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Google's GMail push app arrives on App Store

updated 02:20 pm EDT, Mon August 17, 2009

GMail push on App Store

Google's e-mail push app for the iPhone, GPush, has finally arrived on the App Store. The app enables instant notification of new messages that arrive in a GMail inbox. Users can configure a variety of alert methods such as vibrate, ring, automatic presentation of the e-mail on the standby screen, or a count of new messages displayed on the GPush icon.

The app, developed by Tiverias, had been stalled in the App Store approval process for over a month. Meanwhile, Apple pulled several Google Voice-enabled apps from the App Store and rejected the official version. The decision was criticized by many and even brought the attention of the FCC, which asked for an explanation from Apple, AT&T and Google.

GPush is available from the App Store for $1, although the price will soon be raised to $2.

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  1. fds

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Google's e-mail push app?

    "developed by Tiverias" and in the running for ugliest interface of the week.

    So it's not an official Google app by any means.
    And for it to work, you are trusting a third party with your Google credentials.

  1. ChrisChinchilla

    Joined: Dec 1969


    better than Mail

    But is it worth using this instead of the default Mail application, I have that hooked up to my imap account and it works fairly well

  1. robertmcdowell

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Seems kind of Redundant

    All my many gmail accounts forward to my .me account and my iphone gets all of them right away. The gmail set up in my iphone worked fine but I turned it off to avoid double messages. So why is this app even necessary?

  1. sangsara

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Why it's useful

    I don't have MobileMe and don't intend to pay $99/yr for push email. I don't want to forward all my Gmail to a Yahoo account just for the push, either. Duplicate messages and clearing them is always going to be a bother.

    What this app does is like what Boxcar does for Twitter. You get a pop-up when you have email. Then you launch and read it. You never interact with this ugly app after the first time. Put it on the last page and you never even have to see the icon.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: Google's email

    So it's not an official Google app by any means. And for it to work, you are trusting a third party with your Google credentials.

    I'm sorry, but in case you didn't notice, you have to trust your credentials with some third-party, unless you never use a mail application. So how is this different than having to trust Apple's Mail, or Thunderbird, or Powermail, or Mailsmith, or any other developer with a Mail program your credentials for your email?

    And isn't Apple's OK'ing of the app declaring that your data will be safe and secure?

  1. robertmcdowell

    Joined: Dec 1969


    .me saved me

    I've never regretted my .me account. My business thrives because of my iphone. When my iphone died, I replaced it at the Apple store, turned it on, logged into my mobile me and all my info was in my phone before I walked out.

    I don't have my mail app running and I get the little beeps and vibes as mail arrives from all my accounts. Again I still see this app as redundant and useless.

    Plus it's not really a Google app. I just downloaded the real Google search app and it's slick and great to use.

    The review is very misleading this is an app made by Google. Sorry, just being honest.

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