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ContactCrypt provides security encryption for iPhone

08/24, 10:45pm

ContactCrypt iPhone app

SMobile Systems has released ContactCrypt 1.6, an iPhone app that provides an extra layer of security for sensitive information such as contacts. Unlike apps that simply store passwords, ContactCrypt specifically encrypts contact names, addresses, account numbers, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and more. The app is claimed to prevent unauthorized bypass of the iPhone's breakable encryption methods.

Jobs devoting "almost all" time to Apple tablet

08/24, 9:55pm

Jobs Devoted to Tablet

Apple chief Steve Jobs has spent "almost all" his time since his return to work developing the heavily rumored tablet device, according to sources close to the company. Those "people familiar with the matter" tell the WSJ that the executive is committing a level of attention to the project not seen since the original iPhone's development. The sheer control has reportedly been a shock to some workers, who during Jobs' roughly six-month medical leave had some relative freedom on projects.

FTC approves Sprint merger with Virgin Mobile

08/24, 9:15pm

Sprint Virgin deal cleared

The Federal Trade Commission has given antitrust permission to the proposed merger between Sprint Nextel and Virgin Mobile USA, according to Reuters. Sprint in July initially announced its plans to take over the smaller carrier for $483 million, building upon its current 13.1 percent stake. The deal will merge Virgin's prepaid service with Boost Mobile.

Memory chip investigation targets Apple, Samsung, RIM

08/24, 8:15pm

Flash memory investigation

The US International Trade Commission has reportedly begun an investigation focusing on several companies that produce or purchase NAND flash components, including Samsung, RIM, Apple and others, according to Barron's. BTG International has accused Samsung of violating several patents involving "MLC" type flash memory.

ScreenFlow 2 adds new editing tools, transitions

08/24, 6:45pm

ScreenFlow update

Telestream has announced an update to its screen recording software, ScreenFlow. Version 2.0 adds a number of new features and capabilities, including the ability to directly publish screencasts to YouTube. The company also expanded the available editing tools, enabling users to adjust the speed of clips during the recording and editing process.

Unity 1.5 offers app developers DRM detection tool

08/24, 6:40pm

Unity 1.5 released

Unity Technologies has released v1.5 of its self-titled application, used to create 3D games for the iPhone. The latest version offers support for native Objective C and C++ code and for 8-texture shading on iPhone 3G S and automatic alternatives for iPhone 3G. Version 1.5 also features anti-piracy protection, allowing users to view if Apple DRM was removed from the application. The update additionally rewrites code paths to utilize the VFP coprocessor, making animation skinning faster.

iPhone apps: pzizz relax, Chordmaster LE, Money

08/24, 6:15pm

iSing, PhotoFame

pzizz relax ($3) is a relaxation tool that builds a musical playlist based on a definable amount of time. The software uses a structured random algorithm that can create a different soundtrack every time it is used. The algorithm pulls from different inspiring quotes, sound effects, music, and binaural beats to create each soundtrack.

Nokia defends N97's failure to beat iPhone

08/24, 6:00pm

Nokia on N97 vs iPhone

Nokia chief Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo was put on the defensive late yesterday in an interview regarding the poor performance of the N97 versus Apple's iPhone. When asked by the FT about the critical reaction to his own smartphone, which has been criticized for being too expensive, too slow and lacking a modern touch interface, the executive claimed the N97 was still viable but admitted he wanted to do better, particularly highlighting the increasing emphasis on Ovi services like the music store and navigation.

RingCentral strikes deal with AT&T to sidestep Apple?

08/24, 5:50pm

RingCentral app overlooked

RingCentral Mobile, an app with very similar features to those of Google Voice, has been overlooked by the FCC, says BrainStorm Tech. Should Apple's public response to the FCC be considered earnest, the website asserts RingCentral would have faced similar scrutiny by Apple, given the numerous similarities between it and Google Voice. The column additionally notes that the RingCentral app was the template from which both Google Voice, and its predecessor, GrandCentral, were built.

Mimo intros 7" portable touchscreen monitor

08/24, 5:50pm

Mimo 720S touchscreen

Mimo Monitors on Monday introduced the 720-S, a 7-inch portable touchscreen display geared for netbook users. The monitor provides 800x480 resolution, 350 cd/mē brightness and a contrast ratio of 400:1, while utilizing resistive touchscreen technology. The device is powered and connected via a single USB cable, enabling use as a secondary screen for presenting applications, formatting palettes, instant messengers or other interfaces.

AT&T BlackBerries to get visual voicemail

08/24, 5:20pm

AT&T BlackBerries get VM

AT&T will introduce an operating system update that will finally bring visual voicemail to the provider's BlackBerry Bold smartphone. While a rumor of this update has been around since January, an official AT&T document reveals the functionality will become available on Tuesday, August 25th. The update,, will endow the BlackBerry Bold with free visual voicemail capability.

ASUS intros uBoom series notebook speakers

08/24, 5:10pm

ASUS intros uBoom speakers

PC and related peripherals maker ASUS recently introduced two uBoom series speakers that connect to notebooks through USB 2.0. The uBoom and uBoom Q sound bar-style speaker sets deliver bass as well thanks to a tuned reflex port. Essentially portable 2.1-channel speaker systems, both pods have two 2-inch drivers and a single subwoofer, sized at 2.5 inches in the uBoom and 2.25 in the uBoom Q. Each has an amplifier with 24W RMS of power.

Swedish authorities order The Pirate Bay offline

08/24, 4:55pm

The Pirate Bay now offline

The Pirate Bay torrent site, following its loss in a Swedish court, has now gone offline, after the site's Internet Service Provider was ordered by the court to take it offline. The ISP, Black Internet, faced a fine equivalent to $70,600 for not complying with the law. The Pirate Bay operators have found another ISP, however, with the service expected to come back online on Tuesday.

Analyst: Snow Leopard a reponse to Windows 7

08/24, 4:55pm

Piper on Snow Leopard

This week's release of Snow Leopard is more intended to undermine Windows 7 than to advance Mac OS X, argues Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. Snow Leopard is shipping less than two months before Windows 7, and Munster notes that the former is only a "minor upgrade," a revision of Mac OS X "without many significant new features." In marketing, Apple has highlighted multi-core enhancements and support for OpenCL processing.

HTC Mega live photos, screen caps surface

08/24, 4:45pm

HTC Mega screen caps

Images, screen captures and specs of the upcoming HTC Mega smartphone, first spotted earlier this month, have been unveiled in a recent blog post. The device is expected to be priced as an entry-level smartphone and be powered by Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional. Its 2.8-inch, 240x320 resolution touchscreen is run by HTC's TouchFLO interface, and the handset supports HSPA for 3G on top of GSM and EDGE.

MSI's CULV-based X600 now shipping

08/24, 4:25pm

MSI X600 notebook now out

MSI's ultra-low voltage 15.6-inch notebook PC, the X600 can now be purchased and is priced at $800. Part of MSI's ultra-slim X-Slim series, the X600 features a 1.4GHz Core 2 Solo CPU, a six-cell battery, a 320GB hard drive with Windows Vista Home Premium and a 15.6-inch LCD with a 1366x768 resolution, in a package that's less than one inch thick and weighs about 5.5lbs.

Microsoft OneApp ports Web 2.0 to feature phones

08/24, 4:10pm

Microsoft OneApp

Microsoft debunked some claims of a unified app store for smartphones by launching OneApp on Monday. The software is aimed at bringing relatively complex Internet apps like Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live Messenger to regular, feature-limited phones. It pools all of these into the namesake single app and keeps the footprint down to just 150K while only loading both the local and cloud-based data that's actually needed.

Madden NFL 10 coming to iPhone, iPod touch

08/24, 3:40pm

Madden 10 for iPhone soon

EA has announced an upcoming iPhone version of Madden NFL 10, its current flagship sports game. The iPhone port includes all 32 NFL teams, and a collection of real-world stadiums; plays are narrated by John Madden as well as Tom Hammond and Cris Collinsworth. Gamers can compete in individual matches, or in a season mode which involves more elaborate strategy.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 tipped for next week?

08/24, 3:35pm

XPERIA X2 May Show Next Wk

Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X2 smartphone may finally have its public appearance next week if a rumor bears fruit. A press launch has purportedly been "confirmed" by SEMC Blog for next week that would center on just one device, likely involving the new smartphone. Other details aren't provided and potentially cast doubt on the claim.

Jabra ships dual-mic HALO Bluetooth headset

08/24, 3:05pm

Jabra ships HALO headset

Jabra on Monday began shipping its latest Bluetooth A2DP compatible headset, the dual-microphone HALO, which was first introduced in April. The headset is compatible with BlackBerry handsets as well as Apple's iPhone and second-generation iPod touch, and can sync with two devices simultaneously. The headset can be folded for ease of carrying and has a 3.5mm headset jack and cable to connect to source devices when Bluetooth cannot be used or isn't an option. The HALO's display shows battery and connection status, while a touch-based volume control lets users adjust the loudness of the headset.

Finnish carrier offering legal iPhone 3G unlock?

08/24, 2:55pm

Legitimate iPhone unlock?

It is now possible to legally unlock an iPhone, one website claims. One of the site's writers claims to have unlocked an iPhone 3G as a result of paying for the remainder of a two-year contract with Sonera, the exclusive iPhone distributor in Finland. The writer gave his IMEI number to a Sonera store manager, alleged authorized to submit IMEIs to Apple using a "special piece of software." The manager informed the writer that the next time the phone was synced with iTunes it would be unlocked via a carrier settings update.

Nokia N900 press shot leak confirms features

08/24, 2:55pm

Nokia N900 Press Shot Leak

A single press shot of the Nokia N900 has been leaked that eliminates most doubts about the tablet's existence. The shot from BeGeek not only identifies the device but encompasses many of the assumed features of the tablet, including its use of Maemo instead of Symbian for the interface as well as its built-in phone functionality and a front video camera for two-way calls.

ATI Radeon HD 5800 date, final features leak

08/24, 2:25pm

ATI Radeon HD 5800 Leak

AMD's major video chipset update this fall has had its feature set and release date uncovered thanks to a slip of information Monday. The ATI Radeon HD 5800 series should be fronted by the 5850 and 5870, both high-end cards that could be the first to support Eyefinity, a technology that not unlike Matrox cards will support three displays on a single card. They are also to be AMD's first graphics cores to support DirectX 11 and OpenGL 3.1 visual effects in hardware.

PhoneAgent, PhoneDirector add Snow Leopard support

08/24, 2:10pm

MacMedia updates two apps

MacMedia has released v1.4 of PhoneDirector, and v1.6 of PhoneAgent. The latter application is a tool for managing a user's phonebook, SMS, MMS, Themes and Calendar of numerous Sony Ericsson phone models. Users can edit, upload, delet, backup and export their phonebook with an extended amount of numbers and texts supported in v1.6. The latest version also features Snow Leopard support and bug fixes from the previous version.

Dell accused of not honoring next-day warranty

08/24, 1:50pm

Dell accused of false ads

A group that calls itself the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has publicly accused computer maker Dell of dishonest business practices, by not honoring its advertised next-day parts and labor warranty. CREW has created a website dedicated to its cause and has asked all Dell customers who have experienced similar problems to speak out against the PC maker. At the same time, CREW has complained to the DC Attorney General.

Onkyo outs top-end TX receivers

08/24, 1:25pm

New Onkyo TX receivers

Having only recently announced another collection, Onkyo has revealed details on three more TX-series receivers. These begin with the NR1007, which is capable of 135W of output across each of 9.2 channels. The unit handles decoding of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, and additionally supports formats such as Dolby Pro Logic IIz and Audyssey DSX. It is compliant with DLNA 1.5 and THX Ultra2 Plus standards.

NVIDIA Tegra due for Apple media pad?

08/24, 12:50pm

NVIDIA Tegra Media Pad

NVIDIA general manager of mobile Mike Rayfield today hinted at a future Tegra-based device in coming months in a video interview (seen below) that may hint at links to Apple. The executive told Hexus that an unnamed company is developing a "media pad" that would have 3G and a touchscreen between 7 and 13 inches in size that would be based on the chip. No indication was given as to the feature set other than the entertainment focus.

Apps: BurnAgain FS, TextExpander, EasyBatch

08/24, 12:40pm

Solo Performer, CheckOff

BurnAgain FS 1.4 ($22) is used to burn a DVD or CD more than once without creating a volume for each session. Files on each disk can be added, removed and modified from within Finder. The latest version features Snow Leopard support and enhanced Finder integration. Several bugs have also been addressed with the new updated. [Download - 6.7MB]

Apple spends $390,000 on Q2 lobbying efforts

08/24, 12:35pm

Apple political persuasion

Apple spent $390,000 in lobbying the US government during the second quarter of 2009, documents from the House of Representatives show. The sum is a $50,000 increase over the first quarter, and came despite slowing Mac and iPod sales. Apple's attempts to privately influence the government are recorded as connected to stimulus funding -- for educational technology, and increasing broadband penetration -- as well as a variety of environmental issues.

iRex teams up with Barnes & Noble for reader

08/24, 11:55am

iRex Teams w Barnes Noble

iRex today more officially stepped into the US market for e-book readers by cementing a deal for the Barnes & Noble online bookstore. The company now plans to integrate the digital book service both with its own readers as well as for "other devices." It's not specified which readers would be involved or when the deal will take effect.

Sennheiser intros MM 400/450 Bluetooth headphones

08/24, 11:20am

Sennheiser BT headsets

Sennheiser has announced it will soon add the MM 400 and MM 450 Travel Bluetooth 2.1 over-the-ear headsets to its Mobile Music lineup. Intended for music and phone calls, both the MM 400 and MM 450 Travel have an invisible microphone and have a wired connection option with the included cable and adapters for when wireless connections are not an option, like on a flight, or when users want to save battery life. Controls are placed on the right speaker pod, including volume, power and track navigation buttons. Meant for travelers, the headsets fold flat in their molded travel cases, and the headband is reinforced with metal to avoid snapping. Either also has an airline-friendly adapter.

Apple Store best-grossing Fifth Avenue shop?

08/24, 11:15am

Apple tops on Fifth Ave.

Apple's flagship store in New York City is likely producing the highest gross of any shop along Fifth Avenue, says the executive VP of Newmark Knight Frank Retail, a New York real estate broker. Jeffrey Roseman comments that the cube-shaped Apple Store probably has annual sales of over $350 million, despite only occupying 10,000 square feet in its luxury shopping district. Faith Hope Consolo, a division chairman at Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate, notes that Apple could be the all-time champion of Fifth Avenue sales, though Apple does not publicize individual store revenues.

Sanyo offers 720p cam with Eye-Fi option

08/24, 11:10am

Sanyo Xacti CG11 in Japan

Sanyo today brought out a new compact HD camcorder likely destined for the US. The Xacti CG11 records at 720p like many of Sanyo's newer cameras but has built-in recognition of Eye-Fi's cards, such as the Eye-Fi Video line. The hook lets users share video over Wi-Fi to YouTube and elsewhere without having to plug in. Versus the CG10, the new device also gets a mini HDMI port to preview content at full resolution through only an optional cable.

BlackBerry likely to get WebKit browser

08/24, 10:40am

RIM Buys Torch for Browser

Software developer Torch Mobile on Monday hinted at Research in Motion's (RIM) future plans for the BlackBerry by confirming that it has been bought out by the Canadian smartphone maker. While the terms of the deal aren't known, Torch explicitly says it expects to bring its experience with developing WebKit-based browsers like Iris to BlackBerry devices. It will similarly continue to develop WebKit as part of its open-source nature.

Shuttle to poach ECS workers to get into notebooks?

08/24, 10:10am

Shuttle to poach from ECS

Taiwanese PC maker Shuttle has been rumored on Monday morning to be looking at recruiting a team of 40 employees from notebook maker ECS. Industry contacts for DigiTimes claimed that the small form factor desktop and nettop specialist not only plans to add staff but also plans on raising funds by issuing 150,000 new shares meant for private placement, with Inventec's chairman Kou-I Yeh named as one such potential investor.

Namco releases Mac version of BurgerTime Deluxe

08/24, 10:10am

BugerTime Deluxe for Mac

Namco has released a Mac version of its flagship game, BurgerTime Deluxe. Players take on the roles of Chef Peter Pepper and Chef Sally Salt and must assemble the burger ingredients in order to defeat Vinnie Vinegar. Players can collect ingredients and special items by scaling 2D platforms and can freeze, cook or salt Vinnie Vinegar's henchmen, who are trying to hinder your progress. Bonus points can be earned by dropping ingredients from the taller platforms onto the henchmen.

iPod nano 4G 1.0.4 update fixes DST issue

08/24, 10:05am

iPod nano 4G 1.0.4 update

Apple has posted a minor software update for the fourth-generation iPod nano, bringing its firmware up to v1.0.4. The patch mainly addresses a problem with resulted in bad daylight savings settings, as well another which would cause Thai song information to be poorly displayed during disk-mode syncs. Other bugfixes are described as minor. The software is at present available only through iTunes' Update function.

Intel to ship seven new CULV processors?

08/24, 9:55am

Intel 7 New CULV in Oct

Intel is on the verge of dramatically swelling the ranks of its CULV (Consumer Ultra Low-Voltage) processor ranks if a leak of early information proves true. The chip producer is seen by Fudzilla as shipping seven processors in early October that would significantly expand the range. Two low-end models, the SU2500 and SU2600, should be joined by the mid-range SU4100, SU4500 and SU4700 as well as the high-end SU7300 and SU7800.

Verizon leak has Sholes, Storm 2, more in October

08/24, 9:15am

VZW Sholes Storm 2 Leaks

A leak from within Verizon today has provided a detailed outline of the company's phone launches for the rest of the year and hints that some high-profile phones may ship early. The Motorola Sholes, LG Chocolate Touch and BlackBerry 9550 (Storm 2) are all believed by BGR to be shipping in October and would give Verizon's high-end phones a major upgrade in short succession, including its first Android phone (through the Sholes). The roadmap also confirms the BlackBerry Curve 8530 coming in late November, possibly being renamed the Curve 2.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard to ship Aug. 28th

08/24, 8:55am

Snow Leopard on Aug. 28

Validating rumors, Apple has formally announced that Mac OS X Snow Leopard will ship on August 28th, just ahead of its predicted September launch date. The software is a $29 upgrade for individual Leopard owners, or a $49 upgrade for people needing a five-license family pack. It can also be had with a new Mac computer, or as a part of the Mac Box Set, which bundles the latest versions of iLife and iWork. Single-user and family pack versions of the Box Set cost $169 and $229, respectively.

Revo IKON brings DAB radio, iPhone dock, touch

08/24, 8:25am

Revo IKON Radio Dock

Revo this morning claimed the high ground in radio docks through the unveiling of the IKON. The system aims to be a center for all digital audio with DAB+ radio (for the UK), Internet radio through many sources that include, Pandora, Rhapsody and Sirius, an iPhone/iPod dock and media sharing from Macs and PCs on the local Ethernet or Wi-Fi network. A unique advantage in the field is a 3.5-inch touchscreen that provides both a much more context-sensitive interface for each source but displays album art, song data and anything else a given format allows.

Nokia enters PCs with 12-hour 3G netbook

08/24, 7:45am

Nokia Booklet 3G

Nokia on Monday entered the computer business in earnest with the Booklet 3G, its first PC of any kind and its first netbook. The system has some typical netbook specs, such as an unidentified Intel Atom chip and a 10-inch display, but aims to exploit Nokia's experiences with batteries and cellular technology. The Booklet is one of the longest-lasting netbooks and should last up to 12 hours on a charge, according to Nokia; it also has its namesake built-in 3G and GPS to give it an Internet connection and navigation when away from Wi-Fi, including the use of Ovi Maps.

Real preps Rhapsody streaming for iPhone

08/24, 7:25am

Real Rhapsody for iPhone

Real this morning branched out to Apple devices in earnest by revealing a port of its Rhapsody service to the iPhone and iPod touch. Normally only offered through rival players like those from SanDisk, the service gives subscribers access to the full song catalog and lets them queue up any of the 8 million songs from Rhapsody on request. It also provides access to playlists, Rhapsody Radio and every other service normally available through the full-function website, Real claims.


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