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18% of Macs using Snow Leopard in one month

updated 05:50 pm EDT, Thu October 1, 2009

NetApplications shows Mac, Firefox gains

More than a sixth of all Macs are already running Mac OS X Snow Leopard in just over a month of use, new findings from NetApplications show. On September 29th, the one month anniversary of the release, about 18 percent of all Macs tracked by the stats firm were using some version of Snow Leopard, or 0.91 percent of all computers.

The data also represented a new high for Macs as a whole following NetApplications' revamped approach to calculating web stats, which it has said in the past more accurately reflect real-world market share and not just its website. Its share was 4.93 percent on the 29th but jumped to 5.12 percent for all of September, marking a new record for Apple's platform. The gain came largely at Microsoft's expense and dropped Windows' combined share to 92.77 percent, its lowest point in the past two years.

If relevant to reality, the figures would directly contradict assertions by Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer, who insisted that Windows was regaining share or at least remaining flat. The climate for PC buying is nonetheless expected to change when Windows 7 ships next month and much of the active resistance that stalled Vista sales is likely to clear.

Other platforms made little to no gain during the same month. Linux occupies third place with 0.95 percent, while iPhone OS grew slightly to 0.35 percent.

Web browser share was also a symbolic milestone and again hurt Microsoft the most. Internet Explorer's control fell below the two-thirds mark for the first time and lost nearly a percentage point to reach 65.97 percent of the market, most of which went to Firefox. The Mozilla browser gained almost as much as Microsoft lost and climbed the majority of a percentage point to an all-time best of 23.75 percent. Most of this is attributed to momentum for Firefox 3.5, whose share of all Firefox installs shot up 42 percent in a single month.

Apple also gained on the web in September as Safari reached a new peak of 4.24 percent of all web traffic. Google's Chrome (3.17 percent) and Opera (2.19 percent) also made advances.

Operating system share, September 2009

Web browser share, September 2009

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  1. DanielSw

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Snow Leopard is slick!

    We're running 10.6.1 on newer iMacs, as well as Adobe Creative Suite CS4, with no problems.

    Love the new features of SL. Everything's peppier and better looking.

    We're also looking to upgrade to Mac Pro's sometime this year or next, and hopefully we can hold out until Apple comes out with a 16-core machine, or whatever's next after the one that's currently out. Love to see what 64-bit Luxology Modo will do with plenty of cores, RAM, and processor power benefitting from SL and Grand Central, etc.

  1. pt123

    Joined: Dec 1969


    No need to upgrade

    I went to the Apple store and played with Snow Leopard. It didn't look any better than 10.5, just slightly different. 10.5 works great for me so there is no need to for me to upgrade. Maybe some time in the future.

  1. iphonerulez

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Mac market share is...

    a rounding error. Mac market share is going nowhere yet Apple continues to make money. Thank goodness for the iPod and iPhone. If it weren't for those two products, Apple share price would probably be still around $10 and desktop share around 2% at most. Windows will never fall out of favor and Microsoft market share will likely never drop below 90%. That is fairly amazing. For an OS that has merely been adequate for years, nothing can take it's place. Microsoft locked down IT and that's where it counts so Macs will never gain footing in large companies.

  1. IxOsX

    Joined: Dec 1969


    RE: Mac market share is...


    To respond your comment, let me say I am European and its amazing in my country how many Macs I see more every time in IT departments. I myself work on an IT department and use a MacBook PRO to work. The funny thing is that in the last two years I see more and more people using Macs or Ubuntu Linux Desktops, where before I only see Windows Desktops or Laptops. So the grow rate of Mac and Linux Desktops on IT departments as been high. I myself use both instead of Windows.

    Is my believe, based on the conversations I listen, that Macs aren't used more, because:

    1) They are expensive. Not everybody can spend that money on a machine. Even if the machine is a great and a superior peace of hardware, the people money does not grow in the trees... Unfortunately :-)

    2) There are still lot of unknown about Apple computers, world wide. Usually Windows people who begin also to use some distribution of Linux Desktops (usually Ubuntu), are more interested and open to try a Mac Computer (like happen to my self, I have both and love both OS). So most people does not buy Macs also because they afraid to change. People open to changes, are more open to Linux and Macs.

    3) Big problem for IT is that sometimes APPLE does not care about talk with big enterprise companies when Apple release new System Upgrades like Snow Leopard. The enterprise software must be ready to work with new OS Apple versions before is launched. For example, I bought Snow Leopard, but I can't upgrade until Oracle releases a FULL Oracle client compatible with Snow Leopard... Apple sometimes forget to talk more and work more with big enterprise companies, like Oracle, IBM, etc...

    Microsoft could still rule desktop market, but is losing market. And in the Servers world Microsoft is just a small player where the main share goes for Unix and Linux Machines because of their more robust, light and secure architectures.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    One sentence...

    ...says it all.

    If relevant to reality,

    It tracks web site usage, not actual computer usage. h***, there could be a secret bunker in Nebraska with 6,000,000 Macs all running Snow Leopard, and this wouldn't tell us that if they don't connect to the internet.

    And I also seem to recall people railing on this company when they said they were changing their data collection and statistical calculations. Now all is better because it shows some number in Apple's favor (although I actually thought 18% was kind of low, but maybe I'm thinking of all Macs, not just the 50% that can actually run Snow Leopard).

  1. macjockey

    Joined: Dec 1969


    People are just too damn cheap

    That's because most Mac people are still running OS9. If you get the weekly update email from, they list the number one Mac download is the Apple 9.2.2 update and Apple MRJ 2.2.6, both OS 9 updates.

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