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Users reporting Snow Leopard issues with software, hardware

updated 06:00 pm EDT, Fri September 4, 2009

Snow Leopard update causing problems for many

Following the recent Mac OS X Snow Leopard release, users have reported a variety of problems upgrading their systems. A number of forum posts on Apple's Support page point to problems with printers. One user reports incompatibility with Canon's Multifunction Laser printers, while several others cannot print to select HP devices.

Apple Support forum member Eric Nix claims to have talked to a Canon representative that expects Snow Leopard support sometime in the fall. Older machines, such as the MF6590, will allegedly lack support for scanning, although the print function should work.

For problems with HP multifunction printers, the company has posted instructions for uninstalling any previous HP software from OS X 10.4 or 10.5. After wiping the system of previous apps and registered printers, users can reset the printing system from the Print & Fax section of System Preferences.

The Snow Leopard-compatible HP drivers are reportedly included with the OS X update, eliminating the need to download new software. After restarting the system and plugging in the printer, OS X will automatically install the appropriate drivers. Users will not be able to use the "Scan" button on the printer, as the function is automatically integrated with Preview and Image Capture.

Several users report similar issues connecting to network-attached storage (NAS) devices. Member Node927 fixed a problem with the D-Link DNS323 by downloading the 1.0.8 beta firmware available from the hardware manufacturer. Another user found a quick fix for a different device by disabling the password protection, although this is not a recommended option for sensitive data.

The Snow Leopard upgrade is also causing e-mail issues for some, particularly when using SMTP servers. Member hardhatmac allegedly removed the "" file from home/library/prefrences, forcing the mail to be imported again but finally enabling the send function.

The variety of reports appear to be related to several different issues such as port settings or Keychain passwords. Several users were only able to send messages after going to the "Edit SMTP Server List" menu from the outgoing mail server section of the mail preferences, then finding the "Use Custom Port" dialog and manually entering port 25.

Apple has published a list of software that is currently incompatible with Snow Leopard, although many of the companies are quickly releasing updates. Unconfirmed reports suggest Apple is already testing OS X 10.6.1, which is expected to address many of the bugs experienced with the initial release.

Important note: The aforementioned compatibility fixes have not been tested by MacNN and should be approached with caution.

by MacNN Staff



  1. Spacemoose

    Joined: Dec 1969


    64-bit problems?

    How many of these reported problems are from the same people complaining that you have to force the machine to boot into 64-bit kernel mode? Many drivers are incompatible with the 64-bit kernel.

  1. BTBlomberg

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Gutenprint 5.2.4

    I have posted this here before but it may be worth repeating.

    I have an HP OfficeJet G85 and found that Apple decided to omit those (and many other older printer) drivers from Snow Leopard. I went to Gutenprint Project pages and downloaded the latest Gutenprint for Mac (gutenprint-5.2.4.dmg) and it's working fine again (for printing only). Looks like Apple included only select drivers from 5.2.3. This is the same thing as the included drivers just one version newer and with the full Gutenprint driver install. This should also cover a large variety of older printers from other manufacturers. No scanning support with these for multifunctions though.

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  1. coffeetime

    Joined: Dec 1969


    History Repeating Again

    The Windows Vista syndrome..... now it's Mac's turn for the problems for converting to full 64-bit OS. MacOS's slogan: "Ask what not you computer can do for you. Ask what you can buy for your computer!"

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  1. lamewing

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Too be expected

    Yep, this is the reason that MS has had issues with their 64-bit OSes. Did people think that just because it was Apple that there wouldn't be problems...har! I am avoiding this update like the plague for at least 6 months until things have settled down and most of the initial problems have been ironed out.

    Too often I played beta tester with Tivo, AT&T Uverse, Windows XP, etc. No more. :) Let others work out the issues....I can be an iSheep and just follow the masses later on.

  1. umijin

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Well, duh! Glad to see MacNN is on the cutting edge of topical discussion. These things were pretty much known day 2 of the release.

  1. Bearcat

    Joined: Dec 1969


    If people understood the difference

    Many people just don't understand the difference between Windows (XP, Vista, 7) 64-bit and Snow Leopard. Unless you are using Snow Leopard Server it defaults to 32 bit. Additionally, it will run 64-bit programs and peripherals if they are written to take advantage of 64-bit processing. If look at the Activity Monitor in Snow Leopard you will see 64-bit and 32-bit processes running simultaneously. If you boot into 64-bit mode then all of your 32-bit capabilities go away. That's the difference between Mac and Windows. In Windows, 64-bit is a totally different OS. With the Mac you get both. That's not to say there aren't any issues. The code base of the OS is still very different from 10.5 Leopard. It no longer has any PPC code in it. So take drivers for instance, if the diver has PPC code in it then it won't work with 10.6 because it sees all of this code and says "Huh?"

    Apple caught many companies off guard by releasing early so they weren't ready with the new drivers. Personally I think that's their fault, not Apples. I would think that they would have that stuff done early. But that's just my opinion. I upgraded to 10.6 on the friday that it was available and have had zero issues. It automatically updated any drivers that I needed and freed up almost 30GB of space in the process.

    I feel bad for people like BTBlomberg whose printer doesn't work since upgrading, but that G85 (or G85xi) printer is about 5 years old. The latest driver technically isn't supposed to work with 10.5 let alone 10.6. I hate to throw out working items just for the sake of getting new as well. But once in a while it has to be that way. Hopefully you did a complete backup before upgrading and you can restore your system to 10.5 (or whatever you were using then) and you can get up and running again. Then I would write, email and call HP to get on the stick and get an updated driver out. Their latest driver for that printer came out 09/2005.

  1. bradpdx

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Not exactly Apple's fault - HP

    I had to go through some fuss and bother to get my HP C5180 all-in-one back on it's feet, but it's now there and working fine as before. I had to delete the old instance of the printer, add it back and logoff/login - but once more it prints and scans fine. Print sharing with other machines in the house works like before, no problems.

    It bears restating the Apple does not make the HP driver sets - HP makes them and Apple includes them in OS X. If HP decides to drop support for some particular model, that is NOT Apple's fault, it is HP's. The quality of HP's software has always been marginal and this has not changed with Snow Leopard.

  1. Sec

    Joined: Dec 1969


    How I 'fixed' my network share to my Synology DS50

    As the subject suggests like others with a NAS I found I could no longer copy files to the NAS. I could create folders and unzip from local > NAS but could not copy regular files. It turns out most of these files were probably downloaded via Safari which was setting some sort of no-copy flag.

    There is no fix yet as Synology and Apple are still working it out, but I read on a forum that one solution is to forcefully remap your drives from the native AFP to SMB shares. So that meant not opening the path from the Share in the sidebar but instead Finder > Go > Connect to Server. Connect to smb://servername.local and you should be able to work as usual.

  1. pt123

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Still on 10.5

    Thank goodness I didn't upgrade from 10.5. What is the big hurry? Let Apple and all the developers work out their issues, then I can decide whether to upgrade or not. 10.5 is working good for me now.

  1. JeffHarris

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Better to Wait

    Although I've always been tempted to jump and do a major upgrade on day one, it really makes sense to wait until the XX.1 release for Apple to shake out some of the kinks.

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