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Motorola briefly shows Droid site, confirms specs

10/22, 11:30pm

Moto Droid to use HTML5 web, 550MHz CPU

Motorola tonight inadvertently spoiled its own plans for the Droid by briefly posting a product page (since pulled) for the phone. While most of the features of the phone are already known, they confirm that its Android 2.0 build will include a full HTML5-capable web browser -- the first outside of Safari -- and will get Flash 10.1 support in early 2010. The specs also confirm a slightly faster than usual 550MHz processor and that a 16GB microSDHC card will be pre-installed.

New Get a Mac ads target Windows 7

10/22, 11:05pm

Apple reminds viewers of Vista's shortcomings

Apple has released several new "Get a Mac" ads, each specifically targeting Windows 7. The first segment, "PC News," shows PC character John Hodgman sitting behind a news anchor desk for live coverage of the Windows 7 launch. To his dismay, the field reporter interviews customers that express how excited they are to switch to a Mac.

DTP Tools announces Blatner Tools public beta for InDesign

10/22, 10:40pm

Blatner Tools plug-in adds over 100 new features

DTP Tools has announced a public beta of the Blatner Tools suite, a set of 12 InDesign plug-ins designed for functions such as automatically applying paragraph styles or locating colors within placed graphics. The plug-ins feature over 100 new features and provide tools for controlling text, comparing paragraph styles, or applying keyboard shortcuts to layers, styles or color swatches. For keeping track of changes, it includes a lite version of the company's History plug-in which displays a panel listing of all past actions.

WaterField, Wrappers intro new sleeves for unibody MacBooks

10/22, 10:30pm

SleeveCase, Natural Linen sleeves for MacBooks

Wrappers and WaterField Designs have announced new laptop sleeves, the custom-fitted SleeveCase and Natural Linen series, for Apple's unibody MacBooks. The SleeveCase, which is made by WaterField, is designed for 13.3-inch MacBooks and features a ballistic nylon outer shell, 6mm neoprene interior for increased shock resistance, and a small flap across the middle to keep the laptop in place. It is TSA compliant for traveling through airports, while a bottom loop is designed to help users pull the notebook out of the case.

Image leak shows Android-based HTC Desire headed for Verizon

10/22, 10:15pm

Smartphone said to be similar to the Hero

An image has surfaced that allegedly shows the upcoming HTC Desire handset that will be heading for Verizon. Although the latest image, posted on the Boy Genius Report, appears to have been captured in poor lighting conditions, the overall form matches an earlier photo showing the Android-based handset fondled by Google head Eric Schmidt.

Booksellers group accuses Amazon of predatory pricing

10/22, 9:25pm

Retailers allegedly selling books at a loss

The American Booksellers Association, a group that represents many independent bookstores, has submitted a letter to the US Department of Justice asking for an investigation into the pricing practices of, Walmart and Target. The organization is accusing the retailers of illegal predatory pricing.

Apple updates Final Cut Studio, Server Diagnostics utility

10/22, 8:20pm

Maintenance release for video editing suite

Apple has released a Pro Applications Update for Final Cut Studio, along with a new Server Diagnostics utility. The Final Cut Studio download is primarily a maintenance update, with improvements to overall stability and compatibility. The revision includes Final Cut Pro 7.0.1, Motion 4.0.1, Soundtrack Pro 3.0.1, Color 1.5.1 and Compressor 3.5.1.

Clearwire and Sprint set to launch 4G in TX, NC, HI cities

10/22, 7:40pm

Companies claim up to 10X faster speed than 3G

Clearwire and Sprint have announced their latest 4G deployment plans that will bring the faster data service to cities in the continental US and the Hawaiian islands. Fulfilling earlier promises, locations scheduled for November launch include Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh, North Carolina; Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio, Texas. Honolulu and Maui residents will be able to utilize the upgraded network beginning in December.

Xbox team rebuffs Xbox 360 Blu-ray claim

10/22, 7:00pm

Major Nelson says no Blu Xbox

Xbox Live Programming Director Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb tonight quickly denied Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's statements pointing to an Xbox 360 Blu-ray player. He now claims that Ballmer was referring to PC drives and repeats Microsoft's frequent public statements that it has "no plans" to add Blu-ray. He maintains instead that the Zune Video Marketplace will be the only HD video option in the near future.

iFixit tears down 27-inch iMac, Magic Mouse

10/22, 6:50pm

Teardowns reveal unique engineering, new parts

iFixit has completed teardowns of Apple's new 27-inch iMac and Magic Mouse. The dissection of Apple's newest iMac reveals a revamped set of components used to create the largest iMac ever. The 27-inch display, with a 16x9 aspect ratio and 2560x1440 resolution, is an LG-branded (LM270WQ1) IPS-based LCD panel, weighing nearly 11 pounds. IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology offers better color reproduction and wider viewing angles compared to Twisted Nematic technology. The new all-in-one can be used as an external display, however the signal routes through the circuit board and requires the iMac to be turned on.

Sente 6 adds file management enhancements, PDF Markup

10/22, 6:20pm

Sente 6 improves syncing multiple libraries

Third Street Software has released an update to its software for academic-reference management and file organization, Sente 6. The application delivers tools for creating and maintaining libraries containing PDF files, with options to search and sync content. With the latest version, maintaining multiple copies of a reference library and assigning tags have both been simplified. A new PDF Markup command has been added, while the program now supports hundreds of additional Bibliography formats.

Ballmer: Win Mobile 7 will bring Zune features

10/22, 6:15pm

MS chief talks Win Mo 7, Sidekick, Courier

Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer today provided a handful of minor revelations for his company's strategy in an interview today. In his discussion with Engadget, the executive has now all but confirmed that Windows Mobile 7 will "come hard" with elements of the Zune interface; previously, the company had only made indirect allusions to the software appearing in a future update. Most anticipate the release moving the phone OS towards a more touch-friendly platform as well as to give it stronger media playback.

Psystar Rebel EFI runs Snow Leopard on any PC

10/22, 5:45pm

Software assists DIY Mac clones

Psystar has begun offering its Mac virtualization technology in a software package, Rebel EFI, that allows users to install Snow Leopard on their own PC systems. The utility supports generic Intel hardware based on Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, i7 or Xeon Nehalem CPUs. The Darwin boot loader can also be used to load Linux and Windows XP, Vista or 7.

Samsung Galaxy i5700 announced for Russia

10/22, 5:30pm

Samsung Galaxy i5700 official in Russia

The Samsung Galaxy i5700 handset, which is nearly identical to the previously spotted Android handset of the same name, has been officially unveiled for sale in Russia. The handset will be known as the Galaxy Spica and sport an 800MHz CPU, 128MB of RAM, and a 3.2-inch touchscreen display. There is also a 3.2-megapixel camera, along with support for microSDHC memory cards up to 32GB in capacity.

Slacker stops making hardware players

10/22, 5:10pm

Slacker to phase out G2 player

Slacker will stop building its only hardware digital streaming music player, the G2 in the second half of 2010, according to a Wednesday WSJ report. The 2GB device was launched in 2007 and grew to include 4GB and 8GB capacities. Slacker is still selling a 4GB version for $129, while Best Buy has some 8GB models in stock, priced at $249.

Verizon adds two more subsidized HP netbooks

10/22, 4:55pm

Verizon outs subsidized HP netbooks

To coincide with the release of Windows 7 on Thursday, Verizon has officially released the earlier rumored HP netbooks with a connection to its wireless data network. Only the 11.6-inch HP Mini 311-1037NR sports Windows 7 Home Premium, however, as the 10.1-inch HP Mini 110-1046NR includes Windows XP Home. Full specs of the devices are available, with the HP Mini 311 getting the NVIDIA Ion graphics platform along with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU and 2GB of RAM.

Shiny Frog launches Delibar bookmark management app

10/22, 4:45pm

Shares and syncs bookmarks

Shiny Frog has launched Delibar, a tool for managing, sharing and searching through Delicious bookmarks. The application integrates with all Mac web browsers through provided bookmarklets, and lets users add, edit, search for and modify bookmarks via the Mac System bar. Other features allow offline bookmark browsing, syncing multiple Delicious accounts, and sharing websites with friends via Delicious, Twitter or Facebook.

Comcast's 4G wireless service goes live

10/22, 4:35pm

Comcast launches 4G wireless service at $70

Cable provider Comcast is ready to launch its High-Speed 2Go 4G/3G wireless data service. On the Comcast website, the carrier is advertising the 4G services are available at Bellingham, WA, Portland, OR and Atlanta, GA, with more markets coming soon. It also promises 3G coverage for most of the US.

Microsoft offers USB-bootable Windows 7 for netbooks

10/22, 4:25pm

Microsoft offers downloadable Windows 7

Microsoft has kept netbook and other optical drive-less PC owners in mind with a new downloadable version of its just-released Windows 7 operating system. While downloads of Windows 7 were expected to arrive, the netbook-oriented versions are unique as the OS can be downloaded in a form that will boot from a USB drive instead of requiring a DVD. The downloadable OS is only available through the Microsoft Store.

Motorola Droid may show at Best Buy early

10/22, 4:15pm

Motorola Droid coming to Best Buy on Saturday?

The Motorola Droid smartphone, believed to be released on November 9th after an official unveiling on October 28th, may just get released on October 24th, according to leaked documents. The images of digital inventory screens from electronics retailer Best Buy clearly show an October 24th ship date, though they stop short of actually naming the handset.

Mossberg: New MacBook, iMacs just minor improvements

10/22, 4:10pm

Magic Mouse more significant, says columnist

Apple's new MacBook and iMacs are solid but merely evolutionary products, argues Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg. The MacBook is praised for incorporating the MacBook Pro's large trackpad, and being "fast and reliable," booting cold in 22 seconds. It is also described as lighter than its predecessor at 4.7 pounds, and armed with a powerful battery, though likely to fall short of Apple's promised seven-hour lifespan in most cases.

Adamo XPS to run ULV chip, use replaceable battery

10/22, 4:10pm

Dell shows off Adamo XPS in more detail

Dell as part of a low-key press gathering today showed its Adamo XPS in greater detail. Although most details are still secret, company representative Alex Gruzen has revealed that the system will use one of Intel's more powerful ultra-low voltage processors and not an Atom chip, as in the Sony VAIO X. Its 0.4-inch thick shell is also designed for the battery to be replaced, unlike either the MacBook Air or Dell's own Adamo 13.

Microsoft retail opening mimic Apple's

10/22, 3:40pm

Scottsdale MS store copies Apple opening

Microsoft today opened its promised first Microsoft Store in Scottsdale, Arizona, marking its first significant effort in retail beyond experiments. The store matches leaked presentations showing a bright, spacious design resembling Apple stores and is now known to more directly imitate Apple in its staff and openings. As shown in an official video (available below), staff wear shirts in Windows-themed colors and, in today's launch, were grouped in lines to cheer the first customers entering the store.

Disney prepping access-anywhere media format

10/22, 3:00pm

Disney Keychest may have Apple's help

Disney is developing an approach to digital media that would eliminate the need for device-specific rights, the company said late yesterday (subscription required). Unofficially known as Keychest, it would copy protect content but give lifetime permission to access that content a given number of devices. It would behave as a more universal form of the rights management of Amazon Video On Demand and let users save space by streaming content, though downloads wouldn't be an option.

Apple pledges full Windows 7 support in Boot Camp

10/22, 2:55pm

Most newer systems to work in 64-bit mode

Apple has pledged full support for Windows 7 through Boot Camp in Snow Leopard before the end of the year. Many Macs already can run Windows 7, although users have reported varying levels of compatibility. Not all systems are able to run in 64-bit mode, while certain hardware drivers currently create problems. The Boot Camp software update will enable Macs to load Microsoft's Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate variants.

Sony dates, prices photo frame with printer for US

10/22, 1:50pm

Sony digital photo frame has built-in printer

Sony announced the price and release date for its DPP-F700 photo frame with built-in printer on Thursday. The device was introduced less than a month ago in Europe and includes a 7-inch screen with 800x480 resolution, 1GB of built-in memory and an integrated photo printer that can produce a 4- by 6-inch print at 300x300dpi resolution in 45 seconds. Users can edit images before printing, with options that include enlarging, reducing, cropping, adjusting brightness, contrast, hue and sharpness as well as including a date stamp or a border.

Extensis ships Universal Type Server 2.1

10/22, 1:45pm

Adds Snow Leopard, Windows 7 support

Extensis has released v2.1 of Universal Type Server, the company's font management software. Users can centrally control libraries and permissions, determining which fonts are used and by whom. The program also auto-activates fonts for Adobe and Quark utilities, while checking for corruption issues.

Dell launches Inspiron 13z in Australia, Japan

10/22, 1:15pm

Dell bring Inspiron 13z to Australia, Japan

Dell has brought its Inspiron 13z notebook to Australia and Japan, both with Windows 7. While basic specs differ slightly between the two offerings, buyers still get a 13.3-inch, 1366x768 resolution, LED-backlit screen and a choice of Intel's CULV processors.

Intel holding off on USB 3.0 until 2011?

10/22, 12:45pm

May slow adoption of important tech

Intel has postponed its support of USB 3.0 until 2011, a new report claims. The information is said to come from a senior technology manager at a "top tier PC maker," who says that Intel chipset teams are more focused on supporting the current Nehalem platform, as well as transitioning to 5GHz PCIe 2.0. "They need to prioritize their time and resources on a whole host of things and have to consider the compelling needs for USB 3.0 now versus 18 months later," says the manager.

FCC publishes draft net neutrality rules

10/22, 12:40pm

FCC codifies tentative net neutrality rules

The FCC on Thursday published a draft version of its proposed network neutrality rules. The six terms in a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking would prevent Internet providers from blocking any legal apps, devices or services. They will also ban other forms of discrimination, except for neutral, "reasonable" management, and will require that providers also reveal any steps they're taking for network management, such as throttling or metered service.

3 UK looks at carrying iPhone 3GS in 2010

10/22, 11:55am

Company reverses course on smartphones

3 UK is hoping to carry the iPhone 3GS sometime in 2010, according to the carrier's CEO, Kevin Russell. Russell comments that the company has had a deficit of smartphones to date, as a result of focusing on conventional phones in order to build up a subscriber base. That should change in 2010, as the company intends to add a variety of high-end smartphones to its network. Efforts are beginning late this year with devices like the HTC Hero.

Nokia sues Apple over wireless patent dispute

10/22, 11:35am

Nokia says iPhone violates GSM, 3G patents

Nokia on Thursday sued Apple in a Delaware court for allegedly infringing on ten wireless patents. The claim argues that all iPhones violate patents held by Nokia for GSM calling, 3G data and Wi-Fi as well as security. The Finnish company contends that its patents are recognized as key to cellphones and that Apple is enjoying a "free ride" by exploiting technology Nokia has supposedly developed.

Windows 7 launches to small lines

10/22, 11:10am

Windows 7 sees small queues in Japan

Microsoft today saw a relatively muted reaction to the debut of Windows 7 with limited lineups. No reports have surfaced of significant lineups in Western countries, but in Japan the company saw relatively limited queues at Yodobashi Camera and other major retail locations. The lineups were partly spurred by contests; those who bought early were given shirts as well as entries to win travel tickets, Disneyland passes and gift cards.

Adobe posts free Lightroom 3 beta

10/22, 11:10am

Adds noise reduction, watermarking options

Adobe has posted a free beta of Lightroom 3, the next version of the company's photo workflow software. Mainly intended for professionals, the software handles the import, export and organization of various filetypes, as well as some limited image editing tasks like exposure, colors and curves. Version 3 is said to be a major revision of the software, rebuilt with a new import dialog, new architecture for handling of large libraries, and a new RAW processing engine for enhanced sharpening and noise reduction.

Toshiba intros Dynaro fuel cell charging device

10/22, 10:20am

Toshiba Dynaro charges devices using methanol

Toshiba on Thursday introduced the first portable fuel cell meant to recharge portable electronics devices using methanol. The Dynaro Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) allows users to recharge nearly any portable device, and uses ambient oxygen and the methanol from cartridges to produce electricity from a chemical reaction between the two. The generated electricity then travels to connected devices through a USB cable.

Apple aims at patenting in-OS advertising

10/22, 10:15am

Ad-supported Mac OS a possibility?

Apple has been exploring the possibility of embedding advertising within Mac OS X, or other platforms, a newly-published patent application reveals. Originally submitted in April of last year, the application credits CEO Steve Jobs and several other people with the invention. If implemented OS users would be presented with one or more ads, which would temporarily disable some aspect of the software before allowing people to continue on.

Dell counters iMac with Inspiron One 19 in Japan

10/22, 9:55am

Inspiron One 19 runs 2.93GHz chip, Win 7

Dell used the occasion of Windows 7's launch to unveil the first all-in-one desktop since Apple's new iMacs. Showing initially in Japan, the Inspiron One 19 returns to an easel-like design and is meant as a faster alternative to a notebook without taking up much additional space. The PC carries an 18.5-inch, 1366x768 display and uses desktop processors that scale up to a 2.93GHz Core 2 Duo.

Amazon merges US and world Kindles, drops price to $259

10/22, 9:10am

Amazon axes US Kindle, drops International price

Amazon today dropped the price of the international version of its Kindle reader to match the US-only version's $259 price tag while merging sales of the two. The lower-priced model is already being offered on Amazon and is a move believed prompted by the recently introduced Nook reader from Barnes & Noble, which also costs $259.

AT&T activates record 3.2m iPhones in summer

10/22, 8:40am

AT&T adds a high 2m total customers

AT&T today provided results for what it says is one of the best summer quarters in its history. The company says it activated 3.2 million iPhones, the most ever in its history and a steep jump from 2.4 million in the spring. It comes despite the iPhone 3GS having launched the previous quarter and points to increasing demand for the phone between July and September.

Microsoft chief hints Blu-ray add-on for Xbox 360

10/22, 7:55am

Ballmer sees Blu-ray external only

Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer may have inadvertently tipped off his firm's plans for an external Blu-ray drive for the Xbox 360 in a talk in advance of today's Windows 7 launch. The executive is doubtful that it will ever be built-in but does tell Gizmodo that an external Blu-ray drive will be an option. He doesn't provide details but is unexpectedly confident that the hardware is enroute.


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