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Apple tablet coming in 13-, 15-inch sizes as well?

updated 10:00 am EDT, Fri August 28, 2009

13-, 15-inch tablet sizes

Apple has produced not just a lone 10-inch tablet device, but also models in two larger sizes, an anonymous source claims. Described as "100 percent reliable," the source says that Apple has additionally developed 13- and 15-inch tablets, at least one of which can run Mac OS X Leopard. Prototypes are said to have been spotted recently in factory in Shenzuen, China.

The 13- and 15-inch tablets are thought to resemble oversized iPhones, while using aluminum bodies. It is not known if the two systems are destined for production however, or if they are simply demonstration devices. The latter may be more likely, as the Shenzuen factory is said not to be associated with Foxconn, tapped by other rumors as the production manufacturer of the 10-inch tablet.

Most credible sources have pointed to one or two variants of a single 10-inch design, equipped with built-in 3G reception. Some have suggested it may capable of running App Store titles. The device could be carried and subsidized in the US by Verizon Wireless.

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  1. Inkling

    Joined: Dec 1969


    OS X not iPhone OS

    If true, this means these tablets will almost certainly be running a version of OS X rather than the iPhone OS.

    I just hope they get the ergonomics right. I wouldn't want to be holding the 15-inch equivalent of an iPhone. It'd be too easy to drop. Something like the late 1990s eMate would work. Folded down flat, the handle made it a bit like a clipboard. It was easy to hold on one arm, hand around the handle, and use with the other hand.

    And making this tablet and all Macs run App Store titles in emulation would be a great idea. I've seen some apps I'd like to run on my MacBook and it'd mean more sales for developers. While Apple is making all these changes, it could add GPS to all but the low-end laptops.

  1. bluejammm

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Why would anyone want a 13 or 15 inch tablet?
    Might as well get an Air.
    In fact, s**** thw 10 inch.I am hoping they make a seven inch that will at least fit in a cargo pocket.

  1. Paul Huang

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Please wear a velcro

    This thing would come with a Velcro glove and sleeve.

  1. MacOS

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Medical Tool ???

    Jobs just spent time in the american medical industry. The same industry, among others, that has embraced the iPhone as a tool. Can Jobs eliminate the preposterous amount of forms, applications, and other red tape that costs billions to process? . . .

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