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QuickBooks for Mac 2010 adds credit processing, payroll

updated 12:20 am EDT, Wed September 30, 2009

Intuit unveils QuickBooks 2010 for Mac

Intuit has unveiled Quickbooks for Mac 2010 with built-in credit card processing, access to the company's new payroll service and several enhancements designed to improve ease of use. Also included is My Time, a new standalone application for time tracking and billing.

The company says its made over 40 enhancements to QuickBooks 2010, many aimed at new users. Intuit claims to have significantly reduced the number of set-up screens users must complete to get the software up and running. New "Guide Me" on screen hints help users through critical tasks, such as filling out invoices.

The Company Snapshot feature -- a quick-access dashboard for key company data -- can now be customized by the user. Intuit says it's also worked to simplify the interface throughout the application, reducing the number of steps required for routine functions such as printing and sending batch e-mails.

One feature new to the just-released QuickBooks 2010 for Windows -- but missing in the Mac version -- is a new "app-store," allowing users to purchase modules to add functionality to the program. An Intuit spokeswoman tells MacNN the company will consider adding similar support for the Mac version if enough customers request it.

The addition of payroll processing follows Intuit's recent purchase of online payroll startup PayCycle in June. Now called Intuit QuickBooks Payroll for Mac, the service works with data from QuickBooks to provide paychecks, tax forms and related services for a fee based on the number of workers.

QuickBooks 2010 for Mac also adds credit card processing from within the application, again using a service owned by Intuit. The company sells a USB-based credit card reader that lets merchants complete a sale without having to manually enter transaction data into QuickBooks.

A completely new feature this year is the addition of MyTime, a standalone time tracking application that integrates with QuickBooks to simplify billing for hourly labor. The application allows users to keep track of billable hours without opening QuickBooks.

Quickbooks for Mac 2010 works with Intel Macs running OS X 10.5.7 or above and will be available in late October for $200. The company does not have an upgrade program for users of previous versions. Credit card processing and payroll services are available at additional monthly cost.

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  1. sgirard

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I moved my business to (for invoicing) and (for accounting) last year. I finally got tired of waiting for Intuit to make the Mac version of Quickbooks work as well as the Windows version (is the file format for Quickbooks the same between Windows and Mac these days? I remember it was a pain to get a Windows version of my Quickbooks file to my accountant every year.)

    My accountant loves the new system and so do I. Best move I ever made.

    But if you like Quickbooks, that's great. I just want people to know there are alternatives that can work really well.

  1. jwdsail

    Joined: Dec 1969


    spread sheet export?

    Does 2010 still require you to have MS Office installed to export Excel spreadsheets? (Numbers+NeoOffice user)

    If so, still no sale.

  1. WalterC

    Joined: Dec 1969



    A Mac alternative to Intuit QB would be nice (especially for a small business.

    I do not feel comfortable placing client financials/inventory etc. in a cloud-based accounting environment. (Freshbooks/Clarity)

  1. motionMan

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Still second class

    I bought quicken for mac in 2005 and have used quickbooks mac 2006 and 07. They worked but were lacking. Inuit really dropped the ball with Quicken Financial Life (still un-released) and it looks like they've dropped the ball with QB 2010.

    Until Intuit stops treating Mac users like second class citizens by leaving off features from the windoze version and engineering incompatibility, I'll use alternatives. 2010 will make yet another year they lose my and my clients business.

  1. JackWebb

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I'm still on QB06 b/c the upgrades haven't sounded compelling. I can't demo and now the invoicing computer is running 10.4 so this won't work.

    I wonder if they ever added a search feature that will let me search for the customer's PO number. There's a place to enter for the invoice it but I can't search for it so when the customer gives that to me as a reference, I have to say them, "I'm sorry sir, I'm using Quickbooks for Mac and it doesn't allow me to search for useful things like that."

    Stone Hill Invoicer has some bugs like not obeying the starting invoice number properly but if invoicing is the main thing, it is promising. I have too many records in QB to expend the time to move right now:

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