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New Get a Mac ads target Windows 7

updated 11:05 pm EDT, Thu October 22, 2009

Apple reminds viewers of Vista's shortcomings

Apple has released several new "Get a Mac" ads, each specifically targeting Windows 7. The first segment, "PC News," shows PC character John Hodgman sitting behind a news anchor desk for live coverage of the Windows 7 launch. To his dismay, the field reporter interviews customers that express how excited they are to switch to a Mac.

The second ad, "Teeter Tottering," features a woman that is "an XP user getting ready for the big move." Hodgman comments that she will love Windows 7, however she is also transitioning to Mac. "Look, I could stick with what I know, but what I know is pain and frustration," she says, explaining her reason for switching.

The last segment, "Broken Promises," starts off with Hodgman promising that Windows 7 would not have any of the problems experienced with Vista. "I feel like I've heard this before," claims Mac. The ad then flashes back in time as Hodgman makes the same promise about every Microsoft OS all the way back to Windows 2.

Rivalry between both companies has been particularly intense surrounding Apple's Snow Leopard launch and the recent Windows 7 debut. Apple executive Phil Schiller claimed XP and Vista users would have an easier transition switching to a Mac than moving to Windows 7. Analysts have also noted a surge in Mac sales during each significant Windows revision.

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  1. DanielSw

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Nice counterpoint to Windoze 7

    Even if Windoze 7 isn't too bad, it may very well be seen by many as an opportunity to switch to a Mac.

    Now and then I kinda feel sorry for MS--now and then, that is. ;-)

  1. lamewing

    Joined: Dec 1969


    I use both

    I use both OSX and Windows 7 (release candidate) and both work very well. They are different, yes, but both have their uses. I don't see one being better than the other. Now, if OSX were not tied to the Mac hardware, I would give Apple more of a thumbs up. But, since I have to buy Apple hardware to officially run OSX, I give them even marks.

  1. Constable Odo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    lamewing is right on...

    I feel the same. I'll admit I have a huge amount of fun bashing Windows, but I really don't have much of a problem using it when I need to. I've used Windows XP ever since I could run BootCamp on my MacBook Pro and as long as I have Kasperskys AV running I've never had a single problem with it. Not one. No BSODs, virii, malware or crashes. Now Vista I didn't like at all. Too slow and resource hungry. I'm gonna try Windows 7 and see how it compares to Windows XP. If it's runs about the same, I'll likely switch. Let's just say I'm more used to running OSX since that what I use daily since I only have Macs. But if I had no choice in running Windows, I'd probably get used it and be perfectly satisfied.

  1. Constable Odo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Broken promises made me split my sides...

    from laughing so hard. Trust me. OMFG.

  1. Peter Bonte

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Broken Promises

    Best Get a Mac ad in a long time, nice. :)

  1. Fast iBook

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Msft and "work well"...

    Just aren't 2 ideas that work well together.

    - A

  1. pairof9s

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Yep...Broken Promises

    That's a winner, for sure!

    It shows the real head scratcher for me with Windows 7. The blow-hard CEO of Microsoft even states that Win 7, which will cost a hefty full price, is the OS that Vista was supposed to be, which cost a hefty price upon its release. And wasn't the long awaited Vista suppose to greatly improve XP and its BSD?

    You have to wonder how long people are going to keep grabbing their ankles for these guys.


  1. simdude

    Joined: Dec 1969


    software ads

    Apple should highlight some cool unique software features too. Something you only get with iLife, or automation that is only available on the mac (Automator and Applescript). Does Windows 7 use less space than Vista? How about a Snow Leopard ad showing how Apple is refining and reducing the size of OS X instead of just adding more clutter? How about a shot a Microsofts new retail stores and their ripoff of the Genius bar? Watch how well that works out too. Good luck getting Windows help when there will be 50 people in line in front of you.

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  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Yep. Apple must be desperate. As people have posted on these boards before, when you start making fun of the competition, it only shows you can't compete with them.

    Oh, wait. That only applies when someone makes an ad making fun of Apple. Sorry.

  1. climacs

    Joined: Dec 1969


    "broken promises" thumbs up

    my favorite too. LOLZ

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