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Pages Clipart 5 update features 200 additional images

10/20, 11:00pm

Pages Clipart 5 delivers 500 images

Jumsoft has released an update to its collection of images, Pages Clipart, designed to illustrate everything from presentations to web pages. The package delivers 500 images to choose from, 200 of which are new to v5. Features include transparent image backgrounds and PDF formatting, allowing users to place images on top of different colors or patterns and resize images without effecting quality.

Apple drops MacBook prices for Canadian stores

10/20, 10:50pm

13-inch MacBook Pro drops to $1,300

Coinciding with Apple's latest release of new Macs and accessories, the Canadian stores have made an additional change by dropping the price on its line of MacBook computers by up to $300. On the list are five different MacBook Pros, with the entry-level model dropping from $1,400 to $1,300. The most expensive 17-inch variant, previously available for $2,900, now costs just $2,600. The 13-inch with a 2.53GHz processor dropped by $150 down to $1,600, while the 2.53GHz, 15-inch Pro has been reduced from $2,000 to $1,800.

Ectaco intros jetBook Lite pocket eBook reader

10/20, 9:45pm

jetBook Lite debuts at Frankfurt Book Fair

Ectaco has announced its second eBook reader at the Frankfurt Book Fair in New York, labeled jetBook Lite. The portable device weighs 7.5 ounces and features a 5-inch transflective monochrome display manufactured by Toshiba. Internal memory provides just 100MB of storage, while an SD card slot allows for expansion. The eBook reader also supports a variety of different language options such as English, German, Spanish, Russian, and Polish.

MacBook teardown shows new polycarbonate unibody

10/20, 9:05pm

Form factor now matches aluminum unibodies

iFixit has already dissected the new polycarbonate-unibody MacBook, exposing several minor changes to the internals. Externally, the redesigned housing features curved surfaces similar to the MacBook Pro models with aluminum unibodies. The device also adopts the multi-touch glass trackpad and NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics components.

NVIDIA intros RealityServer platform for cloud computing

10/20, 8:10pm

Technology designed for 3D web-based apps

NVIDIA has teamed with a rendering technology company, mental images, to introduce the RealityServer platform for cloud computing. The technology integrates GPUs and software capable of supporting 3D web-based applications for consumers and enterprise users.

Windows Mobile 7 images show touch-friendly interface

10/20, 7:20pm

Design appears closer to iPhone OS

An image has surfaced that allegedly shows comparative screenshots between Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Mobile 7 interfaces, including several attributes that appear to be more touch-oriented. The screenshots, posted by WMExperts, reportedly originated from an internal mockup used by Microsoft for design planning.

Dell unveils 21.5-inch 1080p monitor with multitouch input

10/20, 6:30pm

Monitor offers same tech as many all-in-ones

Dell has introduced its first touchscreen monitor, the SX2210T. The device offers the same basic specs as the company's SX2210 product, with a 21.5-inch panel and 1920x1080 resolution, but adds support for touch control. The optical touch technology can be used with a finger or stylus, with +/- 2.5mm accuracy across most of the screen area.

Moto Calgary spotted, runs MOTOBLUR

10/20, 6:10pm

Moto Calgary Verizon's third Android phone

Motorola's frequently rumored Calgary has been confirmed today through a leak of both images and details. Once thought to be the codename for what became the Droid, the Calgary is now known by BGR to be a second Motorola Android phone for Verizon and will use the MOTOBLUR social networking-centric interface from the Cliq instead of the stock Android 2.0 release on the Droid. The slip further reveals that the newly uncovered smartphone will have an optical trackpad as a backup to the touchscreen.

FxFactory intros nVeil, Bubble Buddy, Pan & Zoom 2 plug-ins

10/20, 5:50pm

New tools for creating motion and still graphics

Noise Industries has introduced several new plug-ins that have been added to the FxFactory suite for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Final Cut Express and Adobe After Effects. nVeil is a tool developed by Storek Studio for creating motion and still graphics. Users can build animations by filtering source imagery through vector graphics art based on the SVG format.

Microsoft jabs Apple's iPhone app rejection policies

10/20, 5:30pm

Win Mobile team jokes about App Store

The Windows Mobile development team today indirectly criticized Apple with a video (available below) promoting Windows Marketplace for Mobile. The spoof makes fun of Apple's tendency to reject certain iPhone apps and allow novelties, and instead portrays imaginary apps that Microsoft would have rejected, such as ones that would provide a fake mustache or that regularly shock the owner. Apple isn't mentioned directly in the roughly two-minute spot.

Active intros Predator-X7 SSDs with USB support

10/20, 5:00pm

Active SSDs have USB support for fast cloning

Active Media Products on Tuesday announced it has released a new 2.5-inch solid state drive series, the Predator-X7. All sport the Jmicron JM612 controller, which supports a USB 2.0 and therefore makes it easier to clone data from older drives and upgrade from a hard drive to the new Active Media SSD. The mini USB connection also makes installation and setup faster and easier.

Sanyo outs projector with with 12,000-lumen brightness

10/20, 4:45pm

Sanyo projector has 12,000 lumens, 4,000:1 CR

Sanyo on Tuesday introduced the PLC-XF1000 projector to its lineup, which uses two lamps and a new QuaDrive optical engine to produce images much brighter than normally possible. The projector is rated at 12,000 lumens of brightness and a 4,000:1 contrast ratio. Sanyo points out the brightness rating is the highest among 100V AC projectors. The projector also gets an Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) to reduce maintenance costs and labor.

AT&T to get HTC Hero with Android, Flash in 2010?

10/20, 4:30pm

HTC Hero coming to AT&T with Flash support?

A Tuesday PhoneArena report maintains wireless provider AT&T will begin offering the HTC Hero early in 2010. This information reportedly comes from a tipster's friend who is developing firmware for the device. It remains to be seen whether the AT&T version will be styled differently from the reference GSM version.

Verizon launches Mac version of FiOS Media Manager

10/20, 4:25pm

Extends Mac content to set-tops

Verizon has introduced a Mac version of Media Manager, its media extender software for FiOS TV subscribers. The program is meant exclusively for FiOS DVR set-tops, and lets users listen to iTunes music on a TV, including specified playlists. Images can meanwhile be shared out of iPhoto libraries, viewed by event and/or in slideshow form, the latter with music if assigned in advance.

Altec Lansing intros amp-like speaker for music games

10/20, 4:15pm

Altec intros amp-like portable speaker

Altec Lansing on Tuesday introduced a new gaming console speaker system, its Stage-Gig. Resembling a guitar amp, the amplified speaker is made to work with Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and DJ Hero titles on any gaming console. The 6.5-inch woofer contains a horn-loaded silk tweeter and has 40W of power. For easy portability, a carrying handle is built in, and the device can be daisy-chained with others thanks to a built-in AC outlet and RCA connections.

EU lands deal with iTunes, more for pan-Euro music

10/20, 4:05pm

EU deal for Euro-wide music licensing

The European Commission today reached a roundtable agreement with several music stores and labels to ensure more widely distributed music for the continent. Apple, Amazon, BEUC, EMI, Nokia, PRS for Music, SACEM, STIM, and Universal now say they will work with the Commission to desegregate music licensing in European Union countries and have labels produce licenses that work across multiple if not all member states. They will also more freely exchange information so that companies can get rights outside of a musician's home country.

Kaufman: Apple Q4 profits based on high-end products

10/20, 3:45pm

Shoppers willing to pay for luxury of Apple?

People buying higher-end products are largely responsible for Apple's profitable Q4 results, says Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu. Apple generated $1.82 in EPS for investors, off $9.9 billion in revenue; both figures are well above prior Kaufman predictions, and still further above Apple's own guidance. Wu attributes the performance to several factors, such as Snow Leopard, cost discipline and component prices that were lower than expected.

Europe to get limited edition black Wii bundle

10/20, 3:30pm

Europeans to get black Wii bundle with two games

Nintendo UK announced on Tuesday that it will soon offer a limited edition Wii bundle in Europe that includes a black console, black Wii remote with Wii MotionPlus adapter and Nunchuk, along with Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports game titles. Europeans will also get a standalone version of the Classic Controller Pro in black, which improves upon the existing Classic Controller, though just how hasn't been discussed. Black versions of the Wii remotes, Wii MotionPlus add-ons and Nunchuk controllers will also become available.

Google making own Android phone, netbook?

10/20, 3:30pm

Google may build own smartphone

Intending to take control of its phone experience, Google may be readying its own Android phone and a computer to go with it, multiple sources said on Tuesday. Analyst Ashok Kumar of Northeast Securities claims in a research note that it's expected Google will launch a self-branded phone before the end of the year and could follow that up with a netbook in early 2010. Both would use Android 2.0, but the smartphone would use a regular Qualcomm cellular chipset while the netbook would use Qualcomm's high-speed Snapdragon processor.

Barnes & Noble's dual-screen Nook reader official

10/20, 2:50pm

Nook uses AT&T 3G, matches Kindle price

Barnes and Noble lived up to promises today and launched the Nook, its own e-book reader. The device is unique in having both a six-inch E-Ink display and a 3.5-inch color touchscreen LCD that serves to navigate and browse books. Also unlike most other readers in its class, it has both 802.11g Wi-Fi as well as AT&T-driven 3G to download books from Barnes and Noble's online bookstore.

Apple AirPort Extreme, Time Capsule get speed boost

10/20, 2:40pm

Devices integrate new antenna design

Alongside the announcements of new Macs and the Magic Mouse, Apple on Tuesday quietly introduced updated AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule devices. Like its predecessor, the new AirPort Extreme base station utilizes the same dual-band communication on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. A redesigned antenna, however, is claimed to improve data speeds by up to 50 percent, while extending the effective range by 25 percent.

Sony to intro new, low-cost B-series HDTVs

10/20, 1:50pm

Sony to release new entry-level HDTVs in 2010

Sony has plans to release its lowest priced LCD HDTVs early next year, the B-series, according to market contacts speaking on Tuesday. Digitimes claims Sony will release 32- and 40-inch models in the B series aimed at competing against budget brands like Vizio. The former will be priced at the equivalent of about $460 or less, well below Sony's typical pricing. The move is expected to bring back Sony's market lead in the LCD HDTV segment.

New Apple remote controls Macs, iPods, iPhones

10/20, 1:30pm

Mimics iPod nano design

Alongside new iMacs, MacBooks and other major hardware releases, Apple has quietly introduced a new system remote. The device is primarily meant for Macs, allowing users to bring up the Front Row interface for music, photo, video and DVD playback. It can also be used in a limited fashion with iPods and iPhones, controlling music, slideshows and video.

Lenovo unveils greener ThinkVision LCDs

10/20, 12:55pm

ThinkVision L2251x Wide, more debut

Lenovo today overhauled its ThinkVision displays with multiple new models that all stress eco-friendliness first. The L2251x Wide, L2251p Wide, L2250p Wide, L1951p Wide and L1711p all use about 50 percent less power than the LCDs they replace. The L2251x Wide in particular is held up as the green example with 65 percent of its body made from post-use recycled plastics.

Apple Magic Mouse exploits multi-touch technology

10/20, 12:50pm

New standard controller for iMacs

Apple has confirmed the existence of the Magic Mouse, a new Mac controller. The device is said to borrow the multi-touch technology used in iPhones and MacBooks, eliminating the need for a scrollwheel, as well as any mechanical buttons. Users instead perform various taps and swiping gestures, which execute configurable controls.

Mac mini speeds up, adds server edition

10/20, 12:45pm

Apple speeds Mac mini to 2.53GHz

Apple today brought out its second update in a year for the Mac mini and changed its focus significantly at the high end. The new line scales up to a 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo and, in a special configuration, comes with Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server pre-installed as well as with a second hard drive in place of the optical drive; the option gives those running clusters a much more capable computer. All versions have more RAM and hard drive storage than their predecessors.

Apple intros new unibody plastic MacBook

10/20, 12:25pm

Borrows tech from recent MacBook Pros

Fulfilling earlier rumors, Apple has introduced a new base-level MacBook. While still made of polycarbonate plastic, the computer sports a new unibody design, borrowing from the manufacturing technique currently used for MacBook Pros. Also carried over from the Pros is LED backlighting, and an integrated seven-hour battery.

Apple launches 21.5-inch, 27-inch iMacs

10/20, 12:25pm

iMac redesigned for 16:9, Core i7

Apple today completely revised its iMac with a new design and much faster performance. The series now switches to wider 16:9 aspect ratio, LED-backlit displays and a new look with edge-to-edge glass and a seamless aluminum body. The displays are also much denser and start at 1920x1080 (1080p) for a 21.5-inch display and an extremely sharp 2560x1440 for a new, largest-ever 27-inch model. Both now use color-accurate IPS (in-plane switching) displays versus the cheaper TN (twisted nematic) panel from the old 20-inch iMac.

BlackBerry Storm2 teased on Verizon's website

10/20, 11:50am

Storm2 teased on Verizon website

The BlackBerry Storm2 9550 is nearing release in North America, and Verizon Wireless in particular, as it has been spotted on the website, albeit only as a 360-degree view. An earlier rumor had a release date for Verizon pegged at mid- to late November. The Storm2 will bring a 480x360 touchscreen and a new piezoelectric system that replicates physical feedback but still allows two-finger input.

Apple sets dates for iPhone Tech Talk World Tour

10/20, 11:40am

NYC, London, Tokyo talks already full

Apple has scheduled the dates and places for the 2009 iPhone Tech Talk World Tour. Each event brings educational sessions normally reserved for WWDC to a different city, in select countries around the world. Some topics include push notification, OpenGL ES, improving general performance and integrating web content.

AMD to undercut Intel with low-price Athlon II

10/20, 11:35am

Athlon II X2, X3, X4 updated

AMD this morning sought to challenge Intel's control of the low-end processor space with eight new Athlon II processors. The new range pushes costs and power use lower, and is headlined by the Athlon II X4 600e and 605e. These clock at just 2.2GHz and 2.3GHz each but have four cores that combined use at most 45W of power and fit in very tight spaces; they also only cost $133 and $143 in bulk.

Speck updates cases for iPod nano 5G, iPod touch 2G/3G

10/20, 11:15am

PixelSkin, CandyShell, Fitted cases

Speck has announced three case updates, covering the fifth-generation iPod nano and the second- and third-generation iPod touches: these fall under PixelSkin, CandyShell and Fitted lines. The new PixelSkin is a soft silicone case designed for the Nano, and provides protection against bumps and scrapes. Grip curves prevent slipping, and openings are present for access to ports, controls and the camera. The case comes only in a black color at the moment, with a pricetag of $20.

Samsung invests, shares in Fusion-io

10/20, 10:50am

Samsung and Fusion-io team on SSDs

Samsung today invested an unspecified amount of money into relatively young storage maker Fusion-io as part of a larger partnership. The deal gives Fusion-io a safer position to develop its lineup but will also see it and Samsung co-develop new solid-state drive technology. The smaller of the two will also get better access to Samsung's flash memory.

SpeedRunGames launches Grappling Hook

10/20, 10:40am

First-person puzzler

SpeedRunGames has released a new first-person action and puzzle title, Grappling Hook. Players control a character with a hook attached to their hand, which lets them perform a series of tricks to overcome various obstacles. Gamers navigate 22 different levels, facing 176 challenges which can lead to 30 achievement awards.

Lexar intros 600x CF memory card for pros

10/20, 10:35am

Lexar 600x Pro CF memory cards offer 90MBps speed

Lexar Media on Tuesday announced the release of its Professional 600x CompactFlash (CF) memory card, which allows for 90MBps transfer speeds using the UDMA 6 standard. With the announcement, Lexar is the second manufacturer to offer such speeds in a CF card, as SanDisk already offers a 90MBps product range. SanDisk offers up to 64GB capacities, while Lexar makes 8GB, 16GB and 32GB cards.

Acer rolls $400 CULV notebook for US

10/20, 10:25am

Acer AS1410 brings CULV to Aspire line

Acer on Tuesday chose to grow its use of Intel's CULV processors beyond the Timeline series and in one of its first Aspire updates. The Aspire 1410 is one of the least expensive CULV systems of any kind and will reach $400 thanks to its use of a 1.2GHz, single-core Celeron. Picking the processor still gives the 11.6-inch system six hours of battery life, a one-inch thick chassis and a weight just under 3.1 pounds.

File Sheriff 2.0 adds new interface

10/20, 10:20am

Expands drag-and-drop support

BKeeney Software has released a new version of its file management utility for the Mac, File Sheriff 2.0. The app lets users organize and rename files, and includes features for both batch file searches and creating icon previews. The latest version delivers a new user interface for simpler management, including drag-and-drop capabilities when selecting data and music files.

Kodak to bring new DSLR to CES?

10/20, 10:00am

Kodak to replace Zi8, unveil new cam at CES

Kodak is expected to unveil two new digital imaging products at CES 2010, including a successor to the Zi8 handheld camcorder launched this summer and a new but secret type of camera that could be a DSLR, which would represent a return to the field for Kodak. According to a Tuesday ElectricPig report, details on the device are thin, but the rumors are said to come from a "highly placed" source at the company.

Analysts raise estimates on Apple Q4 results

10/20, 9:55am

iPhone remains key driver

Apple did extremely well in its fiscal fourth quarter, say analysts with Needham and UBS. Needham's Charlie Wolf describes 7.4 million in iPhone shipments as "especially impressive," given that the device still has a fairly new install base. Wolf estimates that approximately 5.5 million of the units are fresh activations, rather than upgrades.

Microsoft restoring some Sidekick data

10/20, 9:45am

MS lets some Sidekick owners recover

Microsoft and T-Mobile today said they have begun restoring Sidekick data and have offered a guide for owners. The two now say they can restore contacts they might have lost that already existed on October 1st. Those Sidekick owners who created contacts to supplement or replace entries lost during the major outage can either keep both on-device and online sets, merge them or use only the set originating from the cellphone.

Windows Mobile 6.5.1 fixing touch elements?

10/20, 9:15am

Win Mobile update revamps controls

Although Microsoft has only just released Windows Mobile 6.5 on shipping phones, the company is already readying a noticeable fix to add many major touch elements to the platform, unofficial previews of interim builds show. A 6.5.1 update appearing in test versions has completely dropped the top-mounted Start menu and instead has one at the bottom with a button much easier to hit with a finger than before. Many of the other context-sensitive buttons, checkboxes and radio buttons have also been made larger.

AUO unveils 20-inch e-paper display, more

10/20, 8:15am

AUO demos 20in fixed, 6in flexible displays

AU Optronics, best known for making displays for others, today unveiled a pair of relative breakthroughs for e-paper. The Taiwan-area company claims to have the largest-ever display of the kind at 20 inches across; the screen is large enough that it can be used not just for reading but for signs, where omitting a backlight can save power in an already well-lit area. It uses under 2W of power when updating.

TomTom in-dash GPS supports iPods, FM

10/20, 7:35am

TomTom GO I-90 appears

TomTom this morning changed its usual formula with the launch of an installable in-dash GPS unit. The GO I-90 occupies two DIN slots in any car and provides a large touchscreen with both TomTom's staple GPS as well as media features the company normally has no reason to use. Owners of iPods can plug the Apple devices into a USB port to both play and charge their devices; the unit also has generic MP3 player support and its own FM radio tuner.

Jabra's Stone headset debuts

10/20, 12:50am

Jabra intros ultra-minimal Stone headset

Jabra early today launched the Stone as its signature Bluetooth headset. The earpiece is just a slim curve that escapes the bulky look of most headsets and even eliminates buttons, opting instead for touch-sensitive controls. It earns its name from a distinctive charging dock that exactly matches the earpiece's shape and creates the effect of a smooth stone when the two are together.

Canon tops range with 1080p-ready EOS 1D Mark IV

10/20, 12:15am

EOS 1D Mark IV adds 16MP, ISO 102,400

Canon tonight finished its last major DSLR update of the past year and launched the EOS 1D Mark IV as its highest-end camera. The new model jumps from a 10-megapixel APS-H (near full-frame) sensor to a 16-megapixel, 1.3X crop unit and upgrades to twin DIGIC IV processors. The boost gives it 1080p video at 30 frames per second, or 720p at 60 frames per second, while still shooting full-quality still images at up to 10 frames per second. It can also match the Nikon D3s' ISO 102,400 light sensitivity and so can shoot in extremely low light without invoking flash.


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