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Centrify DirectControl now with Snow Leopard support

09/09, 11:40pm

DirectControl for Mac adds Snow Leopard support

Centrify Corporation has announced its Centrify DirectControl for the Mac now supports the latest Snow Leopard operating system, including both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the OS. Centrify DirectControl is designed to allow IT professionals to integrate Macs into Active Directory networks, while delivering similar behavior and accessibility for both Macs and PCs. The Snow Leopard support brings all the security and configuration controls from the previous Mac OS X versions, such as hundreds of "group policies" and smart-card login features.

Sprint to have unlimited cell-to-cell with any network?

09/09, 11:00pm

Sprint AnyMobile tomorrow

Sprint could be on the verge of offering a near-unlimited calling plan for it subscribers, a late-breaking rumor claims. A tip sent to TechVI maintains that a known Sprint launch tomorrow will give those with at least an Everything Data plan of $70 per month or more will get unlimited calling between themselves and a cellphone on any other network. The only limitation is a requirement for making the call on Sprint's own network rather than while roaming.

Apple podcast shows media event with Steve Jobs' keynote

09/09, 10:55pm

New iPod introductions detailed in Apple keynote

Apple has published a podcast of its "Rock & Roll" media event held Wednesday in San Francisco, marking Steve Jobs' first keynote since receiving a liver transplant during a leave of absence. The iconic CEO was met with a lengthy standing ovation before he acknowledged the transplant and procedure and expressed thanks for the generosity of the organ donor.

CableCARD tuners to be available as aftermarket accessory

09/09, 10:00pm

OEM requirement lifted for CableCARD tuners

Microsoft, speaking at a Windows Media Center keynote at CEDIA, announced changes to the purchasing requirements for CableCARD tuners. The components will now be available as an aftermarket accessory, enabling customers to add to functionality to their own systems.

Griffin intros Headphone Control Adapter for iPod nano 5G

09/09, 9:20pm

iPod nano 5G VoiceOver-compatible adapter

Griffin Technology has announced a new VoiceOver-compatible adapter for Apple's latest iPod nano 5G and iPod shuffle 3G. The Headphone Control Adapter with VoiceOver support connects to the user's headphones, enabling them to listen to spoken information such as the artist, track or playlist. The adapter works as an inline remote-control and can be used to control playback with any iPod model that supports transport controls, including the new iPod touch or iPod classic.

Marware launches SportShell hard-case for iPhone 3GS

09/09, 9:10pm

SportShell case launches for iPhone 3GS

On Wednesday, Marware launched a new protective case for its line of iPhone 3G/3GS accessories, the SportShell. The hard-shell case features an interchangeable design that enables users to alter the backing in three different ways. The first option is a 360-degree ratchet clip that attaches the iPhone to a strap or belt, and can also be locked into place to double as a stand. Next, users can just remove the clip and keep a thin back piece in place instead, or remove it altogether for an open-backed look that displays the phone's Apple logo while still keeping it protected.

Suitcase Fusion 2 update adds Snow Leopard support

09/09, 9:05pm

Suitcase Fusion 2 updates to 13.2

Extensis has released Suitcase Fusion 2 version 13.2, an update to its desktop font-manager. Suitcase Fusion 2 provides tools for creating or organizing fonts, and allows users to create multiple libraries for simpler navigation. The upgrade features support for Apple's latest Mac OS X 10.6 operating system, including the Snow Leopard's improved system fonts. Additional support is also added for TrueType Collection fonts, as well as Adobe InDesign and Illustrator CS2 plug-ins.

FIN foot/handle arrives for unibody MacBooks, MacBook Pros

09/09, 8:55pm

Unibody FIN foot/handle combo launches

Fins-Up has launched the FIN for aluminum-unibody MacBooks and MacBook Pros. The FIN is a powder-coated aluminum foot that doubles as a handle when transporting or loading/unloading the notebook. The accessory offers a single-piece design that attaches via screws in existing holes on the bottom of the MacBook -- it uses no glue or tape, avoiding damage to the finish while enabling easy removal.

Radion intros GearRAID 6TB RAID 5 storage subsystems

09/09, 8:35pm

Radion intros new RAID 5 6TB storage systems

Radion has introduced several GearRAID quad-bay data storage subsystems with enhanced data protection when the drives are configured as a RAID 5 array. The storage devices integrate an Oxford936QSE chipset, enabling four 2TB drives to be configured as a RAID 5 array with a maximum of 6TB of overall storage space. The drives are capable of automatically backing-up data, while one hard drive can fail without any loss of data. Each storage system also supports eSATA, 1394b and USB 2.0 host interfaces.

Sony intros new ES-series audio/video receivers

09/09, 8:25pm

Sony's ES-series A/V receivers get new models

Sony has announced several new Elevated Standard (ES) A/V receivers, the STR-D5500ES and STR-D3500ES. The 5500 model is the company's first receiver to feature IP network control, enabling integration with Control4 home automation systems.

Jobs: Amazon hiding poor Kindle sales

09/09, 7:35pm

Jobs on Kindle, iPod nano camera, health

Apple chief Steve Jobs today took shots at Amazon while also explaining some of the decisions behind the new new iPods and his own health. The co-founder is famous for having attacked Amazon's Kindle in the past but has now said that the e-book reader's main flaw its specialized role: its cost is too high for a single function, Jobs said. He moreover suggested to the Times that Amazon's refusal to provide definite numbers for Kindle sales was a sign it hasn't succeeded in the market.

Sony intros 7.1ch wireless headphones, BT adapter

09/09, 6:55pm

Sony shows 7.1-channel headphones, BT adapters

Sony Japan has recently introduced wireless headphones that operate on the 2.4GHz frequency and, more importantly, can reproduce 7.1-channel audio. The MDR-DS7100 set has support for Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, DTS and DTS-ES surround sound formats. Their range is said to be a long 98 feet, while battery life is also longer than for most simpler wireless headphones at 13 hours. Each earpiece packs a near 2-inch (50mm) driver.

LG BD390 Blu-ray player now supports VUDU streaming video

09/09, 6:55pm

VUDU streams now available on LG BD390 player

LG on Wednesday announced that its BD390 Blu-ray player now supports video streams from VUDU. The service will allow users to view content such as movies and TV shows, with over 2,200 movies available in 1080p resolution paired with 5.1-channel audio. Other supported sources for streaming video include Netflix, Roxio, CinemaNow and YouTube.

Panasonic intros 2.1-channel Blu-ray home theater

09/09, 6:50pm

Panasonic BD system delivers 7.1 virtual audio

Panasonic on Wednesday said it will soon release its first 2.1-channel Blu-ray Disc home theater system, the SC-BTX70. The upright system uses a proprietary Panasonic technology that can reproduce virtual 7.1-channel sound in Dolby's TrueHD and DTS-HD virtual 7.1 formats. The two speakers, made of bamboo, have a top-mounted design for better sound dispersion. The system is rated at 375W of power, with each speaker and the subwoofer getting 125W.

QNAP intros desktop-, rackmount 4-bay NAS servers

09/09, 6:45pm

QNAP NAS servers get 8TB capacity, hot swap bays

QNAP recently announced it has added two new Turbo NAS servers to its extensive lineup, including the TS-419P for desktops and the rack-mounted TS-419U. Their specs are nearly identical, including the same Marvell 1.2GHz processor, 512MB of DDR2 RAM and support for up to 8TB. Either can hold both 2.5- and 3.5-inch hard drives in four hot-swappable bays. Storage expansion is made possible thanks to four USB ports and two eSATA ports.

Sony rolls two more vivid 1080p SXRD projectors

09/09, 6:40pm

Sony VW85 and HW15 projectors

Sony was careful to include front projectors in its CEDIA introductions today and introduced two new models that step up the image quality of 1080p in custom home theaters. Topping these, the VPL-VW85 has a high 120,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a 120Hz refresh rate to bolster performance in fast-moving scenes; it's mostly intended for dark rooms with 800 lumens of brightness. It's also partly intended for pro installations and has relatively flexible lens shifting, an RS-232 serial port for home automation and a comparatively high 1.6X zoom factor for when the projector can't sit in an ideal position close to the screen.

AT&T starts unlimited-calling A-List plan

09/09, 6:20pm

AT&T A-List offers unlimited calling, rollovers

Wireless provider AT&T on Wednesday announced the upcoming launch of its A-List with Rollover plan for qualifying plans. Like similar plans from competitors, including T-Mobile's MyFaves and Rogers' Top 5, A-List will let subscribers pick the five domestic numbers they call most often, with those minutes not counting towards their monthly totals. Unlike those plans, though, the minutes subscribers save can be rolled over to the next month.

Sony intros Blu-ray player with online video streaming

09/09, 6:20pm

BDP-N460 adds Netflix, YouTube

Continuing its home theater launches for CEDIA, Sony tonight added its first truly network-aware Blu-ray player. Although earlier players have had BD-Live features, the BDP-N460 can stream videos from Netflix and YouTube as well as get music streams from Slacker, regardless of the attached TV. In a unique touch, the movie player is specifically optimized for Linksys' (Cisco's) WET610N Ethernet-to-Wi-Fi bridge and improves the stability of streaming over the wireless connection.

iTunes 9 breaks Pre sync, no problems for jailbroken iPhones

09/09, 6:15pm

Apple prevents Palm Pre sync with latest iTunes

Apple has made sure to prevent Palm Pre owners from syncing their smartphones with the iTunes 9 update released Wednesday, according to several user reports posted on PreCentral's forums. The company has worked to prevent compatibility, starting with iTunes 8.2.1, after publishing a technical note warning users that third party phones would not be able to sync.

Toshiba intros 160GB 1.8-inch hard drive

09/09, 6:00pm

Toshiba intros quietest, largest 1.8-inch HDD

Toshiba has recently unveiled a new lineup of portable hard drives for portable consumer electronic devices, all based on a 1.8-inch form factor and up to 160GB in capacity. All MKxx34GAL units use a single platter that is less than a fifth of an inch (5mm) high, making them suitable for portable media players, digital video cameras and other portable electronics. Toshiba touts its new drives as offering the highest storage capacity, best power efficiency, most durability and quietest seek operation.

Sony XBR10 brings wireless 1080p to US

09/09, 5:50pm

XBR10 adds new Wireless HD, more

Sony used its turn at CEDIA to launch a raft of new home theater equipment headlined by the BRAVIA XBR10. An Americanized version of the Japanese ZX5, they have a new 60GHz Wireless HD media box that lets the TV sit completely separately from most video inputs while still playing them at full quality. It can play a 1080p picture at a full 60 frames per second without dropping frames or otherwise showing differences between this and a wired signal.

First look: iTunes 9

09/09, 5:30pm

iTunes player and store tested

Apple regularly promises that each whole-digit iTunes revision is a major overhaul, but in most cases these are add-ons to the existing framework rather than genuine redesigns. Some have complained that this has gradually led iTunes into feature creep, especially at the iTunes Store: the sheer number of features has meant wading through the interface to get at what used to be simple tasks. iTunes 9 theoretically promises the best of both worlds; we're taking a first look to see if the claims live up to expectations.

Adobe updates Adobe TV, posts ADAA finalists

09/09, 5:10pm

ADAA nominees span internationally

Adobe has posted a revised version of its Adobe TV website for developers. The site provides video training for various Adobe titles, such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash Catalyst. More significant changes include a resizable pop-up window, which allows for videos and programs to be viewed simultaneously. A reorganized homepage is claimed to provide faster access to episodes, with options for sorting by popularity, rating or date.

App Store gets ESPN Fantasy Football, Madden NFL 10

09/09, 4:50pm

ESPN and Madden apps ship for iPhone, iPod touch

Several new football-themed apps have been added to the app store, ESPN Fantasy Football and Madden NFL 10. The Fantasy Football title allows players to control and manage their ESPN teams and leagues directly from the mobile device. Users can access live scores and stats, configure personalized alerts, or post on a league message board.

PDFGarden 3.0 adds real-time previews, QuickTime support

09/09, 4:25pm

Several new features

SQLabs has updated its Mac PDF management software, PDFGarden, to v3.0. The utility combines, transforms, arranges and reorders multiple PDF documents via drag-and-drop adjustments. Thousands of PDF files can be managed at a time, and documents themselves can contain thousands of pages. It utilizes Apple's Preview app and Quartz rendering technology.

QuickTime 7.6.4 fixes video, FlashPix exploits

09/09, 4:05pm

For both Mac and Windows systems

In tandem with iTunes 9, Apple has released QuickTime 7.6.4, a minor update to its signature AV playback software. The patch primarily fixes problems with H.264 and/or MPEG-4 playback, which exposed systems to crashes or arbitrary code execution. H.264 vulnerabilities were connected to memory corruption and heap buffer overflows, while an MPEG-4 flaw involved conventional buffer overflows.

iPhone OS 3.1 now available, fixes security vulnerabilities

09/09, 3:50pm

Security issues fixed in latest iPhone firmware

The latest iPhone firmware, announced during Apple's music-themed media event, addresses a variety of security vulnerabilities. Previous releases had allowed unauthorized use of a device after a timeout period configured by an Exchange administrator. The system now disables any "Require Passcode" values greater than the maximum inactivity time lock setting, eliminating the time gap.

LG details LED-backlit SL90 TVs for the US

09/09, 3:40pm

High end LG SL90 gets pricing

LG today provided final information for the American launch of its SL90 TVs. The new models will now be priced at $2,099 for the 42-inch version and $2,599 for the 47-inch edition. Both represent LG's new "seamless" design that makes the display surface flush with the bezels and are some of LG's most advanced sets, with LED backlighting that boosts their contrast ratios to 3,000,000:1. They also refresh at a fast 240Hz and have cabinets are thinner than many at 1.15 inches deep.

Dell teases 0.4in Adamo XPS ultraportable

09/09, 3:05pm

Adamo XPS teased without details

Dell today quietly put up a teaser site for the Adamo XPS. While it gives few clues, the site touts a 9.99mm (under 0.4in) thickness that would make it far thinner than the Adamo 13 and significantly thinner than the MacBook Air the Adamo series has often fought against. The side profile image shows a uniformly metal (likely aluminum), tapered design unlike the block-shaped original.

Mozilla-based Postbox e-mail software launches

09/09, 3:00pm

Includes tabbed browsing

Postbox has launched a new self-named, Mozilla-based e-mail application. The software features fast searches using operators, and a text preview mode. Content tabs allow quicker access to attachments, images, links and contacts. A related option is Find by Contact, which brings up messages, images, links and attachments for a specific contact in tabbed form. Messages in tabs can be ordered and reordered.

Fifth-gen iPod nano adopts camera, FM radio

09/09, 2:35pm

Apple caves on key demand

Apple today announced the fifth-generation iPod nano, a radical revision of its compact media player. The device now has a built-in video camera, validating earlier rumors. Owners can record clips and sync them with iTunes, and then optionally upload them to YouTube. Video is rendered in 640x480 resolution at up to 30fps, with 15 real-time processing effects such as motion blur, film grain or a simulated x-ray look.

Apple intros iPod touch without built-in camera

09/09, 2:30pm

3rd-generation iPod touch

Apple today at its "Rock & Roll" music event launched the third-generation iPod touch. The media player now has the same processing power as the iPhone 3GS and is up to about 50 percent faster than the older model and supports the same OpenGL ES 2.0 visual effects. No mention has been made of cameras on the devices, which run iPhone OS 3.1 and still have the familiar tapered chrome back.

Apple outs 160GB iPod classic, colored iPod shuffle

09/09, 2:20pm

Same iPod designs, new storage and colors

As part of its music event, Apple on Wednesday refreshed the iPod classic and third-generation iPod shuffle. The iPod shuffle has received the most noticeable changes with new color options. Beyond the original black and silver, the screenless player will now also come in blue, green and pink at its existing $79 price. The company is also introducing a special stainless steel trim that will cost $99 at the same capacity and is rolling out a 2GB edition with the same features for $59.

iTunes 9 introduces streaming, social networking

09/09, 1:55pm

Also incorporates new iTunes Store

Confirming rumors, Apple has unveiled iTunes 9, a major revision of its music and video jukebox software. The interface of the software has been improved for better layout and navigation, including a new app management system, which simulates the iPhone interface and lets users rearrange apps individually or in groups. Twitter and Facebook integration has been added to allow creating wishlists, or gifting media.

iPhone 3.1 firmware integrates Genius for apps, ringtones

09/09, 1:50pm

Apple intros firmware v3.1 for iPhone, iPod touch

Along with several new iPod introductions, Apple on Wednesday also announced a firmware update, v3.1, for the iPhone and iPod touch. The latest firmware brings the company's Genius technology to App Store content. The new functionality works in a similar way to the music feature, allowing users to view app suggestions based on their list of downloads and popular content from other users.

Microsoft, Tesco offer web-based movies in the UK

09/09, 1:40pm

Microsoft, Tesco movie service

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it has teamed with UK-based retailer Tesco to bring out a new service that will provide customers with DVD-quality movies delivered to them over the web using Microsoft's Silverlight technology. While details are scarce, customers who buy DVD movies from Tesco will be able to download digital copies of the title to their Windows PCs and Macs.

UK iTunes Store confirms iTunes LP early

09/09, 1:25pm

iTunes LP leaked

The "Cocktail" format was rumored to be one of the announcements Apple was to make at Wednesday's iPod event, but it appears to have been launched early in the form of iTunes LP. An image was posted in the MacRumors forums which offered a brief description of the new format. On top of the usual songs, the albums also include animated lyrics and liner notes, photos, videos, and additional visual media content. Current offerings in the new format include albums from Dave Matthews Band, The Doors, and Norah Jones. Several upcoming albums are also available in iTunes LP as pre-orders.

Apple chief Steve Jobs makes first keynote since leave

09/09, 1:20pm

Jobs presents at iPod event

Apple chief Steve Jobs today marked his formal return to the stage since returning to work from a nearly six-month medical leave, presenting at his company's special "Rock & Roll" music event. The executive didn't provide many details of the liver transplant that is already known to have triggered the leave but did mention that the transplant, which took place five months ago, gave him the liver of a person who had died in a car crash.

Live Coverage of Apple's Music Event in SF

09/09, 1:00pm

Apple's Sept. 9th event to bring new iPods, more

With Apple's iPod price cuts already in place, it seems that the company is sure to introduce a revamped iPod lineup at its Sept 9th Music event, which starts today at 10am PST/1pm EST. While Apple has regularly announced new iPods in September, expectations are elevated as rumors indicate that the Touch, Nano and even Classic may be gaining cameras enabling photo and/or video functions. There are, however, conflicting reports about whether the Beatles' music will make its debut on Apple's immensely popular iTunes digital platform.

Samsung adds 640GB hard drive to Spinpoint M7 range

09/09, 12:55pm

Samsung 640GB Spinpoint M7 drive has more density

Earlier this week, Samsung announced it will soon start shipping a new addition to its Spinpoint M7 hard drive lineup, with the 2.5-inch internal HDD. At 640GB, it's the largest offered, topping the current 500GB unit. Also compared to the 500GB unit, the new hard drive has a 28 percent increase in areal density, now at 516 gigabits (64.5 gigabytes) per square inch for each 320GB platter. The new hard drive is meant for high-performance notebooks that require greater shock resistance.

Nokia to echo Apple's anti-carrier software stance

09/09, 12:50pm

Nokia Maemo phones won't carry custom apps

Nokia will mirror Apple's approach to carrier software with all of its Maemo Linux-based smartphones, the company said on Wednesday. Rather than agree to include carrier-specific apps and modify the look of the OS to appease carriers, as it does with most of its Symbian phones, Nokia told Reuters it will insist that devices like the N900 come only with their default apps and interface. The choice is characterized as an attempt to focus on an ideal experience for the user and less an attempt to placate carriers.

Report reveals 2009's iPod capacity changes, colors

09/09, 12:05pm

iPod touch absent from reseller part number list

A leaked list may reveal today's iPod capacity changes, or the lack thereof, according to a report. Said to have been supplied by "people familiar with the matter," the list details an assortment of iPod models and colors, as well as their onboard storage in gigabytes. Significant in the collection is a new iPod classic, with 160GB of memory instead of the current 120GB. Silver and black colors remain.

Harman Kardon receiver takes HD iPod videos

09/09, 11:30am

Harman Kardon AVR 3600 and more

Harman Kardon today brought out a trio of new AV receivers that, in one case, may hint at future iPod features. The AVR 3600 comes with a new Bridge III universal dock that the company claims can play HD videos directly from an iPhone or iPod. It's not clear whether the company expects the Apple devices to handle decoding the videos themselves or if it provides the work itself; officially, current iPhone and iPod touch devices will only play 640x480.

Smartphone success now determined by hardware integration?

09/09, 11:00am

Ostracizing software-only strategies

Profits in the smartphone market are increasingly linked to a single business model, says Needham & Co. analyst Charlie Wolf. At present there are two distinct approaches: integrated hardware and software, used by companies like Apple and Research in Motion, and a software licensing focus, favored by Google and Microsoft. The integrated approach is clearly winning, says Wolf, as evidenced by the growing control of BlackBerries and iPhones, and the secondary status of Android and Windows Mobile devices.

Microsoft intros ultra-thin Bluetooth keyboard

09/09, 10:55am

Microsoft keyboard is just mm thin

Microsoft on Wednesday announced the upcoming release of its thinnest Bluetooth keyboard to date, the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000. At its thickest, the keyboard is only a few millimeters thicker than an AAA battery, but it also tapers down at the front. The keyboard can also be had with an optional number pad for accountants and others who need the extra input.

Leica unveils X1, M9 semi-pro cameras

09/09, 10:45am

Leica X1 and M9

Leica today added two long-anticipated upgrades to its more compact cameras. The X1 shares the rangefinder-like design of most Leicas but is deliberately designed as a cross between these and compact cameras: it has a fixed f2.8, 36mm equivalent lens but an APS-C sized, 12-megapixel CMOS sensor that the company bills as the largest ever in a compact. The combination of a zoomless prime lens and the large photo receptors give the camera a DSLR-like sensitivity to light (ISO 100 to 3,200) and reduced noise.

ZVOX intros three speaker bar sound systems

09/09, 10:05am

New ZVOX sound bars offer virtual surround sound

ZVOX late Tueday added new home theater speaker systems to its lineup, including the high-performance 430 and 440 sound bars along with the IncrediBase 575. All are one-bar speakers without any separate satellites or a remote subwoofer, with all drivers built into one cabinet. The 430 and 440 models use three 3.25-inch speakers and a four-inch subwoofer, with one of the speakers a devoted center channel while the other two create a wide stereo sound stage using ZVOX's own PhaseCue sound processing.

New Mac OS X 10.6.1 build makes minor changes [u]

09/09, 9:45am

Final release coming soon?

(Updated with Snow Leopard Server info) Apple has seeded a new build of Mac OS X 10.6.1 to developers, sources say. Titled 10B504, the build is notably only one increment number over that of the initial seed, released approximately a week ago. The turnaround could indicate a short development track, in contrast with some v10.5.x updates, which took several weeks to reach the public.

AT&T details first 7.2Mbps cities, will skip HSPA+

09/09, 9:45am

Chicago, others to get 7Mbps AT&T 3G

AT&T this morning provided more definite plans for its promised rollout of 7.2Mbps 3G on its network. Only six cities will receive the upgraded HSPA-based network this year and will focus mostly on the southern US: Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami will all see the doubled download speeds at first. Expansion in 2010 will have 25 of the 30 largest markets receive the update, while about 90 percent of AT&T's entire service will have been upgraded in 2011.

Logitech adds wireless music controllers for Wii, Xbox 360

09/09, 9:10am

Logitech wireless drums, guitar for Wii

Logitech this morning countered the launch of Beatles: Rock Band with the launch of three music game controllers, including its first two for the Wii. The Wireless Guitar Controller for Wii and companion Wireless Drum Controller for Wii both replace the stock plastic controllers with more authentic metal and wood that both feels more natural and is quieter to use. These Nintendo-specific models also have a slot for the Wii remote to provide normal controller functions in a single body.

Western Digital ships 640GB notebook drive

09/09, 8:40am

WD Scorpio Blue 640GB ready

Western Digital this morning began shipping the 640GB Scorpio Blue, one of the first drives above 500GB to fit in most notebooks. It uses two 320GB platters to reach its capacity while still measuring 9.5mm thick and thus thin enough to fit in particularly slim portables like the MacBook Pro. As a Blue series drive, it's aimed at the mainstream and spins at 5,400RPM with an 8MB cache.

Apple cuts most iPod prices ahead of event

09/09, 7:55am

iPod prices cut ahead of new models

Apple in a rare move this morning dropped the prices of most iPods at the online Apple Store ahead of today's special music event. The iPod touch has received the largest drop and now costs just $279 for a 32GB model, $249 for a 16GB model and $189 for an 8GB version. The iPod nano has received more modest drops from $199 to $149 for a 16GB edition and from $149 to $129 for 8GB versions. The iPod classic has also received a mild price cut to $229 from $249.

Palm unveils Pixi budget multi-touch phone

09/09, 7:25am

Palm intros Pixi for Sprint

Palm this morning backed rumors by launching the Pixi, its second webOS phone and its direct replacement for the Centro. The handset (once known as the Eos) is aimed at the budget segment and has a smaller 2.6-inch multi-touch screen as well as a fixed QWERTY keyboard, a 2-megapixel camera, and no Wi-Fi. It still keeps 3G, GPS and 8GB of storage; in a new feature for any Palm phone, the Pixi adds LinkedIn and Yahoo contacts and messages as well as Yahoo IM to the Synergy platform that unifies the platform.

Updated iPod nano to feature improved case material?

09/09, 12:05am

Last-minute rumor suggests new Nano case material

On the eve of Apple's music-themed event, speculation regarding potential product announcements has lead to several fresh rumors. Daring Fireball blogger John Gruber mentions several claims suggesting the iPod nano might be updated with a redesigned case featuring "some sort of top-secret new material," adding to earlier reports of a camera upgrade.


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