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Iomega updates StorCenter NAS with Bluetooth, more

10/08, 12:00am

Adds 1-touch backup, user replaceable drives

Iomega tonight launched a sweeping update to its StorCenter network-attached storage (NAS) hub. The company has added a host of new features both in hardware and software, including support for Bluetooth, Windows' Active Directory, improved energy savings, user replaceable drives, remote access and a one-button backup.

VAIO CW upgrades Sony's 14-inch PC with Windows 7

10/07, 8:20pm

Sony launches VAIO CW

The last of Sony's three notebook updates Wednesday evening was the VAIO CW. It brings a 16:9 aspect ratio 14-inch display (versus 16:10 before) and is the first mid-range Sony notebook to carry Windows 7. In keeping with earlier VAIO C systems, the CW is style-centric and comes in glossy colors both on the outer shell and on the palm rest.

Hands-on with Motorola's Cliq

10/07, 8:20pm

Moto's upcoming entry-level Android handset

Electronista had a chance to stop by Motorola's booth at CTIA and take a closer look at the upcoming Cliq handset. The device is powered by the Android OS, with Motorola's own Motoblur user interface. The UI is designed to be widget-based, presenting additional features such as Facebook and Twitter in the same manner as basic phone functions. A virtual button reveals the entire range of apps, with a fairly long list pre-loaded.

Sony claims lightest-ever notebook

10/07, 8:05pm

Sony launches VAIO X netbook

Sony's unveilings tonight were highlighted by the VAIO X. The 11-inch netbook crossover is billed as the lightest ever notebook and uses a carbon fiber shell to reach a weight of just 1.6 pounds. As it's based on a smaller and cooler running Intel Atom chip, the system can also afford to be extremely thin and measures 0.55 inches thick across its whole length.

Sony intros multi-touch, quad-core VAIO L all-in-one

10/07, 7:40pm

Sony VAIO L brings touchscreen, Blu-ray

Sony at an event tonight launched a trio of new systems, starting with its first touchscreen PC. The VAIO L supports Windows 7's own multi-touch elements for scrolling and zooming through content without needing special software. Like Gateway and HP, Sony has its own custom touch portal, here called Media Gallery, that lets users rely on touch to edit photos and videos.

T-Mobile readying "Project Black?"

10/07, 6:15pm

T-Mobile may have game changer news

US carrier T-Mobile is preparing its staff for a major, mysterious update that could have an impact on other carriers, a rumor implies tonight. A development known as "Project Black" has received few details, as those attached to it have signed non-disclosure agreements, but it will supposedly be significant enough to move T-Mobile up in US market share from its usual fourth place. T-Mobile staff would be trained on it starting Thursday.

Sony UK updates VAIO P with Windows 7, 2GHz Atom

10/07, 5:55pm

Sony gives VAIO P netbook new OS, CPUs

Sony provided a glimpse of updates to come to the US on Wednesday with a British update to the VAIO P. The 8-inch netbook has primarily updated to add Windows 7 and should run faster on similar hardware as a result thanks to better performance on low-end hardware. At the same time, Sony has upgraded the processors themselves. Two P31 variants have the 1.86GHz Atom Z540 (versus 1.33GHz or 1.6GHz most older models) while the P39 runs on a 2GHz Atom Z550.

CasaTunes app turns iPhone into remote control

10/07, 5:45pm

Controls company's music server software

CasaTunes has released a new iPhone and iPod touch application, capable of remotely controlling a music system using the company's server software. Listeners can choose music from iPod and iTunes libraries, or over 25,000 SHOUTcast Internet radio stations, designating which rooms in a house audio should feed to. When managing rooms, a person has control over volume, play/pause and skip commands.

Samsung vows 4X faster WiMAX mobile data

10/07, 5:20pm

Samsung kicks off Mobile WiMAX Release 2

Samsung at an ITU trade show late yesterday provided an initial look at second-generation WiMAX service. Known alternately as Mobile WiMAX Release 2 or 802.16m, the technology borrows multiple-in, multiple-out technology from modern Wi-Fi as well as makes better use of available wireless spectrum. The union should result in speeds about four times faster than current WiMAX networks.

Keynote Animations FX 7.0 adds 30 new elements

10/07, 5:10pm

Works with Pages, FCP, QuickTime

Jumsoft has launched a new collection of Keynote animations, Keynote Animations FX 7.0. The set contains over 100 animated images for Apple's presentation software, including 30 unique to v7.0. The art has been deliberately stripped of any backgrounds, and it is said to work with blends, overlays and underlays, also offering easy repositioning.

Next Modu to use Android

10/07, 4:50pm

Next-gen Modu to have Android jacket

Modular cellphone maker Modu is planning on releasing a shell, or what it calls a jacket, that contains the Android operating system. The shell will most likely work for the second basic handset, the Modu 2, which will allow users to add jackets to give it new functions, just as with the current, original Modu handset. According to Modu CEO Dov Moran, the second-gen device will have a touchscreen and be a 3.5G product.

Group Logic, Symantec announce Mac file system archival

10/07, 4:45pm

New archiving option

Group Logic has announced a partnership with Symantec in developing a file system archival (FSA) scheme for Mac-based organizations. The arrangement combines Symantec's Enterprise Vault with Group Logic's ArchiveConnect, and promises to reduce storage costs as much as 60 percent.

Powermat launches lineup of wireless chargers

10/07, 4:35pm

Wireless Powermat chargers go on sale

Powermat has released its lineup of wireless chargers on Wednesday. The system utilizes an ultra-thin mat along with a receiver that attaches to each portable device a user charges. Powermat now also offers a custom Powercube receiver that can attach to iPhones, iPods, Nintendo game consoles and BlackBerry handsets for wireless recharging.

FCC Chairman warns of upcoming 'spectrum crisis'

10/07, 4:30pm

Commission to bring net neutrality to wireless

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, speaking to attendees of the CTIA's fall event in San Diego, asserted the Commission's position on the expansion of net neutrality regulations to include mobile devices. Genachowski believes the FCC should maintain openness, "whether a person accesses the Internet from a wireless laptop or a netbook."

iPhone may account for nearly all growth in Sept. quarter

10/07, 4:25pm

Device's hold on Apple strengthening

The iPhone will account for nearly all of Apple's year-over-year growth when it reports the results of its September quarter, says Caris & Company analyst Robert Cihra. The device is forecast to represent 25 percent of the quarter's reported revenue, or 38 percent of non-GAAP revenue. Cihra has raised his price target for Apple stock, which now sits at $235.

Dell's Android phone coming to AT&T?

10/07, 4:20pm

Second leak has Dell Mini 3i fighting iPhone

Dell's US-oriented Android phone will land on the same carrier as the iPhone when it ships, a rumor asserted mid-Tuesday. Unidentified tips from those "familiar with the plans" claim the Mini 3i will be tied to AT&T and should reach the network in early 2010. Talks are reported by the WSJ as underway with other US carriers, though which networks are involved and the amount of progress in negotiations aren't clear.

Toshiba teases K01, K02, L1 smartphones

10/07, 4:10pm

Toshiba smartphones show up in the flesh

Toshiba is showing off what appear to be nearly production-ready versions of its future touchscreen smartphones at the CEATEC show in Japan, according to a recent WMPowerUSer report. The company first talked about the devices earlier this year, but this is the first time production ready devices were spotted, suggesting they are nearing release, as promised.

Getac's new multi-touch screen works with gloved fingers

10/07, 3:40pm

Getac shows new multi-touch screen technology

Getac, maker of rugged notebook PCs, tablets and phones, on Wednesday showed off a new touchscreen that will be integrated into its future devices and allow for multi-touch inputs while users wear thick work gloves. The interface will also rely on gestures, allowing users to move and edit documents, rotate maps and photos, as well as zoom in and out. The new multi-touch technology will be integrated into Getac's V100 tablet PC.

HTC profit tumbles 18% from competition

10/07, 3:25pm

HTC barely meets financial guidance

Smartphone maker HTC late Tuesday reported unexpectedly poor fiscal performance for its summer quarter. The company's profit dropped nearly 18 percent compared to a year ago and reached the equivalent of $179 million Its total revenue also fell more than 10 percent to about $1.06 billion and hit the exact minimum of HTC's already lowered guidance for the period.

Adobe AIR 2.0 to implement hardware, software links

10/07, 3:20pm

Should also address performance complaints

Adobe has uncovered plans for AIR 2.0, an update to its Flash-based, cross-platform runtime environment, used in software like TweetDeck and the New York Times Reader. The v2.0 runtime will add support for accessing mass storage devices, for instance allowing a camera to transfer photos to a computer, or indirectly upload photos to a website. A new native process API will similarly let AIR apps communicate with regular desktop software, calling up extra functions when needed.

Sony VAIO X's pricing, Atom heart leaked

10/07, 2:35pm

Ultraportable VAIO X to carry high price

Sony's VAIO X will ultimately be a larger but lighter version of the VAIO P if a pair of leaks (one, two) prove accurate. Although undecided on the choice of processor when it first teased the system, Sony is reported by Engadged as using a 2GHz Atom processor to help achieve its 1.5-pound claimed weight and slim profile in spite of the 11-inch frame. It would also have a solid-state drive of an unknown capacity.

Android-based Samsung Moment lands at Sprint

10/07, 2:05pm

Samsung Moment intros with Android, QWERTY

Sprint used the start of the fall CTIA show today to launch the Samsung Moment, its second Android phone. The device brings a sliding QWERTY keyboard to the carrier's fledgling Android line and is also the first Sprint phone of any kind to use an AMOLED display. Using the 3.2-inch, organic touchscreen provides both much more accurate color than an LCD while simultaneously using less power.

Buffalo intros fast USB 3.0 external hard drive

10/07, 1:30pm

Buffalo intro USB 3.0, 125MBps external drive

Buffalo hhas launched its first USB 3.0 hard drive in the DriveStation HD-HXU3. The 3.5-inch external disk uses the much larger bandwidth to attain transfer speeds of up to 125MBps, or between 3 and 4 times faster than the company's currently available USB 2.0 drive. In order to take advantage of the new standard's speeds, a card will be sold alongside the drive to install into host computers.

T-Mobile intros special myTouch, Tap, Nokia 3711

10/07, 1:05pm

T-Mobile shows upcoming handsets

On Wednesday, T-Mobile said it will soon release a number of new handsets, including a variation of the myTouch. Called the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition, it will sport a wood-grain finish to mimic a guitar's look and adds a 3.5mm headset jack. The standard-issue 4GB microSD memory card is replaced by a 16GB version, and is preloaded with exclusive videos and audio from unspecified iconic musicians.

Dell offers baseball, nail polish-themed notebook lids

10/07, 12:30pm

Dell outs MLB and OPI notebook designs

Dell as part of its special event today upgraded its Design Studio edition notebooks with two design lineups. A Major League Baseball set gives most Inspiron, Mini and Studio notebooks a custom lid with artwork featuring a team logo. "Classic" versions put the logo in small form with a textured solid color; "Fan" versions have a large logo, while "Die-Hard" covers nearly the entire lid with logo-themed graphics.

Time Capsule power failures continue to affect owners

10/07, 12:20pm

Issues persist after months of complaints

Apple's Time Capsule network drives are still suffering from power failures, complaints on official support forums indicate. The failures are allegedly occurring without warning, and are thought to be attributable to faulty power supplies, though some owners have suggested problems with chips or connectors. Most at risk are older drives, as a number of the dead units are said to have been bought in early 2008. Apple last refreshed its Time Capsule line in July.

Dell shows thinner-than-Air Adamo XPS live

10/07, 12:05pm

Adamo XPS briefly teased in real world

Dell at a press gathering today briefly offered an in-person look at its Adamo XPS ultraportable. True to its teaser graphic, the system is overall thinner than the MacBook Air it's designed to compete against (0.4 inches maximum) and appears to rely on a unique, underside hinge to reach its dimensions. As with very early Adamo and Inspiron 11z teasers, the company didn't provide any specifications or release information.

Ballmer sees little help from Windows 7 for PC sales

10/07, 11:40am

Ballmer views only small gain from Win 7

Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer today cast doubt on the likelihood that the imminent release of Windows 7 will spur growth in computer sales. He told those at a Munich press event that he still anticipates a bump in sales from those waiting for the new OS but that it would "probably not be huge." The economy is blamed for the hesitation as Ballmer doesn't see the industry fully recovering for a significant amount of time.

Sanyo intros Cube alarm radio for iPod, dual dock system

10/07, 11:05am

Sanyo intros iPod alarm clock, dual dock system

Sanyo on Wednesday introduced two new products made to work with Apple's docking iPods and iPhones, with its cube alarm clock radio, the DMP-P1, along with the dual dock music system, the DMP-692. Both can charge and play the audio content of the connected Apple devices. Either system has an AM/FM tuner, and users can choose to wake up to a preset station, the music from their Apple device or a buzzer. A sleep and snooze mode is also integrated.

App Store profits extremely difficult, developers say

10/07, 10:55am

Initial success stories overhyped

Despite initial impressions given by Apple and the media, success stories at the App Store are actually rare, a new report suggests. Apple has enjoyed pointing to Trism developer Steve Demeter as an example of App Store profits, as well as a new egalitarian footing for independent developers. Demeter managed to accumulate $250,000 in two months through his iPhone app; while some observers believed he would be able to retire on future iPhone profits, Demeter now admits that he is only living a wealthy lifestyle because he invested in Palm stock, which jumped in value from $1.76 to $12.

Qualcomm enters media players with FLO TV device

10/07, 10:55am

Qualcomm intros FLO TV Personal TV

Qualcomm this morning made official its attempt to produce its own hardware with the FLO TV Personal Television. The handheld revolves around the company's own FLO TV digital broadcast TV standard and depends on a subscription that provides multiple channels of both live and delayed content, such as Comedy Central, NBC and Nickelodeon. The interface takes its cue from modern media players like the iPod touch and Zune HD by using a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen, although it uses a TV-like programming guide to pick channels.

Acer's multi-touch, CULV-based tablet PC leaked

10/07, 10:30am

Windows 7 convertible tablet from Acer due?

A recent leak reveals Acer may soon release a version of its Timeline 1810T notebook that has a double-hinged and rotating screen as well as a multi-touch screen. To be called the Timeline 1820T, the upcoming notebook would depend on Windows 7 for touch features and is expected to use an 11.6-inch, 1366x768 display. The same Intel CULV 1.4GHz Core 2 Solo CPU and 2GB of RAM should also be carried over from the original Timeline.

Gartner: Android to overtake iPhone in 2012

10/07, 10:30am

Android 2nd place in share in 3 years

Google's Android will be the second-largest smartphone platform in as little as three years, according to Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney estimated on Wednesday. While it trails today, the mobile OS is predicted to climb to 14.5 percent of the market, or about 76 million phones sold per year, by the end of 2012. As a consequence, it would whittle Symbian's market share down to 39 percent (203 million phones) and just slightly overtake the iPhone, which in this view would have 13.7 percent of the market or 71.5 million devices.

EU to trial Windows 7's browser ballot feature

10/07, 9:20am

EU to market test Win 7 browser choice

The European Commission on Wednesday said it would conduct a market test (PDF) of Microsoft's proposed browser ballot feature for Windows 7. The plan will let EU residents buying the Microsoft OS choose from one of multiple major web browsers shortly after they receive the system and use that in place of Internet Explorer. A successful test would make the ballot standard for most European copies and would resolve the ongoing antitrust case accusing the American firm of abusing its Windows monopoly.

Bento for iPhone gains Bento 3 support

10/07, 9:00am

Follows week after desktop upgrade

As promised, FileMaker has released an updated Bento iPhone app at the App Store. The app is a scaled-down version of the desktop Bento software, and lets users create a variety of databases covering material such as contacts, events and media files. Twenty-five templates are included, and databases can be synced with Bento 2.x or Bento 3. Bento for iPhone 1.0.3 fixes compatibility problems with Bento 3, and costs $5.

Gateway unveils all-in-one PCs with multi-touch

10/07, 8:25am

Gateway One ZX series debuts

Gateway today preempted its rivals with one of the first fully multi-touch all-in-one desktop lines. The One ZX series' staple feature lets them both take advantage of the pinch-to-zoom, scrolling and other features inherent to Windows 7 as well as a custom touchscreen front end for music, notes, photos and content sharing.

Apple tablet made by Foxconn, to ship early 2010?

10/07, 7:30am

Apple may ship 300K tablets to start

Apple's often-rumored tablet could ship early next year in relatively modest numbers, a contact said today. Foxconn has reportedly been picked by Apple to make the device and, contrary to rumors of a June ship date, would ship it in early 2010. About 300,000 to 400,000 units would be part of the initial wave.

Lexmark intros industry's first touchscreen laser printer

10/07, 2:45am

Lexmark shows first touchscreen laser printer

Lexmark on Tuesday introduced what it's calling the industry's first monochrome laser printer equipped with a touchscreen, the T656dne. Thanks to the 7-inch color LCD, users can access applications such as forms and favorites or eco-settings to save energy. The interface also provides a variety of settings, such as languages, along with controls for changing the background into, for example, a company logo. The printer has a built-in 80GB hard drive that is able to support preloaded software applications.

RadTech intros two new ClearCal anti-glare film sizes

10/07, 2:10am

ClearCal anti-glare film

RadTech has expanded its ClearCal anti-glare film offerings with new sizes for Apple's 17-inch MacBook Pro and 20-inch iMac. The film is designed to help reduce glare from a glossy display in brightly lit or outdoor environments. An anti-reflection layer is paired with a flexible transparent base, helping to protect against impacts while concealing existing scrapes or scratches on the display glass.

Amazon drops Kindle price to $259, adds int'l model for $279

10/07, 1:35am

US users to see other service charges when roaming

Amazon on Tuesday evening dropped the price of its Kindle 2 reading device by $40, bringing it down to $259, while offering a new Kindle with global wireless access for a $20 premium. Amazon says the combo US/International version uses GSM technology for coverage in over 100 countries, but that US customers traveling abroad will be charged an additional $1.99 fee for wirelessly downloading books or single issues of periodicals from "your Archived Items or the Kindle store while roaming internationally." A $4.99 fee applies for newspaper, magazine, and blog subscription content, while the company will charge $0.99 per megabyte (MB) for transferred personal documents.

Camtasia Relay 1.2 adds OS X 10.6 support, smaller MP4 files

10/07, 1:30am

Camtasia Relay 1.2

TechSmith has released an update to its lecture- and presentation-capturing software, Camtasia Relay 1.2. The program is designed to create a video or audio record of a lecture, presentation or meeting, which can then be saved as an MP4, MP3 or WMV file. The 1.2 update features improved Real Media output and smaller MP4 file sizes to help deliver faster file transfers. The company has also added support for the latest Snow Leopard and Windows 7 operating systems, along with Windows Server 2008 64-bit.

Ultrasone debuts new HFI-2400 headphones with 40mm drivers

10/07, 1:25am

Open-backed HFI-2400 headphone

Ultrasone has announced the latest product in its series of HFI headphones, the HFI-2400. The headphone features 40mm gold-plated drivers, while the company's S-Logic technology is claimed to widen the perceived soundstage. MU Metal shielding is designed to help reduce the amount of magnetic radiation by up to 98% compared to standard headphones. The drivers are built with 70 Ohm impedance and produce a frequency range of 10Hz - 25kHz, with a sound pressure level of 94dB.

Likewise adds Snow Leopard support to authentication apps

10/07, 1:05am

Likewise Open 5.3, Enterprise 5.3 updates

Likewise has announced two new updates to its authentication software for Mac, Likewise Open 5.3 and Likewise Enterprise 5.3. The latest versions add support for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Apple's Snow Leopard operating system. Likewise Open is designed to connect Linux and Mac machines to a Microsoft Active Directory and authenticate users with their domain credentials.

SyncMate 2.4 adds support for USB drives, PSP, Windows PC

10/07, 12:15am

SyncMate 2.4 update

Eltima has launched SyncMate 2.4, an update to its data synchronization app that can be used to sync information between Macs, Windows Mobile devices and smartphones. The new version adds support for Windows PCs, the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) and USB flash drives. By synchronizing a Mac with a Windows PC, user can transfer and update a variety of content including contacts, calendar entries, folders, Mail messages and Entourage Notes. Several different sync methods are available, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and Ethernet.


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