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Griffin updates voice recording app for iPhone

09/11, 9:05pm

iTalk Recorder Premium 2.0 for iPhone

Griffin Technology has released the latest version of its voice recording app for the iPhone or iPod touch, iTalk Recorder Premium 2.0. The upgrade provides simple one-touch recording capabilities, and includes improved support for sending recordings through e-mail. The new transparent controls provide users with increased navigation for going forward or backwards through a recording. iTalk also comes with three different settings when recording, Good, Better and Best.

Atmel touchscreen tech gives unlimited, large-screen input

09/11, 6:00pm

Atmel maXTouch controller has multi touch support

Atmel is hoping to move forward the technology behind touchscreens its new maXTouch series of capacitive touchscreen controllers. The new developments are unique in supporting an unlimited number of separate and simultaneous touch inputs along with a particularly fast screen refresh rate of 250Hz. The maXTouch controllers will allow the creation of touchscreens that are larger than 10 inches with zoom, rotate, handwriting and shape recognition functionality. Atmel also claims the maXTouch devices will have the lowest power needs in their class.

Motorola's Dext dated for the UK

09/11, 5:50pm

Motorola Android phone due for Orange UK

A version of the recently introduced Motorola Cliq smartphone, the maker's first Android device, got release dates for the European market thanks to a Friday report. In Europe, the device will be known as the Dext, with UK provider Orange getting the device in early October. While prices were not set, pre-orders will begin on September 22nd.

IEEE ratifies 802.11n Wi-Fi standard after 7 years

09/11, 5:25pm

IEEE approves 802.11n at last

The IEEE standards group today officially ratified 802.11n, the most recent standard for Wi-Fi. The move officially takes the wireless spec out of the draft status it has been in since 2006 and lets companies develop 11n hardware knowing that it will work properly with any device that supports the technology. Officials plan to publish the final standard in mid-October.

Seven new themes arrive for Apple's Keynote

09/11, 5:20pm

iPresentee, Keynote Pro, Divine Fiat launch themes

Keynote users have seven new themes to work with, from three different companies. iPresentee has released Keynote Motion Themes 7.0, with five new themes. These include Backsight, Techno, Brown Target, Green Breeze and Dancing Bubbles; each ships with 15 master slide layouts and moving background graphics. They require iWork '08 or '09, and cost $25 together or $10 separately.

Blackmagic updates hardware, extends Apple support

09/11, 5:10pm

Includes new Snow Leopard, ProRes compatibility

Blackmagic has announced several product updates, to both its video hardware and the supporting software. Within the first group is the DeckLink Studio 2, an upgraded capture card which now has 10-bit HDMI capture and playback. The company is also introducing the HDLink Pro DP, a DisplayPort version of an existing HDTV monitoring converter. The new DeckLink is selling for $695, while the alternate HDLink Pro model is $495.

Vigor intros gaming PC with Ion, dedicated graphics

09/11, 5:05pm

Vigor gaming PC gets NVIDIA Ion, dedicated GPU

PC maker Vigor has recently released its Stealth NE gaming PC, which is unique in that it combines NVIDIA's Ion platform together with a choice of dedicated NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. It also has an Asetek liquid cooling system built-in that quietly dissipates heat through a 120mm radiator. CPU choices themselves range from a 2.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo to a 3GHz Core 2 Quad.

Rogers to get Motorola Android phone in 2010

09/11, 4:45pm

Motorola Android phone due at Rogers next year

Canadian wireless provider Rogers will add at least one Android-powered Motorola handset to its lineup in 2010, according to a recent report. While the specific device hasn't been named, the most likely candidate is the recently unveiled Motorola Cliq handset, which is the first Android device from the manufacturer. Motorola has promised that it will release other Android handsets soon.

Optoma launches updated PK-102 pico projector

09/11, 4:20pm

Updated PK-102 projector gets music playback

Optoma has began shipping its PK-102 pico projector, its successor to the existing PK-101. Like the PK-101, the PK-102 uses DLP technology and has the same 480x320 resolution and ability to project images up to 60 inches in size. Unlike the PK-101, however, it now has 4GB of built-in storage space and the capability to play back MP3 files from its built-in speaker. At the same time, the PK-102 doubles the contrast ratios of the PK-101 to 2,000:1.

Vectorworks 2010 to incorporate Unified View

09/11, 4:10pm

Due within weeks

Nemetschek has formally announced Vectorworks 2010, an update to its Mac CAD software launching later this month. A primary addition is the Unified View, which lets users work in 3D while retaining normal class and layer structure setups. The view also introduces VW09's snapping technology into the 3D realm, including cursor queues and automatic guide and extension lines.

3G iPod touch has 802.11n Wi-Fi chip

09/11, 4:05pm

iPod touch has Broadcom 11n part

Apple's new iPod touch has a partly neutered 802.11n Wi-Fi chip inside, according to a find by repair house iFixit. The media player is officially listed only as supporting 802.11g, but the Broadcom BCM4329 (PDF) chipset inside can technically use the much faster, 300Mbps maximum wireless standard. It also includes an FM transceiver and could theoretically support both radio stations as well as beaming audio to a car.

AT&T halts sales of just-released Nokia Mural

09/11, 3:45pm

AT&T stops sales of Nokia Mural handset

AT&T has stopped sales of the entry-level Mural flip phone from Nokia, which launched at the carrier earlier this month, because the device runs only on AT&T's 2G network instead of the 3G network, as promised. This was revealed by a Thursday BGR report, complete with an AT&T memo screen capture, and is blamed on a mistake at Nokia's factories.

Microsoft has $358m Alcatel patent award overturned

09/11, 3:30pm

Alcatel's $358m MS damages seen excessive

Microsoft today claimed a partial victory in its ongoing patent disputes with Alcatel-Lucent. Judges for the US Federal Court of Appeals overturned a $358 million award given to Alcatel for Microsoft's alleged infringing of a patent through a calendar grid feature in Windows Mobile, Money and Outlook. The officials maintained that Microsoft had still violated the patent but that the monetary damages didn't relate to the actual damage to Alcatel's business and that Alcatel hadn't provided the necessary proof.

Apple releases Grand Central Dispatch as open-source code

09/11, 3:05pm

Tech may encourage support

Apple has taken the decision to make Grand Central Dispatch, a key feature of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, available as an open-source project. Developers can now find the component's services API on the web. Grand Central is intended to simplify multi-core support in Mac OS X, which without an intermediate layer can be difficult to program for.

LG details, dates wireless HDTVs for US

09/11, 2:45pm

LG's wireless HDTVs stream 1080p signals

At the currently ongoing CEDIA show, LG is showing off its first wireless LCD HDTVs, including the 55-inch 55LHX and the LH85 series. The wireless connectivity lets users stream 1080p video signals to the TV sets up to 30 feet away without lag; a separate media box takes the majority of wired input. Power for the sets, however, still needs to come from a cable connection.

Chinese iPhone to kickstart world smartphone market

09/11, 2:35pm

iPhone in China a "starting gun"

The launch of the iPhone in China could be instrumental to the growth of smartphones in the entire world, according to an estimate by iSuppli. The threat of an officially sanctioned iPhone on China Unicom is believed to be a "starting gun" for China and has already spurred the government-backed carrier China Mobile to introduce its rival Ophone platform, which combines touchscreen phones with a custom Android operating system that shows strong influences from the iPhone. The competition is expected to spike Chinese smartphone sales by 42.5 percent in 2010 to 30.2 million.

Walkman S740 spotted in Japan at Sony convention

09/11, 1:45pm

Walkman S740 spotted in Japan

A new Walkman model has been spotted at a Sony dealer convention in Japan, according to a Friday report. Called the S740, the player noted by Engadget appears to be a more expensive and highly featured model than the recently introduced Walkman S540 in North America. Details are scarce, but it has the control layout of the S540 but no stereo speakers built into the front of the portable audio player.

Samsung intros P410M LED projector

09/11, 12:55pm

Unusually small

Samsung has announced the P410M, an LED-based DLP projector. The unit is designed with size in mind, and as such measures no more than 5.8 inches long, and 2.5 inches high. Weight has been kept to under 2 pounds.

Nokia backtracks, will allow customized Linux phones

09/11, 12:45pm

Nokia says no-customize story untrue

Nokia this morning reversed its seeming stance on excluding carrier customization from Maemo-based smartphones like the N900. Despite an executive claiming Nokia would at least partly follow the Android and iPhone models of giving less control to carriers over software in the OS, the company now says the argument is "simply incorrect" and that there are "many customization points" for carriers to alter the platform.

Facebook Desktop Notification app arrives for Macs

09/11, 12:05pm

Independently developed software

Software developers Lee Byron and Owen Yamauchi have released Facebook desktop notification software for the Mac. An independent release, it places a Facebook icon in the Mac OS Menu Bar, with drop-down notification feeds and Growl-style alerts. It is considered experimental software and has only been tested in Mac OS X 10.5.

Snow Leopard bug crippling Installer?

09/11, 11:50am

Sabotages further app installations

Mac OS X Snow Leopard is preventing some users from installing any further software, posts on Apple's support forums indicate. After upgrading to the OS, users may find that Installer is incapable of completing any kind of installation, whether in terms of first- or third-party programs. Because of Installer's deep integration into Snow Leopard, it is even preventing minor upgrades of existing applications, such as Aperture.

Justice Department looks deeper into Microsoft, Yahoo deal

09/11, 11:45am

Justice Department delays MS, Yahoo deal approval

The Justice Department is asking Microsoft and Yahoo for more information regarding a proposed deal between the two companies related to online online search and advertising, according to the New York Times. This indicates the Justice Department will not approve the proposed agreement quickly and will instead look into it further to check for possible anti-competitive behavior. Representatives at both Microsoft and Yahoo confirmed the request on Thursday, which was expected by Microsoft.

T-Mobile to get 21Mbps 3G; Android at 10K apps

09/11, 11:25am

T-Mobile plans 21Mbps HSPA in 2010

T-Mobile USA told those at the Mobilize conference yesterday that the carrier plans to ramp up its 3G speeds significantly in the next year. Although it began its 3G deployment much later than its GSM rival AT&T, T-Mobile's chief technical officer Cole Brodman expects to have its 7.2Mbps HSPA service online by the end of 2009. He now additionally expects the firm to introduce HSPA+ service at 21Mbps at some point in 2010.

iPhone 3.1 update triggering several issues

09/11, 10:30am

Problems with Exchange, power, more

Downloaders of the iPhone 3.1 firmware are experiencing a variety of problems, according to talk on Apple's support forums. Perhaps the most serious involves occasional total shutdowns, which occur without warning. Affected iPhones can be revived, but only after a manual reboot.

Sprint "confirms" Instinct HD; ship date leaked

09/11, 10:25am

Samsung Instinct HD confirmed in ad

Sprint today inadvertently confirmed its imminent launch plans for the Samsung Instinct HD through a promo given to its Premier customers. Originally known as the S50, the phone is listed as "coming soon" in the segment seen by BGR and has had some of its rumored features confirmed, including its 5-megapixel camera, improved web browser and easier text messaging.

Unboxing photos of video iPod nano

09/11, 9:55am

New display and camera, overall form unchanged

MacNN has captured a variety of hi-res unboxing pictures showing Apple's fifth-generation iPod nano (gallery available in a new viewer, below). The updated device retains the same overall form-factor as its predecessor, but with a larger 240x376 pixel display on the front panel. On the back, Apple has integrated a camera capable of recording 640x480 video and AAC audio. The microphone is visible beside the camera lens, although the new speaker is hidden inside the case. The 5G Nano is shown with an orange case, while the 4G device is wearing red.

Time developing e-book reader?

09/11, 9:35am

Time changes mind, to release e-book reader

Time Inc. is planning on releasing an e-book reader in order to compete with Amazon's Kindle and other similar devices, according to a leaked internal document from the publisher. A recent NBC report says the magazine publisher will show the device before the end of the year. Time has previously gone on record to say it will not bring out its own e-reader, but has apparently since changed its mind.

Apple posts iMac, RAID firmware updates

09/11, 9:15am

iMac update targets ATI video card problems

Apple has posted two new firmware updates, addressing separate pieces of hardware. The iMac Graphics FW Update 1.0.2 fixes stability problems on iMacs running an ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro video card, or else the Radeon HD 2400 XT. Systems must also be operating on Mac OS X 10.5.2 or later.

INQ to dip into Android smartphones

09/11, 9:15am

INQ confirms Android move

INQ late Thursday confirmed through a speech at the Mobilize conference that the company's next wave of phones would use Android. Company chief Frank Meehan provided few details but said INQ would have "pretty cool things" in store for these devices. As current INQ phones use proprietary but conventionally limited operating systems, though, the move would have INQ enter into smartphones for the first time and give it access to full third-party apps as well as Google's full feature set.

Sharp develops laser for 100GB Blu-ray discs

09/11, 8:35am

Sharp laser burns 3-, 4-layer Blu-ray

Sharp on Friday revealed a blue-violet laser that it says could lead to triple-layer or even quad-layer Blu-ray discs. The light is as strong as 500mW and achieves the feat by putting an aluminum oxynitride layer between the laser's crystal and the usual dielectric film meant to protect the laser, eking out more output than would normally be possible with just the dielectric element alone. It would not only allow a drive to read twice as deep as current dual-layer Blu-ray drives but would let it write at 8X speed on all four layers.

Ballmer outs, teases iPhone user at Microsoft meeting

09/11, 7:50am

Ballmer mocks using iPhone at Windows meet

Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer later on Thursday lightly teased an iPhone owner at a company meeting. According to witnesses that include Twitter anecdotes and a TechFlash reporter, the executive spotted a Windows team member using the Apple device to snap a photo and joked about his using the device before gently putting the phone on the ground and pretending to stomp it before moving on. He later made a similarly joking reference to the event during the presentation.

Sonnet announces Qio universal media reader/writer

09/11, 12:40am

Qio media reader/writer for on-location apps

Sonnet Technologies has announced its Qio professional universal media reader/writer for in-studio or on-location apps. The system features dual P2, SxS and CompactFlash slots, and has the ability to transfer information between two different cards simultaneously. It provides an integrated SATA controller which is based on the companies Tempo SATA E4P SATA card, and enables the four eSATA ports to connect with either Fusion F2 portable 2-drive RAID SATA storage systems or four-drive enclosures with port multipliers.


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