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Apple claims Vonage app halted by 'technical issue'

08/26, 10:40pm

Vonage app halted

Apple claims a recently submitted Vonage VoIP application has been delayed due to technical difficulties with the Vonage software, according to Barron's. An Apple spokesperson said there were technical issues with the code Vonage submitted, but did not elaborate on the problems; however, Vonage issued a response to Apple's statement, saying the 'technical problems' were purely cosmetic in nature--related to the labeling of an icon. Vonage also noted that the company has resubmitted the application with the appropriate adjustments.

Apple nearly ready for Chinese iPhone launch - report

08/26, 10:40pm

Chinese iPhone release

Apple is nearly prepared to start selling iPhones in China, the company's largest untapped mobile phone market, says the Wall Street Journal. A testing center under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology confirmed an iPhone prototype -- modified for the Chinese market -- recently received one of the technical licenses the government requires for mobile phones. Apple must still obtain an unknown number of licenses before it will be able to launch the iPhone in China. Analysts have also suggested Apple has nearly completed negotiations with state-owned wireless operator China Unicom.

Iowa school district purchases MacBooks for students

08/26, 9:20pm

Iowa schools buy MacBooks

The Van Meter School District has bought all of its students new 15 inch MacBooks in an attempt to rid the district of textbooks and adopt a new digital education system, according to an ABC news clip. The school district is part of a growing trend in central Iowa that provides computers to all students in grades seven through twelve. The Van Meter School District was able to do this by utilizing the city's "one cent sales tax." Van Meter Superintendent, John Carver, said the school district plans to eliminate the necessity for textbooks within the next four years, switching the curriculum to and entirely online format.

Lock and Load FCP plug-in boasts faster stabilization

08/26, 8:30pm

Lock and Load FCP plug-in

CoreMelt has released its newest Final Cut Pro plug-in, Lock and Load. The software is used to stabilize a project's unsteady video -- supposedly six times faster than the video stabilizer built-in to FCP, Smoothcam. The plug-in utilizes an adaptive zoom feature that compensates for different levels of movement, zooming the videos framing to remove the shaking edges. The application allows users to specify which portion of the clip should be analyzed and ignores foreground motion when stabilizing the video.

TiVo files patent suit against Verizon, AT&T

08/26, 7:20pm

TiVo vs Verizon and ATT

TiVo on Wednesday announced that it has filed lawsuit against Verizon and AT&T for allegedly infringing several patents. The fresh legal battle is similar to the company's fight against Dish Network and EchoStar, a case which lead to a $190 million ruling and an injunction to stop the companies from enabling the patented technology in set-top boxes already owned by customers.

iPhone apps: NotifyMe, WDW Secrets, TextExpander

08/26, 6:40pm

iFeltThat, Meteorology

NotifyMe 1.3 ($4) allows users to create personal reminders, notifications and alerts that take advantage of some of the new features in iPhone 3.0. After launching the application users are presented with a keyboard for entering the reminder and scroll wheels for setting the time for the reminder to display. Push notification is then used to send the user a message and/or sound alert. A recent update has added web access support, a new snooze option, the ability to import birthdays from iPhone contacts, and a few small graphic tweaks.

Qualcomm prepping FLO TV-based touch media player

08/26, 6:15pm

Qualcomm PTV Player

Qualcomm is hoping to spark life in its over-the-air FLO TV format by launching a device of its own, a detailed leak notes. Although its digital TV service is already found in a number of cellphones in the US, the normally chip-only company is said by GDGT to be developing a Personal Television, or PTV, that would focus on its own FLO TV tuner. It would be dominated by a capacitive (finger-driven) touchscreen and might have a more natural interface with flicks and other gestures.

Redesigned PSP with UMD still in the works?

08/26, 5:55pm

PSP with UMD drive due?

An N4G forums user who also claims to work in Sony PS3's hardware department and has leaked info on the slim PS3's specs and capabilities that proved true is now saying Sony is developing a PSP with a UMD drive, the PSP-4000. In an IGN forums post, it's said that the PSP-4000 will replace the existing PSP-3000 system "sooner than you realise," and quashing rumors that the new, UMD drive-less PSP Go is the replacement.

IBM previews Power7 chip

08/26, 5:30pm

IBM previews Power7 chip

IBM has just yesterday introduced its next generation RISC CPU, the Power7. The new chip will continue to be used in IBM's AIX Unix operating systems for servers, supports the IBM i operating system and can run Linux natively or in an x86 binary translation code. Noteworthy benefits of the new chip include an increase in the number of cores and the performance per core. There is now eight cores, with each capable of four simultaneous multithreading threads. SMT will reduce wait periods of software for resources to free up.

Microsoft to make Xbox 360 price cut Thursday?

08/26, 5:00pm

Xbox 360 price cuts due?

Microsoft will make official the rumored drop of the Xbox 360 Pro and make other announcements regarding the new pricing structure for its two remaining game consoles, UK website MCV claimed on Wednesday. This rumor backs a previous report had the price drop coming on August 30th. It is expected that apart from the demise of the mid-range Pro model, the Elite will get a price drop to $300, while the bottom-rung Arcade model will also get a new revision, though whether this would mean a price adjustment or something else isn't mentioned

Grosshandel inventory management utility ships

08/26, 4:55pm

Grosshandel released

Seven Lakes has introduced its merchandise management utility, Grosshandel. The application is intended for use by small trading firms, providing users with sales and purchase document templates. Users can manage an unlimited number of inventory warehouses and the shipping and storing responsibilities associated with them. The software additionally includes a price and rebate system, as well as a tax system that covers compound taxes.

Sirius XM touts new radios, boombox

08/26, 4:50pm

Sirius XM Stratus 6 onyX

At the same event that launched the XM SkyDock, satellite radio provider Sirius XM today updated its hardware for the fall with three of new radios, a boombox and a tuner. The Sirius-oriented Stratus 6 as well as XM's onyX and Xpress RCi both add a new feature known as PowerConnect that simplifies reception by using the FM radio's antenna, rather than separate wiring, to get a good signal. All three can store 10 presets, while the Stratus 6 and onyX get traffic and weather updates for up to 20 cities and have connectors to use them outside of the car.

Smart intros Mac version of Smart Notebook SE

08/26, 4:45pm

Smart Notebook SE for Mac

Smart Technologies has announced a Mac version of its Smart Notebook SE software. Short for Student Edition, SE operates in tandem with the main Smart Notebook program, which in turn is used to create and deliver classroom lessons. Teachers have access to elements like themes, object animations and presentation-oriented pen tools.

Sanyo claims brightest projector

08/26, 4:35pm

Sanyo portable projector

Sanyo on Wednesday announced its LP-XU106 portable LCD projector, which it claims is the highest brightness ultra portable projector in its class, at 4,500 lumens. The LP-XU106 weighs about 7.5lbs and has a 1,000:1 contrast ratio along with a 1.6x zoom lens. A corner keystone correction function lets users place the projector at an offset angle from the screen or wall both vertically and horizontally without distorting the image.

Rockchip shows Android-powered touchscreen MID

08/26, 4:10pm

Rockchip shows Android MID

Chinese chipmaker Rockchip has made good on its promise of introducing an Android-powered device using its CPU, with this unnamed mobile Internet device (MID). The 5-inch touchscreen concept is powered by the company's RK2808 chipset that can decode 720p high-definition videos. The hands-on videos reveal a well-rounded interface that sports an on-screen keyboard, the ability to browse the web and have multiple windows open at the same time.

Apple's Mac shipments rebound in all markets

08/26, 4:05pm

Needham positive on Apple

Needham Research is reporting positive signs in the personal computer market, with Apple rebounding into positive territory. After a 0.4 percent decline in the March quarter, Apple shipments grew 5.5 percent in the June period. The company is moreover said to have surpassed the market in most regions and user segments; in the business segment for example, Apple shipments fell only 1.7 percent, whereas the overall market dropped 20 percent.

MSI bows AMD-based, dual-core WindTop all-in-one

08/26, 4:00pm

MSI WindTop AE2010

MSI today added a larger, faster version of its WindTop all-in-one desktop to its American lineup. In addition to a larger 20-inch touchscreen with a higher 1600x900 resolution, the easel-like PC is also the first for the US to use a processor faster than an Atom and uses a low-power, 1.5GHz AMD Athlon X2 that gives it enough power to run Windows Vista and eventually Windows 7. Switching to the new platform also gives MSI a much faster Radeon HD 3200 integrated graphics chipset for better 3D and HD processing.

PDFClerk Pro 3.9 adds printing options, bug fixes

08/26, 4:00pm

PDFClerk Pro 3.9 released

SintraWorks has released v3.9 of PDFClerk Pro, used to create and edit PDF documents to meet the specifications of print-shops. The latest version allows users to optionally print individual pages and features both French and German localization. The update also fixes various bugs from the previous version.

Sirius XM intros SkyDock for iPhone

08/26, 3:30pm

Sirius XM SkyDock and More

Sirius XM this afternoon held an event to launch its fall lineup of satellite radio gear and headed it up with the first-ever satellite radio peripheral for the iPhone. Confirming rumors, the XM SkyDock (shown at top) will let subscribers to the XM half of the company's service tune into the actual satellite feed through an iPhone or iPod touch. It has both the true receiver as well as the antenna and so won't require an active Internet connection like the existing Sirius XM Internet radio app for Apple's devices.

Taco HTML Edit 2.5 adds Component Library

08/26, 3:20pm

Taco HTML Edit 2.5 ships

The latest release of Taco Software's HTML and PHP editor, Taco HTML Edit 2.5, features a new Component Library. The library is comprised of 20 customizable items, which can be inserted into an HTML document; widgets include slideshows, pie charts, scrollable tables, date and time info and tabbed content. The components typically require Safari 3, Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7, and use HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Cricket, MetroPCS add Samsung Messager II

08/26, 3:10pm

Cricket, MetroPCS Messager

Wireless providers Cricket and MetroPCS announced on Wednesday they will both add the Samsung Messager II, or SCH-R560, handset to their respective lineups in the very near future. The device, a sequel to the original Messager, also sports a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, bumps up the camera resolution to 2-megapixels from 1.3 and adds video capture. It keeps the same access to e-mail and web browsing using 3G EVDO networks. There is also an MP3 player built into the Messager II, with Cricket's version getting the carrier's MyHomeScreen interface.

iPods pegged for Sept. 9 with more than cameras?

08/26, 3:05pm

iPod Sept 9 More Probable

Apple's rumored September 9th iPod event has gained credibility with a second purported confirmation on Wednesday afternoon. The tipsters speaking to AppleInsider claim that Apple has settled on the 9th after weeks of debate and that iPods will form the backbone of the introduction. It's now virtually certain that both the iPod nano and iPod touch will include cameras, but it's also said that the photo and possible video functions will be "just one piece" of the iPod updates.

iPod scammer gets 13-month prison sentence

08/26, 3:00pm

iPod scammer sentenced

A 23-year-old man who exploited Apple's warranty program has been sentenced to 13 months in prison, according to the Kalamazoo Gazette. Nicholas Woodhams of Portage, Michigan recently plead guilty to charges of mail fraud and money laundering; in addition to his prison time, he will have to pay $648,568 in compensation to Apple, and another $8,066 to the US Postal Service. Woodhams has been forced to surrender his house, an Audi sedan, a Honda motorcycle and over $570,000 in funds.

Mad Skills Motocross racing game arrives for Mac

08/26, 2:45pm

Mad Skills Motocross ships

Turborilla has launched it first Mac OS X game, Mad Skills Motocross. The side-scrolling motocross game features 40 racetracks with 12 extra challenge tracks. The game challenges players to cross the finish line in the shortest time, but allows for stunting like backflips, frontflips and wheelies. The game also offers achievement goals and power-ups.

EndNote X3 adds new referencing tools, styles

08/26, 2:35pm

EndNote X3 update ships

Thomson Reuters has released an update to its bibliography software, EndNote. The latest edition, X3, adds a variety of new referencing options and styles. Users can create multiple bibliographies within a single Word document, while references can be organized with both custom and smart groups. For chemistry journals, the software now allows composite styles that group citations by number and letter.

Olympus E-600 leaks through dealer shots

08/26, 2:20pm

Olympus E 600 Leaked

Plans by Olympus to launch a new lower-end DSLR were spoiled today by a collection of nondescript photos at a dealer. Likely a scaled-down version of the E-620, the E-600 spotted by a DPReview forum member would have the former's swivel LCD and would inherit other features from previous cameras, like Art Filters and in-body image stabilization. What else has changed isn't evident as there have been no labels or other signs to accompany the retail display.

New report backs Sept. 1st date for Canon 7D

08/26, 1:40pm

Canon 7D due Sept. 1st?

A previous rumor that had Canon's future EOS-7D DSLR camera releasing on September 1st is now being corroborated by a recent German Kamera & Bild report, which maintains Canon has invited press to an event on September 1st but without adding any more details. It is expected full specs of the new 7D will be announced at the press conference. Thus far, observers are still uncertain as to whether it would use a full-frame sensor or else a crop-frame sensor like the EOS-50D.

ViewSonic intros new pico projector, wireless bridge

08/26, 1:10pm

ViewSonic PJD2121, WPG-350

ViewSonic has announced a pair of new projection-related devices, beginning with the PJD2121. The product is a DLP-based pico projector, able to display images as large as 60 inches or more at distances as close as four feet. The device is limited to a native resolution of 800x600, but it does support RGB and component input with resolutions up to 720p/1080i. Brightness is rated at 400 lumens, with a 1,800:1 contrast ratio.

Article falsely accuses Snow Leopard of copying

08/26, 12:40pm

Win 7 vs Snow Leo Debunk

A controversial report today has accused Apple of borrowing or being late to features previously available in Windows. The PC World story argues that Apple is behind in implementing 64-bit and that Exposť's new integration with the Dock, the enhanced PDF preview, and QuickTime X are all either derivative of features first seen in XP or Vista or else available separately. Author Randall Kennedy goes as far as to claim that QuickTime X is a "reactionary" move to Windows Movie Maker.

Stereo3D Toolbox plug-in converts video to 3D

08/26, 12:15pm

Stereo3D Toolbox plug-in

Dashwood has produced a new video effects plug-in, Stereo3D Toolbox, based on Noise Industries' FxFactory platform. The software converts footage from After Effects, Motion or Final Cut into stereoscopic 3D. Possible output formats include side-by-side, over/under, checkerboard, interlace and anaglyph; controls adjust for the requirements of each one, tweaking details such X-, Y- and Z-axis convergence, or zoom levels for each eye.

Nokia Money brings mobile banks to poorer users

08/26, 11:25am

Nokia Money

Nokia this morning unveiled a new payment system, known just as Nokia Money, that could bring banking to the poor or those in developing countries that lack the usual choices. Based on Obopay's existing cellphone payment system in North America and Europe, it uses existing phone features to pay for items in stores but also to pay bills, other people, and for the phone service itself. By moving these to the phone, the feature could be particularly useful to those who may live out of reach of a bank or who can't justify the cost of visiting one.

Ortelius illustrates maps, architectural plans

08/26, 11:10am

Ortelius mapping app ships

Mapdiva has released the first version of Ortelius, a vector-based illustration program. The software is uniquely focused around mapping tasks, and can quickly apply common terrain details such as rivers, roads, buildings, contours and symbols. Users can associate map attribute information with each detail, such as GIS data, and also produce original styles and symbols.

Dell Studio XPS 13, 16 add Arctic White shell

08/26, 10:45am

Dell Studio XPS Arctic Wht

Dell today quietly added a third color option to its Studio XPS 13 and Studio XPS 16 notebooks. The Arctic White shell complements the existing black and red options and adds a color-matching leather accent at the base of the lid to improve both the aesthetics and grip of the system. As always, the palmrest and the rest of the inside notebook remain the same two-tone black and silver.

Adobe to drop CS3 support with Snow Leopard

08/26, 10:30am

No S. Leopard CS3 support

Adobe will not offer any form of support for Creative Suite 3 when it comes to Mac OS X Snow Leopard, says the company's Photoshop product manager, John Nack. None of the earlier versions of the Creative Suite have been tested with Snow Leopard, Nack comments, and the company has no plans to fix potential compatibility issues. Only the latest suite, CS4, is being officially supported.

Samsung Rogue, Intensity due at Verizon on Sept. 8

08/26, 10:20am

Samsung phones at Verizon

Two new handsets from Samsung have received an unofficial release date and pricing information at wireless provider Verizon, thanks to a leak today. The Samsung u960 Rogue and the u450 Intensity are seen by BGR as arriving at the same time on September 8th, with the Rogue due to replace the Glyde in Verizon's lineup. The device is a messaging slider that has a full QWERTY keypad and sports a touchscreen display. There is also a 3-megapixel camera, GPS and the expected 3G over EVDO.

FCC slips Archos' Android tablets early

08/26, 10:10am

Archos Android at FCC

The FCC today gave away some of Archos' plans for Android tablets today by publishing a test report for the hardware. Known as the A5S, the device is much like the existing Archos 5 but adds a microSD slot for removable storage and notably shows a much different interface (seen below) than the custom Linux that Archos uses today: it appears to have a reference Android build but with icons at the bottom that may represent quick access to common tasks like music or the web.

Nokia to add ARM-based smartbook alongside Booklet?

08/26, 9:40am

Nokia ARM-based smartbook

Nokia may add a second netbook PC to its lineup besides the upcoming 10-inch Booklet 3G, according to unofficial sources from cellphone makers in Taiwan. They reported on Wednesday that the second netbook will reportedly be based on an ARM processor, like so many of Nokia's smartphones. The Digitimes insiders claimed Nokia may contract Compal or Foxconn to build a device that would fit Qualcomm's "smartbook" label but which would not arrive on store shelves until sometime in the middle of 2010.

First augmented reality app reaches App Store

08/26, 9:40am

1st augmented reality app

Beating out acrossair's Nearest Tube, French company Presselite has released the first augmented reality app for the iPhone, Metro Paris Subway 3.0. Previous versions have relied on 2D maps as users navigate the Paris subway system, identifying routes and points of interest. Version 3.0 allows users to find POIs using a live video mode, on top of which the app overlays icons and distance markers.

Major studios offer 1st paid DivX movie downloads

08/26, 9:20am

Film Fresh DivX Movies

Young movie store Film Fresh today launched itself as the first US-based movie store to provide downloads from larger studios in DivX form. Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony and Warner have all agreed to include both recent and classic titles on the store and as a result have created one of the first few truly cross-platform movie services. Although the videos are still copy-protected, the choice of DivX lets them play on Macs as well as any other device with an official DivX certification, including Blu-ray and DVD players, consoles like the PS3, and even the TVs themselves.

Nokia picking Linux to beat iPhone

08/26, 8:25am

Nokia Maemo to Beat iPhone

Nokia is planning to dump Symbian for Linux as part of a concerted strategy to beat the iPhone, multiple sources said Wednesday. While the tips echo reports of the N900 using Maemo Linux for its interface instead of Symbian S60, Reuters now hears the shift is part of a larger strategy that will replace Symbian on many if not all high-end Nokia smartphones in the near future. The first fruits of the move are anticipated at next week's Nokia World show.

Apps: KeyCue, Reference Tracker, Posterino

08/26, 8:15am

DiskLibrary, SmartBackup

KeyCue 4.5 ($27) helps users to make better use of keyboard shortcuts that different applications provide. After holding down the Command key for a set period of time KeyCue opens and displays a table of all currently available menu shortcuts. Version 4.5 adds support for Snow Leopard and QuickKey shortcuts. The latest version of the software also includes a fix that correctly displays arrow keys as dashed arrows and distinguishes keys on the numeric keypad by using brackets. Several other miscellaneous errors have also been fixed with the update. [Download - 1.1MB]


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