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TouchPad 2.0 adds multi-touch support, new media remote

10/06, 11:55pm

TouchPad 2.0 update

Edovia has launched TouchPad 2.0, the latest version of its iPhone app that allows users to remotely control their Mac. New features include a media remote which is said to resemble the Apple remote, along with more keyboard functions such as shortcuts, arrows, or page-up and page-down controls. The latest version also provides bug fixes, multi-touch support and new localizations.

Apple amends App Store policies, accommodates VoIP

10/06, 11:45pm

Apple responds to AT&T announcement

Apple will amend its App Store policies to allow Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps to be submitted, according to The Associated Press. The company's decision comes following AT&T's announcement that it will expand Internet calling services on the iPhone to include VoIP. "We will be amending our developer agreements to get VoIP apps on the App Store and in customers' hands as soon as possible," said an Apple spokesperson.

Review: Sony PRS-600 Touch eReader

10/06, 10:55pm

Sleek, easy to navigate, touch screen Sony eReader

The Sony PRS-600 Reader Touch Edition provides users with a different approach to eReaders than its predecessors or its rival, the Amazon Kindle. The eReader supports various formats including text, Microsoft Word and Adobe PDFs, and features an overhauled desktop software. The included application connects to the Sony eBook store with reduced priced eBooks, such as New York Times bestsellers for $10. The app synchronizes with the eReader, transferring eBooks, RSS feeds and "Collections" which are similar to iTunes playlists, but for books. Our latest review exposes the pros and cons of the new device.

Dell to bring Mini 3i to US after all?

10/06, 10:45pm

Dell's smartphone may be upgraded for US

An apparent scoop suggests Dell has decided to bring its Mini 3i to the US after all, but not in its original form. A contact claims it's due in the "next few months" but that it will be an upgraded version of what was shown recently in China. Build quality should improve, but it would also upgrade from a 3-megapixel camera to a 5-megapixel model.

Pearson intros four software development books

10/06, 10:05pm

Books focus on Cocoa design patterns, iPhone apps

Pearson has introduced four new instructional books titled Cocoa Design Patterns, iPhone for Programmers, Sams Teach Yourself Cocoa Touch Programming in 24 Hours and Sams Teach Yourself iPhone Application Development in 24 Hours. The first book explains the object-oriented design patterns used in Apple's Cocoa frameworks and other software libraries. The book aims to supply an understanding of the design and logic of Cocoa so to be used while programming original software.

US Chamber of Commerce chastises Apple over resignation

10/06, 7:25pm

Chamber says bill could cause US job losses

The US Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday took a jab at Apple over the company's recent protest resignation from the business group. In a letter to the company's chief executive, the head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said that Apple's resignation over the Chamber's lack of support for environmental legislation was premature and misguided.

Sony preps 56-inch, 4K resolution monitor

10/06, 6:05pm

Sony shows custom 56-inch, 4K monitor

Sony at CEATEC is showing one of its most advanced displays to date. The 56-inch TRIMASTER SRM-L560 monitor has a near-4K resolution, which translates to 3840x2160 pixels or four times the resolution of 1080p. Despite this, the LED backlit TV has a 176-degree viewing angle from all sides and is meant to be a color-accurate preview for video pros and others who need large screens.

Digieffects releases Aged Film effects plug-in

10/06, 6:00pm

Simulates damage, jitter

Digieffects has released Aged Film, a new video effects plug-in for post-production suites that recreates the style of damaged filmstock. Customizable effects include dust, grain, scratches, frame jitter and color. Presets cover a variety of scenarios, including 8mm film, old home videos and shaky projectors. All effects are rendered at 16bpc.

Microsoft mulling Zune software for Mac

10/06, 5:45pm

MS considers Mac Zune app an option

Microsoft today acknowledged that it has debated porting the Zune software and its according services to the Mac or even to portable Apple devices like the iPhone and iPod. Director of Communications for TV, Video and Music Jose Pinero explained to Mary Jo Foley that it's one of "a lot of options" for platform expansion but also stressed that the Zune platform isn't tied to players like the Zune HD or even necessarily to Microsoft. Its own platforms take highest priority but aren't exclusive.

Clickfree debuts Transformer SE for automatic file backup

10/06, 5:30pm

Also extracts music from iPods, iPhones

Clickfree has released the Transformer SE (Special Edition), a device for turning any iPod, iPhone or USB hard drive into an automatic storage device. After plugging the Transformer into a computer and connecting any storage via USB, it will automatically backup and organize files into free space. The device is capable of working with multiple computers or storage systems, and can be used to transfer data from one computer to another.

Epson launches PowerLite Presenter, more projectors

10/06, 5:20pm

Epson outs Presenter projector, intros three

Epson on Tuesday announced that its PowerLite Presenter projector is now shipping. At the same time, Epson introduced the EX31, EX51 and EX71 multimedia projectors for small businesses, which replace the outgoing EX30, EX50 and EX70 projectors. Compared to their predecessors, the new projectors are nearly a third smaller and a fifth lighter, while increasing brightness levels to 2,500 lumens.

Minder Softworks intros MYStuff item management app

10/06, 5:10pm

Catalogs personal consumption

Minder Softworks has released a new organizational tool for keeping track of purchased items, MYStuff. Users can catalog information such as receipts, images, PDFs, warranties and manuals, along with a variety of data including how much a product cost and where it was bought. Users can assign a location for each individual record, and also provide folder names and pictures.

Palm Pixi leak shows GSM version with 4GB storage

10/06, 5:05pm

Palm Pixi GSM spotted in Vietnamese leak

A Vietnamese site's access to a prototype has confirmed that Palm is developing a GSM version of the Pixi for use on carriers beyond Sprint and outside of the US. The dissection shows a superficially identical device but, apart from the choice of network, that the phone may carry just 4GB of internal storage instead of 8GB in the version first headed to the US. Its 2-megapixel camera and GPS should remain intact.

AT&T to allow iPhone VoIP on its 3G network

10/06, 4:50pm

AT&T greenlights VoIP for iPhones on 3G

AT&T on Tuesday afternoon confirmed rumors and said it would allow voice over IP apps like Skype to work on the iPhone's 3G access. It had previously forced these apps to use Wi-Fi and justified the change of heart by arguing that it had taken a "fresh look" at the Apple smartphone's support for the feature as part of periodic reviews. Apple and the FCC have both been notified of the move.

Verizon TV ad chides AT&T for poor network coverage

10/06, 4:35pm

Pokes fun at Apple iPhone slogans

Verizon is exploiting complaints about AT&T's network coverage in a new TV ad (see below), which also indirectly targets Apple and the iPhone. "Browse the web and download music and apps, at 3G speed, in five times more places than the nation's number two wireless carrier," the ad says. The centerpiece of the ad is the slogan "Want five times more 3G coverage? There's a map for that," a reference to Apple's marketing for the iPhone and the App Store, which frequently uses the tagline "There's an app for that."

HTC HD2 to reach US early next year

10/06, 4:20pm

HTC confirms HD2 for US in early 2010

HTC's CEO Peter Chou today said that his company's just-revealed HD2 should ultimately reach the US. He declined to say with which carrier, but the executive told SlashGear that it would first show in early 2010, or a few months after the European release. Most other details are also likely to wait until next year.

Motorola DEXT to ship to Orange Oct. 7

10/06, 3:55pm

Motorola's DEXT due at Orange tomorrow

Orange UK on Tuesday said it would ship the Motorola DEXT tomorrow, October 7th. It was available for pre-order on September 22th at the carrier, and its release Wednesday should mark the worldwide debut of the Android-powered device.

ChemSec, CPA back Apple greening efforts

10/06, 3:50pm

Company active on toxins, groups say

Two environmental advocacy groups have praised Apple in a joint report, newly distributed to the media. ChemSec and Clean Production Action claim that Apple is one of the more respectable companies in eliminating bromine and chlorine from its products, through an "innovative program that restricts the use of nearly all bromine and chlorine compounds across all their product lines," the groups say. A number of smaller Apple products -- including iPods and iPhones -- are now free from any PVC or BFRs (brominated flame retardants), and its computers are said to be mostly free of PVC, and entirely free of BFRs.

Only 12% of PCs, 3% of Macs would switch to Win 7

10/06, 3:45pm

Study shows Mac users resistant to Win 7

Despite Microsoft's ambitions, only a small portion of the existing computer base is likely to jump ship for Windows 7, a new Retrevo study found today. About 12 percent of existing Windows users plan to upgrade their existing PCs to the new operating system, and 47 percent plan a "wait and see" approach before making their decisions. Mac users are also largely unswayed by the release with only three percent indicating they might change platforms.

AT&T to allow VoIP apps on iPhone, more? [U]

10/06, 2:40pm

AT&T may relax anti-VoIP rules

(Update with official news) AT&T may back away from its policy against Internet calling apps on the iPhone based on a leak circulating just before the fall CTIA show. Those close to the provider's executives reportedly told the Washington Post it's "close" to accepting voice over IP apps on all phones, including data-heavy devices like the iPhone. When this would take effect, if at all, isn't clear.

Verizon spoils Android-based HTC Desire, Moto Droid in photo

10/06, 2:00pm

HTC Desire and Moto Droid seen in shot

Verizon today inadvertently confirmed two of its planned Android phones in an image attached to its news of the event. The photo shows Google chief Eric Schmidt holding a previously unseen phone that represents the largely mysterious HTC Desire. It moreover reveals that the phone is likely a cosmetic redesign of the touchscreen-only Hero and that it will have the same Sense UI as the version found on other carriers.

Lotus Notes, Domino update to support iPhone, other devices

10/06, 1:45pm

Expands content sync options

IBM has released v8.5.1 of Lotus Notes and Domino, the company's enterprise-level collaboration packages. Through Lotus Notes Traveler the software now has native iPhone support, allowing Domino to automatically sync e-mail, contacts and calendars. Push e-mail is supported, and owners of iPhones can work offline if need be.

TomTom intros customizable Start GPS in Europe

10/06, 1:30pm

TomTom Start GPS lets users customize its look

TomTom on Tuesday has announced the upcoming release of an entry-level GPS automotive navigator for European markets, the Start. The device is customizable through the use of a choice of skins of different colors, as well as downloadable opening screens. The device is meant for users who rarely drive, or those who have not previously used a navigation device.

LaCie teams up with Philippe Starck on external hard drives

10/06, 1:00pm

LaCie intros drives designed by Phillippe Starck

Hard drive maker LaCie on Tuesday introduced two new external hard drives that were designed by Phillippe Starck. Both sport a sculptured magma motif from the world-famous designer, which is touch-sensitive in the Starck Desktop. This drive is covered by a 3mm aluminum shell, and has Starck's signature orange LED that indicates the drive's status. The touch interface is customizable, allowing users to open certain applications depending on how long they stay in contact with the touch surface.

Graphic Remedy ships completed gDEBugger iPhone

10/06, 12:50pm

Debugs iPhone graphic engines

Graphic Remedy says it has released the completed version of gDEBugger iPhone, its latest development tool. The software debugs OpenGL ES-based graphics engines intended for iPhone apps; programmers can thus work on improving rendering speed, as well as reducing memory footprints. gDEBugger operates on top of the Apple iPhone Simulator and supports iPhone 2.2.1, 3.0 and 3.1 SDKs, as well as both OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0.

Sprint gets Win Mobile 6.5-based Intrepid

10/06, 12:35pm

Samsung Intrepid arrives at Sprint

Not to be left out of Windows Mobile 6.5 introductions, Sprint today launched the Samsung Intrepid as its own entry. The smartphone is a mixed-input model with both a 2.5-inch touchscreen and a fixed QWERTY keyboard that in theory give the phone the advantages of 6.5's more touch-friendly interface without giving up hardware controls. It's also a true world phone with quad-band GSM calling and basic GPRS data as an option beyond Sprint's usual CDMA and EVDO Revision A networks.

HTC makes HD2 official with multi-touch

10/06, 12:10pm

HTC HD2 launches with Win Mobile 6.5

HTC on Tuesday used the kick-off for Windows Mobile 6.5 to launch its widely publicized new flagship smartphone. The HD2 is the first Windows Mobile phone ever to have a capacitive, multi-touch screen and can respond much more quickly and accurately to finger input than the resistive screens most Microsoft-based phones are forced to use. It additionally supports pinching, flicks and other gestures in many apps, making it the first Windows Mobile phone to support iPhone-like commands.

VMware announces Fusion 3 with new 64-bit engine

10/06, 12:00pm

Should also increasing 3D graphics support

Developer VMware has announced the upcoming release of Fusion 3, the next major iteration of its Mac virtualization software. The program lets users run Windows apps from within Mac OS X, eliminating the need to boot into a separate session. Version 3 is designed around Snow Leopard, and uses a new 64-bit engine, which not only increases multicore performance but better supports Windows 7.

Canon adds two new REALiS multimedia projectors

10/06, 11:20am

New Canon REALiS projectors get photo image mode

Canon USA on Tuesday said it has added two new multimedia projectors to its REALiS lineup. This includes the WUX10 Mark II and SX80 Mark II, both of which use Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) technology. Canon has introduced a new feature on the pair, which is called Photo Image Mode and allows users to perform advanced color management adjustments to account for ambient light conditions. Settings include choice from three types of lighting, light and color intensity, as well as color temperature.

H2O Audio shows waterproof headphones, accessories, more

10/06, 10:55am

New H2O Audio products rated for up to 12 feet

H2O Audio on Tuesday showed off three new products for music listening around water. The Surge Pro earbud headphones, the Surge Sportwrap neckband headphones as well as an updated Interval Waterproof Headphone System are all built to withstand heavy perspiration common during exercise routines, and can be submerged without any ill effects in up to 12 feet of water.

Apple, Google, others named in patent infringement suit

10/06, 10:50am

Case involves embedded web apps

Research and development company Eolas Technologies has filed a lawsuit against over a dozen companies, including major technology businesses such as Apple, Adobe, Amazon, Google, eBay and Sun. Eolas accuses the companies of violating two US patents, 5,838,906 and 7,599,985; the broadest of these is the first, which allegedly covers all "fully-interactive" embedded web applications. The second is an extension, specifically covering embedded apps using plug-in and AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) code.

Sony shows OLED notebook, e-book, wrist player prototypes

10/06, 10:40am

Sony shows OLED mobile electronics prototypes

At CEATEC, Sony is showing off three portable consumer electronics prototype products that use its flexible OLED technology. Conspicuously missing was an OLED TV from the electronics giant, such as its 21-inch OLED prototype shown off earlier in the year. The non-functioning VAIO notebook Sony did showcase was behind a Plexiglas case and was not powered on. It also was seen before, and sports a 0.2mm thick flexible screen that covers both the screen and keyboard area.

Verizon lands Android deal, will allow Android Market

10/06, 10:30am

Verizon and Google in Android pact

Google and Verizon this morning struck a deal to bring Android phones to the cell carirer's network. The two say they will "co-develop" multiple phones designed by third-party hardware makers and expect to start launching Android-based phones within the next several weeks. They also plan to include both Google- and Verizon-made apps on the phones in question.

NPD: school notebook sales "recession-proof"

10/06, 10:05am

NPD positive on back-to-school PC sales

Back-to-school notebook sales were as strong as ever this year but skewed in favor of cheaper systems, the NPD Group said today in a new study. About $1.6 billion of the $7.6 billion spent between late July and mid-September went directly to notebooks, or about as much as was spent last year despite ongoing economic problems and rendering them "recession-proof." However, the revenue came at the expense of system prices: while more systems were sold, the average price of a school notebook fell from $804 last year to $624 this year.

Bell, Telus to carry iPhone in Canada

10/06, 9:30am

Ends Canadian exclusivity

Canadian carriers Bell and Telus have announced separate deals with Apple, ones which will let them both carry the iPhone 3G and 3GS beginning in November. The companies have published no details of their agreements, such as phone prices, subscription plans or specific release dates. The two will however have to compete with Rogers, which until now has held exclusive rights to the Canadian iPhone.

Panasonic shows IPS-Alpha plasma panel prototype

10/06, 9:25am

Panasonic plasma prototype is ultra-dark, fast

At the ongoing CEATEC show in Japan, Panasonic showed off its next-generation IPS-Alpha plasma prototype panel. While specs aren't yet available, subjectively the new display has very true black levels, while fast-moving scenes are reproduced without much noticeable blur. Panasonic hung a 2008 model next to the IPS-Alpha for comparison purposes, showing off the advances it has made in the past year.

Kempler adds Billionair 6 touch phone with custom UI

10/06, 9:05am

Kempler outs Billionair 6 smartphone

Fleshing out its early phone lineup, Kempler & Strauss added a second but more advanced device to its mix. The Billionair 6 is a conventional touchscreen phone that runs on Windows Mobile (likely 6.1) but adds a custom interface nicknamed slidetouch that includes multiple home screens, top-level widgets, and carousels for large lists like the installed apps or contacts. An accelerometer auto-resizes the interface for most tasks when the phone is tilted on its side.

WD Elite series, new Studio tout displays

10/06, 8:30am

Western Digital intros Elite drives

Western Digital this morning started up a new grade of external hard drive for both its desktop and portable lines. The My Book Elite, My Book Studio and My Passport Elite both now have added visual details as to their in-use storage; while the My Passport's basic gauge is new in the first place, the new My Books get an e-paper display that shows the exact space free and the drive name even when the disk isn't plugged in. Every model comes with Time Machine-like continuous backup software as well as the option of 256-bit hardware encryption.

7digital music store, BlackBerry app in US

10/06, 7:35am

7digital arrives in US

Popular UK online music shop 7digital this morning launched its US store. The primarily web-based service focuses on price and is offering some newer albums as well as many older ones at $7.77. Songs can also run as low as 77 cents each, and all downloads are platform-independent, 320Kbps MP3s that should work with Apple devices as well as most other portable players. The store has long had access to all four major music labels as well as key independents.


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