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Canon invites press to "most important" product launch

09/10, 11:55pm

Canon invites press to product launch

A variety of web reports suggest Canon Sweden has begun sending out press invitations regarding a secret product launch. In the short and secretive message, Canon promises that it will announce "one of the biggest and most important releases in the history of the company." The two-hour lunchtime event is scheduled for September 29th, and it's widely expected that the product in question is Canon's upcoming 1D Mark IV digital SLR.

Sonnet intros Fusion RX1600Fibre RAID storage system

09/10, 11:55pm

Fusion 16-drive RAID storage system

Sonnet Technologies has introduced the Fusion RX1600Fibre, its latest expandable RAID storage system. Designed for small video-editing workgroups, the system provides a 4-port, 8Gb Fibre Channel interface that supports up to four users and delivers maximum read speeds of 1,000MB/s or write speeds of 740MB/s. It features sixteen 1TB drives configured as RAID 5, although users can also choose between RAID 4 and RAID 6 arrays.

Check Point VPN delivers secure remote access to iPhone

09/10, 11:35pm

Check Point iConn VPN for iPhone

Check Point on Thursday launched its VPN and intrusion-prevention software for the iPhone. Check Point iConn VPN is designed to provide iPhone users with secure remote access to corporate network systems through VPN gateways. When working on corporate servers, users can do everything from e-mailing to accessing internal web portals, file servers and IP-based corporate applications.

Scosche, Griffin, Belkin announce new iPod nano 5G cases

09/10, 11:20pm

iPod nano 5G protective cases

Scosche, Griffin Technologies, and Belkin have all announced new and revised cases for Apple's latest fifth-generation (5G) iPod nano. The kickBACK hard-case with integrated rubber siding is developed by Scosche, and offers shock resistant protection and a hinged kickstand for widescreen viewing. It also includes an opening for the iPod nano's video camera, and comes with built-in traction nubs for improved grip on flat surfaces. Originally released in October of 2008 for the iPhone 3G, the new version can also be purchased from the company's online store and is currently priced at $24.

Genius releases new M712X and M609X digital tablets

09/10, 11:20pm

M712X, M609X digital tablets

Genius has released the G-Pen M609X and M712X, two new additions to its line of digital tablets for graphic designers. The two devices build off the companies previously released M609 and M712 tablets, delivering a variety of new features including both a duel-mode, as well as plug-and-play capabilities. Both tablets come complete with a rolling pad for scrolling in four different directions, along with a cordless pen which can be used to write, draw, sketch or sign e-mails.

Leaked images show LiMo Samsung handset headed for Vodafone

09/10, 11:10pm

Linux Mobile device gets 8MP camera, OLED display

Images have surfaced of an unannounced Samsung handset running on the LiMo platform and headed for Vodafone. The images, posted on the Boy Genius Report, show a brushed steel housing and an OLED screen with haptic feedback. The device is said to get an 8-megapixel camera, although further hardware specs remain unknown.

Microsoft tries positive tone in first Windows 7 ad

09/10, 10:45pm

Microsoft's first TV spot for Windows 7

Microsoft tonight reversed course on its ad strategy with the launch of its first Windows 7 ad. The 30-second TV spot (seen below) draws on the same little girl, Kylie, that starred in a Windows Live Photo Gallery ad in February and avoids the pseudo-realistic but targeted anti-Apple attacks that have characterized the "Laptop Hunters" ads. Instead, the commercial is uniformly positive and has Kylie say she's discovered "happy" words about Windows 7 from reviews, which she then puts into a slideshow using Windows Movie Maker.

Briefly: New Keynote and iWeb themes available

09/10, 8:35pm

Keynote and iWeb themes released

In Brief: iPresentee has announced the release of a new set of themes for Apple's Keynote software. The new Motion Themes package includes five new themes and is available for $25. Additionally, a new set of iWeb themes have been released by iWebTemplate. Seven new customizable packages have been introduced, with each available for $10.

Apple patent filing details acceleration-based theft alarms

09/10, 8:15pm

Future iPods to get anti-theft technology?

A recent patent filing, submitted by Apple, describes an anti-theft system that utilizes acceleration data to detect if a portable device is stolen. Information from the accelerometer would be analyzed by a controller to determine if the particular direction and speed of movement indicates that a thief might be taking the device.

Apple releases security updates for Tiger, Leopard systems

09/10, 6:30pm

Long list of vulnerabilities addressed

Apple on Thursday released security updates for Mac OS X v10.5.8 and v10.4.11, including the standard and Server editions. The updates resolve a variety of security vulnerabilities relating to maliciously crafted alias files, resource forks, image files, PDFs, scheduler requests and PixarFilm files, among others.

AMD Radeon HD 5800 outputs to six LCDs on one card

09/10, 6:10pm

Radeon HD 5800 Eyefinity shown

AMD at a press conference today demonstrated one of the core features of its upcoming Radeon HD 5800 series graphics chipset. Nicknamed Eyefinity, the ATI-branded technology gives a single video card up to six DisplayPort outputs running at their full resolution. It can also merge these into a single picture and create a live image as large as 8192x8192 once technology allows this; current technology would still allow six 2560x1600 displays that could produce a typical resolution of 7680x3200.

Matrox add-on gives Mac video editors HDMI, SDI

09/10, 5:40pm

Matrox MXO2 LE

Matrox this evening launched a new portable breakout box aimed specifically at Mac users editing at a pro level with Final Cut Studio. The MXO2 LE takes SDI, component, RCA and 10-bit HDMI video input from cameras or other sources and puts them in formats immediately usable by Color, Final Cut Pro and other apps in the suite, such as Apple's in-house ProRes 4:2:2 HQ format. It can also work with non-Apple software like After Effects and uses an XLR power input, making it friendly to a MacBook Pro at a video shoot where XLR may be more common than AC outlets.

Apple releases Mac OS X 10.6.1 with compatibility fixes [u]

09/10, 5:15pm

Flash vulnerability addressed in latest Mac udpate

Apple on Thursday released Mac OS X 10.6.1, its first maintenance update following the recent Snow Leopard launch. The company has addressed a variety of compatibility issues involving Sierra Wireless 3G modems, interrupted DVD playback, automatic account setup in Mail, and Motion 4 problems.

Analyst: Apple will try to extend AT&T deal despite inquiry

09/10, 4:55pm

Apple expected to continue exclusive AT&T deal

Despite the current government investigations surrounding exclusive relationships between handset makers and cellular networks, a number of analysts expect Apple to extend its iPhone deal with AT&T. iSuppli analyst Francis Sideco believes the continued growth of AT&T's HSPA standard will prove more attractive than the EVDO standard used by Verizon.

Alltel gets Samsung's new Freeform handset

09/10, 4:40pm

Alltel gets QWERTY Freeform from Samsung

Samsung's Freeform handset has been added to the Alltel Wireless lineup. The entry level device has a 2.2-inch color display and a QWERTY keyboard, as well as customizable navigation keys that can take users to their favorite applications. Music playback capability is built-in, and users can send data wirelessly or hook up compatible wireless headsets or headphones through stereo Bluetooth.

iPod nano to gain Nike-branded heart rate monitor?

09/10, 4:40pm

Evidence from Apple's own website

The latest iPod nano may soon have an optional Nike heart rate monitor, a guide from Apple's website is said to indicate. The manual (PDF) includes a section called "Linking a Nike+iPod Compatible Remote or Heart Rate Monitor," specifically stating that the technology is only compatible with a fifth-gen Nano. Although the new player is already in stores, there is no sign of the quoted monitor.

JVC intros 4K projector, 4.1-channel sound bar systems

09/10, 4:30pm

JVC intros reference-grade 4K projector

At the currently ongoing CEDIA home theater show in Atlanta, JVC has introduced its DLA-RS4000 Reference Series 4K home cinema projector along with a pair of 4.1-channel sound bar home theater systems. The projector can reproduce a 10-megapixel image and offers 4K resolution, or 4,096x2,400 pixels, which is more than four times that of 1080p. The projector is both ISF and THX certified, and can produce 3,500 lumens of brightness from its Xenon lamp, with 8 settings for lamp power.

Pioneer's Project ET hub has iPhone remote

09/10, 4:10pm

Pioneer demos Entertainment Tap

Pioneer at the CEDIA expo today provided demonstrations of its first networked media hub. The concept device shown on the floor, so far known only as the Entertainment Tap, still has a Blu-ray player but is intended for online media playback first and foremost: it can recognize media from DLNA-ready devices over Ethernet or Wi-Fi and has access to Netflix movies, Picasa photos and YouTube videos. Mobile control is also a high priority as the Tap can not only stream its content to a handheld over the Internet but could use an iPhone or iPod touch as a remote control for all of its functions.

NAVIGON updates MobileNavigator GPS app for iPhone

09/10, 4:05pm

Adds text-to-speech

NAVIGON has launched a second, free update for the North American version of MobileNavigator for the iPhone. The app turns an iPhone into a GPS unit, with maps for the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. It works in both portrait and landscape modes, and has features such as intelligent address entry, signpost display and lane assist. It also displays warnings when exceeding speed limits.

Watermarking plug-in Impression 1.0 launches for Aperture

09/10, 3:40pm

Aperture gets watermarking plug-in: Impression 1.0

Blue Crowbar has launched a watermarking plug-in, Impression 1.0, for Aperture. Impression automates adding a visual watermark to photos, like a company logo, a signature or a copyright statement. The software provides a preview of what the watermark will look like on a given photo before exporting the final result. Impression supports vertical and horizontal watermarks and can adjust transparency and position within the photo.

Camera-equipped iPod touch still coming, say sources

09/10, 3:40pm

Change in production very recent?

Apple is continuing work on an iPod touch with a camera, in spite of having just released a third-generation player without one, several sources claim. Yesterday's product debut surprised some onlookers, who had fully expected the addition in keeping with long-standing rumors and evidence. A camera has nevertheless been added to the iPod nano, a smaller and cheaper device.

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000 details leak

09/10, 3:30pm

Mobility Radeon HD 5K to cover whole range

A Chinese leak today has slipped many core details of AMD's next ATI notebook graphics platform. The Mobility Radeon HD 5000 series is expected to be a direct translation of the desktop models and should have similar lines. At the top, the 5870, 5850 and 5830 will all have a very large 1,600 shader units (effects processors) and should support CrossFire on gaming-oriented desktop replacements. The top two will support fast GDDR5 memory while the 5830 will need GDDR3.

Harman Kardon shows flagship receiver at CEDIA

09/10, 2:40pm

Flagship Harman Kardon receiver with TI dual DSP

Harman Kardon is currently showing off its latest flaghship home theater receiver, the 7.2-channel AVR 7550HD, at the CEDIA Expo. Like some of the other receivers in its range, it supports Dolby Volume technology that keeps its volume consistent no matter what source is playing, and is the very first to use Texas Instruments' Aureus DA710 dual audio digital signal processor for improved sound quality. Faroudja DCDi Cinema digital video processing uses a Torino chipset to upscale videos to near 1080p quality.

OWC intros Mercury On-The-Go Pro portable SSDs

09/10, 2:35pm

OWC portable SSDs available in up to 256GB

OWC on Thursday introduced its first SSDs as part of its Mercury On-The-Go Pro portable lineup, touting them as the lowest cost portable FireWire 800/400 or USB 2.0 powered devices of their kind. Starting off with the 64GB version, a 128GB unit and the largest 256GB SSD, each can transfer data at up to 100MBps. Each 2.5-inch drive offers a 64MB data cache. As with most SSDs, the lack of moving parts makes them more shock resistant, power efficient and quieter than rotating hard drives, as well as being more tolerant to temperature extremes.

Motorola launches first Android phone

09/10, 2:00pm

Motorola Cliq for T-Mobile

Motorola this afternoon entered into modern smartphones with its first Android device, the Cliq. The touchscreen slider centers on a new interface known as MOTOBLUR that has customized home screen widgets that let users check and update their social status, handle messages and check information like weather without loading a separate app. It even integrates status updates in other apps, such as for incoming calls or GPS mapping.

iFixit dissects fifth generation iPod nano

09/10, 1:45pm

Teardown revels processor, memory information

iFixit has dissected the new fifth generation iPod nano, showing the internal components. Apple introduced the Nano at its iPod press event held on Wednesday. The overall design appears to closely match the fourth-generation iPod nano, but with the new camera and a click-wheel that is not permanently affixed to the case as it was in the previous generation. The new video camera is video-only, as the size of the Nano reportedly limits the ability to integrate still-photo capable circuitry. The video camera captures H.264 640x480 video at 30 frames-per-second and captures AAC audio.

JVC outs ultra-thin 3D, LED monitors

09/10, 1:25pm

JVC outs 1.5-inch thick 3D HDTV, 0.25-inch LED TV

JVC on Thursday introduced a 46-inch 3D LCD HDTV, the GD-463D10, along with a 32-inch LED-backlit HDTV, the LT-32WX50. Both are ultra-thin, with the former just 1.5 inches (39mm) thick, while the latter is 0.25 inches (6.4mm) thick. The GD-463D10 is technically a monitor as it lacks a tuner, but can be used to reproduce 3D images thanks to the Xpol polarizing filter on the screen itself paired with the included battery-free eyeglasses.

Jade Plugin 1.0.0 automates image adjustment in Photoshop

09/10, 1:20pm

Alternative to standalone app

DataMind Srl has launched a new Photoshop add-on, Jade Plugin 1.0.0. It uses the same algorithms as the company's standalone image processor, Jade 1.3.3, and focuses on color, contrast and dynamic range enhancements. It provides one-click exposure adjustment, but still allows for manual control of the results.

Sharp intros Blu-ray player, two portable iPod docks

09/10, 1:20pm

Sharp intros BD player with online video service

At the CEDIA show on Thursday, Sharp announced it will soon launch a new Blu-ray player, the BD-HP52U. The reader will have the ability to connect to the web, and Sharp will partner with an unnamed service provider to bring premium streaming video content. This partner is expected to be named later in September. Other known features of the BD-HP52U include Blu-ray Profile 2.0 support and the ability to decode Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio surround sound formats.

Sony planning 250GB PS3 Slim bundle for October?

09/10, 12:55pm

May be exclusive to Europe

A 250GB bundled edition of the PS3 Slim could be available as soon as October, says a Spanish gaming publication. The bundle will allegedly cost 350, and include the EA soccer game FIFA 10. Distribution is expected to be handled exclusively through Game, a major European retailer.

iPhone trumps BlackBerry in app use, social nets

09/10, 12:35pm

iPhone users download more apps

iPhone owners are much more likely to download apps and get involved with social networking than their BlackBerry-owning counterparts, Compete revealed today in a new study. About 72 percent of Apple smartphone users are likely to have downloaded at least 10 third-party apps, but 73 percent of BlackBerry users have picked up five apps or less. The researchers add that iPhone owners are more willing to buy their apps than BlackBerry owners.

Jobs defends lack of camera on iPod touch

09/10, 12:00pm

First post-event interview

The third-gen iPod touch has not been given a camera because Apple wants to think of it as a gaming device, according to company CEO Steve Jobs. Speaking with David Pogue of the New York Times, Jobs attributes the marketing shift to public demand. "We started to market it that way, and it just took off," he says. "And now what we really see is it's the lowest-cost way to the App Store, and that's the big draw."

LG enters NAS with dual drives, DVD sharing

09/10, 11:40am

LG N2R1 network-attached storage

LG today opted to launch its own network-attached drive in the N2R1. The box is tailored to media sharing and, besides acting as general storage, can automatically share up to two SATA hard drives to any DLNA-aware devices (like the PS3) or to iTunes clients. A rare addition is a DVD burner that can be used to play or write optical discs for ultraportable notebooks or others that don't have a free drive.

Pioneer outs tabletop iPhone speakers, sound bar

09/10, 11:15am

Pioneer XW-NAS3, NAS5 and HTP-SB300

Pioneer used the CEDIA expo today to dip into bookshelf-sized iPhone and iPod speakers for the first time in the US. Having just entered Europe a week ago, the XW-NAS3 and XW-NAS5 are both single-piece units but are designed for better sound than usual in the class with 2.1-channel, digitally amped 60W output. They both also have stealth displays behind the grill and optionally support Bluetooth for streaming stereo music, including from an iPhone or iPod touch.

Adobe launches Story public preview

09/10, 10:40am

Handles script development process

Adobe has released the first public preview of Story, a forthcoming script development tool. The app lets users craft a script for video production, with components for creating projects, character profiles and fashion synopses. Material can be written on- or offline, and brainstormed and edited collaboratively; different people can be assigned permissions for reading, reviewing and/or modifying content.

WD intros five faster, more secure external drives

09/10, 10:15am

WD's new drives include Mac models, more

Hard drive maker Western Digital has launched five new external hard drives, all incorporating automatic backup software, password protection and 256-bit hardware encryption along with a physical redesign. The additions include three portable My Passport drives, including the My Passport Essential, My Passport Essential SE, and My Passport for Mac, along with two new desktop My Book models, the My Book Essential and My Book for Mac. All will include WD's new backup software, SmartWare, which is compatible with both Macs and PCs and is meant to be simpler, thanks to an easily understood visual interface. There is also a search function and real-time backup status information.

Nokia's unusual 7705 Twist lands at Verizon

09/10, 9:50am

Nokia Twist swivel phone debuts in US first

Nokia today launched one of its most unusual phone designs to date through Verizon. The often-rumored 7705 Twist has a short, squat shape that has a swivel-out QWERTY keyboard instead of the usual slider. It also has a new contact light ring that can be programmed to flash when text or voice from a recognized contact comes in. Nokia lets owners customize the back shell with replacable covers, black and purple versions of which come with the Twist in the box.

iPod update event gives confidence, says analyst

09/10, 9:45am

Helped by iTunes 9, App Store figures

Apple's 2009 iPod update event was generally a positive, says Needham & Co. analyst Charlie Wolf. It did for instance mark Steve Jobs' first public appearance after his six-month medical leave, during which he had a liver transplant. Jobs also announced several important statistics, such as the existence of over 75,000 iPhone apps, and over 1.8 billion app downloads. The last official figures included 65,000 apps and 1.5 billion downloads.

Samsung adds 65-inch 650 series LCD TV

09/10, 9:30am

Samsung 65-inch 650 largest ever

Samsung today held a rare single-model introduction and added a new model to its 650 series TVs at the CEDIA expo. At 65 inches across, the LN65B650 is one of the largest ever conventionally-lit LCDs from the company and sits in the middle of the lineup in features, with Internet support for Flickr, Yahoo and YouTube as well as a 120Hz panel, a 4ms pixel response time and a 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio.

HTC Touch Pro2 reaches Verizon

09/10, 9:05am

Verizon Touch Pro2 gets world features

Verizon this morning became the third US carrier to get a version of the HTC Touch Pro2. Unlike some of the provider's past conversions of HTC's Windows Mobile smartphones, the handset is virtually the same in design and performance as the reference CDMA version, with 288MB of RAM and a 528MHz processor. It mirrors the Sprint edition in becoming a world phone with quad-band GSM and EDGE as well as single-band HSPA to give it voice and 2G roaming nearly everywhere and 3G roaming in Europe.

Sprint Any Mobile unlimited calling goes live

09/10, 8:45am

Sprint Any Mobile now official

Sprint acted on its rumored plans and launched Any Mobile, Anytime, a major addition that promises to change its calling plans. Anyone with an Everything Data individual or family plan ($70 or more) now gets unlimited voice time when calling a cellphone on any other US network, regardless of distance. The service only stipulates that customers have to be on the Sprint network and not roaming on another's during the call, though the 450 or more minutes from existing plans remain intact.

Real Rhapsody approved, launches for iPhone

09/10, 8:15am

Rhapsody unlimited music on Apple devices

RealNetworks today confirmed the approval of its first iPhone app with the launch of Rhapsody on the App Store. The free software is the first on-demand competing music app to reach the iPhone and iPod touch in the US and gives subscribers to the $15 monthly service streaming access to the entire Rhapsody catalog over 3G or Wi-Fi. Listeners can't currently download tracks permanently but can search and add them to their libraries, create playlists and have access to Rhapsody Radio.

AMD intros next-gen ULV processors with 1080p

09/10, 7:30am

AMD Congo platform

AMD this morning kicked off the launch of an updated notebook offering and headlined it with Congo, the nickname for its next-generation Ultrathin Platform. The new architecture includes AMD's faster 1.6GHz Turion Neo X2, found in the HP dv2z, but focuses on graphics performance and battery life. It uses a Radeon HD 3200 much like AMD's fuller-size notebooks and as a result can decode 1080p video smoothly in hardware; at the same time, AMD estimates about an hour more of battery life than its earlier platform.

PerfectTablePlan Pro, Advanced updates seating, planning app

09/10, 12:05am

PerfectTablePlan Pro, Advanced Editions

Oryx Digital has released new Professional and Advanced Editions of its seating and planning software, PerfectTablePlan. The app offers tools for creating and arranging seating places for special occasions such as weddings or award ceremonies, and includes printable charts and reports. The two new editions bring more customizable features, and allow users to add tables onto a scaled floor plan simply by dragging and dropping. More reporting options have been included which make it possible to report the meal selection by either the table or the amount of money owing.


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