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HP ready to merge printer and PC divisions?

09/29, 11:50pm

Source claims company will reorganize structure

HP chief Mark Hurd is allegedly preparing to reorganize the company, with the most significant adjustment involving the printer and PC divisions merged under the same leadership, according to the Wall Street Journal. The sources, claimed to be "familiar with the situation," suggest the plan currently awaits final approval from Hurd.

Six apps to be released parallel to Ken Burns mini-series

09/29, 11:35pm

iPhone apps display images of national parks

Open Door Networks and Project A have announced a series of six iPhone apps will be released in parallel with the new Ken Burns PBS series, "The National Parks: America's Best Idea." The companies plan to release a single app to their Envi product line each day an episode airs, between September 27th through October 2nd, putting out a total of six programs. Based on the companies' iEnvision web-image browser iPhone app, the new apps utilize the "Ken Burns" motion effect to showcase thousands of web-based photographs from about 400 National Park Service sites.

LaCie intros new USB-powered Cabasse speaker system

09/29, 10:25pm

LaCie Sound2 Speakers

LaCie and loudspeaker manufacturer Cabassee have announced the Sound2 Speakers, a new USB-powered speaker system. The set is designed to be used with any computer, iPhone, iPod or other media player, with plug-and-play connection to avoid setup hassle. The system integrates a Class D digital amplifier with magnetic shielding, which reaches a total output of 15W per speaker. Cabasse's Wide Band Drivers provide a frequency response reaching from 80Hz to 20kHz, while a bass reflex design helps enhance the low-end sound.

NI Sound and Vibration Suite adds frequency sweep tool

09/29, 10:05pm

New virtual instrument selects frequency filters

National Instruments has released the NI Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite 2009, a collection of the developers machine condition monitoring and audio test applications. The suite features a new continuous frequency sweep virtual instrument (VI) used to perform frequency response tests. The collection additionally utilizes an AES17-compliant audio filter VI that provides the correct frequency filters for testing audio devices that involve digital-to-analog conversion technology.

Health care reform iPhone app rejected for political reasons

09/29, 9:35pm

Apple claims content is "politically charged"

Apple has frustrated yet another developer, as the company allegedly rejected an iPhone app, iSinglePayer, which promotes health insurance reform in the US. The app displays charts and information regarding single-payer health care systems, while GPS information can be used to find a local congressperson. Users can even view the donations to each congressperson from the health sector.

Dropbox launches iPhone app for file sync, sharing

09/29, 7:55pm

App complements standard desktop-based service

Dropbox has released an application for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows users to access or manage content from their Dropbox accounts. From the mobile interface, users can view or download files, take photos or videos and upload them to the Dropbox, share links to files, or sync downloaded files to keep the desktop and mobile systems up-to-date.

Apple website offers guide for iPhone apps

09/29, 7:30pm

Apps previewed without using iTunes App Store

Apple has expanded its website to include a special section dedicated to many of the apps shown in TV commercials and other ads. Featured apps are organized into several different categories such as "Apps for Cooks," "Apps for the Great Outdoors," and "Apps for Music," among others. Visitors can also browse through Apple's list of Staff Picks.

US may need $350b for broadband; CTIA wants spectrum

09/29, 6:30pm

FCC broadband plan may need $350 billion

A mid-progress update from an FCC panel said today that the US may need $20 billion to $350 billion invested into broadband to realize current government plans for readily available, national Internet access. The agency warns that its data is incomplete but that the figures may be necessary depending on the guaranteed speeds, with $20 billion covering relatively basic broadband while the top sum would cover high-grade access. The figure is well beyond the $7.2 billion so far assigned to the initiative.

VholdR launches helmet cam with 1080p

09/29, 5:40pm

VholdR ContourHD upgraded to 1080p

Action sports cam maker VholdR on Tuesday revamped its ContourHD helmet camera with its first major upgrade. The new variant of the ruggedized unit jumps from 720p to 1080p and now shoots in more modes, such as at 4:3 ratio 960p or at 60 frames per second in 720p. A particularly wide-angle, 135-degree lens gives it a better view of the environment, and dual sighting lasers help owners compose the shot.

Echofon for Mac syncs unread tweets with iPhone app

09/29, 5:35pm

Program built for Twitter

Naan Studio has released a public beta of its Echofon desktop app for Mac systems. The software works in conjunction with the company's Echofon Pro app for the iPhone and iPod touch, allowing users to sync unread tweets between their mobile device and computer.

MS competitors complain about EU decision

09/29, 5:10pm

MS competitors criticize EU settlement

A number of software developers that make competitors to Microsoft's Internet Explorer have complained about the recent settlement with the EU that would allow Microsoft to give users the option to install another web browser. According to a Monday WSJ report (subscription required), the complaints came via a questionnaire EU officials sent out to Microsoft's competition, urging them for comment on the settlement idea.

Akamai launches network for widescale HD, iPhone streaming

09/29, 4:55pm

Akamai intros HD Network with online streaming

Akamai on Tuesday announced it will soon launch the Akamai HD Network that will be capable of delivering HD video to hundreds of thousands of people using Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and, eventually, the iPhone. The Akamai HD Network will support both live and on-demand streaming. It will run on Adamai's global EdgePlatform network platform composed of over 50,000 servers, allowing content providers with a reach to some 70 countries.

iPhone significantly affecting app development

09/29, 4:45pm

Estimates produced by fixing firm

The popularity of the iPhone is having a major impact on developers, claims iPhoneAppQuotes, a company that pairs iPhone developers with institutions needing custom work. Outfits that have recently added app development as a service are now said to have an average of 34 percent of their business taken up by iPhone projects. On top of this, mobile development is said to create an average growth of 39 percent for "most" developers.

Belkin’s power bar has built-in timer to cut phantom draw

09/29, 4:25pm

Belkin intros energy-conserving power bar

Belkin on Tuesday announced the release of its Conserve Surge with Timer power bar, which has a built-in timer to eliminate power draw when an office workstation is not in use. The power bar is meant for but not limited to use in offices, where IT energy costs are unnecessarily high due to the phantom power draw from turned off devices or computers in standby mode. Related devices such as printers, lamps, speakers, scanners and other accessories are also disconnected from the electrical outlet when the timer runs out.

Canon backs out of PMA 2010

09/29, 4:15pm

Canon decides against attending PMA

Canon today confirmed recent rumors and said it had chosen not to have a presence at the 2010 PMA (Photo Marketing Association) trade show in February. A spokeswoman for the camera maker argued to PDN that the company's product line is showing too much "convergence" for it to go to the expense of attending a speciality show. Future shows will only involve those that have the "broadest reach," the representative said.

C-motech shows 7-inch Windows Mobile MID

09/29, 4:10pm

C-motech shows Snapdragon-powered, WM 6.5 MID

Korea-based C-motech has shown off a new mobile Internet device (MID), the Mangrove. Unlike conventional MIDs, the 7-inch device uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Windows Mobile 6.5. The Mangrove should be quick as it centers on Qualcomm's Snapdragon CPU, which also powers smartphones like Toshiba's TG01. In this case it builds both 3G and CDMA into the chipset to give the MID data without needing a separate chipset.

CNN launches iPhone app with video, iReport integration

09/29, 3:50pm

App enables sharing via Twitter, SMS, Facebook

CNN has launched an iPhone app that provides access to a variety of content such as news stories, videos and iReport. Users can view several different categories including breaking news, top stories and entertainment news, with local features for weather, news and traffic. Each of the items is available as a summary or full article.

REALbasic 2009 Release 4 adds report editor

09/29, 3:35pm

Studio edition adds build automation

REAL has launched a new update, Release 4, for REALbasic and REALbasic Studio 2009. The software development suites are cross-platform, and object-oriented. Supported elements include the likes of RTI, vector graphics, QuickTime and XML.

Moto Cliq to ship Nov. 2, match iPhone's price

09/29, 3:30pm

T-Mobile details Moto Cliq launch

T-Mobile this afternoon set out official launch details for the Motorola Cliq, its newest Android phone and Motorola's first touchscreen smartphone. Pre-orders for existing users should start on October 19th while the phone should ultimately arrive in stores on November 2nd; those who order in advance may get the phone early, T-Mobile said. The handset itself is priced at the same $200 on contract as its tougher competition, including the iPhone and BlackBerry Tour, though it's more expensive than the $150 prices of the Palm Pre or T-Mobile's own myTouch 3G.

NVIDIA releases CUDA Fortran compiler in beta form

09/29, 3:15pm

Translates for supporting video cards

NVIDIA has announced that a public beta release of the PGI CUDA-enabled Fortran compiler is now available for download. The compiler was developed by NVIDIA and the Portland Group, and is billed as the first Fortran compiler that works with CUDA-enabled GPUs. The compiler translates the Fortran programming language into binary code that CUDA GPUs can interpret.

MacNN Review: Sound Studio 3

09/29, 3:00pm

High marks for power at low price

MacNN has reviewed Sound Studio 3, which records and edits various audio formats. It offers QuickTime and iTunes compatibility, and supports ID3 tagging in the latter. Version 3.6 adds additional core formats, IMA 4:1 support and interface enhancements.

Verizon axes Hub phone after lack of demand

09/29, 3:00pm

Verizon cancels Hub VoIP phone

Verizon has quietly shut down sales of its Hub home phone after less than a year of sales. No explanation has been given, but the device was targeted at a narrow audience of families that still needed a home phone but were willing to use it as a sync point for their cellphones' calendars and news. Cost may also be a factor, as while the Internet-based calling was $35 per month for unlimited North American calls, the device itself cost $200, or more than most of Verizon's cellphones.

MacBook Pro battery case ruptures, Apple refuses replacement

09/29, 2:35pm

Incident matches reports from Apple online store

MacNN reader Robert-Anthony Bunoan has voiced frustration with Apple after the battery in his 17-inch MacBook Pro reportedly swelled to the point of rupturing the case. The notebook was approximately two years old, with a removable battery instead of the integrated lithium-polymer design featured in the latest aluminum-unibody models.

More images, ship date surface of HTC Imagio for Verizon

09/29, 2:30pm

HTC Imagio for Verizon spotted, dated

The HTC Imagio XV6975 smartphone that will soon arrive at wireless provider Verizon has been spotted again, showing more details and the required Verizon branding. The phone will run on Windows Mobile 6.5, but lacks a hardware QWERTY keyboard. It will also be the first full smartphone offering in Verizon's lineup to support FLO TV broadcasts.

MS Courier to use Windows 7, have journal focus?

09/29, 2:10pm

Courier touch notebook

Microsoft's Courier dual-screen tablet uses a full desktop OS underneath, a leak from the project maintains. Just as the company's Surface multi-touch tables use Vista underneath, the new project is seen by Mary Jo Foley as using Microsoft's latest OS and having access to its deeper features. It isn't believed to be just a cosmetic change, however, and would intentionally break compatibility with regular Windows 7 apps; Courier-native third-party apps are a possibility.

Sony intros DPP-F700 photo frame with printer

09/29, 2:00pm

Sony photo frame has built-in printer

Sony will soon release its DPP-F700 photo frame, which also includes a built-in photo printer. The 7-inch screen on the frame sports 800x480 resolution, and there is 1GB of built-in memory. Users can display the current time in a choice of 21 templates. The integrated printer can create 4x6-inch prints at up to 300x300dpi resolution. The prints uses TruFast technology, meaning they are resistant to fingerprint marks, water and discoloration when exposed to light. Photos stored on the frame can be printed in less than one minute.

Apple pushes unnecessary iPhone utility to Windows users

09/29, 1:30pm

Echoes Safari controversy

Windows users have again been pressed into downloading an unneeded program through Apple's Software Update utility, MacNN can confirm. The latter is requesting that users download iPhone Configuration Utility 2.1, which is identified as an update rather than just an optional add-on. The program is unimportant to the general public, intended for enterprise management of iPhone apps and profiles.

Panasonic shows notebooks with Windows 7

09/29, 1:00pm

Panasonic adds new ToughBook models, Win7

Panasonic on Tuesday morning debuted six new Let's Note models in Japan, which are the equivalent of the maker's ToughBook rugged notebook PCs in North America. There were updated versions of the F8, R8, T8, W8 as well as two new models in the S8 and N8. The main change is the inclusion of 32-bit Windows 7, with some models getting the option to downgrade to Windows XP. The new S8 and N8 PCs also get much more powerful processors, with Intel's 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo, whereas the R8 makes do with a low-power 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo. The main difference between the S8 and N8 is the inclusion of a DVD drive in the S8 and a lack of one in the N8.

Microsoft intros Xbox 360 holiday bundles

09/29, 12:40pm

Console, gamepad deals

In a bid to spur upcoming holiday sales, Microsoft has announced two new gaming bundles. The first is the Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle, which links the high-end version of the 360 with Pure, an all-terrain racing game, and the kids' action title Lego Batman. The bundle should already be in Canadian and American stores, and cost approximately $299 US. The Elite is distinguished by a 120GB hard drive and HDMI output.

Samsung's 12-megapixel AMOLED 12M phone official

09/29, 12:15pm

Samsung AMOLED 12M ships with 3X zoom

Samsung Mobile left little time for a recent leak to sit and today launched the AMOLED 12M. Already the company's second 12-megapixel camera phone, the touchscreen phone is rare in having true 3X optical zoom as wll as other features of dedicated cameras, such as tap-to-focus, a xenon flash and image stabilization. Its name appropriately betrays the 3.3-inch, 800x480 AMOLED display and its more color-accurate image.

EyeTV app for iPhone handles live TV, recordings

09/29, 12:00pm

Tied to desktop software

Elgato has released an EyeTV app for the iPhone, which serves as an extension to the company's desktop software. Users can watch both live and recorded TV, though due to bandwidth and carrier restrictions, live TV can only be streamed over Wi-Fi. While connected to a Wi-Fi network, the app can also exploit Bonjour to discover local Macs running EyeTV.

Apple running dry of iMacs, Mac minis?

09/29, 11:35am

Apple axes iMac, Mac mini reseller orders

Apple has abruptly notified resellers that it's ramping down stock of iMacs and Mac minis in what's likely a sign of new models ahead, according to leaked details. US-based stores are being told they can no longer place new orders for any of the existing iMac models and, according to AppleInsider, at least the starter Mac mini configuration. A supply change of the sort is often a sign Apple is readying new models and wants existing stock to clear out before the new models are ready.

BusyCal 1.0 shares calendars over Internet, LAN

09/29, 11:15am

Designed for small groups

BusyMac has launched the first version of BusyCal, a new calendar application. The software shares calendars over LAN connections as well as the Internet, in either case bypassing the need for a central server. Edits can be made by multiple users, and once committed they are synced to other group members, as well as to iCal, MobileMe, Google Calendar and iPhones. More hardware and software should be compatible through Sync Services.

Sharp intros range of LX-series LED-backlit HDTVs

09/29, 10:40am

Sharp's LX LED-backlit HDTVs sport 2m:1 CR

Sharp on Tuesday announced the upcoming release of four new HDTV sets using LED backlights. The AQUOS LX-series includes the 40-inch LC-40LX1, 46-inch LC-46LX1, 52-inch LC-52LX1 and 60-inch LC-60LX1. The advanced lighting gives them a 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and all are said to be 30 percent more efficient than Sharp's preceding GX-series of HDTVs launched in January of 2008. The power draw is the lowest in its segment, according to the Japanese firm.

Sony adds slim, external 8X DVD burner

09/29, 10:25am

Sony outs DRX-S70U-W DVD drive

Sony today added a designer USB-based DVD rewriter tailored for notebooks. The DRX-S70U-W is only just larger than the drive itself and records single-layerDVDs at 8X; it can also burn rewritable discs at the same speed and dual-layer 8.5GB discs at 6X. The drive is powered by the USB bus and is intended first for netbooks and ultraportables where optical storage isn't built-in.

Vodafone to carry iPhone in UK, Ireland

09/29, 10:20am

Both regions gaining multiple iPhone carriers

International carrier Vodafone has announced plans to sell the iPhone in both Ireland and the United Kingdom. As sales will only begin in early 2010, few details are available, though via the web interested buyers can sign up for more information as it becomes available. Specific release dates, phone prices and subscription costs should be released in the near future.

Toshiba enters CULV notebooks with Satellite T100

09/29, 10:10am

Toshiba bows T100 ultraportables

Toshiba this morning made its second-ever Windows 7 notebook its first system ever to use Intel's CULV platform. The Satellite T100 series is aimed at the space just above netbooks with the added processor speed but also larger screens and thinner designs; at its smallest, the line is less than an inch thick and weighs just under 3.5 pounds. Every model is said to get as much as nine hours of battery life out of its built-in six-cell pack.

Garmin nüvifone G60 reaches AT&T 1.5 years late

09/29, 9:35am

Garmin nuvifone G60 at AT&T

More than a year and a half after it was originally announced, Garmin's nüvifone G60 has received an official launch in the US through AT&T. The GPS-centric phone originally meant to compete with the pre-GPS iPhone centers on a deep navigation app based directly on Garmin's dedicated nüvi in-car units with some accommodations for mobile users: it not only works as a pedestrian device but will remember when it was last attached to its car mount, helping owners remember where they parked. It shares the same-strength GPS receiver and should provide a quicker lock than most smartphones.

Bento 3 brings local sharing, iPhoto integration

09/29, 9:30am

Personal database app gains major update

Apple-owned FileMaker has released Bento 3, a major new edition of its personal database utility. The software now includes iPhoto integration, which allows users to associate extra information with images. Photos can be linked with any material in a database, such as events, contacts or projects.

Dell outs ultra-thin notebook with wireless charging

09/29, 8:45am

Dell Latitude Z official

Dell today unveiled a new flagship business notebook that should mark a number of firsts not just for itself but for the industry. The Latitude Z is the thinnest and lightest mid-size notebook to date at just 0.57 inches deep and 4.4 pounds despite its 16-inch display, courtesy of its use of ULV Core 2 Duo processors. However, it's also one of the first that can charge wirelessly: an inductive charging plate in the notebook bottom can power the system as quickly through contact with an optional charging stand as quickly as the optional AC adapter, Dell claims.

Apple tablet to have non-3G model, ship in June?

09/29, 7:30am

Ten Apple tablet details

Apple's heavily rumored media tablet has received added details today through a leak from a historically accurate source. The device is now thought to have a 10.7-inch screen -- up from the 9.7 most often suggested -- and to have versions both with a 3G modem as well as without. Resolution would logically increase, but it's now said the display may reach near 720p (1280x720) and would be large enough for comfortably reading books and magazines as well as larger websites and videos.

NI announces Discovery Series: BALINESE GAMELAN

09/29, 1:45am

BALINESE GAMELAN virtual instruments

Native Instruments in collaboration with the sound-design house Soniccouture, have announced the latest KONTAKT-powered virtual instrument BALINESE GAMELAN. The new audio software is the second entry in the "discovery series," offering an assortment of ethnic instruments of classic Indonesian music. The instruments in this software were sampled from the London Symphonic Orchestra's Semara Dana Gamelan Ensemble, featuring three essential elements such as the big gongs, the paired metallophones and the kettle gongs.

djay 3 update adds new user interface, improvements [u]

09/29, 12:05am

djay 3 improves multi-touch trackpad scratching

algoriddim on Tuesday introduced a new version of its digital turntable software for Mac and iTunes, djay 3. The app adds support for Multi-Touch gestures, enabling users to control a variety of parameters including effects, track scratching, or crossfade between the two virtual tables. Version 3 offers a redesigned user interface, automatic tempo and beat detection, and an auto-cut scratching function that syncs with the song's beat and rhythm. MIDI support has been added, along with support for MIDI Learn controller mapping.


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