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AJA intros Ki Pro tapeless video-recording system

09/03, 11:35pm

Ki Pro records real-time video on Macs

AJA Video Systems has introduced a portable video-recording system for filmmakers and video professionals, Ki Pro. The device connects to almost any digital camera through SDI, HDMI or analog inputs, and records high-quality Apple ProRes 422 QuickTime files that can be edited within Apple's Final Cut Studio software. The device integrates both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection capabilities, enabling users to control the device via a browser or their iPhone.

Flight Control iPhone game surpasses 1.5 million sales

09/03, 11:25pm

Flight Control succces on iPhone

Firemint has announced that its Flight Control game for the iPhone and iPod touch has reached over 1.5 million sales. Released onto the App Store on March 5th, the game has since achieved the top paid app position in 20 different countries including the USA, Germany, UK and Canada. The company has released several free updates with new features such as multiplayer support.

Microsoft granted stay on Word sales ban

09/03, 11:10pm

Court says MS can sell Word until appeal is done

The US federal Court of Appeals today granted Microsoft a temporary stay on an injunction that would have banned sales of Word until the conclusion of an appeal against the successful lawsuit filed by Canadian firm i4i. Originally, the developer would have had to stop sales on October 10th and would have forced Microsoft to shut down sales of virtually all copies of Office unless it could plead its case.

Sonnet intros D400QR5, R400QR5 RAID 5 storage systems

09/03, 11:00pm

D400QR5, R400QR5 RAID 5 storage

Sonnet Technologies has announced a desktop RAID system, the Fusion D400QR5, along with its rackmount counterpart, the R400QR5. Both devices build upon the company's previously released D400Q and R400Q four-bay systems, adding a RAID 5 controller for improved balance between data protection and usable capacity. Both systems support eSATA, FireWire 800 and 400, and USB 2.0 interfaces, while enabling users to select a preferred RAID mode or configure each individual drive.

Aquafadas updates applications for Snow Leopard

09/03, 10:50pm

Aquafadas announces Snow Leopard compatibilities

Aquafadas has announced that all but one of its software titles are now Snow Leopard compatible. The latest releases of SnapFlow 1.0.1, PulpMotion and PulpMotion Advanced 2.3, BannerZest and BanerZest Pro 1.6 and VideoPier/VideoPier HD 1.3.1 are all Snow Leopard-ready. Users can download the updates directly from the company or via the software update feature within each program.

Brother intros HL-3000, MFC-9000 business printers

09/03, 10:35pm

New Brother printers geared for small office use

Brother on Thursday introduced several new printers in its HL-3000 series and MFC-9000 lineup. The HL-3040CN features print speeds of up to 17 ppm in color or monochrome, with 600x2400 dpi resolution. Users can place up to 250 sheets of paper into the feeder and connect the printer via Ethernet or USB 2.0 interfaces.

Google confirms Android Market redesign

09/03, 9:15pm

Android Market gets facelift amid dev criticisms

Google has confirmed that it is set to unveil a redesigned Android Market, with several changes the the interface and layout. Users will be able to easily explore the top paid apps, top free apps and new additions to the store. Navigating to an app page will show screenshot previews, along with reviews from other users.

Telestream, Wowza announce live streaming for iPhone

09/03, 8:25pm

iPhone live streaming platform to launch in Q4

Telestream and Wowza Media Systems have announced a new platform for streaming live media to the iPhone and other web players. Using Telestream's Wirecast production software alongside Wowza's soon-to-ship Media Server 2 Advanced, which has expanded beyond Flash by adding H.264 support, users can stream high-quality video to the iPhones or iPod touch, Silverlight, Flash, QuickTime and IPTV-based set-top boxes.

LG unveils Bliss UX700 touchscreen phone on US Cellular

09/03, 8:15pm

The Bliss UX700, LG's affordable touchscreen phone

LG on Thursday introduced its latest messaging device, the Bliss UX700. The entry-level device features a 2.0-megapixel camera with video capture, stereo Bluetooth connectivity, and a 3-inch touchscreen with 240x400 pixel resolution. Users can listen to music or access the web through the full HTML browser, while microSD support allows storage expansion up to 16GB.

i.TV 2.0 iPhone app adds TiVo control, push notification

09/03, 7:15pm

TiVo users can now remotely control DVR via i.TV

i.TV has released an update to its self-titled iPhone app, which now supports a variety of remote control functions. Version 2.0 sports a new interface, redesigned for improved simplicity and aesthetics. iTunes integration allows users to discover related TV and movie content, then simply tap to download the videos from iTunes. The new push notification feature sends alerts when a favorite TV show is about to air.

OWC launches 750GB On-the-Go portable drives

09/03, 6:35pm

On-the-Go portable drives reach 750GB

OWC has launched new 750GB notebook drive products. The new capacity drives arrive in bus-powered On-The-Go Pro models, with three connectivity options. The top-of-the-line triple interface offers FireWire 800/400 and USB 2.0 connections, while a dual-interface FireWire 400/USB 2.0 and a USB 2.0-only version are available for reduced pricing.

equinux updates Live TV App, The Tube software for Mac

09/03, 6:30pm

equinux's TV on iPhone system sees updates

equinux has updated its Live TV on the iPhone for users, which is delivered via The Tube Mac software and iPhone app Live TV. The software combination allows users to watch TV channels on their iPhone over WiFi signals. The system begins with an equinux TubeStick hybrid TV tuner. The Tube software tunes channels and prepares the signals for the Live TV app, which seeks out The Tube feeds and displays them on an iPhone.

Samsung adds N130, N140 netbooks

09/03, 6:20pm

Samsung redesigns netbooks with new software

Along with its X series updates, Samsung at the IFA show launched two new netbook updates. The N130 and N140 have the same rounded aesthetic as the new full-size notebooks and also bring basic productivity apps to a category that normally comes with little software. Both have a stripped-down version of Microsoft Office and streamlined backups to Microsoft's SkyDrive service, which can hold as much as 25GB of data online for free.

Flip Boom Classic 3 adds picture library, iPod support

09/03, 6:20pm

Flip Boom Classic 3 update

Toon Boom has launched the latest version of its animation software for kids, Flip Boom Classic 3.The app provides tools for drawing and coloring various pictures, which can then be animated or imported to programs such as QuickTime. Features in the new version include a library for saving drawings, as well as the ability to drag and drop the saved projects into the animation function. Support has also been added for exporting animations to the iPod, as well as uploading to Facebook or YouTube.

MacNN review iAntiVirus: four out of five stars

09/03, 6:15pm

iAntiVirus get four of five stars in review

MacNN has reviewed PC tools' iAntiVirus, rating the Mac virus protection software four out of five stars. It protects against Mac-based malware, keyloggers, viruses, Trojans, and other threats, while running in the background and available from a menubar. The software monitors the system and scans for prior infection. Users can also run immediate scans via drag-and-drop for individual files.

LG touts gaming, Color Pop computer LCDs

09/03, 5:55pm

LG W63 and Color Pop LCDs

LG's turn at IFA saw it roll out two new desktop LCDs as well as supply early details of digital photo frames. The W63 series (shown at top) is made for gaming first and adds a number of touches just for PC or console games. A Thru Mode disables the usual image processing to cut down on lag at the expense of quality; Tru Light adds Philips-like ambient lighting to match the tone of some games; a chin-mounted speaker bar provides virtual surround sound better than most displays with their own audio.

iPhone owner catches three criminals using GPS tracking

09/03, 5:40pm

iPhone GPS catches criminals

The iPhone's GPS system has reportedly assisted yet another individual attempting to find and catch thieves, according to An unidentified person living in Shadyside, PA, was held at gunpoint by two men demanding the victim's wallet, PIN numbers and iPhone. The robbed individual than used his computer and the iPhone's GPS technology to locate the thieves and helped provide police with information necessary to capture the suspects.

New Zune software to launch with Zune HD

09/03, 5:15pm

Zune update may bring HD movies, more

Microsoft broke news through its monthly Zune newsletter today that the Zune HD's launch in two weeks will also come with the first major update to the Zune media software in a year. The company is silent on what this will include but promises an "all-new" app with "exciting new features" that will arrive on September 15th, the same day as the new media player itself.

Apple releases Java security update for OS X 10.5.8

09/03, 5:00pm

Several Java threats addressed via security update

Apple has released a Java update for Mac OS X 10.5.8 that addresses a wide range of security vulnerabilities. The most serious issue allowed untrusted Java applets to obtain elevated privileges after users visit a web page containing maliciously crafted code. The problem has been addressed for systems running Mac OS X 10.5.8 or 10.5.8 Server.

Philips intros four new Blu-ray players

09/03, 4:35pm

Philips intros subtitle shifting Blu-ray players

At the IFA 2009 show on Thursday, Philips has introduced four new Blu-ray players, including the flagship BDP9500. It has a number of video processing technologies Philips collectively calls Qdeo, which reduce noise, enhance color, and improve contrast, fine detail and depth. It also allows users to manually move where their subtitles appear on screen, and is DiVX Ultra and BD-Live compatible.

Philips updates Aurea HDTV

09/03, 4:05pm

Third-gen Aurea gets active frame, Net TV

Philips on Thursday introduced the third generation of its Aurea LED edge-lit LCD HDTV, which sports a 40-inch panel with 1920x1080 resolution and a unique transparent Active Frame with Ambilight Spectra that includes 250 LEDs to light it up. The frame can match the color of the images on the screen itself.

Toshiba bows its first Blu-ray player, notebook

09/03, 3:20pm

BDX5000 and Satellite P500 debut

Toshiba picked IFA to make its first real entrance into Blu-ray following last year's exit from HD DVD with both its first dedicated movie player and a notebook to match. The BDX2000 catches up with full BD-Live support for movies with Internet features on an Ethernet connection and an SD card slot for playing the user's own content, including H.264 (AVCHD) videos. A flip-down front door is rare in the breed and keeps the design uncluttered either mid-movie or when it's not in use.

T-Mobile launches first prepaid Android phone

09/03, 2:45pm

Huawei-built post-paid Android phone at T-Mobile

T-Mobile in the UK will soon release its third Android-powered handset, though it will be the first to be made by Huawei rather than HTC and also the first anywhere to be offered on a pay-as-you-go pricing scheme. The Pulse will sport a 3.5-inch, 320x480 resolution touchscreen, along with HSDPA/HSUPA 3G network support for data.

AT&T to bring MMS to iPhone Sept. 25th [U]

09/03, 2:30pm

Just past official summer target

(Updated with statement on tethering) AT&T this afternoon finally established a firm date for when it would add MMS support to iPhones on its network. The carrier will switch on the feature as of September 25th through a software upgrade for iPhone 3G and 3GS owners. Adding the feature will let those running iPhone 3.0 or later firmware send photos, videos and general data like contact cards to any MMS-aware phone.

Logitech intros low-cost Harmony 700

09/03, 2:05pm

Universal remote still gets color LCD

Logitech has introduced its latest universal remote, the Harmony 700, on Thursday as one of its less expensive models. Despite trimming the design, it still has a color screen that can be programmed to display the icons of a viewer's favorite channels; it mainly relies on rechargeable AA batteries to trim its price.

Garmin intros connected nüvi 1690 GPS

09/03, 1:45pm

New nüvi gets online search, social networking

Garmin on Thursday said it would soon begin shipping its latest portable navigator, the nüvi 1690. The device has a built-in wireless module that connects to Garmin's nüLink service which allows users to access Google local search as well as traffic, weather, fuel prices, movie listings, flight status and more information. They can also connect to Ciao!, Garmin's location-based social networking system. In the US, buyers will get two years of free nüLink access.

Gameloft sells over 6 million downloads at App Store

09/03, 12:50pm

Publisher expects dozens of new titles in 2009

Entertainment publisher Gameloft has announced sales surpassing the 6 million mark for titles sold at the App Store. The iPhone OS is said to be the company's leading sales platform, with over 35 games, 18 of which have made the worldwide Top 10 Paid Games list at some point in time. A few of the top-selling titles from Gameloft in 2009 include Terminator Salvation, UNO, Real Tennis 2009 and NFL 2010. The publisher plans to launch an additional 15 to 30 iPhone games throughout the year.

Toshiba preempts Apple with touch media tablet

09/03, 12:50pm

Journe Touch supports HD, network streaming

Toshiba produced a surprise at IFA today with word of a touchscreen media tablet of its own. The Journe Touch is treated as a high-end mobile Internet device (MID) with an emphasis on video playback: the device can play HD video either at a reduced resolution on its 800x480 display or at full resolution through an HDMI output. Its Wi-Fi is used that way as well, as web browsing is considered secondary to streaming Internet video from YouTube or the movie service Acetrax.

Apple begins testing Mac OS X 10.6.1 update

09/03, 12:20pm

Update follows quickly after Snow Leopard debut

Just days after the operating system's launch, Apple has already begun a closed test of the first major update to Snow Leopard, according to anonymous sources. Mac OS X 10.6.1 allegedly became available to a small number of developers on Monday, specifically groups of coders invited by Apple. Distribution to all members of the Apple Developer Connection could begin within a week or two, if historical trends serve as a precedent.

TomTom intros flagship TomTom GO x50 LIVE lineup

09/03, 12:10pm

GPS navigators with live data built-in

TomTom on Thursday announced it will soon release a new flagship series of navigation devices, the GO x50 LIVE. Made up of the GO 950 LIVE, GO 750 LIVE and GO 550 LIVE, the data-connected devices can get live traffic information in the form of its LIVE Services. This includes fuel prices and real-time updates of any congestion or traffic accidents on a given route. New features include a frequent destinations menu that calculates the fastest and most efficient route to a frequently visited location. There is also an Eco Route option that chooses the most fuel efficient way to reach a destination.

Sony Ericsson backs away from tech with Xperia Pureness

09/03, 12:05pm

Fashion phone centers on the basics

In an unusual step, Sony Ericsson today unveiled a new designer phone meant to address those who just want to focus on core phone features. Although part of the XPERIA line, the Pureness is the exact opposite of smartphones like the XPERIA X2 and follows the mantra of "talk, text, time." Its standout feature is a transparent, monochrome display, and its only added feature is music playback locally or on FM.

O2 data outages plague UK iPhone owners

09/03, 11:35am

Recent incident only one of several

UK carrier O2 has once again encountered severe data interruptions, significantly impacting iPhone owners, multiple sources say. The most recent outages began during the region's Bank Holiday weekend, and O2 has confirmed a problem that "lasted for around two hours on Saturday." According to PC Advisor and comments posted on O2 and Register forums however, outages have extended well past Saturday, running into Wednesday morning.

Samsung X series notebooks get CULV, more

09/03, 11:30am

X120, X420, X520 all get new design

Samsung used the IFA show in Berlin to revamp its portables, starting with its X series notebooks. The X120 is Samsung's first system to use an Intel CULV chip and runs on a new dual-core, 1.3GHz Pentium SU4100 whose 10W power draw lets the system run for up to nine hours on a charge, even with a small four-cell battery. It also leads a new design language for the company with rounded, glossy shells that are resistant to both scratches and UV-related fading.

Mitsubishi ships VUDU-enabled LCD HDTVs

09/03, 11:10am

Mitsubishi ships VUDU-enabled Unisen HDTVs

Mitsubishi announced on Thursday that it has integrated VUDU support for the flagship Diamond models in its Unisen Immersive Sound range of LCD HDTVs. This will give users access to VUDU's extensive library that include thousands of HD movies and TV shows. The two Diamond Unisen models, the 46-inch LT-46249 and 52-inch LT-52249, have an Ethernet port that allows them to connect to the web. Otherwise, there is an optional VUDU wireless accessory bridge for hooking up to existing home networks.

Logitech makes Squeezebox Touch, Radio official

09/03, 10:40am

First touchscreen Squeezebox

Logitech this morning unveiled two expected but major updates to its Squeezebox network media streamers. The Squeezebox Touch is its first hub with a touchscreen and uses the 4.3-inch display to provide a much more flexible interface for playing music, whether from local Macs and Windows PCs or from Internet streaming like, Rhapsody or general Internet radio. Its size better displays album art and lets users browse photos on the network.

Adobe cites additional Snow Leopard problems

09/03, 10:25am

Issues extend beyond Flash vulnerabilities

Adobe has spotted yet more compatibility problems created in transitioning its software to Snow Leopard, according to the company's principal product manager, John Nack. In particular, Photoshop is currently said to crash when switching to the Menlo font; the only solution at present is to avoid using the font entirely. The editing software may also crash when using the Open and Save commands, and dragging images to the program's Dock icon may not open them, as intended.

LG to launch three Windows Mobile phones soon

09/03, 10:10am

LG to out three WM 6.5 handsets soon

LG on Thursday announced it will ship three new Windows Mobile handsets over the course of the next few weeks. By the end of 2010, that number will grow to 13 Windows Mobile cellphones. One of the phones, the GM750 (pictured), will feature a touchscreen interface, another will be a touch slider with a QWERTY keyboard and the third, the GW550, will sport a QWERTY bar form factor. Each will be initially launched in limited markets, including Europe, the US and Asia, before making a global debut.

HTC Hero becomes Sprint's first Android phone

09/03, 9:55am

Heavily altered from the original

Sprint quickly acted on late rumors by launching the HTC Hero, its first-ever smartphone based on Android. The full touchscreen device is heavily modified from its original form and loses the "kink" of HTC's Android phones in favor of a flat, brushed metal panel that has all HTC's familiar controls, including the trackball. It also switches from GSM and HSPA to CDMA and EVDO Revision A for its calling and 3G data.

Sagemore Apple Store hit in second robbery

09/03, 9:30am

Second heist nets greater reward

The Sagemore Apple Store in Marlton, New Jersey has become the victim of a second robbery in the space of just over four months, say reports. In Thursday's incident, captured on video, five men attacked the store shortly after 2AM, breaking through a glass facade with a large rock. In a little over 30 seconds the group is said to have taken 23 notebooks, and 14 iPhones and iPod touches before fleeing into a nearby residential area.

Walkman retakes lead from iPod in Japan

09/03, 8:55am

First time Sony leads in four years

Sony's Walkman players overtook Apple's iPods in market share for the first time in Japan in over four years, according to a study by BCN. Although Apple held the lead as recently as a month ago, a sudden surge in the Walkman's popularity and a corresponding drop in the iPod's has led to Sony just edging out Apple with 43 percent of the market versus 42.1 percent. The upset ends an unprecedented 241-week run for Apple, which took the top spot from Sony in early 2005.

Nokia a no-show at 2010 Mobile World Congress

09/03, 7:40am

Claims financial worries the primary factor

Nokia on Thursday said it was backing out of attending the yearly Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2010. The cellphone firm claimed to ME that its recent emphasis on direct marketing means it can't support the expenses of attending the large Barcelona trade show. A separate event elsewhere in the city is considered likely but not certain.

Garmin intros broadband-connected nüvi 1690 PND

09/03, 12:35am

Garmin intros nüvi 1690 PND with broadband

Garmin on Thursday said it would soon begin shipping its latest portable navigator, the nüvi 1690. The device has a built-in wireless module that connects to Garmin's nüLink! service which allows users to access Google local search as well as traffic, weather, fuel prices, movie listings, flight status and more information. They can also connect to Ciao!, Garmin's location-based social networking system. In the US, buyers will get two years of free Garmin nüLink! service.


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