to select and highlight text with a new toolbar button, while users can send content from the Index Card Summary directly to the script. The Mac edition also integrates with the Spotlight search function.

Droid Eris saddled with 528MHz chip, Android 1.5?

10/27, 6:00pm

Verizon's Droid Eris to use old CPU

When it's unveiled, the HTC Droid Eris will be significantly less powerful than the Motorola Droid when it ships November 6th, a brief Tuesday leak says. Although cosmetically different, it should use the same 528MHz Qualcomm chip and Android 1.5 build as many of HTC's earlier Android phones, such as the Hero or T-Mobile myTouch 3G. A second HTC phone due later should address the speed gap, BGR adds.

Bridgestone preps color, flexible, touchscreen e-paper

10/27, 5:35pm

13-inch Bridgestone e-paper has color touch

Known more lately for its display technology, Bridgestone has just unveiled one of the most advanced e-paper displays yet. The 13-inch screen renders 4,096 colors and also supports touch input. A demo to Tech-On also shows both the display and circuitry to be flexible and capable of bending to a slight but noticeable curve without breaking.

Lala bringing streaming music service into App Store

10/27, 5:35pm

Songs can be streamed forever for 10 cents each

Lala is readying an iPhone app that will serve as a portal for the company's music services, according to the Associated Press. The app will allow users to purchase the right to stream songs for $0.10 each, which pays for an unlimited number of plays. The sound quality, however, is lower than standard iTunes MP3s.

QuickerTek brings 802.11a to older Macs

10/27, 4:55pm

USB adapter supports 802.11a/b/g/n

QuickerTek has released a new USB wireless adapter which adds Wi-Fi support to any Mac with a USB port. The device handles 802.11a connections running at 5.8GHz, and 802.11b/g/n networks operating at 2.4GHz. 802.11a, notably allows connnection speeds up to 300Mbps.

Zune HDs not properly updating play counts

10/27, 4:55pm

Zune HD reported not to update play counts

Many Zune users, including Electronista, have discovered a fault with their Zune HD multimedia players, saying Zune software does not update song play counts from the Zune HD device. Another forum user who is also a Zune Device Product Team member was able to reproduce the problem, and the team is supposedly working on a fix for the issue. Only Zune HDs with firmware 4.1 are apparently affected, Microsoft says.

Samsung ships two desktop LCDs with TV tuners

10/27, 4:45pm

Samsung debuts 933HD Plus and 2333HD

Samsung in a late afternoon update added two crossover computer LCDs to its mix. The 23-inch 2333HD and 19-inch 933HD+ both have built-in HDTV tuners and remotes to double as TVs in tight spaces. Appropriately, they both share 16:9 aspect ratios that avoid black bars for native HD video at either a 720p-friendly 1360x768 (for the 933HD+) or 1080p (for the 2333HD).

i.Tech intros solar-powered Bluetooth headset

10/27, 4:40pm

i.Tech solar-powered BT headset ships

China's i.Tech has released a solar-powered Bluetooth headset, the SolarVoice 908. The built-in solar charger replenishes the battery while users are wearing or using the headset. On a full charge, the device is rated at five hours of talk time, while standby is rated at 140 hours. Other standout features of the handset include a noise-reduction feature and the ability to connect to two cellphones at the same time.

Open Door upgrades DoorStop security apps

10/27, 4:35pm

Includes Snow Leopard info

Open Door Networks has announced a set of upgrades for its DoorStop line of Internet security apps. At the center is DoorStop X Security Suite 2.3, which consists of an updated DoorStop X Firewall, Who's There? Firewall Advisor, and the e-book Internet Security for Your Macintosh and iPhone. The suite has been expanded to include a Twitter stream, a series of bugfixes, and iPhone support in the integrated blog.

Sony Ericsson Kurara due early 2010?

10/27, 4:25pm

Sony Ericsson Kurara to debut at MWC 2010?

A new handset, the Sony Ericsson Kurara, is expected to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress show early next year, according to a Tuesday LetsGoDigital report. The handset is promising to be a less featured version of the recently revealed Satio, with both sporting the Symbian S60 operating system. It should also feature a touchscreen interface but use a lower resolution 8-megapixel camera.

Hitachi, Toshiba also targeted in optical disc investigation

10/27, 4:20pm

Hitachi, Toshiba join Sony in anti-trust query

Hitachi and Toshiba's optical drive divisions have also been implicated in a US Department of Justice investigation regarding possible antitrust abuse, according to another Monday WSJ report. As with Sony, not many other details were revealed, and executives at both Hitachi and Toshiba say they will fully cooperate with the investigations. Hitachi's optical drive business is a joint venture with LG, with Hitachi owning 51 percent of the operation, while Toshiba has the same split with Samsung.

Intel to allow 2GB RAM with future Atom netbooks

10/27, 4:10pm

Intel Pine Trail to double RAM, drop prices

Some of Intel's Pine Trail Atoms will finally escape Intel's 1GB RAM cap for netbooks even as they drop prices, a series of leaks have indicated in the past day. While the chip maker will still officially limit certain Atoms to 1GB of memory, the 1.83GHz Atom N470 will reportedly allow running 2GB of RAM. The limit should provide a large jump in performance for small systems, particularly those with more demanding operating systems like Windows 7.

Agile launches public beta of 1Password 3

10/27, 3:55pm

Software introduces remote data access

Agile Web Solutions has launched a public beta version of 1Password 3, an updated Mac login utility. The software saves passwords and other forms of personal identity for quicker insertion into web forms. Version 3's major addition is said to be inclusion of 1PasswordAnywhere, a feature which lets users remotely access information via a web browser. The update also adds 64-bit support for Snow Leopard, and a new user interface.

NEC intros pocket WiMAX router with Wi-Fi

10/27, 3:15pm

Tiny NEC WiMAX router has Wi-Fi support

NEC Japan has introduced the world's smallest WiMAX router with Wi-Fi capability on Tuesday. The Aterm WM3300R is battery-powered but can still reach 40Mbps downstream and 10Mbps upstream when on a suitably fast 4G network. The pocketable device is meant to share access through Wi-Fi but can also be plugged into a PC using a USB adapter for mobile Internet access on a specific system.

Apple extending full health to part-time employees?

10/27, 3:05pm

Change said to stem from worker dissatisfaction

Part-time workers for Apple will soon have the same medical benefits as full-time ones, sources say. Equal insurance is expected to become available in January, and apply to anyone working 15 or more hours a week, so long as a person also has at least a year of Apple experience. The company has approximately 9,900 part-time workers at retail, a large percentage of which should be covered by the new policy.

iPhone in "striking distance" of overtaking BlackBerry

10/27, 2:50pm

Study shows iPhone 3GS unseating BBerry

The success of the iPhone 3GS could lead to Apple's device overtaking the BlackBerry, a ChangeWave study has found today. Since unveiling the phone in June, Apple has jumped five percent in its market share among those in the study, to 30 percent, and is within a "striking distance" of just 10 percent of RIM's BlackBerry, which fell a point to 40 percent. Palm is flat at 7 percent but successfully used the Pre to stave off the constant declines it has faced for the past three years.

Google unveils Android 2.0

10/27, 1:55pm

Android 2 has new browser, multiple accounts

Google today at last provided full details for Android 2.0, its first major update to its mobile OS. The platform brings a much improved approach to mail that allows both for multiple accounts and native Microsoft Exchange support. The web browser has similarly been upgraded and is only the second HTML5-capable mobile browser outside of Safari; it further brings some of the earliest multi-touch support and recognizes double-tap zooms.

Bell to add Novatel Turbo Stick, MiFi hotspot

10/27, 1:20pm

Bell brings Novatel HSPA devices Nov. 5

Bell on Tuesday announced it will offer the U998 HSPA+ Turbo Stick and the MiFi 2372 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot from Novatel Wireless November 5th, to coincide with the launch of its HSPA network in November. Either of the two new products will allow notebook users to connect to the 21Mbps network from virtually anywhere a signal is present. The HSPA+ Turbo Stick will be exclusive to Bell in Canada and plugs into a USB port of notebook or netbook PCs, with a microSDHC card slot for as much as 32GB of storage.

Verizon leak confirms BlackBerry Curve2 branding, more

10/27, 12:55pm

Verizon leak confirms BB Curve2 branding, more

Leaked images from Verizon confirm that the very recently slipped BlackBerry Curve 8530 will be known as the Curve2 at the wireless provider. The handset is a CDMA version of the Curve 8520 already offered by T-Mobile in the US and Rogers in Canada. The brochures have a decidedly holiday-oriented theme to them, which, together with a private sale slated for late in November, hint that the Curve2 will be out in time for the holiday season.

Schiller: No more major Apple product releases in 2009

10/27, 12:55pm

Statement may disappoint observers

The Apple holiday lineup is "set" for 2009, according to the company's senior VP for worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller. The company recently introduced a unibody MacBook, updated iMacs and a multi-touch mouse. In response to questions about the products however, Schiller is said to have implied that no other major releases can be expected before the end of the year.

Google Wave to get own app store

10/27, 12:20pm

Google Wave gets web, desktop app sales

Google at a user group meeting in London late Monday revealed that Google Wave will have its own app store. The real-time communication and sharing tool already has a programming kit for add-in features but will eventually have a central location to buy apps that extend its feature. As Wave is primarily web-based, many apps will live there, but its support for non-web use would allow native apps for specific platforms.

Apple Stores expected to return to growth in Dec. quarter

10/27, 11:50am

Recession continues to hamper traffic

Apple Stores should return to some measure of growth in the December quarter, argues Needham analyst Charlie Wolf. While worldwide retail revenues were up 9 percent overall in the September quarter, Wolf notes that same-store revenues dipped down 6.3 percent. Outlets also saw Mac sales fall 3 percent, and non-Mac sales slip by 0.6 percent. The latter figure is actually thought to have been alleviated by a doubling of year-over-year iPod touch sales, while the former is described as less severe as a result of updated MacBook Pros.

Plastic Logic's QUE to sell next to Nook at Barnes & Noble

10/27, 11:40am

Plastic Logic QUE coming to Barnes & Noble stores

Plastic Logic and Barnes & Noble announced a partnership on Tuesday that will see Plastic Logic's QUE proReader e-book reader sold at the latter's stores and on its website. As part of the deal, the QUE proReader will be displayed near Barnes & Noble's own nook e-book reader, on its own free-standing display. Compared to the nook, the QUE is more business-oriented.

Apple only PC maker growing phone business

10/27, 11:20am

Most PC firms making phones to flop

Of a recent wave of computer builders entering the smartphone space, only Apple is likely to have more than a small stake the market, Gartner research estimates today. The analyst group believes that "all" major PC firms will have signaled their intentions to build smartphones by the end of 2009 but that none of these will have more than two percent outside of the iPhone maker, even by 2012. Instead, most of the non-Apple growth will be left to traditional phone designers.

Nokia unveils its first phone with native China 3G

10/27, 10:55am

Nokia intros first TD-SCDMA handset for China

Nokia on Tuesday showed off its first handset to support China's native 3G standard, TD-SCDMA. The Nokia 6788 was developed in conjunction with China Mobile, the country's biggest wireless provider, and sports a 2.8-inch display with 320x240 resolution and is considered smartphone-grade through its use of Symbian S60. There is also a 5-megapixel camera with a dual-LED flash.

Apple nears completion of Upper West Side NYC store

10/27, 10:40am

Location long under development

Apple is finally on the verge of finishing its fourth Manhattan retail store, eyewitness reports note. The outlet is situated at the corner of Broadway and 67th, near Lincoln Center and the Julliard School. Likely because of a more elaborate design in a prestigious neighborhood, the store has taken some time to build, having been in development for well over a year.

Dell makes Latitude XT2 XFR rugged tablet official

10/27, 10:05am

Dell intros first multi-touch rugged tablet

After only a brief tease, Dell today formally unveiled the Latitude XT2 XFR. It's characterized as the first rugged convertible tablet to use capacitive multi-touch and is seen as ideal for use outdoors or at work where natural gestures, such as pinching to zoom into a map or flicking to scroll through a page, are more preferable to a pen. It nonetheless still works with a stylus and has a more outdoor-ready display that's more readily viewable in broad daylight.

VMware ships Fusion 3 virtualization tool

10/27, 9:35am

Concentrates on graphics, 64-bit core

Formally announced earlier this month, VMware today began shipping Fusion 3, an updated version of its Mac virtualization software. The app runs Windows programs within a Mac environment, reducing or eliminating the need to use Boot Camp. Upgrades in v3 include a new 64-bit core engine, claimed to improve performance for both Snow Leopard and the recently-launched Windows 7.

Camera maker hints at 20% jump in iPhone 3GS sales

10/27, 9:35am

OmniVision says iPhone 3GS demand high

OmniVision may have given signs of a large jump in iPhone 3GS production today through a leak of its production demands. Best known for making the 3.2-megapixel camera inside the Apple handset, the mini-camera designer is warning its other customers that supply will be tight until at least late November as Apple is consuming much of its stock. Other sources for DigiTimes add that iPhone 3GS orders for the holidays may have increased by as much as 17 to 20 percent.

Roku puts out Roku SD, HD-XR media hubs

10/27, 8:55am

Roku HD-XR adds 802.11n

Roku this morning swelled its media hub ranks with two models aimed at the high and low ends. The previously leaked Roku HD-XR adds to the original network video streamer with 802.11n Wi-Fi on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, giving it much more bandwidth for streaming HD sources as well as a frequency pick less prone to interference from cordless home phones. It continues to also support Ethernet for wired networks and uses HDMI and component for HD video playback from Amazon VOD or Netflix; RCA and S-Video output provide analog video, and a USB port allows room for unnamed future expansion.

MSI readying Tegra-based e-book reader

10/27, 8:35am

MSI reader due first half 2010

MSI is developing an e-book reader that would use NVIDIA's Tegra processor at its core, the company's chairman Joseph Hsu says today. Confirming an earlier rumor, the executive admits that a device with the fast graphics and ARM chip combo is in progress but has "some problems" that have pushed a formal unveiling back until sometime in the first half of 2010. Other details will likely only be supplied closer to the actual release.

Apple showing tablet specs in Australia?

10/27, 8:05am

Apple pushing media deals for tablet

Apple has been actively recruiting media producers in Australia for its rumored upcoming tablet, a claim today maintains. The American company has supposedly been giving publishers of various forms some specifications to gauge their interest in developing content formatted and sold for the device. Little is actually mentioned about the tablet itself by the Sydney Morning Herald sources, though it's described again as larger than an iPhone but meant for the web, e-books and movies.

Google Voice lets users keep own number

10/27, 7:25am

Google Voice light service with voicemail

Google on Tuesday rolled out a new version of Google Voice for those that don't want to change their phone numbers. Rather than route calls through a central number, the new tier uses Google Voice solely to provide visual voicemail for existing phone service. As before, messages are saved as files online and also converted into text so they can be heard or read online.

app4mac releases SecretBox 2 for Mac, iPhone

10/27, 1:10am

SecretBox 2 improves interface, adds features

App4mac has released a major upgrade to its data protection program for both the Mac and iPhone: SecretBox 2 is designed to create a database which can be used to store information such as credit card numbers, software registrations, and e-mail logins. New features in the Mac version include an upgraded user interface, additional support for syncing with the iPhone or iPod touch, and improved stability. Approximately 60 percent of the code s also said to be re-written to help enhance performance and security.


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