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InterGate Policy Manager 9.3 features in-app purchasing

10/01, 11:55pm

Support for Snow Leopard added

Vicomsoft has released v9.3 of its web filter application, InterGate Policy Manager. The program is used to control the access to web content, instant messaging and Skype networks and can log and report user activity. The latest version features eSellerate in-app purchasing capabilities and a new licensing system. The update additionally supports Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Documents To Go iPhone app adds Excel editing, creation

10/01, 11:00pm

App now enables editing of DOC and XLS files

DataViz has launched the latest version of its Documents To Go app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Following through with the company's earlier promises, v2.0 adds full support for creating and editing Excel documents. The previous release limited users to just viewing the spreadsheet content.

Indigo 4.1 adds Insteon extended message support

10/01, 10:50pm

Update adds new iPhone app control page options

Perceptive Automation has released v4.1 of its home control server, Indigo. The latest version adds support for SmartLabs' PowerLinc Modem and Insteon extended messages which can be used to control Insteon products and enhance the speed and reliability of device linking to the software. The update also features an improved automatic reconnection tool for serial devices and improved Insteon link syncing for PowerLinc interfaces. Version 4.1 includes new control page options for the companies iPhone application, Indigo Touch, and support for new Insteon hardware modules.

QuickTime 7.6.4 causing playback problems on Windows?

10/01, 10:35pm

Users reporting no video, just audio

A number of reports on Apple's Support pages suggest the latest QuickTime update, v7.6.4, has been causing problems on Windows machines. Many users attempting to play embedded videos can only hear the sound, while the video content is left blank.

Finale NotePad, Finale Reader add Snow Leopard support

10/01, 10:30pm

Finale NotePad 2010, Finale Reader updates

MakeMusic has released an update to both its Finale NotePad and Finale Reader music notation software packages, adding support for Apple's latest Snow Leopard operating system and compatibility with Finale 2010, Print Music 2010 and SongWriter 2010 files. Finale NotePad 2010 allows users to create, play, print, and save music notation, along with sharing them by exporting in either MIDI or MusicXML formats. Additional new features include improved percussion notation and documentation, and having the selection handles within a score now transparent.

Crystal Games announces Snake Warriors for Mac

10/01, 10:30pm

Snake Warriors game coming to Mac

Crystal Games has announced Snake Warriors, a new action and role-playing game for the Mac. Snake Warriors has players take control of a young Snakemaster names Rahan and his large snake Kijani, as they set off on an adventure to destroy the evil Snakemaster Wakuan who has started a revolution against the King. When doing battle players take control of Kijani the snake, and fight with other snakes while navigating around a map and collecting various items to either increase their health or do more damage to the opponent. Players can use a series of bite or spell attacks in order to defeat their enemy.

Palm set to offer paid apps for webOS

10/01, 8:50pm

Service launches October 2nd

Palm is allegedly ready to launch its paid app service for webOS devices, a source has told PreCentral. Content will linked with the user's Palm Profile, enabling deleted apps to be re-downloaded without requiring a second purchase. After purchasing a new Pre or Pixi, all of the apps can be transferred to the new device.

Apple patent details hand gestures on tablet-size display

10/01, 7:35pm

Tech utilizes positions and movement of full hand

Amid the growing rumors surrounding an Apple tablet, a patent has surfaced that involves hand gestures on a touchscreen much larger than the iPhone display. The technology, labeled as "Contact Tracking and Identification Module for Touch Sensing," appears to be an extension of the current Multi-Touch system, but integrates elements from two hands instead of several fingers.

Palm Pixi to ship October 20?

10/01, 6:10pm

Palm Pixi may show in three weeks

Palm's Pixi may already be in stores in less than three weeks' time if a leak proves true. A new but seemingly realistic source for BGR claims that the phone will be in stores on October 20th. The release would be complete and include not just Sprint's own stores but Best Buy and other third-party chains as well.

18% of Macs using Snow Leopard in one month

10/01, 5:50pm

NetApplications shows Mac, Firefox gains

More than a sixth of all Macs are already running Mac OS X Snow Leopard in just over a month of use, new findings from NetApplications show. On September 29th, the one month anniversary of the release, about 18 percent of all Macs tracked by the stats firm were using some version of Snow Leopard, or 0.91 percent of all computers.

Trickle of companies switching from BlackBerry to iPhone?

10/01, 5:25pm

Shift driven by subtle differences

A small but significant number of corporations are switching from BlackBerries to iPhones, a new report claims. Citing various industry sources, including a "top sales executive" from a major cellphone carrier, the report suggests that several factors are spurring a transition. Predominant is cost, since a company with a thousand workers may spend tens of thousands of dollars handling BlackBerry services, a consequence of hosting internal servers or relying on outsourcing.

Amazon claims it will only delete Kindle books when forced

10/01, 5:20pm

Amazon shows new rules of deleting e-books

After its recent e-book deletion fiasco and subsequent apology, Amazon has revised its rules regarding remotely deleting e-book content on a user's Kindle reader. The new legal rules give Amazon four reasons that would validate and justify its removal of content. They include a user's consent, a user's request of a refund or failure to pay and a judicial or regulatory order that requires deletion or modification. Lastly, deletion is justified if the operation of the Kindle or the distribution network is threatened by the code, such as harmful code that can include viruses.

Nokia joins Wireless Power Consortium

10/01, 4:50pm

Nokia now a member of Wireless Power Consortium

The Wireless Power Consortium on Thursday announced that cellphone maker Nokia has become one of its members. This is expected to result in quicker development and the more widespread use of the Qi wireless charging standard the Consortium is working on. With the addition of Nokia, the company has backed the open standards that would be shared among many makers of cell phones and other portable electronics devices.

Samsung Armani W8200 spotted, detailed

10/01, 4:30pm

Photos, specs of Samsung Armani phone outed

Images and specs of the Samsung Armani W8200 have finally been spotted online, some five months after it was first promised. What has been gleaned is that the device sports a 3.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen along with a slide-out hardware keypad. The device will support high-speed HSDPA data networks.

Ooma Telo reaches shops

10/01, 4:15pm

Ooma Telo begins shipping to retailers

Ooma on Thursday announced its Ooma Telo web-based home phone should now be widely available in stores. Ooma Telo gives users free US local and long distance calls using their existing Internet connection. As such, there are no associated monthly fees, other than the cost of the broadband connection, and users only need to pay for the Ooma home phone. The device also brings with it caller ID, call waiting and 911 emergency services for no extra fees.

Rogers Rocket Hub shares 7.2Mbps 3G

10/01, 4:00pm

Rogers reveals Ericsson-made Rocket Hub

Rogers today counted itself as one of the first North American carriers to offer an officially-sanctioned 3G wired and wireless router on its network. Rebadged as the Rocket Hub, the Ericsson-designed router can take cellular data, up to 7.2Mbps 3G over HSPA, and share it both over Wi-Fi as well as for those on an Ethernet link. The Hub is deemed particularly important for users who can't get Internet access for multiple devices but expect to remain in one place.

Mark/Space intros Missing Sync for Android

10/01, 4:00pm

Public preview coming soon

Developer Mark/Space has announced The Missing Sync for Android, expanding the company's phone support. The new program allows users to sync with a phone based on Google's Android platform, such as the HTC Hero. Version 1.0 supports syncing contacts with Address Book and Entourage, as well as copying over music, photos, podcasts, ringtones and/or videos, primarily from an iTunes or iPhoto library.

Mac mini shipments to resellers delayed 2-3 weeks

10/01, 4:00pm

Supply hiccup indicating imminent refresh?

Apple has allegedly notified several resellers that shipments of Mac mini systems will be delayed by two to three weeks, according to Apple Insider. The extended shipping time frame affects the entry-level 120GB model and the 320GB variant. Usually the company has computers on their way to vendors within 24 hours from the time an order is placed.

Job post suggests SlingPlayer for Android, webOS

10/01, 3:35pm

SlingPlayer coming to Palm Pre, as per job post?

A job listing at Sling Media, the maker of the Slingbox streaming TV hub, suggests that both Android and webOS versions of the streaming TV application are in develpoment. The job calls for a Senior Mobile User Interface Designer knowledgeable in these platforms as well as in platforms that already have SlingPlayer apps, such as BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Joby unveils Gorillamobile 3G/3GS tripod

10/01, 3:25pm

Joby Gorillamobile 3G/3GS

Joby updated its defining tripod line this afternoon by launching the Gorillamobile 3G/3GS. The add-on preserves Joby's distinctive trick of using three bendable arms that lets the Gorillamobile cling to many surfaces, such as a bike's handlebars, but adds a removable case that both holds an iPhone 3G/3GS in place and detaches to serve as basic protection in a pocket. Uniting the two gives either Apple device a more stable platform for photos or videos without needing a flat surface for a regular tripod.

MSI rolls GT640 notebook with Core i7

10/01, 3:00pm

MSI intros GT640 gaming notebook with Core i7

Taiwanese PC maker MSI has recently announced a new addition to its G Series of gaming notebooks with the 15.4-inch GT640. It ships with Intel's mobile quad-core Core i7 processor, though which models aren't known. The portable represents one of MSI's first Windows 7 systems and will have relatively quick visuals through a GeForce GTS 250M for graphics. Hard drives can be had in 250GB, 320GB or 500GB capacities, but MSI only promises up to 4GB of RAM.

Moto Sholes to reveal as the Droid in two weeks?

10/01, 2:55pm

Moto Droid gets photos, launch details

Motorola's Sholes has received a new name, and details of when it should be unveiled, through a new slip of information. Unnamed contacts for BGR have claimed it will simply be called the Droid when it ships and that it should be unveiled for Verizon in two weeks. They add that, unlike the Cliq, the phone should be a full "with Google" device and will run a regular version of Android instead of Motorola's social network-heavy MOTOBLUR.

Windows Mobile to reach 15% of smartphones in 2013?

10/01, 2:20pm

Win Mobile usage to triple by 2013

In spite of common perception, Windows Mobile could take second place in the smartphone market in as little as four years, an iSuppli study predicted today. Analysts estimate that the phones shipped will triple from 27.7 million by the end of this year to 67.9 million in 2013, or enough to give it 15.3 percent of the industry behind Nokia's predicted 47.6 percent. Microsoft is expected to slip to third this year but to recover over time.

NI ships Absynth, Guitar Rig, Kontakt, Komplete updates

10/01, 2:05pm

Originally announced in September

Native Instruments has begun selling updated versions of several core music programs. The first is Absynth 5, a software synthesizer which has been improved with better audio quality, as well as new synthesis and effects features. Amongst the latter is the Mutator tool, which creates variations of a preset based on related ones.

Nokia 6350 coming to AT&T

10/01, 1:20pm

AT&T soon getting Nokia 6350 handset

Nokia on Thursday launched the 6350, a flip phone specific to AT&T. The simple handset will be available in red and graphite and carry dedicated external music keys. Data over 3G and a 2-megapixel camera put it closer to the mid-range.

OWC preps 1TB Mercury On-the-Go Pro drives

10/01, 12:50pm

Three interface options

Other World Computing has announced a new 1TB capacity for its Mercury On-the-Go Pro external hard drives. All of the 1TB models rely on 2.5-inch storage, and use 8MB caches. Speed options are limited to 5200rpm, as compared to some other Pros, which can reach 7200rpm or SSD levels.

Samsung Omnia II due at Verizon with Win Mobile 6.1?

10/01, 12:20pm

Omnia II at Verizon may keep Win Mo 6.1

Samsung's Omnia II when it reaches Verizon may not use Windows Mobile 6.5 like the HTC Imagio, a detailed rumor said late Wednesday. A source that also correctly detailed the Imagio claimed the Omnia II would ship in mid-October, shortly after Windows Mobile 6.5 will be available, but will instead ship with an older Windows Mobile 6.1 release instead. The WMExperts contact didn't explain why this would be but cautioned that the modern OS would only come through a firmware update a significant amount of time after the phone is ready.

Oppenheimer, Merrill Lynch analysts raise AAPL targets

10/01, 12:05pm

Each cites unexpected factors

Two prominent analysts of Apple stock have raised their price targets, Barron's writes. Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner has increased his target from $185 to $210, also pushing EPS estimates up to $1.50 for the September quarter, and to $5.97 for FY09. FY10 EPS is now predicted to be $7.76, a jump from $6.49.

NEC adds three eco-friendly AccuSync monitors

10/01, 11:45am

NEC adds entry-level AccuSync desktop monitors

NEC on Thursday added three new desktop monitors to its AccuSync lineup. All are entry level and environmentally-friendly, and include the 19-inch AS191, 19-inch widescreen AS191WM and 22-inch widescreen AS221WM. Compared to the models they replace, they use up nearly 50 percent less power, while an ECO Mode in the widescreen models lets users choose from two energy saver settings.

Verizon carries Gateway netbook with built-in 3G

10/01, 11:25am

Verizon adds Gateway LT2016u with 3G

Verizon this morning topped off its device launches with its second netbook to have built-in 3G. A special version of the Gateway LT2016u will support Verizon's EVDO network out of the box and will be subsidized to a lower $150 price in return for a two-year data plan and a $100 rebate. The same broadband plans apply and will give either a modest 250MB for $40 per month or 5GB for $60 per month.

O2 runs dry of iPhone 3GS stock

10/01, 10:55am

Part of continuing global trend

O2's UK division has temporarily run out of the iPhone 3GS, according to the Telegraph. Both the 16 and 32GB models are no longer available from the company's online store, and most physical outlets are said to have been without phones for two weeks. Supplies of the 32GB model were only depleted on or after September 28th.

Dell outs Vostro 430 tower with Core i5

10/01, 10:55am

Dell releases Vostro 430 desktop

Dell this morning added a new mid-range tower to its home and small business line. The Vostro 430 is Dell's first system in the range to use Intel's Core i5 and, even in the base model, starts off as a quad-core desktop. Dell claims that its least expensive system is as much as five times faster than a 3.6GHz Pentium D in some tasks.

Dell Inspiron 11z gets more customization options

10/01, 10:30am

Dell adds hardware options to Inspiron 11z

Dell today said it has added more cosmetic and performance customization options to its Inspiron 11z notebook. Dell has now added expanded its range of color options for the 11.6-inch CULV system beyond the original black, including white, blue, green, red, purple or pink. There are also new processor, memory and hard drive options.

PSP 6.10 adds SensMe, PSP Go Bluetooth data tethering

10/01, 10:25am

Sony updates PSP to 6.10 firmware

In sync with today's launch of the PSP Go, Sony today launched its version 6.10 firmware update. The patch gives all PSPs a new SensMe feature which, much like most Walkman players, sorts music by an automatically generated mood or genre, such as "extreme" or "dance." In a special twist for PSPs, though, SensMe can use the clock to set the mood by the particular time of day. The interface is also much more visual with large album art and a pseudo-3D interface.

Israeli Apple reseller using biased repair policy?

10/01, 10:00am

May run against international Apple policy

Apple's Israeli reseller, iDigital, is instituting a discriminatory campaign against imported Apple products, a local protest group claims. Macs sold in the region are said to cost up to twice as much as in the US, prompting some Israelis to buy computers while traveling abroad. In theory, the international warranties provided with Macs should get users repair coverage from any authorized repair site.

Verizon adds Barrage, Razzle, Shade to its range

10/01, 9:50am

New Verizon handsets offer variety

Verizon Wireless has introduced three new handsets recently, including the Motorola Barrage, Verizon Razzle and Nokia Shade. The Barrage is the most unique as a ruggedized flip phone that meets the MIL-SPEC standard for resistance to submersion in water for up to 30 minutes as well as humidity, shock, vibration and exposure to sun. It otherwise has push-to-talk functionality and integrates a 2-megapixel camera.

Simon and Schuster intros video book format

10/01, 9:30am

Simon and Schuster launches Vook format

Simon & Schuster hoped to spur on the creation of a new book format on Thursday by launching vooks, or video books. The approach builds videos directly into a text and is meant to enhance a work while minimizing the flow of a book as much as possible. An instructional book can show a task in action, for example, while a novel can use clips to establish the setting or to show a video a character would have watched.

T-Mobile G1, myTouch to get Android 1.6 today

10/01, 9:00am

T-Mobile Android phones may get 1.6 today

T-Mobile may be on the verge of updating its Android phones with the 1.6 update with "Donut" features, a last-minute leak has confirmed. Starting today, the carrier is reported by TmoNews to be giving both G1 and myTouch 3G users the upgraded features, which are known to include device-wide search, gestures, text-to-speech and likely the redesigned Android Market. A handful of G1 owners have had the update as of midnight; 24 hours from that point, some myTouch 3G owners should also get the update barring technical issues found in the test rollout.

Verizon intros Win Mobile 6.5-based HTC Imagio

10/01, 8:20am

HTC Imagio official for Verizon

Verizon this morning launched a raft of new devices headlined by its first ever device to run Windows Mobile 6.5. The HTC Imagio takes advantage of the Microsoft OS' more touch-friendly interface and brings TouchFLO 3D, an improved version of HTC's in-house interface that brings contacts and other info to the top level. It's also Verizon's first smartphone-class device to support FLO TV and takes advantage of a large 3.6-inch, 800x480 touchscreen to show the live digital TV at its native resolution.

Apple purchase of Placebase a rift with Google?

10/01, 7:50am

Apple quietly buys map firm Placebase

Apple has stealthily bought an online map firm in what could represent an aid to the iPhone but a split with Google, a search has discovered. A startup company, Placebase, was bought by Apple in July but provided so little attention about the takeover that it wasn't until a check on former CEO Jaron Waldman's LinkedIn profile confirmed the move. Waldman is now part of a "Geo Team" at Apple performing in an unspecified role.


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