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Apple works to investigate MobileMe hackers

08/25, 10:50pm

User's MobileMe hacked

Philp Hayes, a self-declared IT expert, claims his MobileMe account was hacked. The user asserts that hackers accessed his account, changed the password and made a 55 PayPal purchase from RapidShare. The blog entry lends insight to the way Apple reps communicate with each other, suggesting those that assisted Hayes used iChat and prompted him to also chat online via an Apple Support page.

MSI confirms mobile Core i7, touchscreen Wind

08/25, 10:50pm

Mobile Core i7, touch Win

MSI has confirmed the introduction of mobile Core i7 processors with several of its upcoming Windows 7-based notebooks . The company is set to ship 15.4- and 17-inch notebooks based on the Core i7 7200M, Core i7 8200M, and Core i7 920XM CPUs. Along with the high-end notebooks, MSI is also set to release a Wind U150 netbook featuring a touchscreen and Intel's next-generation Pine Trail platform.

Snow Leopard contains new anti-malware feature

08/25, 9:15pm

Snow Leopard antivirus

The upcoming Snow Leopard update reportedly contains new anti-malware functionality, according to the Mac security company Intego. A number of beta testers have noticed a new warning screen that alerts users to malicious code. A leaked screenshot shows an alert dialog for an RSPlug Trojan contained in a disk image downloaded through Safari.

Target teams with Apple to offer exclusive albums

08/25, 7:55pm

Target Apple partnership

Target has established a new partnership with Apple to establish a dedicated Target area on iTunes. The portal will feature a variety of exclusive albums that will only be available through Target,, iTunes and other select retailers. The special section will also include a variety of other content such as bonus tracks, videos, iPhone apps, and more.

Magellan leak shows RoadMate with 7" touchscreen

08/25, 7:15pm

Large RoadMate GPS

Product pages for an unannounced Magellan GPS, the RoadMate 1700, have leaked on several online retailers such as Tiger GPS. The 1700 matches many of the same features as the rest of the RoadMate series, but adds a larger 7-inch display. Otherwise, the GPS offers a AAA TourBook, 6 million points of interest, text-to-speech and multiple-point routing.

Facebook looking to buy Spotify?

08/25, 6:55pm

Facebook May Buy Spotify

Facebook is looking to acquire Spotify in what may represent a significant change in the way listeners get music, a rumor claims. While Facebook has supposedly been in talks to buy the unlimited music streaming service for the past year, TechCrunch has heard that the recent MySpace buyout of iLike has stepped up the pressure to take action in the past week. Those associated with the company have lately been expressing public interest in the company, including compliments to Spotify from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in a status update and investor Li Ka-Shing putting money into Spotify alongside the social network.

PocketDock Line Out Mini USB adapter links to iPods

08/25, 6:40pm

PocketDock Line Out USB

SendStation Systems has introduced its Mini USB-to-iPod adapter, the PocketDock Line Out Mini USB. The product is a new addition to the PocketDock line of adapters and is used to sync, charge and play an iPod or iPhone using the same cables or chargers compatible with GPSs, digital cameras and other devices. The adapter additionally features a 1/8 inch Line Out jack for audio playback and weighs four grams.

Quickscript text recognition for Modbook goes beta

08/25, 6:00pm

Quickscript goes beta

Axiotron has released the public beta version of Quickscript, a handwriting recognition application which can convert handwritten text and characters into digital type. The application recognizes 26 different languages including English, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic and can detect both printed and cursive writing. The program enables users to write in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Pages, TextEdit and other applications that accept text input.

Samsung boasts power efficiency of SSDs, DDR3 memory

08/25, 5:55pm

Samsung on green tech

As part of Samsung's initiative to promote environmentally-friendly efforts, the company has highlighted the energy efficiency of current SSD storage and DDR3 memory components. The use of higher-density DDR3 memory is said to reduce power consumption by up to 70 percent compared to DDR2 modules. The power savings is attributed to lower voltage requirements, as low as 1.35 volts, and the energy-efficient 40nm manufacturing technology.

Wii to get PlayOn video streaming app

08/25, 5:10pm

Wii to get PlayOn app

Nintendo's Wii will get the ability to play movies on users' Windows PCs thanks to Media Mall's PlayOn app on Wednesday, August 26th. PlayOn has already allowed PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users to access Netflix Watch, Amazon VOD and Hulu content. The Wii version will also have support for a few other unnamed online video services, though does require an Internet-connected Windows XP or Vista computer as the source.

BB 9550 internals shown off, SurePress retained

08/25, 5:00pm

Storm 2 photos leaked

The BlackBerry Storm's unofficial but likely successor, the 9550, has been seen in a new set of photos that detail a major change in how RIM approaches the smartphone's touchscreen. The photos of the naked 9550 from Engadget reveal the piezoelectronic technology that gives the touchscreen tactile feedback, and users who press it will get a click they can feel in a particular area rather than just a sound or a generic click.

iPods doing better at retail than predictions?

08/25, 4:55pm

FTN on iPod retail sales

In spite of recent Piper Jaffray observations, iPod sales actually did better than expected in July -- at least at retail, according to FTN Equity Capital Markets analyst Bill Fearnley Jr.. Having surveyed a collection of retailers across the US, Fearnley notes that 27 percent of them reported above-plan iPod sales for July, as compared to 7 percent for June, and a group of 13 percent who claimed below-anticipated results in May.

AT&T BlackBerries get visual voicemail

08/25, 4:25pm

AT&T BlackBerries get VM

AT&T made good on yesterday's promise of updating its BlackBerry Bold's operating system that enables visual voicemail. After upgrading to the new operating system, AT&T Bold owners can activate the visual voicemail option themselves by navigating to the AT&T website and logging into their Manage My Account section. As expected, the feature is free to subscribers, and will allow users to check their voicemail in any order they wish and not, as usual, in the order that they receive them.

PS3 Slim already spotted at Florida Best Buy stores

08/25, 4:20pm

PS3 Slim at Best Buy store

Sony's slim PS3 gaming console, originally slated for an early September release, is already showing up in some Best Buy stores in Florida. One buyer has already bought the console in a Brandon, Florida Best Buy location, while a Tampa-based Best Buy employee is reporting that his store is authorized to sell the redesigned game console as of today.

Blu-ray to be on just 16% of PCs by 2013

08/25, 4:10pm

Poor Blu-ray Uptake on PCs

Attempts by many Windows PC builders have pushed Blu-ray as a major feature of their systems have largely fallen flat, iSuppli said in a new study published today. The optical drives should only appear in about 3.9 percent of PCs this year but, even by 2013, aren't expected to occupy more than 16.3 percent of desktops and notebooks. It's not clear when or if Blu-ray would ever replace DVD drives as the primary optical format.

TextWrangler 3.0 adds FTP, SFTP interface

08/25, 3:55pm

TextWrangler 3.0 released

Bare Bones has released v3.0 of its text manipulation utility, TextWrangler. The application is used to edit general text documents and developers code. The latest version allows users to edit within disk browsers, search result windows, non-modal Find windows and multi-file search windows. The update better supports Ruby and JavaScript languages and introduces a new interface that works with files via FTP and SFTP.

EA debuts Clue, Life, Snood, Mass Effect for iPhone

08/25, 3:35pm

Four new EA iPhone games

EA's Mobile division has released four new iPhone games: Clue, Life, Snood and Mass Effect Galaxy. The first two are recreations of their respective boardgames, with modern revisions. Clue brings in new weapons and suspects, along with built-in notetaking capabilities. Life is rendered in 3D, and supports pass-around multiplayer for up to three people. Clue is $3 at the App Store, while Life is $5.

File-sharers in the UK may be cut off from web

08/25, 3:20pm

UK file-sharers face cuts

The UK government has introduced new measures in its Digital Britain report that could see individuals who illegally share copyrighted files have their Internet service cut off, says a Tuesday report. These proposed changed would give regulator Ofcom greater power in fighting web pirates, including said account suspensions. Previously, Ofcon was given until 2012 to develop technical measures to catch pirates, but this timeframe was deemed too generous, and "impacting unfairly upon rights holders," Digital Britain minister Stephen Timms said.

Motorola to launch Android phones Sept. 10

08/25, 3:10pm

Moto Android Sept 10

Motorola today set a date for the unveiling of its first-ever Android phones by inviting the press to a San Francisco event on September 10th. The cellphone maker doesn't provide any details as to what's involved, but it's frequently believed the introduction will center on the Sholes, a high-end smartphone with a fast processor and a 5-megapixel camera, and the Morrison, a more economical model meant for T-Mobile and its 3G network. Both are suspected of shipping in the fall.

Apple confirms new NYC, Hamburg retail stores

08/25, 2:40pm

New NYC, Hamburg stores

Apple has picked out an area for its latest New York City store, according to the company's retail chief, Ron Johnson. Speculated for some time, the shop will open later this year in the upper West Side of Manhattan, joining three other stores on the island including the famous Fifth Avenue flagship outlet. No specific building site has been announced, but some rumors have proposed that it could be established near Lincoln Center, or possibly within the Time Warner Center, which is already home to a number of luxury-oriented businesses.

Apple to keep, redesign plastic MacBooks?

08/25, 2:40pm

White MacBook Rework Leak

Apple is in the midst of redesigning its plastic MacBook to cement its share at the lower end of the notebook spectrum, a source said today. An apparent contact for AppleInsider claims that the computer builder is planning a new version of the system that would be lighter and thinner. Redesigned internals would also be part of the plans, though it's uncertain what this would involve.

MacMall promo offers Snow Leopard for $25

08/25, 2:25pm

MacMall Snow Leopard promo

MacMall is currently running an introductory promotion for Apple's Snow Leopard upgrade, along with the range of family packs and bundles. The basic upgrade for a single system is available to pre-order for $24.99, a savings of $4. The Mac Box Set is available for $149.99, a savings of $19, and includes the Snow Leopard Upgrade, iWork and iLife.

Canon intros first high-speed scanners for Macs

08/25, 1:10pm

Canon scanners for Macs

Canon on Tuesday introduced two new high-speed business scanners that mark the company's first to be Mac-compatible. The two add to Canon's imageFORMULA DR series and include the DR-2510M and DR-2010M. Both have the TWAIN driver necessary for use with Macs, as well as Canon's CaptureOnTouch software that lets users quickly scan to e-mail, printers, shared folders or specific apps such as iPhoto.

Camtasia offers SmartFocus video framing tool

08/25, 1:05pm

Camtasia released

TechSmith has released its first Mac-based screen capture utility, Camtasia. The software is used to record both audio and video captured from a users computer screen in order to create training videos, presentations and software video tutorials. The application can simultaneously record audio from an external microphone or the built-in microphone. The program is also used to edit the captured media and includes a SmartFocus tool that automatically adds customizable track, pan and zoom framing to the captured video.

ASUS declares freeze on Android smartbook

08/25, 12:55pm

No ASUS Android smartbook

ASUS is not actively developing an Android-based smartbook, the company's CEO informs. Although members of the company have expressed mild interest in smartbooks in the past, and displayed a prototype, Jerry Shen notes that he still does not see a "clear market" for the computers, which constitute a step below netbooks. Whereas netbooks operate on a standard Intel platform, smartbooks are dependent on processors meant for smartphones, which prevents them from running conventional desktop software.

Nokia's 3G Booklet to start at $799?

08/25, 12:10pm

Nokia 3G Booklet priced

Nokia's first netbook, the Booklet 3G has got an unofficial price ahead of what is expected to be its official release at next week's Nokia World show. The 10-inch netbook is expected to cost $799, while processing power is expected to come from Intel's 1.6GHz Z530 Atom CPU. Windows 7 should be preloaded onto the system, according to the newest report, and Nokia is claiming a 12-hour life for the near 2.8lb device.

Group: cellphone industry hiding tumor risks

08/25, 12:10pm

Group on Cellphone Tumors

A collection of groups dedicated to warning about electromagnetic field effects today published a report it claims should prove that cellphones can create brain tumors. The UK and US organizations behind the study maintain that an Interphone study that has been used to gauge the threat of wireless radiation has been intentionally misrepresented by the phone industry and that the only parts publicly touted have been those that downplay the actual effect of putting a cellphone close to an ear. A "systemic skew" has been in place ever since the Interphone study appeared, according to the activists.

Second French iPhone explodes, injures guard

08/25, 12:05pm

New iPhone explosion

A second confirmed iPhone explosion has occurred in France, Agence France-Presse reports. A supermarket security guard, Yassine Bouhadi, says he was typing out a text message on Monday afternoon, when his phone's touchscreen suddenly blew out. A glass shard is then claimed to have hit his eye; while Bouhadi says he is consulting a doctor, his main concern is filing a lawsuit for damage compensation.

Sony launches Daily Edition Reader with 3G

08/25, 11:15am

Sony Reader Daily Edition

Sony today claimed the trophy of the second company in the US with a 3G-aware reader by unveiling the Reader Daily Edition, its third new e-book reader this year. The new model is intended for reading newspapers and other periodicals and comes with a larger 7-inch, touchscreen display. Unlike Amazon's choice of Sprint for the Kindle, though, the Sony device will have free 3G access through AT&T. Adding the always-on data link lets users sync books over the air instead of having to transfer through USB.

ASUS ports Eee Tops with Ion, Radeon 4570 to US

08/25, 10:55am

ASUS Eee Top ET20 and ET22

ASUS today catered to the US with three new Eee Top all-in-ones. The regular ET2002 and touchscreen ET2002T are the first of the systems to use NVIDIA's Ion hybrid graphics and system controller and consequently have much better graphics performance than Intel's own parts without the cost of a dedicated chipset. Both 20-inch units also break out of nettop limits with dual-core 1.6GHz Atom processors, 2GB of RAM, 320GB hard drives and DVD burners in addition to the usual 802.11n Wi-Fi and webcams.

Apple preps Frisco, Dedham, Temecula stores

08/25, 10:40am

Frisco, Dedham stores soon

Apple has formally announced two new retail store openings, with a third believed to be coming soon. The first opening will take place at 10AM Eastern on August 29th, in Dedham, Massachusetts. Known as Apple Store Legacy Place, the shop is situated at 950 Providence Highway, near an intersection with Elm Street. No details on store hours have been provided.

Acer ships Veriton AIO desktop to the US

08/25, 10:25am

Acer Veriton AIO in the US

Acer on Tuesday began shipping its Veriton Z280G all-in-one PC in the US. Meant for work, its processing power comes from a 1.6GHz Intel Atom, but unlike many nettops there is 2GB of RAM onboard to smooth out memory-intensive tasks. Graphics processing is still handled by Intel's GMA 950 graphics on the 18.5-inch LCD, which nets a 1366x768 resolution and a 1,000:1 contrast ratio.

Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger optimized for iPhone

08/25, 10:15am

Yahoo enhances services

Yahoo has enhanced both its Search results page and Yahoo Messenger, and has optimized its Yahoo Mail webpage for use with the iPhone. The latest version of Yahoo Mail allows users to manage their email via HTML mobile browsers, including Safari for the iPhone. The new web application additionally features improved photo sharing capabilities, new apps and added social networking and Application Box tools.

OmniVision sensor allows 1080p web, phone cams

08/25, 10:10am

OmniVision OV2710 1080p

OmniVision today unveiled a new sensor that could make 1080p video capture widespread in mobile devices for the near future. The OV2710 can record the HD resolution at 30 frames per second but is notable for using a 2-megapixel sensor that matches the video format. As a result, a device with the sensor doesn't need the expense and image cropping of a larger sensor and gets better performance in low light and with reduced noise. Through this and using a CMOS sensor instead of CCD, a small camera can still be usable in light levels "well below" 15 lux, or lighting closer to what would be expected in a poorly-lit room.

New 'Get a Mac' ads level virus accusations at PCs

08/25, 9:40am

New 'Get a Mac' TV ads

Apple has produced two more TV ads as part of its long-running "Get a Mac" campaign, touting the advantages of Macs over Windows PCs. The new commercials are primarily negative, accusing PCs of being subject to many more virus attacks than Macs. The first spot, "Surprise," has PC (John Hodgman) disguise himself as Mac (Justin Long), and insist to a computer buyer that PCs are very reliable.

Corsair X256 SSD offers lower-cost speed

08/25, 9:25am

Corsair X256 SSD

Corsair today put out a new capacity leader in its Extreme Series SSDs as a bid to claim the best of both worlds. The X256 reaches 256GB of storage but will theoretically cost less than the earlier P256 through slight sacrifices in speed: it reads faster at 240MB per second but gives up a slight amount of write speed, dropping down to 170MB per second, and halves the cache to 64MB. An Indilinx Barefoot memory controller and Samsung flash memory prevent the drive from bogging down.

Sony brings speaker-equipped Walkman to US

08/25, 8:30am

Sony Walkman S540

Sony today updated its Walkman players in the US with updates to its staple non-touch models. As rumored, the S540 series has its own stereo speakers to let users play music or video without headphones. Its display is larger than in the past, now up to 2.4 inches, and users can now record both voice through a microphone as well as the built-in FM radio.

Nokia's 5230 to fend off cheaper iPhone

08/25, 7:50am

Nokia 5230

Nokia in the run-up to its Nokia World show next week launched a touchscreen phone made to give it a better foothold in budget touchscreen smartphones. The 5230 is sometimes more advanced than the more expensive 5530 XM and adds both 3G as well as data-assisted GPS; in return, it drops Wi-Fi and scales back to a 2-megapixel camera. It still holds on to the 640x360 touch display, 3.5mm headphone jack and smartphone-class Symbian S60 OS from every previous Nokia touchscreen phone.

Parallels adds tools, tutorials in Switch to Mac Ed.

08/25, 3:00am

Parallels 'Switch to Mac'

Hoping to capitalize on growing numbers of Windows users moving to the Mac, Parallels has combined its virtual machine software with Mac OS X tutorials and migration tools. Parallels Desktop Switch to Mac Edition allows users to run their favorite Windows applications while gradually learning how the Mac works.


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