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Nintendo confirms Wii price drop early

09/23, 11:05pm

Wii at $200 on Sept. 27

Nintendo this evening confirmed repeated leaks by formally detailing its price cut for the Wii. The console's regular price will fall from $250 to $200 as of September 27th. The box will continue to include the regular bundle of the system, a Wii remote, a nunchuk and Wii Sports.

iRiver prices Story e-book reader, begins taking pre-orders

09/23, 11:05pm

Korean device takes similar form to Amazon Kindle

iRiver has set a local price for its e-book reader, the Story, which is now available to pre-order for Korean buyers. The device carries a price of 358,000 KRW (~290 USD) directly from the company. The package includes a 2GB SD card, folding case, and two free book downloads.

IntelliScanner debuts new barcode scanner for Mac

09/23, 9:45pm

IntelliScanner Classic barcode scanner

IntelliScanner has announced a new barcode scanner, the IntelliScanner Classic, for organizing books, movies or media. It features AutoFill technology that automatically identifies scanned characters and then fills the correct information directly into the web-based database. When scanning an item, the user receives detailed information such as cover art and release dates, while content can be organized by favorites.

Strata Foto 3D CX 2 adds support for multiple image sources

09/23, 9:20pm

Software creates 3D models from video and stills

Strata has released an update to Foto 3D, its software for creating 3D models from images. CX 2 adds the ability to take image sets from video, along with other sources such as aerial photographs or extremely large files. Primary features can now be marked with 'pins,' while smaller objects can be placed on a printable template for improved automation.

Images emerge of Microsoft's own phones

09/23, 8:20pm

Microsoft Pure and Turtle images

A handful of images have leaked of what are widely believed to be the first Microsoft-branded phones. The renderings slipped out by Gizmodo appear to confirm the Turtle, a vertical QWERTY slider that also appears to have a touchscreen, as well as the Pure, a more conventional touchscreen with a side-sliding keyboard. Both have a very rounded design influenced by Sidekick creator Danger, which Microsoft bought out last year, and an interface mockup that borrows heavily from the visual style of the Zune HD.

NetNewsWire iPhone app adds Google Reader sync, Twitter

09/23, 8:15pm

RSS reader updated with new article view

NewsGator has released NetNewsWire 2.0, the latest version of its mobile RSS reader for the iPhone or iPod touch. The update adds several new features including Google Reader sync, with support for transferring starred items. The app also integrates Twitter and Instapaper services for sharing content or saving items for later reading.

Jabra Stone teased, leaked

09/23, 7:10pm

Bluetooth headset fits flush with charger

Jabra on Wednesday published a teaser site for its upcoming Stone headset. The animation shows what appears to be a headset that docks flush with its charger, creating the appearance of a pebble. Although the device is obscured in the official teaser, Gizmodo posted several alleged photos of the headset removed from the dock.

RIM previews BlackBerry Desktop software for Mac

09/23, 6:25pm

Software to be released in the near future

Research In Motion has disclosed additional details of its upcoming BlackBerry desktop software for Mac. The application will allow users to sync their smartphone to a single computer or multiple systems. Syncing to one system is said to be much quicker, although distributing the content to multiple computers is a safer method.

CyberPower, iBuyPower, MainGear add Radeon HD 5800

09/23, 6:20pm

Radeon HD 5800 reaches three PC builders

Three custom-order PC builders today became some of the earliest to pick up AMD's ATI Radeon HD 5800 series as a video option. CyberPower has added the option to three of its systems and will see the Core i5-based Xtreme 4200 and Phenom II-based Gamer Dragon 9500 come with a Radeon HD 5850 as standard while the Core i7-founded will ship with a Radeon HD 5870. Prices start from $927 for the Gamer Dagon and mode up to $999 and $1,393 for the Xtreme 4200 and 5200 respectively.

Microsoft, i4i trade shots in lawsuit appeal

09/23, 5:50pm

Microsoft, i4i appeal heard, both confident

Microsoft and i4i are once again squaring off in court in their ongoing legal battle over a patent regarding custom XML used in Microsoft Word is continuing, with both sides confident of their eventual victory. At a recent appeal, i4i made a statement that said Microsoft used the same arguments it has made unsuccessfully at the original trial.

Toshiba outs Core i7-based Qosmio X500 for US

09/23, 5:30pm

Toshiba Qosmio X500 for US

Quickly following the UK release, Toshiba has brought out an American version of the Qosmio X500. The 18.4-inch desktop replacement notebook is the PC builder's first to use a Core i7 processor and revolves around the 1.6GHz quad-core chip's added power for games and movies. It similarly comes with a 1GB GeForce GTS 250M for video. The 1080p display is stock, though for the US release Toshiba notes that not every model will have a Blu-ray drive.

Samsung Galaxy Lite delayed to 2010?

09/23, 5:10pm

Samsung Galaxy Lite specs out, phone delayed

The previously spotted Samsung Galaxy Lite will not be released in October, as previously expected, according to a recent Dialaphone report. Instead, Samsung has reportedly moved the release for the Anrdoid 1.5-powered device back to sometime in 2010, with the assumed reason being to allow the larger Galaxy to spend more time on the sales floor.

Monster releases uprated Turbine Pro earphones

09/23, 4:55pm

Monster Turbine Pro

Monster Cable today upgraded its non-Beats in-ear headphones with the addition of the Turbine Pro. The new pair purportedly has "reference" level audio, although specifications aren't given, and have a new custom-designed ear tip design that should provide better insulation from the outside world than Monster's previous design. A set of the older ear tips remains in the box.

AT&T details Friday morning iPhone MMS update

09/23, 4:40pm

Carrier settings update available through iTunes

AT&T has confirmed several details of the iPhone MMS launch scheduled for Friday, September 25th. The carrier will enable the service via a carrier settings update that will be available to download from iTunes. The update will go live sometime late morning, Pacific Time.

Avid intros Digidesign Eleven Rack

09/23, 4:35pm

Handles guitar recording, performance

Avid has formally unveiled the Digidesign Eleven Rack, a new music processing unit. The hardware is aimed at guitarists, and simulates a number of different amps from the likes of Fender, Vox, Marshall and Soldano, as well as stompboxes by companies like Ibanez, Electro-Harmonix and Univox. Convolution-based cabinet and mic emulations are used, the latter simulating dynamic, condenser and ribbon designs.

Fujifilm keeps instant film alive with new camera

09/23, 4:30pm

Fujifilm intros instant camera

Fujifilm on Wednesday announced the release of its latest instant-film camera, the Instax Mini 7S. Unlike Polaroid's PoGo digital cameras, which rely on a built-in printer, the Instax Mini 7S uses Fujifilm's Mini Instax 2-inch by 3-inch film. The film has a printed area of 1.8 by 2.4 inches, which is then developed as the finished photo.

Fon ships Fonera 2.0n router Stateside

09/23, 4:25pm

Fonera 2.0n now in US

Fon today formally rolled out its once-teased Fonera 2.0n router. The new update adds 802.11n Wi-Fi speeds but is better known for adding built-in clients for several services independently of computers. Owners can upload content to Facebook, Flickr, Megaupload, Picasa, RapidShare and YouTube when the relevant computer is turned off; it can also download BitTorrents and send Twitter updates to signal when a transfer has been completed or a guest connects to the public hotspot.

LG confirms BL20's specs through own site

09/23, 4:05pm

LG BL20 specs confirmed, including ARM9 CPU

LG has released specs for its upcoming Chocolate BL20 handset via a developer page devoted to the device. As previously believed, the touchphone will get a 2.4-inch screen with a 240x320 resolution, along with a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus. LG calls it a "simple touch phone" that can connect to HSDPA data networks with 3.6Mbps speeds. There is otherwise quad-band GSM network support and dual-band UMTS compatibility.

Dell unveils Inspiron Mini 10 with Moblin Linux

09/23, 3:45pm

Dell Mini 10v gets Intel's Linux OS

Dell at IDF revealed that it's about to ship a version of the Inspiron Mini 10v with Moblin Linux. The system is initially aimed at developers but will give everyone a simpler-to-use alternative to Ubuntu for web browsing and media playback. It specifically uses Canonical's Moblin Netbook Remix, a variant tailored for the screens and interfaces common to the mini notebooks.

Microsoft accused of dodging $707m in taxes

09/23, 3:30pm

Microsoft has saved $707m in taxes over 13 years?

Microsoft is being accused of finding a loophole that has thus far saved it from paying some $707 million in software licensing taxes, according to a blog entry from Seattle-based technologist and writer Jeff Reifman. The software giant is based in Redmond, Washington, but it records its software licensing revenue from an office in Reno, Nevada. Microsoft does this to save on taxes because of different laws in the two states, Reifman says, and so would have saved hundreds of millions of dollars over the past 13 years.

FASB greenlights key change in accounting rules

09/23, 3:30pm

May have large impact on Apple investors

The Financial Accounting Standards Board has officially certified a change in GAAP accounting rules, one which could significantly influence Apple stocks, the Wall Street Journal writes. A draft measure of the change was completed earlier this month, after pressure from corporations including Apple, TiVo and Xerox. As a result, businesses selling hardware linked to subscription services should now be able to report earnings as they are produced, instead of over an extended period.

Sony exec sees PS3 shortages if record sales continue

09/23, 3:25pm

PS3 shortages may follow $300 price

The PlayStation 3 could face shortages during the holidays if its current sales rate keeps up, SCEA chief Jack Tretton warned today. He explained that PS3 sales have tripled since the price drop to $300 and the slim redesign and that it's "conceivable" a sustained surge could lead to some stores running dry due to demand finally outpacing supply. He didn't provide a more specific estimate for when this could happen.

Report: AT&T "very nervous" as iPhone MMS launch approaches

09/23, 3:05pm

Carrier expecting network strain

AT&T is allegedly "very nervous" as the launch date for iPhone MMS quickly approaches, an unnamed source familiar with the carrier told DSL Reports. The company has requested hourly updates from their MMS aggregator partners, in an attempt to quickly discover delays or outages as the service goes live on Friday. Project coordinators expect approximately 40 percent higher traffic throughout the entire day.

Teclast preps Android-based media player

09/23, 2:45pm

Teclast intros PMP with Android, Wi-Fi, more

Taiwan's Teclast has shed some light on its latest upcoming portable multimedia player, the T58. Most significantly, it will run on Google's Android open source operating system and confirmed specs include 720p video playback, with supported video files that include RMVB, AVS, H.264, MPEG-4 and WMV9. Wi-Fi is integrated, with GPS a strong possibility.

Intel Light Peak may give iPods 10Gbps sync

09/23, 2:40pm

Intel Light Peak shown at IDF

Intel used a presentation at IDF to unveil Light Peak, a new interconnect standard for PCs. As implied by the name, the technology uses fiber optics instead of wires to transfer data and consequently has much more bandwidth. Even in its first generation, it's expected to transfer at about 10 gigabits per second, or over 20 times faster than USB 2.0; it could transfer the entire contents of a typical Blu-ray disc in about 30 seconds if working at top speed, Intel claims.

Dell Studio, Studio XPS get Core i7 updates

09/23, 2:05pm

Dell Studio notebooks with Core i7

Dell today backed its Alienware updates with the addition of Intel's mobile Core i7 processor as an option to three of its self-labeled systems. The Studio XPS 16, Studio 15 and Studio 17 all have the choice of either the 1.6GHz or 1.73GHz quad-core processors as a build-to-order upgrade. The high speed choice boosts the price of a Studio 15 to $999, while the larger Studio 17 to $1,099 and the lone Studio XPS update to $1,249.

TRENDnet unveils smallest-ever 802.11n adapter

09/23, 1:40pm

TRENDnet outs tiny USB draft N adapter

TRENDnet has unveiled the 150Mbps Mini Wireless N USB Adapter, a network link it claims is the smallest 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter ever. The device is only slightly longer than its USB connector and is built for netbooks and other PCs where it's preferable to leave the adapter attached even when the system is in a bag. It still supports full-size features like Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

Stitchtastic 1.0 converts images to cross-stitch patterns

09/23, 1:30pm

Various editing tools

Severn has released its latest application, Stitchtastic, used to design cross-stitch patterns. The program features a photo-to-pattern tool that can convert an image into a cross-stitch pattern, or users can alternatively digitally paint stitches onto a virtual canvas. The pattern can be further edited using different size brushes, switching between a full stitch and a half stitch, erasing selected stitches, or backing stitches with French knots.

MSI to build first HYDRA-based motherboard

09/23, 1:10pm

Will allow pairing of disparate video cards

Taiwan's MSI has uncovered the Big Bang, an upcoming PC motherboard. The hardware is based on Intel's P55 platform for Core i5 and i7 processors, but is most notable for integrating the Lucid HYDRA 200 chipset. The technology copes with a recurring problem in video cards, which prevents ones from different manufacturers from being used simultaneously.

Intel formally reveals Core i7 for notebooks

09/23, 1:05pm

Intel Core i7 mobile now official

Intel at its second Developer Forum keynote officially unveiled its first Core i7 processors for notebooks. Once codenamed Clarksfield, the quad-core processors share the same Nehalem architecture and 45 nanometer process as the desktop part but are designed to consume much less power, although more at peak than the Core 2 Quad. The top-end Core i7 Extreme consumes 55W where regular quad Core i7 mobile chips will use 45W.

Qualcomm's PTV player seen in live shot

09/23, 12:35pm

Qualcomm PTV caught in photo

Qualcomm's PTV media player gained substance today through a leak that appears to show a real prototype of the device. Although less elaborate than the concept drawing, it reflects the basic all-touchscreen design and the existence of a stand to keep the player upright for watching the player's signature FLO TV digital over-the-air video. A 3.5mm headphone jack and speakers are also visible in the BGR shot.

WhoPaste 3.2 adds SMS e-mail control for existing contacts

09/23, 12:25pm

Also adds bugfixes and minor enhancements

Mac-Chi has released v3.2 of its flagship software, WhoPaste. The application lets users create contact records in a variety of data stores by copying text to the Clipboard, and then invoking a user-configured hotkey. The latest version allows users to select text and create a new contact using the context menu. It also provides optional phone formatting, storing phone numbers in a manner that can be dialed from within any country.

iRex launches 3G, touchscreen e-book reader for US

09/23, 12:00pm

iRex DR 300SG reader official

iRex today branched out to the US for the first time with its first e-book device intended specifically for the US. The DR 300SG has an 8.1-inch touchscreen e-paper display but centers first on its 3G access for accessing stores. It should support the Barnes & Noble bookstore out of the box for downloads but also recognize several other store format,s including Fictionwise, LibreDigital and Newspaper Direct as well as the universal EPUB format.

Joey Roth debuts cone-shaped Ceramic Speakers

09/23, 11:45am

Aimed at audiophiles

Designer Joey Roth has announced the Ceramic Speakers, a pair of cone-styled speakers made from porcelain, cork and Baltic birch. The set includes an amplifier based on the Tripath 2024 T-Amp, with a mix of gold plating, stainless steel sheet metal and cast iron. The system uses 1/8-inch jacks, and 16-gauge oxygen-free copper speaker cables with banana plug connectors.

Toshiba unveils Core i7-based Qosmio X500 for the UK

09/23, 11:20am

Toshiba Core i7-powered Qosmio X500 dated for UK

Toshiba UK on Wednesday announced it has added a new flagship gaming notebook, the 18.4-inch Qosmio X500. The system is just the second notebook driven by Intel's mobile Core i7 CPU, which normally runs at 1.6GHz but can operate at 2.8GHz when in Turbo Boost mode. Toshiba also regards it as a media system beyond the processor and gives it both a 1080p display as well as a Blu-ray burner and HDMI-CEC support for remote control from other peripherals.

Demand already building for Apple tablet?

09/23, 11:10am

Product still unannounced by Apple

Over a fifth of the public may be interested in buying Apple's rumored tablet device, says RBC Capital Markets' Mike Abramsky. The analyst notes that in a recent survey of 3,100 people, 21 percent expressed interest in buying the tablet, despite the lack of an announcement by Apple, or even a detailed set of rumored features. The anticipation is considerably higher than the 9 percent measured for the iPhone in April 2007, says Abramsky.

Palm overwhelmed with app submissions

09/23, 10:55am

Palm faces App Catalog backlog

Palm's decision to open development to everyone has left it facing more webOS app submissions than it can take, the company's Developer Community Manager Chuq Von Rospach admitted this week. After developers complained that they weren't getting responses regarding their own apps, the official told those affected that more have arrived "than we could handle well" and that three extra people have been recruited just to streamline app testing.

2009 PC business better than hoped; Win 7 a non-factor

09/23, 10:15am

Gartner says PCs to only drop 2 percent

Computer sales will fare much better than feared but won't get any help from Windows 7, according to revamped estimates from Gartner. The analyst firm had recently predicted a 6 percent drop in shipments for all of 2009 but now believes the numbers will only drop 2 percent compared to 2008. Most of that, however, is attributed to an expected growth in holiday sales instead of any pent-up demand for Microsoft's new OS, which may actually worsen results as PC makers may put too much faith into the upgrade.

USB-IF rebukes Palm for iTunes workaround

09/23, 9:55am

May prevent future Pre sync support

By means of an official letter, the USB Implementers Forum has criticized Palm for using a workaround to sync the Pre with Apple's iTunes software. The letter is in response to an earlier complaint from Palm, which accuses Apple of violating its USB-IF membership agreement by deliberately blocking third-party devices through iTunes updates. The updates exploit USB Vendor ID numbers, according to Palm, in a way that breaks the "letter and spirit" of USB-IF terms.

Over 30 WM 6.5 smartphones due by year's end

09/23, 9:40am

More than 30 WM 6.5 phones due before 2010

More than 15 phone manufacturers will release over 30 new smartphones running on Microsoft's upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system before the end of 2009, the copmany's GCR Mobile Team Unit senior director Benjamin Tan said recently. Tan was speaking to a group of reports at the time, according to a Wednesday Digitimes report. Among the phone manufacturers slated to introduce models are HTC, Acer, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba and HP.

Alienware intros first Core i7 notebook, new desktops [U]

09/23, 9:20am

Alienware Core i7 notebook and new Area/Aurora

(Updated with more specs and links) Alienware this morning touted a symbolic milestone as the first company to ship a notebook with Intel's mobile Core i7 processor. The 15-inch m15x can be equipped with a 2GHz Core i7 920XM that not only gives it a quad-core processor but should support Hyperthreading for as many as eight effective cores. Despite the clock speed, the system should outrun the Core 2 Extreme and many higher clocked dual- and quad-core older systems.

Best Buy memo confirms Wii price cut

09/23, 8:40am

Memo proves Wii dropping to $200

A leaked note today has all but confirmed Nintendo's plans to cut the Wii's price to $200. The memo sent to Engadget tells staff that Nintendo will announce the cut on the 25th and have it take effect on the 27th. Such a schedule is consistent with Nintendo's past practices of announcing minor console updates on Fridays and of shipping updates on Sundays.

South Korea to allow iPhone, more

09/23, 8:00am

Korea rules now permit iPhone sales

South Korea's Communications Commission on Wednesday cleared a path for Apple to legally sell the iPhone in the country. The organization said (subscription required) that it would waive a normal rule that requires domestic location software and instead let individual carriers obtain permission for Apple on its behalf. The iPhone's operating system code base and policies on third-party software would previously have prevented the device from arriving in Korea as-is.

China Unicom to start shipping iPhone next month

09/23, 2:30am

Two year contracts available with 8GB, 16GB iPhone

Chinese mobile phone provider China Unicom is expected to begin selling the iPhone next month. Users will be tied to a two year contract with a $27 (186 CNY) monthly charge and can purchase either the 8GB iPhone for $293 (1,999 CNY) or the 16GB version for $439 (2,999 CNY). The telecommunications company believes it will sell more than five million iPhone units over a three year period, according to the China Times.

ezGear intros new iPod adapter for ezVision video goggles

09/23, 2:25am

TH121 ezVision video adapter for iPod

ezGear has announced the new TH121 iPod adapter cable for the ezVision video glasses. With the THI121 cable users can watch movies, TV or music videos that have been stored on the iPhone or iPod touch, with the ezVision G1 and X4 video glasses. The cable plugs directly into the bottom of the iPod and supports such models as the iPod nano 3G, iPod touch and iPod classic. By using the adapter with the video glasses users can view a simulated TV screen, which appears as if it's approximately 8.5-feet away.

Griffin intros iTrip FM transmitter for iPhone, iPod touch

09/23, 2:20am

iTrip FM transmitter for iPhone

Griffin Technology has introduced the iTrip FM transmitter for the iPhone and iPod touch. The FM transmitter, which works with the company's iTrip Controller app, is designed with a backlight LCD display and is capable of showing both track and artist information on RDS-compatible radios. In addition, the device comes with SmartScan technology for automatic detection of optimum frequencies and also allows users to manually adjust the controls.

YouTube Converter for Mac now with Snow Leopard support

09/23, 2:15am

YouTube Converter for Mac update

Pavtube has released a newer version of its YouTube Converter for Mac 1.0, adding Snow Leopard compatibility. The application is designed to convert YouTube videos to a wide arrange of video formats including MP4, M4A, MOV, or WAV, enabling them to be played on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod, Apple TV or Quick Time Player. The program also doubles as a video downloader, supporting batch downloading, along with converting multiple video files simultaneously.

Adobe announces Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac

09/23, 12:55am

New management, photo-editing tools due in October

Adobe on Wednesday morning announced Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 (Mac and Windows versions), offering automated and "intelligent" photo-editing software for consumers. Billed by the company as "the perfect" complement to iPhoto, the Mac version of the software offers new options for media management, including all the features in Adobe Bridge CS4 software -- for quick organization with a custom viewing workspace and full-screen preview with one-click close-ups as well as keyword tags and a variety of search options.

ATI launches 2X faster, 1,600-core Radeon HD 5800

09/23, 12:00am

ATI Radeon HD 5800 official

AMD's graphics label ATI tonight claimed to set a new benchmark for graphics with the Radeon HD 5800 series. The new video hardware is theoretically twice as fast as the 4870 and has an extremely large set of 1,600 stream (visual effect) cores -- enough to calculate 2.72 teraflops per second. Besides handling twice as many rendering tasks at once, the 5800 is also running a sixth-generation engine that shades and tessellates geometry more quickly, more GDDR5 memory bandwidth (150Gbps), and much improved techniques for antialiasing and anisotropic texture filtering.


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