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Moyea releases YouTube Converter for Mac

10/21, 11:25pm

Convert YouTube videos for playback on iPhone

Moyea has released a new product in its line of file conversion software, the YouTube Converter for Mac. The utility provides tools for downloading and converting any FLV- or F4V-formatted YouTube video into a variety of different file types. Users can also export the files into other applications for further editing, such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro, while batch conversions help save time.

Burger King Japan selling Windows 7 burgers

10/21, 11:10pm

Microsoft promos Win 7 with BK deal

Microsoft has taken the unusual step of promoting Windows 7 in Japan with Burger King's launch of a Windows 7 Whopper. Fitting in with the software theme, the burger stacks seven patties in an otherwise normal Whopper and measures 5.1 inches tall. It also has an appropriate 777 yen ($8.53) price.

MySpace allows direct purchases from iTunes

10/21, 11:05pm

Social networking site expands tools for musicians

MySpace has expanded its music-oriented services to include a new Artist Dashboard utility and Music Video portal, while users can now download tracks directly from iTunes, Amazon or Jamster. The new Music Video hub provides recommendations, browsing tools, and a new video player with "Buy" buttons for ads.

Sinecure launches mood analyzer app for iPhone, iPod touch

10/21, 10:15pm

How Am I Feeling? The Mood Analyzer for iPhone

Sinecure Industries has launched its first iPhone app, How Am I Feeling? - The Mood Analyzer. The program allegedly uses a mood algorithm based on the "war-era Mooreefocical Bafflegab prototype", which is designed to pinpoint and display the user's current emotion. The developer claims the app works by analyzing physical contact with the mobile device, preferably with the finger or nose, and then presents an animated punch-card machine until a result is displayed.

Acer intros 5738DG notebook with TriDef 3D display

10/21, 9:25pm

Device utilizes GeForce 3D Vision stereosopic tech

Acer has formally introduced its first Aspire One notebook with a 3D display, the 5738DG. The device offers the same basic specs as the company's 5738 notebook, but trades the multi-touch display for a TriDef 3D screen. The 1366x768 display measures 15.6 inches corner-to-corner, with 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium as the pre-installed operating system.

Wii 2 to get smaller form-factor, lower price tag

10/21, 8:20pm

Company to make the console less of a 'toy'

Game designed Shigeru Miyamoto has provided insight into Nintendo's upcoming Wii 2 console. In an interview with Popular Mechanics, Miyamoto suggested that the Wii's successor will feature a smaller form-factor and a lower price tag. He also hinted that the company may expand the Wii's capabilities to extend beyond its basic functionality as a toy.

Comcast to restrict online on-demand to its own subscribers

10/21, 7:10pm

Service only compatible with Comcast modems

Comcast is continuing to expand its On Demand Online portal for streaming TV shows, although the service will only be available to the company's own broadband subscribers, according to the Associated Press. The web-based content is said to eventually match the on-demand capabilities available through certain set-top boxes.

Shure unveils its first integrated mic/earphone set

10/21, 6:10pm

Shure SE115m has built-in remote

Shure this evening launched its first set of in-ear headphones with an integrated remote control. The SE115m+ passes up Shure's usual music phone adapter for a smaller, in-line microphone and remote made just for Apple devices, including the iPhone 3GS and the third generation for both the iPod shuffle and iPod touch. While it gives up flexibility in the choice of earphones, it reduces the likelihood of the remote detaching or becoming lost.

Moto Droid PR backs November date, Oct 28. unveil

10/21, 5:45pm

Verizon pins down Moto Droid release

(Updated with unveiling date) Verizon today virtually confirmed its release date for the Motorola Droid by shipping a press pack with a date. A box, obtained by Gearlog and likely others, includes just a Star Wars R2D2 toy and a sheet that mentions November while pointing to Verizon's teaser page for the Android phone. The carrier has already alluded to a November release and in a separate invitation has promised a reveal on October 28th.

TomTom's iPhone Car Kit arrives in US online store for $120

10/21, 5:40pm

Accessory adds built-in GPS antenna, speaker

Apple has added the TomTom Car Kit for iPhone to its US online store. The accessory provides an iPhone dock and an adjustable mount that can be attached to the windshield or dashboard. A built-in GPS receiver helps to improve accuracy compared to using the iPhone alone, while an integrated speaker and volume controls can be used to amplify the turn-by-turn instructions or hands-free calling.

T-Mobile's Project Dark plans and prices leaked

10/21, 5:35pm

T-Mobile Project Dark plans leaked?

Details of T-Mobile's Project Dark smartphone plan pricing scheme have been revealed, thanks to leaked documents on TMoNews. This includes an individual $80 per month plan that gives users 500 anytime minutes as well as unlimited data and text messaging, which compares favorably to AT&T's $70 plan that includes 450 minutes and unlimited data but no text messaging. The pricing includes individual plans that carry no associated two-year contracts, as well as family plans with two lines and a two-year commitment.

Lenovo launches two Windows 7 notebooks in the US

10/21, 5:15pm

New Lenovo Windows 7 notebooks arrive in US

Lenovo today began shipping two of its ThinkPad SL series notebooks with Windows 7. The SL410 and the SL510 have 14-inch and 15.6-inch LED-backlit LCD screen, respectively, while sharing the same processor options. Either can be had with dual-core Celerons to Core 2 Duo CPUs.

Analyst: iPhone leading switch to mobile Internet

10/21, 5:15pm

Morgan Stanley sees Apple leading mobile

The iPhone and iPod touch are pushing the entire industry towards the mobile Internet, Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker said at the Web 2.0 summit yesterday. With about 57 million of Apple's devices shipped since June 2007, their growth has not only been much more aggressive than landline Internet access in general but the entire home electronics industry. Three times as many iPhone-based devices exist as did AOL and Netscape users two years into their respective histories; Apple is also already outselling the Nintendo Wii despite its products coming half a year later.

Apple Europe head credits multiple channels for Q4 growth

10/21, 4:50pm

European growth outstrips global figures

A multi-channel strategy is at least partly responsible for Apple's high fourth-quarter growth in Europe, says Pascal Cagni, Apple's general manager and VP for Europe, Africa, the Middle East and India. Whereas growth was 20 percent in the Americas and 25 percent worldwide, combined European revenues advanced 45 percent. Some $2.491 billion was accumulated in the region, as compared to the $4.297 billion produced in the Americas.

University develops 1TB memory chip technology

10/21, 4:45pm

Researchers increase chip capacity 50-fold

Engineers at the North Carolina State University claim to have developed a chip smaller than a human fingernail that can store 50 times more data than current DRAM memory chips of similar size, Wired reported on Tuesday. The prototype can theoretically hold 1TB, says Jagdish Narayan, a professor of materials science and engineering at the school. This was achieved by selectively doping the material, or adding impurities to change its data storage capacity. In this case, the researchers added nickel to magnesium oxide, mixing the metal and ceramic.

Best Buy's Insignia Blu-ray players get Netflix streaming

10/21, 4:35pm

Insignia outs two BD players with Netflix support

Netflix this week partnered with Best Buy to endow the retailer's Insignia-brand Blu-ray players with the ability to stream Netflix movies and TV shows. This partnership has resulted in two Insignia Blu-ray players with this capability, including the Insignia Advanced Series Blu-ray Player (NS-WBRDVD) and the Insignia Connected Blu-ray Player (NS-BRDVD3). Either is Internet ready, though the former uses a Wi-Fi connection for access, with the latter relying on a wired Ethernet connection. Both are Energy Star certified and feature Dolby TrueHD sound capability. Either can upconvert standard DVDs.

Canada to force transparency in ISP throttling

10/21, 3:55pm

CRTC issues net neutrality rules

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) today set groundwork for net neutrality in the country through a ruling that discourages Internet providers from throttling traffic. The guidelines will encourage monetary practices first, such as bandwidth caps or metered Internet access, and will accept slowing down some or all service only when necessary. All providers will also have to clearly publicize any throttling practices and give customers at least 30 days' notice, or 60 days' notice for wholesalers dependent on another Internet provider's network.

Comic book deal may back e-book focus for Apple tablet

10/21, 3:25pm

Developer hints at clandestine deal

A deal signed by a start-up company supports the notion that e-books will be a focus of Apple's forthcoming tablet, claims the Chicago Sun-Times's Andy Ihnatko. The columnist recently spoke with the CEO of LongBox, a business working on a digital storefront for selling the latest editions of comic books. Most comic books sold online come from older archives, limiting their appeal.

Google music service to merge samples, downloads

10/21, 3:00pm

Google Audio would include iLike, Lala

Google's rumored Audio music service will be less controversial than rumored at first based on two follow-up leaks. Multiple contacts tell Reuters that it will automatically provide players for MySpace-owned iLike or Lala when users search for songs on Google and provide at least the option of playing a sample or else buying the MP3. EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner are all believed to have linked their music to the service.

ViewSonic readies CULV notebooks

10/21, 2:20pm

ViewSonic intros Viewbook CULV notebook range

ViewSonic has recently unveiled some of its first portables above the netbook class in its Viewbook series. The 12.1-inch VB120, 13.3-inch VB130 and 14-inch VB140 Pro are all powered by Intel's CULV chips, with the VB120 getting a 1.3GHz Core 2 Duo and 2GB of RAM. It also has a 250GB hard drive preloaded with Windows 7.

HP unveils $300 multi-touch LCD

10/21, 2:10pm

HP L2105tm made for fingers, stylus

HP at mid-day updated its Compaq displays with one of its first mainstream multi-touch displays. The 21.5-inch L2105tm has a built-in optical sensor that recognizes two-point touch input in operating systems that support it but can still accept input from an included stylus for artwork or other more precise apps. To help, the display is specifically designed for touch and has a fixed-height panel that won't shift around in mid-use.

Intel quietly adds 3.2GHz Core i7 desktop chip

10/21, 1:35pm

Intel launches 3.2GHz Core i7 CPU

A rumor from this summer has been confirmed, as Intel quietly updated its Core i7 chip range with a new flagship offering, the 3.2GHz i7 960. Based on the Bloomfield core, the chip can be overclocked to 3.46GHz when the Turbo Boost feature shuts down one or more cores. The 45nm chip otherwise has an 8MB L3 cache, a 4.8GTps (gigatransfers per second) Quick Path interface and a peak 130W power use.

App Store approaching 100,000 active titles

10/21, 1:10pm

Figure goes unmentioned in Apple Q4 results

Apple has almost reached another important psychological milestone when it comes to the App Store, a tracking website claims. The store is said to be nearing over 100,000 active titles, scattered across a number of different categories. During its fourth-quarter results call, Apple cited only a figure of more than 85,000 apps; the current tally is already over 91,000, but Apple may be holding back in order to make a more dramatic announcement.

ARM Cortex-A5 brings multi-core to budget devices

10/21, 1:00pm

Cortex-A5 nearly ready for phones, PMPs

ARM used its presence at TechCon3 today to unveil a new processor architecture built to speed up lower-cost handhelds. The Cortex-A5 is about twice as power-efficient as older budget designs but shares many of the same foundations as fast processors like the Cortex-A8 found in the iPhone 3GS, including the NEON vector instructions that boost media and some other tasks. It can work either as a very low-power single-core design or scale up to quad-core for more demanding devices.

AT&T sues LCD makers for price fixing

10/21, 12:20pm

AT&T sues AU Optronics, more

AT&T has filed a lawsuit in a federal court in San Francisco on Tuesday against Samsung, LG Display, AU Optronics and other LCD makers for allegedly colluding on fixing the price of display panels in the US. According to a Wednesday Bloomberg report, AT&T claimed Samsung and six others have formed an illegal international cartel meant to "restrict competition in the United States in the market for LCD panels." In its complaint, AT&T claims this conspiracy has included communications and meetings during which defendants agreed to eliminate competition and fix the prices of LCD panels that were coming to the US.

Windows 7 UK pre-orders set record at Amazon

10/21, 12:05pm

Win 7 Amazon sales beat Harry Potter

Advance sales of Windows 7 at Amazon UK set an all-time record, the online retailer said this morning. Pre-orders for the Microsoft OS, which began in July, have been higher than for even the final Harry Potter book and in sheer numbers has only been outweighed by the release of Dan Brown's Lost Symbol. Windows 7 has also significantly outsold Windows Vista and took only eight hours to exceed what its predecessor sold during its entire pre-order run.

Cardiff Apple Store to have unusual mid-week opening

10/21, 12:00pm

Expands retail outlets to Welsh capital

Apple is set to launch a new Apple Store in the Welsh capital of Cardiff, according to an announcement. The St. David's 2 outlet is atypically scheduled to open on a Thursday, specifically October 22nd at 10:30 AM. Apple most often opens stores on Saturdays, and half an hour earlier. The Cardiff location may nevertheless attract a number of shoppers, as the surrounding area is believed to have 2.9 million residents, and an average of 27 million visitors every year.

ARM shows Mali graphics chip with 720p 3D

10/21, 11:15am

ARM Mali 200 tech demo

ARM at the TechCon3 expo starting today will begin showing working examples of its Mali graphics core. The design is now known to be much faster than most existing mobile graphics and, even with the basic single-core Mali-200, can render modern-looking 3D in 720p at 30 frames per second. In many cases it can use 4X antialiasing to clean up the image without a performance hit.

Mad Money host calls for $300 AAPL price target

10/21, 11:05am

TV segment may be fueling Apple stock

The host of CNBC's Mad Money, Jim Cramer, has called for an Apple stock price target of $300. In a recent episode of the program Cramer comments on Apple's fourth-quarter results, citing them as a reason for buying Apple stock despite it already being very expensive, hovering close to $200. Apple allegedly revealed in its results call that it is having a hard time keeping up with demand, not only in terms of the iPhone 3GS but many of its products, including Macs. Such a problem is a good one to have, Cramer suggests.

Fujitsu outs five new Windows 7 notebooks

10/21, 10:40am

Fujitsu shows off new Windows 7 notebooks

Earlier this week, Fujitsu added more notebooks to its line preloaded with Windows 7. The line centers on the 12.1-inch LifeBook T4310 and T4410 tablets with multi-touch capability, the 15.6-inch LifeBook A1220 mainstream notebook, and the 10.1-inch M2011. The T4310 and T4410 are meant for use by students and mobile professionals, respectively, each with 12.1-inch multi-touch screens with a 1366x768 resolution, 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo processors and 2GB of RAM.

HTC Hero a sales success, risks shortages

10/21, 10:20am

HTC's main Android phone in tight supply

HTC's Android-based Hero is selling well enough that it's causing supply issues, the company's Asia Pacific VP Jack Tong revealed on Wednesday. Sales in the phone's initial Asia and European launch areas are described as "brisk" enough that demand has put a strain on HTC's production lines and won't see manufacturing catch up until November. The pace is expected to continue at least until early 2010.

Mac OS X 10.6.2 to include Magic Mouse support

10/21, 9:40am

Imposes definite deadline on update's release

The forthcoming Mac OS X 10.6.2 update will be required for Magic Mouse compatibility in Snow Leopard, an Apple support document reveals. The mouse's user guide -- quietly published on Apple's website yesterday -- mentions that a "full range of features" will not work without v10.6.2. Leopard users must have a combination Mac OS X 10.5.8 and the unreleased Wireless Mouse Software Update 1.0.

Monster preps Miles Davis-themed earphones

10/21, 9:40am

Monster Miles Davis Tribute packs music

Monster Cable today catered to audiophiles with a special earphone and music combo. The Miles Davis Tribute set includes both a set of Monster's current in-ear headphones branded with the jazz musician's signature as well as a deluxe copy of Kind of Blue that brings two music CDs, a DVD and extended liner notes. The audio gear continues to center on the company's signature eartips claimed to provide better isolation than usual silicone pieces.

Google to start own music service?

10/21, 9:15am

Google Audio due very soon

A rumor today hints that Google may be on the verge of launching its own music service. More than one source claims to TechCrunch that a service dubbed Google Audio is "imminent" and that it has involved securing rights from music labels over the course of the past few weeks. At least a US release is supposedly confirmed.

Dell's Android tablet leaked, detailed

10/21, 8:30am

Dell Streak MID will support multi-touch

Dell's rumored media tablet has been confirmed today by a leak from Vietnamese source Tinhte. To be called the Streak, the device will be almost exclusively controlled by a 5-inch, 800x480 capacitive touchscreen and should not only use Android 2.0 but support multi-touch gestures, including pinch to zoom. It should have 3G onboard and will even support calls, though the size means this will be a secondary role.

BlackBerry Bold 9700 official for AT&T, Bell, more

10/21, 7:40am

BlackBerry Bold 9700 due for AT&T, T-Mobile

RIM today confirmed early slips with a launch for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. The smartphone is a refinement of the 2008-era Bold with a more compact design but a round of improvements, including a higher-resolution 480x360 screen (up from 480x320), a 3.2-megapixel camera (improved from two), and an optical trackpad in place of the more clog-prone trackball. Wi-Fi calling is new for carriers that support UMA, like Rogers and T-Mobile.


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