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Nuclear Nova Software launches Rocket Golf for Mac

09/08, 11:50pm

Rocket Golf comes to Mac

Nuclear Nova Software on Tuesday launched Rocket Golf for the Mac. The game was originally released for the iPhone and iPod touch and delivers an arcade-style design with 2D, side-scrolling gameplay and 3D graphics. Rocket golf comes complete with 36 different holes that span over two courses, along with a variety of obstacles to overcome including water hazards, sand traps and variable winds. Multiplayer support is added for up-to four different players, and a ranking table is provided that shows a list of the best local rounds.

MakeMusic ships Finale SongWriter 2010, PrintMusic 2010

09/08, 11:40pm

MakeMusic updates notation software packages

MakeMusic has released two new music notation software packages, Finale SongWriter 2010 and PrintMusic 2010. Each upgraded bundle includes improved compatibility with the latest operating systems and new features. SongWriter 2010 is geared towards teachers, students and musicians, providing tools for creating sheet-music with instrumentations of up-to 8 staves.

BlackBerry Bold Onyx officially set for T-Mobile launch

09/08, 10:20pm

T-Mobile to get BlackBerry Onyx near end of year

T-Mobile has allegedly confirmed its plans to launch RIM's BlackBerry Bold 9700, known as the Onyx, sometime before the end of the year. The smartphone will support the carrier's UMA Wi-Fi calling service, available using HotSpot@Home, according to CIO. Press photos appear to confirm that RIM has omitted a trackball in favor of an optical pad.

Disk Station Manager 2.2 adds iPhone, Time machine support

09/08, 9:15pm

Disk Station Manager 2.2 improves performance

Synology has released Disk Station Manager 2.2, an update to its cross platform file-sharing and data storing app that was previously available as a beta program. The upgrade delivers new Surveillance Station 3 software, iPhone and Time Machine support along with a DLNA compliant media server for streaming multimedia digital content between a Disk station and DLNA home-compliant devices. System enhancements include improved HDD driver quality and compatibility, and a dynamic bad sector remapping and recovery function.

Psystar ships Snow Leopard clones, circumvents new tech

09/08, 9:15pm

Unauthorized Snow Leopard clones already on market

Psystar has already circumvented Apple's latest copyright-protection methods utilized in the Snow Leopard update. The clone maker is currently shipping its Open Computer systems with the new operating system, despite the ongoing legal battle between both companies.

Quirky announces Scratch-n-Scroll mousepad

09/08, 9:05pm

Scratch-n-Scroll mousepad with writing surface

Quirky has announced a new product for its line of computer accessories, the Scratch-n-Scroll mousepad. Unlike regular mousepads the device features an integrated writing surface that allows users to write small notes and reminders using just their fingers, or the built-in plastic stylus. Users can then erase the writing simply by flipping the semi-transparent top sheet. The mousepad also comes with a non-slip backing to prevent the pad from moving around while writing or using the mouse.

Briefly: New RapidWeaver themes, iPhone developer web portal

09/08, 8:55pm

Elixir launches new themes, Get Apps Done portal

In brief: Elixir has announced the immediate release of three new RapidWeaver themes along with three new bundle promotions. The Ultimate Bundle contains every theme available from Elixir at a price discounted by more than $250, while the Business and Blogger Bundles include eight themes each. Meanwhile, a new web portal has been launched with hopes of bringing companies and iPhone developers together. Get Apps Done provides a place where people with ideas for iPhone apps can come in search of a developer who can create the software.

Slipped story: Yoko Ono confirms Beatles on iTunes

09/08, 7:20pm

Yoko Ono claims Beatles content for iTunes

Despite reports that Apple will not make an announcement relating to Beatles music on iTunes, Sky News appears to have accidentally slipped a contradictory report which includes a confirmation from Yoko Ono. Although the story was quickly pulled, the headline and first paragraph remain in Google's cache. If the report is accurate, John Lennon's wife claims the band's works will, in fact, be featured on Apple's music portal.

Lack of iPhone SMS character counter frustrates users

09/08, 6:15pm

Apple omits character counter for iPhone SMS

A number of iPhone users, including MacNN reader NyxoLyno "Nick" Cangemi, have voiced frustration with the lack of a character counter when typing SMS messages. The handset's messaging interface does not provide any notification when 160 characters have been exceeded in the communication bubble.

Palm to unveil Eos this week?

09/08, 6:00pm

Palm Eos may launch at Fashion Week

Palm's heavily rumored Eos smartphone could be made official as early as this week, according to a supposed contact near to the company. The unnamed tipster claims the Centro replacement's appearance will be tied to Fashion Week in New York City but doesn't provide much else to TechCrunch other than the implication that the Eos will release before the end of the year. Such a view contradicts rumors that the handset had been pushed to 2010.

Sony: games 'lost' in iPhone's App Store

09/08, 5:40pm

Sony attacks iPhone game development

Apple's approach to the App Store is ultimately hurting game development on its platform, Sony Europe developer relations head Zeno Colaco claimed this week. In comparing the process behind iPhone and iPod touch games to the recently introduced concept of PSP Minis, the executive argued to Develop that letting App Store game creators have a low-cost development kit actually hurts their chances of success as it encourages too much development. While their games go online quickly, they reportedly get lost in the sheer volume of titles where the smaller PSP catalog will provide better exposure.

ASUS shows ultra-slim Designo MS LCD monitors

09/08, 4:50pm

ASUS Designo MS monitors

ASUS recently announced it will soon release a number of ultra-slim Designo MS Series LCD monitors, which includes the 23.6-inch MS246H/D, the 23-inch MS236H/D, 21.5-inch MS226H, 22-inch MS227N and 20-inch MS202N/D. All have a similar design theme, inspired by 1s and 0s from the binary number system and are just 0.65 inches (16.5mm) in thickness. A spherical ring, called Ergo-Fit Technology, acts as a stand, and lets users adjust the tilt angle with one finger.

Letter Opener 3 plug-in gets Snow Leopard support

09/08, 4:40pm

Converts standard Outlook e-mails has released an upgraded edition of its winmail.dat conversion plug-in for Mail, Letter Opener 3. Winmail objects are automatically converted into attachments, vCards and iCal files, allowing proper interaction with Outlook messages. Version 3 features a complete rewrite for Snow Leopard compatibility, as well as a number of small functionality improvements.

Android-powered Galaxy Lite spotted

09/08, 4:40pm

Samsung's Android phone caught on video

Samsung's first Android powered handset, the i5700 Galaxy Lite, has been spotted in photos and a video, thanks to a recent blog report. Some basic specs of the device were also revealed and confirm its role as a step down from the full-size i7500. They include the handset's 3.2-megapixel camera without a flash, 1GB of internal memory and a built-in microSD memory card slot. An AMOLED touchscreen is also part of the device specs, though its size is unknown.

InFocus intros ScreenPlay 8602 home theater projector

09/08, 4:30pm

InFocus brings back ScreenPlay projector series

InFocus has revived its ScreenPlay projector lineup with the SP8602, which offers native 1080p resolution and is meant for use in home theater installations. The SP8602 uses Texas Instruments' DLP DarkChip technology with BrilliantColor, Pixelworks' DNX 10-bit video processor, and InFocus' proprietary 120Hz motion engine. It's also said to have a 30,000:1 contrast ratio and 1,300 lumens of brightness.

ASUS kicks off CULV-based UL series ultraportables

09/08, 4:20pm

ASUS outs 7 CULV notebooks

ASUS has begun the week by launching an entirely new line of notebooks centering on Intel's CULV processor mix. The UL series uses a relatively thin (about 1 inch) and lightweight aluminum shell that renders it much easier to carry even with the DVD burners present in most models. As with most CULV systems, they all have particularly long battery life and in some cases run for up to 12 hours on a charge.

Pixelmator 1.5 adds web tools, Snow Leopard support

09/08, 4:10pm

Gains new editing tools as well

The Pixelmator Team has updated its self-named image editing software, bringing it to version 1.5. The program is notable for supporting GPU acceleration. The lead addition in v1.5 is a set of web tools, including a Save for Web option, and a Web Color plug-in for the Apple Color Palette.

Beatles not coming to iTunes on September 9th?

09/08, 3:40pm

Event timing a coincidence, says source

Apple will not announce availability of The Beatles' back catalog come September 9th, says a source claimed to be familiar with the band's plans. The company is planning a special music-themed event for Wednesday, at which it is generally expected that new iPods and an updated version of iTunes will be unveiled. A few analysts have speculated on announcements related to the Apple TV and iTunes video sales.

QuickerTek intros 1 Watt Wi-Fi signal amplifier

09/08, 3:30pm

Wi-Fi USB transceiver claims 10x signal strength

QuickerTek has introduced its latest computer accessory, a USB transceiver designed for Macs. The device integrates a 1 Watt amplifier paired with a dipole antenna featuring 5dBi gain. Power is provided by a USB port, while the antenna connects to anything near the computer such as a notebook display. Users can also upgrade the detachable antenna later if needed.

Best Buy carrying new iPod nano, touch cases early

09/08, 3:15pm

5G iPod nano, 3G iPod touch cases at Best Buy

Best Buy on Tuesday inadvertently tipped off Apple's plans for tomorrow by posting entries for unreleased iPods. Belkin and Griffin cases for the fifth-generation iPod nano and third-generation iPod touch have appeared and support the notion that at least these two will be updated at Apple's special event on Wednesday. None of the releases immediately betray expected features like built-in cameras, though some include their own hand straps.

Sony Ericsson Aino, Satio due out in Oct.?

09/08, 2:40pm

Sony Ericsson Aino, Satio phones due in October

Sony Ericsson has recently sent out a press invite to certain media outlets in the UK that, the gadget maker says, involves the official unveiling and retail launch of its Aino and Satio touchscreen handsets. The event is scheduled for October 7th, which is when the two cellphones are expected to launch.

Sprint offers $100 credit for defecting to Palm Pre [U]

09/08, 2:30pm

Palm Pre gets $100 switcher credit

(Updated with Sprint statement) Hoping to lure in undecided customers, Sprint today began offering a $100 credit for those who buy a Palm Pre while switching away from another carrier. The discount is put on the customer's bill within three months but brings the practical cost of the phone down to $99, or less than half what it cost on launch just three months ago. The promotion is temporary and should expire on October 10th.

AKVIS ArtWork 3.0 adds Pen & Ink technique

09/08, 2:20pm

ArtWork 3.0 add one technique, updates two more

AKVIS has upgraded its paint simulation software, releasing AKVIS ArtWork 3.0. The software, available as a standalone application or as a plug-in to software like Photoshop and Corel's Photo-Paint, applies paint effects to digital photos, now with three painting techniques available. Version 3.0 adds a new technique, Pen & Ink, which simulates drawings made in ink on paper styling, with customizable ink and background colors.

Dell adds 14-inch, 15-inch CULV Inspirons

09/08, 1:50pm

Dell Inspiron 14z and 15z

Dell today grew its budding CULV (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage) notebook line with two mid-sized models. The 14-inch Inspiron 14z and 15.6-inch Inspiron 15z together use the slower but also much cooler and more efficient processors to both slim down significantly from the regular systems while also shedding weight and extending their battery lives: the systems can last over eight hours (8.5 on the 14z) on a six-cell pack.

HP launches printer-themed App Studio

09/08, 1:20pm

Apps provide ready-made content

HP has introduced the App Studio, a new service attached to a recent printer, the Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web. Apps allow the printer to quickly print off sanctioned content, such as movie tickets, art projects from Disney, photos from Flickr or 60 Minutes articles from CBS. The service uses an open API, and HP is hoping to introduce a variety of new print apps in the future, in some cases based on user suggestions.

NEC Display intros two new portable digital projectors

09/08, 1:15pm

New NEC projectors get 5,000 hour ECO Mode

NEC on Tuesday announced the release of two new digital projectors, the NP110 and NP215. Part of the company's budget Value Series, the portable DLP projectors are meant to be taken to meeting and conference rooms. While they look nearly identical, several key features differ between the NP215 and NP110, including the 2,500 lumens of brightness for the NP215 (versus 2,200 for the NP110). The NP215 also gets a 1024x768 native resolution compared to the NP110's 800x600, but both accept input up to 1600x1200.

TomTom intros open-source dynamic location tech

09/08, 12:15pm

TomTom intros open-source PND technology

GPS navigator maker TomTom on Tuesday announced it has developed a new, open-source standard that would ideally bring real-time weather, traffic and other key information on navigation devices from many manufacturers as well as map data from various types of vendors. Called OpenLR, the technology promises to eat up little bandwidth and decrease users' commuting times thanks to its integration with traffic information systems and ability to offer route guidance that takes into account up-to-the-minute data such as construction or accidents.

Apple exec quashes some Apple TV rumors

09/08, 12:10pm

Denies some expected features

Apple is unlikely to turn the Apple TV into a DVR set-top, despite analyst suggestions and hints in patents, says research firm Caris & Company. Analysts from the firm are said to have met recently with Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer, who immediately tried to dispel rumors. "While some have wondered whether Apple might ultimately try to integrate traditional cable set-top box (decoding) functionality into its Apple TV product," a Caris investor note reads, "Mr. Oppenheimer pretty much killed that concept and said that it just doesn't fit Apple's business."

Russia's FAS closes antitrust probe into Microsoft

09/08, 12:10pm

Microsoft found innocent in anti-trust breach

A three-month old investigation by Russian anti-monopoly service FAS into the supposed violations of local anti-trust laws by software giant Microsoft has been closed, with no wrongdoing found. Microsoft was accused of cutting back shipments of its Windows XP operating system both as a standalone product and preloaded onto PCs and over the pricing policy on the aging but still popular OS.

Windows 7 allows remote blue-screen attacks [U]

09/08, 11:50am

Windows 7 returns remote BSOD

(Updated with Microsoft advisory) Windows 7 when it ships next month will be vulnerable to an attack that hasn't been possible since 1999, a new vulnerability found by a security researcher shows. Sending a deliberately malformed network negotiation request can force a Windows 7 system into a page fault that triggers a "blue screen of death" error, even without the user's help in launching the code. The attack affects both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the OS.

Flickr unveils dedicated iPhone app

09/08, 10:55am

Simplifies browsing, submissions

Yahoo has introduced a dedicated Flickr application for the iPhone, which attempts to promote the media-sharing service and simplify its use. The app can upload both photos and videos from an Apple handheld, with the option of geotagging the former. As on the Flickr website, photos can be organized according to sets and tags.

Samsung Rogue, Intensity official for Verizon

09/08, 10:50am

Samsung Rogue and Intensity debut

Verizon on Tuesday added a pair of expected messaging phones that also include its first phone with an OLED display. The Rogue has a 3.1-inch, AMOLED touchscreen that produces better color than an LCD and pits the phone against AT&T's equally Samsung-made Impression for image quality. The Rogue also shares multiple basic features like Samsung's TouchWiz interface, the slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a 3-megapixel camera. Besides switching to CDMA and EVDO 3G, though, Verizon's phone also new voice recognition that allows full commands and dictating text messages.

Netgear intros low-end HD streaming hub

09/08, 10:15am

Netgear Digital Entertainer Live

Netgear is adding to its line of set-top boxes with a low-end device that supports 720p HD but lacks a hard drive and built-in wireless. The Digital Entertainer Live relies mostly on its Ethernet-based online access and has built-in support for YouTube, pay-per-view movies from CinemaNow and live internet TV through VuNow. Resembling one of Netgear's internet routers, the small device has both the 100Mbps network link as well as two USB ports for external storage, one HDMI output for digital and one RCA for analog sources. An optional USB adapter brings 802.11n Wi-Fi for those that want it later.

Psystar lawyer defends against leak accusations

09/08, 10:10am

Charged with sharing secret case details

Psystar's chief lawyer, K.A.D. Camera of the firm Camera and Shipley, is protesting allegations that he broke an order against sharing details of the company's legal battle with Apple. He is said to have leaked information to Charles Nesson, a Harvard Law School professor and the founder of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. "The accusation that I have somehow violated the protective order is nothing more than an attempt to distract this Court from what is at issue in this round of supplemental briefing -- namely, Apple's complete failure to provide testimony from a corporate representative on damages," claims Camera in a recent court filing.

Epson shows four new LCD home theater projectors

09/08, 9:55am

New Epson projectors with record contrast ratio

At the CEDIA Expo on Tuesday, Epson has officially introduced four new home theater projectors, including the PowerLite Pro Cinema 9100 and 9500 UB as well as the PowerLite Home Cinema 8100 and 8500 UB. The former pair have a native 1080p resolution and are meant for custom installers and serious home theater aficionados, while the value-oriented Home Cinema twosome has slightly less features with otherwise very similar performance. All four sport a 3LCD design, and the Pro Cinema 9100 and Home Cinema 8100 share the same maximum 36,000:1 contrast ratio. The Pro Cinema 9500 UB and Home Cinema 8500 UB have the highest dynamic contrast ratio in their class, at 200:000:1.

Dell bows Studio XPS 8000 tower with Core i5

09/08, 9:35am

Dell Studio XPS 8000 unveiled

Dell quickly seized on the launch of Intel's Lynnfield architecture by introducing a new system to take advantage of it. The Studio XPS 8000 is a smaller, less costly counterpart to the Studio XPS 435 (to be rebranded as the 9000) and starts off with a 2.66GHz Core i5 and more modest Radeon HD 4350 dedicated graphics to give most of what higher-end users expect but without having to scale up to a full Core i7 system and mid-range visuals. It continues to share the basic chassis concept of the 435 and has both a tray for peripherals and cooling designed for airflow first.

HTC Tattoo promises low cost, customized Android

09/08, 9:00am

HTC Tattoo now official

HTC this morning claimed its stake as the first to produce a low-cost Android phone in the Tattoo. Previously known as the Click, the device consciously scales back and uses a 2.8-inch, 320x240 touchscreen (down from 3.2 inches and 480x320) as well as a directional pad instead of the usual trackball. At the same time, it's also a first for HTC as buyers can not only pick from a customizable back but, in sync with the Tattoo name, design the graphics themselves.

T-Mobile, Orange merge in UK

09/08, 8:30am

UK divisions of T-Mobile and Orange unite

T-Mobile UK and Orange UK today unveiled plans to merge into a single company. The deal will cost between 600 million and 800 million ($982.4 million to $1.3 billion) to implement but should create the single largest British carrier to date, giving the combined entity about 37 percent of the market and 28.4 million users versus O2's 27 percent. Both also claim improvements for end users as the two should improve coverage by unifying their networks.

Intel launches Core i5, Xeon 3400

09/08, 7:35am

Intel Lynnfield Official

Intel today brought its most recent chip architecture into the mainstream with the official start to Lynnfield, its lower-cost but also more advanced desktop platform. The design is headlined by updated Core i7 and new Core i5 processors that build not only the memory controller but also a 16X PCI Express interface directly into the processor die, leaving just a single chip on the mainboard to control the remaining PCI Express slots and other mainboard duties. The gesture cuts lag in talking directly to graphics hardware and reduces the footprint of the system.


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