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BlackBerry Storm 2 surfaces in authorized reviews

10/14, 11:20pm

Hardware and software could be ready for public

RIM's BlackBerry Storm 2 has surfaced in several authorized reviews, potentially indicating the device is almost ready to be launched. Although several unauthorized videos have been circulated, the latest materials likely feature hardware and software that has been finalized for close scrutiny.

Mac Pro to get exclusive on six-core, 32nm Xeons?

10/14, 11:00pm

Apple may get early use of Gulftown Xeon

Apple may have a temporary exclusive on Intel's fastest workstation Xeons early next year, a purported leak argues tonight. An unnamed source says Apple is readying a Mac Pro based on the Xeon version of Intel's Gulftown six-core architecture and that the Mac builder would have a short exclusive for the processors, launching its own workstations in the winter while everyone else would have to wait until the spring. What configurations would ship aren't known by the MacBidouille tipster.

HTC HD2 coming to T-Mobile?

10/14, 10:20pm

Developer has yet to receive response from Apple

HTC's upcoming HD2 smartphone has been spotted on T-Mobile internal documents, according to TmoNews. The recently announced handset, marking HTC's latest flagship, will ship with Windows Mobile 6.5 and a capacitive 800x480 touchscreen. Internally, the device sports a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 448MB of RAM, and 7.2Mb/s HSPA connectivity.

Samsung intros Blockbuster On Demand service for HDTVs

10/14, 9:30pm

Partnership brings new content to Blu-ray systems

Samsung and Blockbuster have announced a collaborative effort to bring additional content to Samsung's HDTVs, Blu-ray players, and Blu-ray home theater systems. Owners of select devices will be able to access Blockbuster's range of on-demand content available for rent or purchase.

Gartner: Dell shipments slip as Acer and Toshiba gain share

10/14, 7:45pm

Two leaders nearly tied in US distribution numbers

Dell's computer shipments have continued a steep decline, as competitors including Acer, Toshiba and Apple have gained market share. The latest data from research firm Gartner appears to corroborate many points from an earlier report issued from IDC.

Acer outs Aspire Z5610 desktop with multitouch display

10/14, 6:15pm

Acer Aspire Z5610 desktop with multitouch screen

Acer today prepped for the upcoming release of the Aspire Z5610, its first all-in-one desktop with multi-touch input support. The system draws on Windows 7 for its extra touch features and has a relatively large 23-inch, 1080p display to work with. Processing power is basic and comes from a dual-core 2.6GHz Pentium, but the system brings both 4GB of RAM and relatively fast graphics from an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570.

Mac OS X "performance" update prevents hard-drive stalls

10/14, 6:10pm

Downloads available for Leopard and Snow Leopard

Apple on Wednesday released performance updates for both its Leopard and Snow Leopard operating systems. The downloads address intermittent stalls caused by hard drives, an issue reported by a a small number of users. The updates do not appear to include any other bug fixes.

Dell founder attacks netbooks, Vista

10/14, 6:05pm

Michael Dell says own netbooks poor

Dell's namesake Michael Dell in a talk late Tuesday criticized both his own products and Microsoft. Despite his company offering multiple netbooks, including the Mini 10, the CEO largely dismissed the category and said a "fair amount" of buyers are unhappy with them for both their smaller screens and slow performance. Many existing notebook owners in particular often come back disappointed as they lose what they liked about their larger portables.

Motorola roadmap suggests touch-only Droid, more

10/14, 5:20pm

Leaked Motorola roadmap reveals upcoming phones

A leaked roadmap from Motorola may have detailed upcoming Android smartphones from the manufacturer. According to a Wednesday Dialaphone slip, the image shows a version of the Droid handset will ship early next year, but with a touchscreen only instead of carrying the Droid's QWERTY sliding keyboard. This handset is also expected to get an 8-megapixel camera rather than the imminent Droid's 5-megapixel shooter.

Samsung shows 55-inch, 240Hz 3D TV

10/14, 5:00pm

Samsung demos 55-inch 240Hz 3D HDTV

Samsung recently showed off a prototype 3D HDTV sized at 55 inches. The set uses a 240Hz speed panel for reproducing traditional two-dimensional images at up to 1080p resolution, and sends out 120Hz images to each eye when in 3D mode. Samsung claims there is no ghosting during fast scenes in 3D mode, while no loss of resolution is endured when watching traditional content.

Macnification 1.6 goes 64-bit, supports Grand Central

10/14, 5:00pm

Full-screen view gets improvements

Orbicule has released a major update to its microscopy software, Macnification 1.6. The tool allows scientists to organize, analyze and compare microscopic image captures. It utilizes Quick Look, Spotlight and QuickTime, and features a non-destructive workflow to protect original captures. New in v1.6 is full 64-bit support for use in Snow Leopard, and Grand Central Dispatch awareness to exploit all of the available processors on a given Mac.

Sony Ericsson ships Aino with PS3 Remote Play

10/14, 4:50pm

Sony Ericsson Aino supports PS3 Remote Play

Sony Ericsson has begun shipping the Aino, the first handset to support Remote Play on Sony's own PS3 game console. The Aino is a touchscreen slider, another first for the company, and was introduced alongside the Satio this spring. With the Aino, users will be able to turn on or off their PS3s, navigate the XMB interface and access the web as well as DRM-free media saved on the drive.

Dock-a-Mac vertical docking station launches for MacBooks

10/14, 4:40pm

VGA, DVI and HDMI versions available

Computer Docking Systems has announced the Dock-a-Mac vertical docking system for MacBooks. The black acrylic station docks with any black or white MacBook, and is available in three configurations, based on video output. Buyers can choose between VGA, DVI or HDMI options, which connect a computer to an external monitor or TV. Vertical orientation allows for better heat dissipation, and the docking bar is removable for portability's sake.

Apple regains 4th place in US, passes 9.4% share

10/14, 4:30pm

IDC Q3 2009 has Apple, Acer as winners

Apple has successfully recaptured its fourth place spot in US computer market share, according to early estimates from IDC. The Mac creator had slipped in spring but should now have bounced back to claim 9.4 percent of shipments, or about 1.64 million Macs. The number is a rapid 35.2 percent growth in what it had shipped one season earlier and is a rare example of a sharp year-over-year growth in the current climate, as it represents an 11.8 percent boost over Apple's share a year ago, in summer 2008.

Posthumous Michael Jackson album to come to iTunes

10/14, 3:55pm

Announcement quickly dispels rumors

The first Michael Jackson album to be released after the singer's death, This Is It, will indeed be available through iTunes, says the senior VP of publicity for Epic Records. Lois Najarian also notes that the two-disc collection should be released on October 27th, although there continues to be a dispute with Sony and the Jackson estate over selling individual tracks. Depending on the resolution of the conflict, shoppers may either be required to pick up the complete album, or get the option of buying individual songs as usual.

China Unicom sets launch date for iPhone

10/14, 3:35pm

Handset to be available at the end of the month

The Chinese cellular carrier China Unicom has finally set an local launch date for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Customers will be able to purchase Apple's smartphone beginning October 30th. Following the initial launch, the company is expected to expand sales to its online store and Apple's retail locations.

Samsung launches Blue Earth handset

10/14, 3:30pm

Samsung Blue Earth phone with solar panel now out

Samsung on Wednesday launched the Blue Earth handset after unveiling it early this year. The environmentally-friendly phone sports a full touchscreen, unlike other "green" handsets, and has multimedia playback capabilities. To earn its credentials, it has a built-in solar panel for charging its battery using the sun. The handset is made of Post Consumer Material (PCM) plastic from used water bottles and, along with its charger, is made without harmful substances such as brominated flame retardants (BFRs), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or phthalates.

Toshiba vows no "craplets" on Windows 7 notebooks

10/14, 3:20pm

Toshiba unveils Win 7 PCs with no clutter

Toshiba on Wednesday updated its notebooks with Windows 7 and a rare promise among Windows PC makers. The company promises that all of its systems running the new OS, including its touchscreen models, will go without any icons on the desktop except for the default Recycle Bin. System performance should get a boost as the PCs will run as little software in the background as possible, in many cases only running anti-virus tools.

Avid updates M-Audio Oxygen MIDI controllers

10/14, 3:15pm

New controllers arrive with 25, 49 or 61 keys

Avid has revamped its M-Audio Oxygen collection of USB-attached MIDI controllers. Each keyboard features DirectLink technology, which maps controls to production suites including Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason, Logic and GarageBand. Models are divided into 25-, 49- and 61-key versions.

Acer plans to become no. 2 PC maker, beat Dell

10/14, 2:15pm

Acer to pass Dell, near HP in 2010

Acer president Gianfranco Lanci at a press conference today predicted that his company would "finally pass" Dell for market share within six months. The company lead expects to have more overall share than Dell by the end of winter 2010 and credits it directly to better sales and the resulting financial health. Where Dell has seen falling profits, Acer expects its profit during the summer to have grown 14 percent compared to a year earlier, to about $106.8 million.

Over 1.5 million devices using pirated iPhone apps

10/14, 1:45pm

Most pirates located outside of US

Piracy is a minor but still important problem for iPhone app developers, says analytics firm Pinch Media. The company notes that shortly after the launch of the App Store in 2008, it began receiving complaints that Pinch tallies of new users were exceeding official figures displayed by iTunes Connect. The discrepancy is now believed to be attributable to piracy, tracked by Pinch since May of 2009.

Logitech introduces notebook combo kit

10/14, 1:30pm

Logitech notebook kits adds comfort, options

Logitech on Wednesday released the Notebook Kit MK605, which is made up of a wireless laser mouse and wireless keyboard, along with a pivoting riser stand. The wireless peripherals connect to the notebook via the included Logitech Unifying receiver. The receiver barely sticks out from the notebook it's connected to via its USB port, and it can also pair to four more wireless devices.

AT&T ties in with Dell Vostro 1520 for 3G

10/14, 1:05pm

AT&T offers first full-sized notebook from Dell

AT&T on Wednesday struck a deal to provide 3G for a full-size notebook. Its version of the business-oriented 15.4-inch Dell Vostro 1520 notebook ships with an embedded 3G connection to AT&T's HSPA network for data access. Other than the link, buyers will also get around-the-clock hardware tech support.

Das Keyboard brings out Model S

10/14, 12:30pm

Das Keyboard Model S adds media keys, more

Das Keyboard today grew out its input line through Model S, its first full-feature keyboard. The new peripheral now have media keys for music playback and a second USB port for a peripheral. Compatibility also gets a boost through support for KVM multi-computer switches and a PS/2 adapter for older Windows PCs.

Singapore to join regions with multiple iPhone carriers

10/14, 11:55am

New sales through M1

Local company M1 is set to become Singapore's second official iPhone carrier, according to an announcement. A deal is said to have recently been forged with Apple, though no details are yet available on phone prices or subscription rates. A launch should occur sometime before the end of 2009.

Verizon CEO: Storm 2 what users wanted from original

10/14, 11:50am

Verizon chief already shows BBerry Storm 2

Verizon Wireless chief Lowell McAdam today partly spoiled his own company's launch plans for the BlackBerry Storm 2 by confirming it in an interview about it ahead of its formal release. The executive says he has already shown the smartphone to shoppers at one of the carrier's stores and claims they were impressed by the sequel, whose central boost is a piezoelectric touchscreen that provides simulated physical feedback for button presses.

NewsGator intros TapLynx app creation framework

10/14, 11:15am

Oriented towards media-based iPhone apps

NewsGator has formally announced TapLynx, a new development framework for iPhone and iPod touch applications. Titles produced through the framework are meant to display constantly-updating media content, delievered via RSS feeds. Text, images and video clips can be arranged inline, and sharing options can be integrated in the form of e-mail, Twitter and Facebook support.

Nintendo brings black Wii remote, nunchuk to US

10/14, 10:55am

Nintendo Wii black controllers for US

Nintendo on Thursday brought out its first non-white Wii controllers for the US. Previously only found in Japan, black versions of both the Wii remote and the nunchuk controller will reach the country. Both are functionally identical to their reference versions, although the remote will include the MotionPlus add-on and all-black protective jacket in the box.

Acer outs touchscreen Aspire, dual-core Timeline notebooks

10/14, 10:25am

Acer intros Windows 7 touchscreen Aspire, more

Acer on Wednesday announced it will soon launch a number of new Windows 7 powered PCs, including its first multi-touch notebook, the 15.6-inch Aspire AS5738PG notebook. At the same time, Acer updated its Timeline series of Aspire notebooks with dual-core CULV processors and the new Microsoft OS.

Google Wave web app compatible with iPhone

10/14, 10:15am

iPhone OS feature creates full-screen web apps

Hidden iPhone compatibility features have been found in Google Wave, reports say. Wave is used to merge e-mail, wikis, instant messaging and social networking, and is currently in its beta stages. The web app is supported in two ways on an iPhone, the first being visiting its website through Safari. People are warned that their browser is not supported during the preview period, but after proceeding, problems should be minimal.

Toshiba unveils its first touchscreen notebooks

10/14, 10:15am

Toshiba bows M505 Touch, U505 Touch

Toshiba this morning refreshed its notebook line for Windows 7 but centered its attention on its first two touchscreen models. The Satellite M505 Touch and U505 Touch both have multi-touch displays both to use Windows 7's more touch-aware interface as well as Toshiba's own custom touch apps. A bulletin board app provides a space for calendars, notes and photos, and a ReelTime app provides a visual file search that uses a thumbnail timeline to find content by when it was created or changed.

Apple tackling jailbreaks with new iPhone 3GS revision?

10/14, 9:35am

May force new workarounds

A minor revision of the iPhone 3GS is now shipping with a new bootrom, preventing the use of somecurrent jailbreaking techniques, hackers claim. Phones with iBoot 359.3.2 are believed to have gone on sale last week, quietly and without explanation from Apple. The new code is said to prevent the 24kpwn exploit, however, which has been used for some time in jailbreaking tools, including those from the unofficial iPhone Dev Team.

Barnes & Noble reader to get multi-touch 2nd screen?

10/14, 9:35am

Barnes e-reader may have dual displays

Barnes & Noble's imminent e-book reader may make a second, multi-touch display its central feature, a leak shows today. Renderings, photos and details obtained today by Gizmodo show the device having both a grayscale e-paper display, like most readers, but also a small, full color, multi-touch LCD. The interface would not only give a responsive, adaptable keyboard but would be used to browse and pick books.

JVC unveils 1.2-inch thick home theater audio system

10/14, 9:00am

JVC audio system just 1.2in thick, offers 80W

JVC has introduced its latest home theater audio system in Japan. The 1.2-inch thick system, made up of the AX-FT amplifier and SP-FT speakers, is thin enough to be hung on a wall or stood up on its stand on a bookshelf. The amplifier is rated at 4x20W and supports both Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound formats but will also play AAC audio files.

Acer intros Android phone with 1GHz processor

10/14, 8:50am

Acer Liquid carries Android 1.6

Acer on Wednesday made a new claim to the fastest smartphone available with the Liquid. The company's first Android phone, it's one of the first to ship with Android 1.6 but is also the first Android phone to ship with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Using the 1GHz chip makes it faster than the 800MHz Samsung Moment and helps drive the 800x480 touchscreen as well as speed up 3D and Android's already accurate web browser.

Wi-Fi Direct creates peer-to-peer links, rivals Bluetooth

10/14, 8:10am

Wi-Fi Direct standard due in mid-2010

The Wi-Fi Alliance today unveiled a new standard it hopes will make Wi-Fi the de facto standard for peer-to-peer wireless. Known as Wi-Fi Direct, it will turn any supporting device into an access point and let it auto-discover other compatible hardware nearby. The technique will not only simplify ad hoc networks, reducing the need for a dedicated router, but will let peripherals use Wi-Fi where they couldn't have before: cameras, mice and other devices could work without needing any special setup.

Nikon makes D3s official with ISO 102,400 sensitivity

10/14, 12:10am

D3s adds 720p, 11FPS shooting

Nikon as expected this morning launched the D3s. Its update to the mainstay pro DSLR adds 720p, 24FPS video like the D300s before it but is most notable for its dramatically improved light sensitivity. The 12-megapixel camera is one of the first to shoot up to ISO 12,800 at normal settings but can be manually set to shoot at ISO 102,400 -- four times the original D3 as well as other top tier DSLRs.

Flip Mino HD revamp brings 2hr video, larger screen

10/14, 12:00am

Flip Video unveils Flip Mino HD 120min

Flip Video today countered the threat of the iPod nano as a camcorder by launching a redesigned Flip Mino HD. The pocket camcorder has a sleeker, silver-hued design but focuses most on addressing gaps in its design: the new version doubles storage to 8GB, enough for two hours of video, and has a much larger 2-inch LCD (up from 1.5 inches). Other upgrades include the HDMI output from the Ultra HD as well as more responsive touch-sensitive buttons.


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