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Marware intros SportShell Convertible iPhone 3G case

08/19, 11:05pm

SportShell Convertible

Marware has released the SportShell Convertible, its latest multi-functional case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. The new case is a re-designed version of the company's previously released Sportsuit Convertible; it features a polycarbonate hard shell with rubberized finish and three interchangeable parts. The package offers a basic slim-pocket case that can be combined with a clip and attached to a waistband, belt, or the armband that is included in the set.

StarTech intros KVM Console to USB 2.0 Adapter

08/19, 11:00pm

KVM Console Adapter ships

StarTech has introduced its KVM Console USB 2.0 Adapter, which essentially turns a users laptop into a portable KVM console. This allows service technicians to control a machine that does not have a keyboard, mouse or monitor. The device functions similarly to a crash cart (a technicians portable cart comprised of a keyboard, mouse and monitor), but does not require a power outlet.

iPhone app offers mobile credit card charge terminal

08/19, 10:25pm

Billing iPhone app

Spartadata has released its first iPhone app, Billing: Credit Card Terminal. Similar to other iPhone apps, the software is used to process and manage credit card transactions directly from a users iPhone. The app offers encrypted transactions using AuthorizeNet API. allowing users to bill their clients from anywhere with a mobile connection. Billing includes features such as transaction history, statistics, new transactions, refunds, in-app merchant signup, a merchant app PDF and customer support information.

Aegis Padlock Secure Hard Drive utilizes keypad entry

08/19, 8:35pm

Padlock Secure Drive ships

Apricorn has released its Aegis Padlock Secure Hard Drive, a portable storage system. The drive features a keypad that is used to input custom PIN numbers, protecting the device's content from being accessed by intruders. Users also have a choice between an AES-128 or 256 bit encryption to keep data safe. The device utilizes a USB 2.0 cable and is cross-platform compatible.

Twitterrific 2.1 updates iPhone Twitter client

08/19, 7:20pm

Twitterrific 2.1 released

The Iconfactory has released v2.1 of its social networking iPhone utility, Twitterrific. The app is a Twitter client, enabling users to manage their Twitter accounts from their iPhone. The update includes a Load More button used to view older tweets in the app's timeline. The latest version also adds followers and following lists to the author view, an account viewer and picker to the main toolbar and posting view and support for recording, posting and viewing videos.

Apple releases Firmware Update 2.0 for 7200RPM MBPs

08/19, 7:10pm

MBP Firmware Update 2.0

Apple on Wednesday released Hard Drive Firmware Update 2.0, which addresses issues with 7200-rpm, 500GB MacBook Pro drives. Users were reporting that their computer would freeze for several seconds, before beeping and clicking. These are reportedly signs of overworked reading mechanisms. Apple released a statement last week saying it was working towards a solution to the problem.

Bose QuietComfort 15 boasts new noise-reduction tech

08/19, 7:05pm

Bose QuietComfort 15

Bose on Wednesday introduced the QuietComfort 15, its latest noise-canceling headphones. The headphones boast new sound-reduction technology that is claimed to offer improved attenuation in loud environments, while expanding the correction across a wider range of frequencies.

Apple accidentally slips Snow Leopard Box Set listing

08/19, 6:10pm

Snow Leopard Box Set

Apple has allegedly slipped a product listing for a Snow Leopard Box Set, although the page was quickly removed from the store, according to MacRumors. A Google search, however, still shows an Apple Store result for the product number MC209Z/A.

Canon 7D seen, due on September 1st?

08/19, 6:05pm

Canon 7D Leaks

A lower end complement to the EOS-5D Mark II may be due just two weeks after Canon's PowerShot upgrades today, a combination of leaks appears to show. An image at a Chinese forum (since pulled) shows a photo of a supposed EOS-7D and correlates to a now known-accurate rumor that showed the 7D in Best Buy's retail system along with all the point-and-shoot cameras released today, including the previously unknown S90. A Canon representative is also reported as having given the camera a September 1st launch with both a $2,700 body-only version and a $2,900 kit with a 28-135mm EF lens.

Epson intros two Artisan all-in-one printers

08/19, 5:15pm

Epson Artisan AIO printers

Epson on Wednesday announced the upcoming release of the Artisan 710 and 810 all-in-one printers, each sporting integrated an Wi-Fi connection in addition to their Ethernet ports. Either can print on both sides of a page to save paper, while compatible devices can be charged via the printers' front-mounted USB port. Users can also print images wirelessly straight from their iPhones.

Prototype Nokia N900 Internet tablet previewed

08/19, 5:05pm

Nokia N900 reviewed

Leaked images of a pre-production version of the Nokia N900 Internet tablet, known internally as RX-51, have prompted a review of a prototype unit to surface, confirming many of its specs and revealing a few new ones. For one, the tablet will run on an as yet unreleased version of the Linux-based Maemo operating system instead of its own Symbian S60. The photos also confirm that the device will have an 800x480 resolution resistive touchscreen, 32GB of storage onboard, be powered by an ARM Cortex A8 processor of unknown speed and sport a 5-megapixel camera. The N900 will also double as a cellphone, and is strong enough that it's suggested it could replace the N97 in Nokia's lineup.

Adobe releases Camera Raw 5.5 plug-in for CS4

08/19, 4:55pm

Adobe ships Camera Raw

Adobe Labs has announced the availability of release candidates for v5.5 of its Camera Raw plug-in for Photoshop, along with an update to the company's DNG Converter. The latest version of Camera Raw expands support for several new cameras including the Nikon D300s, Nikon D3000, Olympus E-P1 and Panasonic DMC-FZ35.

Boris releases Continuum Motion Tracker

08/19, 4:45pm

Continuum Motion Tracker

Boris FX has released Continuum Motion Tracker, which includes four specialized filters for gathering and utilizing motion data from video. The Corner Pin filter allows users to map media to a specific area on a moving object. Match Move locks the movement of one image clip to another, and includes functions such as tumble, spin, and rotate, as well as lighting and light wrap compositing.

Fujitsu Celsius Ultra gaming PC gets specs, price

08/19, 4:35pm

Fujitsu Celsius Ultra PC

Fujitsu's Celsius Ultra gaming PC, which is claimed to be the fastest air-cooled gaming system around, has been priced and images have been captured, as it has been tested by an independent source. The 3.33GHz Intel Core i7-powered system sports dual EVGA GeForce GTX 295 graphics cards set up in a 4-way SLI configuration on a single board. Each card has 1.8GB of dedicated RMA. The cards' cooling capabilities haven't been modified, though their speeds have been slightly increased. There is also 12GB of RAM onboard.

USBfever intros Retro Stereo Mini Speaker

08/19, 4:25pm

iPhone stereo mini speaker

USBfever has released the Retro Cassette Stereo Mini Speaker for iPhone and iPods. The unit plugs into the bottom of a handheld, and provides stereo output in a compact and lightweight design. The speaker allows quick access to volume controls, and does not require a dedicated battery.

Conjure 4.0.8 adds alpha layering, better animations

08/19, 3:55pm

Conjure 4.0.8 update

ConjureBunny has released a v4.0.8 update for its Conjure organizational tool. The software also creates flowcharts and similar mental diagrams. Features in v4.0.8 include projector-oriented enhancements to animations and screen contrast, along with a new Oval setting for boxes.

Samsung Gravity 2 now available at T-Mobile

08/19, 3:50pm

Samsung Gravity 2 at T-Mo

As promised, wireless provider T-Mobile announced on Wednesday that the Samsung Gravity 2 handset is now on sale. The quad-band GSM sequel sports a 240x320 resolution screen and a full QWERTY keyboard that slides open vertically. There is a dedicated external messaging button, and users can send SMS, MMS and video messages, as well as e-mail and instant messages.

MySpace confirms iLike buyout

08/19, 3:40pm

MySpace Buys iLike

MySpace this afternoon confirmed rumors by making clear its intention to buy iLike. The deal, unofficially thought to be worth about $20 million, will give MySpace's social network control over the music service, which today lets users play and share song recommendations on sites like Facebook and also has its own fledgling downloadable music store. Existing staff at iLike should remain in the project and at their current Seattle location.

Microsoft Office Web coming to iPhone via Safari?

08/19, 3:35pm

Microsoft Office on mobile

Although Microsoft has not disclosed any plans to bring its Office software to the iPhone as a native app, the company is working on a suite of Office Web applications that will support both desktop and mobile browsers, according to Ars Technica. The web-based tools will include Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote.

iPhone 3GS still in short supply in Canada

08/19, 3:25pm

Canadian iPhone shortages

The iPhone 3GS continues to be unavailable in much of Canada, writes the Globe and Mail. Despite promises of continual shipments, Rogers says it is once again out of stock for the iPhone 3GS -- launched in June of this year -- and even the iPhone 3G, released in 2008. The carrier's sub-brand, Fido, is still said to have some 3G models in stock.

Palm Eos to ship in October?

08/19, 3:10pm

Palm Eos due in October?

The Palm Eos smartphone, built by Taiwanese handset manufacturer Compal Communications, is expected to start shipping in October, says a Wednesday DigiTimes report. The GSM/HSPA device is sad to eventually be produced at numbers between 400,000 and 500,000 per month. A CDMA EVDO version of the device is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2010. This latest news supports an earlier report that the handset will first be available on the AT&T network in North America.

Canon launches touchscreen PowerShot, more

08/19, 3:00pm

Canon SD980 IS SD940 IS

Wrapping up Canon's camera launches today are two high-end PowerShots that include its first touchscreen camera. The SD980 IS puts most of the control on a 3-inch touch display that both simplifies changing settings as well as more precise shooting: like some newer touch cameras and cameraphones, photographers can tap to autofocus on a particular point rather than trust the camera. In playback mode, users can flick through photos with a finger.

BlackBerry getting Flash, Silverlight in 2010?

08/19, 2:30pm

BBerry Gets Flash in 2010

A rumor from a purportedly certain source suggests RIM will have full, near desktop-grade Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight on the BlackBerry's web browser next year. Full details aren't given, but BGR understands that the update is primarily waiting on hardware. As either web plug-in demands both a strong processor and a fast Internet connection, RIM is said to only be launching the more advanced browser in summer 2010, when its phones will be faster and should have faster 3G and potentially 4G connections.

Sony intros two 32GB Memory Stick cards

08/19, 1:45pm

Sony 32GB Memory Sticks

Sony today announced the upcoming release of the largest capacity flash-based media storage cards in its recordable media range, with the 32GB PRO-HG Duo HX card and a 32GB PRO Duo card, both of which double the capacity of the current products. The former is made to work with Sony's Handycam camcorders, Alpha DSLRs and Cyber-shot compact cameras. The card has a 20MBps peak read speed and 15MBps peak write speed, or about three times faster than Sony's PRO Duo media card.

iPhone apps: PocketMeter, Simplify Photo, Aneruysm

08/19, 1:25pm

Gesture Music, Notitas

PocketMeter ($2) can be used to measure distances by bouncing sounds off of objects. Distances can be measured by pointing an iPhone's microphone at an object and tapping on the screen. PocketMeter then emits sounds and measures the time it takes for the echo to return. The developers claim the software is capable of calculating distances between 8 inches and 13 feet within 0.4 inches of the actual distance.

First Samsung InstinctQ images emerge

08/19, 1:20pm

Samsung InstinctQ images

Some of the first photos of Samsung's InstinctQ smartphone have been leaked, a report claims. The device is notably Android-based, helping to spread the platform beyond devices from HTC. Newly revealed in the photos is the presence of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the first such in the Instinct series, which has normally depended on touchscreens to provide text input.

TRENDnet ships 300Mbps 802.11n travel router

08/19, 12:55pm

TRENDnet 300Mbps

TRENDnet has begun shipping its latest network device, the TEW-654TR Wireless N travel router kit. The router supports theoretical transfer speeds of up to 300Mb/s, although typical results will likely be slower. A compact housing measures just 60 x 80 x 18.5mm, while users can power the device from either an included AC adapter or USB cable.

Apps: Tidy Up!, Letter Opener, iTaskX

08/19, 12:30pm

Language, GaragePay

Tidy Up! 2.0.4 ($30) lets users search for duplicate files and packages with various filters. The application features a security system that ensures at least one file of the duplicate group on your disk will be kept. This system also allows users to undo the copying or moving of files. The latest update includes support for automatically burning to multiple discs when the total file size exceeds the limits of one. The option to export search criteria to a separate file has also been added along with several bug fixes. [Download - 25.7MB]

MSI doubles battery life, drops price of X340

08/19, 12:25pm

MSI drops price of X340

Taiwanese computer maker MSI has recently addressed some shortcomings in its 13.4-inch X-Slim X340 notebook PC, which is powered by Intel's CULV (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage) processors. Apart from a price drop to $799 from $899, the notebook also gets an 8-cell battery instead of the previous 4-cell battery, which more than doubles its operating life, now rated at nearly 9 hours. The battery does add half a pound of weight to the package, which now climbs up to 3.4lbs.

iTunes 9 leak shows Facebook ties, third-party sync

08/19, 12:25pm

New iTunes 9 leaks

A fresh collection of purported iTunes 9 screenshots shows both new and previously-hinted features. Within the latter category is Facebook integration, now shown as allowing people to display playlists and purchased tracks in their personal news feed. Items in the feed link back to the iTunes Store, as a means of pushing Apple's music sales.

Razer intros 17-button mouse for MMO games

08/19, 12:15pm

Razer Naga

Razer made its contribution to the Gamescom expo today through the Naga. Positioned as the ideal mouse for massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, the USB controller has a unique 12-button pad on the side in addition to the regular five-button layout common to most mice. The sheer range lets any app that supports assigning custom mouse buttons, as well as Razer's own Windows software, use a wide range of shortcuts for very specific tasks. It's particularly tailored to World of Warcraft, where the buttons can replace the usual weapon and spell keys.

Canon touts 64GB Vixia HF S11 camcorder

08/19, 11:40am

Canon Vixia HF S11

Not content to stop with still cameras, Canon today added a lone HD camcorder to its range. The Vixia HF S11 is treated as the new flagship and is regarded as the closest to a professional video camera. It adds a new extra long-range optical image stabilization system that corrects the image across all of the lens' reach, and extra manual controls for focus and gain give veterans more input as to the final image. Internal memory has been given a lift to 64GB and gives the HF S11 enough storage for up to 24 hours of HD with enough compression; SDHC cards are an option for more.

Researcher backs theory of two Apple tablets

08/19, 11:10am

Two tablets debunked?

A second source has backed the idea of Apple producing not one but two tablets, according to BusinessWeek. Richard Doherty, a director at the market research firm Envisioneering Group, claims that Apple has developed prototypes of two different tablets: one resembling a large iPod, with a six-inch screen, and another with a larger display. One or both devices could launch in September, Doherty suggests, depending on the say-so of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Canon intros three PIXMA printers, portable Selphy

08/19, 10:55am

Canon intros four printers

Canon on Wednesday introduced four new printers, including two wireless photo all-in-one printers, the PIXMA MP990 and PIXMA MP640, the PIXMA iX7000 inkjet business printer with PgR technology and the SELPHY ES40 compact photo printer with a new voice guidance system. The iX7000 is meant for small businesses and allows full color pages to be printed on plain paper up to 13 by 19 inches in size. There are five ink tanks, including a clear ink tank as well as five LUCIA pigments, and Canon will provide templates on its Creative Park website for the first time, allowing users to create menus, sales offerings and other office-related signs.

Win Mobile 7 aimed at iPhone, 6.5 at Android?

08/19, 10:55am

Win Mobile Dual Strategy

Microsoft's plans to offer two versions of Windows Mobile at once are part of a strategy deliberately targeted at different competitors, Taiwan phone makers claimed this morning. Windows Mobile 7 is already known to be aimed at iPhones with an emphasis on high-end devices and multi-touch. The just launching Windows Mobile 6.5, however, is now being targeted at Android and will reportedly get both a revamped touchscreen interface as well as a lower price to lure phone designers that would otherwise pick an often free or low-cost Android license instead.

Canon adds SX20 IS, SX120 IS ultrazooms

08/19, 10:10am

Canon SX20 IS and SX120 IS

As part of its camera launches, Canon today released two cameras in its PowerShot SX series of very long-range compact cameras. Leading these, the SX20 IS replaces the SX10 IS and steps up the resolution to 12.1 megapixels while adding a 720p movie capture mode. Appropriately, it has HDMI output to preview raw clips at full resolution. A 20X stabilized lens and a swivel-out LCD are carried over from the earlier design. It takes AA batteries for power and will be ready in September for $400.

Windows 7 twice as expensive in US than in UK

08/19, 9:55am

UK Windows 7 at half price

Copies of Windows 7 Home Premium in the UK will cost half of what they do in the US, a Crave report found on Tuesday. Full versions of Windows 7 Home Premium will cost the equivalent of $107 (65) to Brits, while Americans will have to pay $200 (122). The difference is such that even an upgrade version will cost more in the US, at $120 (72). Such a practice is unusual given historically high prices for technology in Britain.

Nintendo DS simulator gets pulled from App Store

08/19, 9:40am

DS DoubleSys dead

A popular iPhone app based on the Nintendo DS handheld has been pulled from the App Store, investigation reveals. The app, DS DoubleSys, does not allow users to play DS games; it instead simulates the interface of the DS, including a number of menus and sound effects. Two original games, including a rhythm title, can nevertheless be played from within DoubleSys.

Canon unveils G11, S90 semi-pro compacts

08/19, 9:35am

Canon G11 and S90

Canon this morning brought out its higher end compact cameras for the fall and topped these with two semi-professional PowerShots. The G11 is the latest yearly update to its camera for experienced shooters but makes the unusual move of lowering the resolution from 14.7 to 10 megapixels; while not as large, the new sensor is said to be much better in low light and thus reduces both the amount of noise and blur. Also new is the G series' first swivel LCD in recent memory, which lets users compose shots at unusual angles.

Archos prepping own Android app store

08/19, 8:55am

Archos Android and AppsLib

Archos today sent a formal invitation for the already confirmed September 15th introduction of its Android tablet but also teased some of its features by laying the groundwork for its own app store. AppsLib would differentiate itself from Android Market, as well as competitors like the iPhone's App Store, by focusing on high-end devices. Every app will need to support an 800x480 resolution (or 480x800 when rotated) and should be prepared to support 720p video over HDMI for either large-resolution apps or HD movies.

NYC, Bay Area iPhones start seeing improved 3G

08/19, 8:10am

NYC and SF iPhones Improve

iPhone owners in the New York City and San Francisco Bay areas are starting to see much needed improvements in the quality of AT&T's 3G network, according to reports received by Electronista and others. Carrier spokesman Seth Bloom recently indicated that parts of New York City have received 3G over the 850MHz frequency on their network and that some users are noticing a much more reliable signal than they have before. Which areas have been upgraded haven't been detailed, nor has the timetable for remaining updates.

Logitech bows track-anywhere laser mice

08/19, 7:35am

Logitech Darkfield Mice

Logitech on Wednesday answered Microsoft's BlueTrack with two mice using its own technology to work on any available surface. The Performance Mouse MX and Anywhere Mouse MX both use a laser variant nicknamed Darkfield that uses microscopy to follow dust or very fine imperfections in the surface and can track on glass, granite or other areas where a broader look wouldn't generate enough data. Both also use the new Unifying receiver to support multiple RF-based Logitech devices through one USB adapter.


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