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iLuv announces iAD 117, iAD 116 iPhone adapters

08/13, 9:35pm

iLuv iAD adapters

iLuv has announced two device chargers to its line of iPod and iPhone accessories. The iAD 117 Triple USB Port Power Adapter has three USB ports that can be used to charge three devices simultaneously and utilizes a foldable prong. The adapter features an LED power indicator and is available in various adapter versions to remain compatible with any countries plugs. The product features an AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz input and a DC 5V, 500mA Output for each USB port.

IK offers 4 versions of GrooveMaker iPhone App

08/13, 8:50pm

GrooveMaker iPhone App

IK Multimedia has released its newest iPhone application, GroveMaker. The software is used to create and share electronic, dance and hip-hop music. Users can add, remove, and replace hundreds of loops on 8 tracks to create custom music as the music is playing. Each loop can be manipulated to pan, reach different volume levels, group with other tracks, and have a faster tempo. The songs created can be exported onto a users computer using the phone's Wi-Fi connection.

OverSite 3.1 adds HTML rendering within wireframes

08/13, 6:45pm

OverSite 3.1 released

Dave Taubler, an independent software developer, has released v3.0 of his web wireframing and interaction design utility, OverSite. The application is used to outline a user's website by creating wireframe mockups of each webpage, while providing options to export the outlines in a variety of file formats. The latest version includes new tools such as zooming and panning, component duplication and hyperlinking. The update also adds new components such as sliders, scroll panels, spreadsheets, and an HTML element that enables the code to be rendered within a wireframe.

Newer Technology adds two iPhone cables to line

08/13, 6:35pm

NewerTech iPhone cables

Newer Technology has released two additions to its line of iPod and iPhone accessories, the NewerTech Audio/Sync/Charging Cable and the NewerTech Auto Charger and USB Sync/Charging Cable. The latter of the two is used to charge an iPod or an iPhone using a vehicle's 12-volt power outlet or a computer's USB port. Like standard Apple cables, the product maintains the ability to sync a device with a computer.

Concentrate provides audio alerts, activity timer

08/13, 6:30pm

Concentrate 1.0 released

roobasoft has released its newest application, Concentrate, used to help users work and study more effectively. Users create a list of activities and then drag and drop the appropriate actions into their activity list. Actions can launch applications needed to complete an activity, open websites and documents, or control the availability status of applications such as iChat, Adium, and Skype. The program can also play audio alerts to notify users of progress made or keep them on track.

Apps: FMPro Migrator, MacTubes, NimbleKit

08/13, 6:25pm

App Update: FMPro Migrator

FMPro Migrator Developer Edition 5.23 ($200) is a tool for migrating FileMaker Pro data and structures into other database forms. The update adds Microsoft Access features including report conversions, relationships, value lists and Visual Basic code. The latest version features support for Bento 2.0.4 backup files, along with enhancements for reading Access database table information. Version 5.23 also boasts improved transfer processing for Access to FileMaker Pro database tables. [Download - 21.6]

iPhone apps: TouchPad, DVD Bit Budget, Silent Swords

08/13, 5:55pm

Years, 3D Good vs Evil

TouchPad ($4) enables users to remotely control their Mac though an iPhone or iPod touch using Wi-Fi. The software makes it possible for the mobile device to function as either a keyboard or mouse, and supports both vertical and horizontal scrolling. It also supports one, two, or three-finger gestures, and allows users to modify the keys for customized configuration.

Magma launches ExpressBox4-1U PCI expansion unit

08/13, 5:35pm

ExpressBox4-1U announced

Magma has launched the ExpressBox4-1U, a 4-slot 8X PCI Express expansion unit in a 1U form factor. The ExpressBox4-1U has bandwidth ratings of 2GB/sec in both transmit and receive modes. It offers plug-and-play installation and supports hot-swapping, daisy chaining and power-up control by the host computer. Four available slots can be used for connecting x1, x4, x8 and x16 PCI Express cards.

Ripple Look mini PC with dual-core Atom unveiled

08/13, 5:35pm

Ripple Look mini PC outed

Korea's MyRipple has recently introduced its new small form-factor entertainment PC, the Ripple Look, for a domestic release. The PC gets a 1.6GHz Intel Atom dual core CPU, a 320GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM.

Zune HD to come in custom anodized colors

08/13, 5:30pm

Zune HD to get more colors

Microsoft has revealed in a mass e-mail that the Zune HD, which was recently introduced formally and priced, will be available in blue, green, red, platinum and black, as well as 10 designs, once the device starts shipping on September 15th. The new colors cannot be pre-ordered, and, just like the standard device, will not be a flat color but an anodized metallic one.

Archos posts product page for Clipper MP3 player

08/13, 5:20pm

Archos Clipper MP3 player

Archos has recently put up a product page for its entry-level Clipper MP3 player, which is due to compete with the iPod Shuffle. The device integrates 2GB of flash memory, with no way to expand it. File support is limited to MP3 and WMA music, with a claimed battery life of 11 hours.

Snow Leopard build may only be preliminary

08/13, 5:15pm

Snow Leopard not done?

The rumored gold master version of Mac OS X Snow Leopard is likely still a preliminary release, says MacMagazine. 10A432 is described as a preview due to notable bugs remaining, including Mail instabilities, scroll bar errors, and a collection of freezing applications.

MSI adds five new Classic-series notebooks

08/13, 5:10pm

MSI adds C-series laptops

MSI Computer on Thursday announced it has now released five previously introduced notebook PCs to its Classic series, with the CX600, CX700, CR600-013, CR600-017 and CR700. The three 600 models sport 16-inch screens with 1366x768 resolution, while the 700s have 17.3-inch screens with 1600x900 resolution. MSI touts the 600s as much thinner than conventional notebooks, at just 1.18 inches thick. They weigh just 5.4lbs, while the 700s weigh just over 6lbs.

Lenovo ships Q700 home theater PC

08/13, 5:10pm

Lenovo Q700 HTPC shipping

Before any type of official announcement, Lenovo has put up a product page for its Q700 home theater PC. There will be two models of the PC available, both powered by Intel's 2.5GHz Dual-core CPU, 4GB of RAM and Intel's integrated X4500 processor. Either has a DVD recorder, but the higher-end model gets a 640GB hard drive instead of the standard model's 320GB HDD. Either is preloaded with Windows Vista Home Premium 64. The standard model also lacks a network card, while the upgraded variant has a LAN connection.

MetaSynth 5 adds 32-bit support, better design engine

08/13, 4:50pm

MetaSynth 5 launches

U&I Software has released MetaSynth 5, a universal binary update to its sound design software that is now optimized for multi-processor systems. MetaSynth 5 replaces MetaSynth Pro, adding the ability to save sound at up to 32-bit floating-point resolution and save the files as either .wav, .caf, .aiff or SoundDesigner formats. The design engine has undergone a major rebuild with updated and revised code, while six unique rooms -- essentially design suites -- focus on specific music and sound sculpting.

Rumored September event likely to omit tablet

08/13, 4:40pm

No tablet at Sept. event?

Apple should indeed be holding a publicity event in September, but it will not highlight the company's rumored tablet computer, "very reliable" sources are said to claim. Some media reports have pointed to a September announcement for the device, typically described as having a 10-inch touchscreen, an iPhone-like design and a built-in 3G connection. It may also be subsidized by Verizon Wireless.

Remote Buddy 1.1.4 update adds support for iPhone

08/13, 4:35pm

Remote Buddy 1.1.4 update

Iospirit has released Remote Buddy 1.1.4, an update to its application for remotely controlling a Mac via a mobile device. The software allows users to perform a variety of functions, from accessing the iTunes library and browsing media, to controlling system and display settings, directly from their mobile device. In the latest version, support has been added for Spotify and Hulu Desktop, along with Remote Buddy's AJAX Remote web application which allows users to control the desktop system through gestures on the iPhone and iPod touch.

Kubota RPG Speedkeys provides hotkeys for Lightroom

08/13, 4:10pm

RPG SpeedKeys released

Kubota Image Tools has released the newest addition to its Lightspeed WorkFlow line of products, RPG SpeedKeys. The device is a wireless keypad with programable hotkeys for use in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2. The keypad comes with v3 of Kubota Lightroom Presets, consisting of 29 functions such as develop, export, print and filter. Collections v1 and v2 are also included, bringing the total number of available presets to more than 100.

Lawsuit brings Apple, AT&T to task for iPhone MMS

08/13, 3:55pm

iPhone MMS lawsuit

A new class action lawsuit has accused Apple and AT&T of misrepresenting MMS availability on the iPhone, reports say. Filed in a Louisiana district court, the suit observes that Apple has heavily promoted MMS -- the standard means of sharing cellphone photos and video -- using print, TV, radio and the web. AT&T is said to be involved in similar campaigns.

Myvu intros Crystal EV personal media viewer

08/13, 3:45pm

Myvu intros Crystal EV

Myvu on Thursday announced it will soon begin offering its latest wearable video eyewear, the Crystal EV, at InMotion Entertainment stores in airports across the US. The Crystal EV is an improvement over the original Myvu Crystal as it increases the equivalent screen size to 64 inches, or about a 30 percent greater area than the outgoing device. The Crystal EV uses Myvu's SolidOptix technology and is both certified for use with Apple's iPhone and carries Nokia Forum compatibility.

Dell previews Zino HD mini desktop, Inspiron Z

08/13, 3:00pm

Inspiron Z and Zino HD

Dell on Thursday previewed several upcoming computers, the Zino HD and Inspiron Z series. The Zino HD is a mini desktop that closely resembles the form-factor of a Mac Mini. The overall height appears to be greater than Apple's product, potentially due to the use of a tray for optical media instead of a slot-load system.

8GB iPhone 3GS remains in Rogers databases

08/13, 2:50pm

8GB 3GS in Rogers system

Despite official denials, an 8GB iPhone 3GS remains in Rogers databases, according to reports. The Canadian carrier has disavowed or refused to comment on several previous leaks, which have hinted that current 16 and 32GB phones could be joined by a cheaper model. The new 3GS would allegedly replace the $99 iPhone 3G once stocks of the latter are depleted.

Apple event rumored for week of Sept. 7

08/13, 1:50pm

Apple Event Sept 7 Rumor

Apple's by now yearly music event is tipped for exactly one week into September, multiple sources have claimed on Thursday. Those in the music industry say Apple has told them to expect an event for the week of September 7th, or the same week as the Labor Day holiday. As this reportedly includes label executives, All Things D infers a likely iTunes focus that could include the rumored Cocktail format for full albums.

Apple tablet to run "extended" iPhone OS?

08/13, 1:15pm

Calacanis on Apple Tablet

A further rumor has surfaced regarding Apple's supposed future tablet that potentially clears up its details. Mahalo chief Jason Calacanis on Tuesday made a brief Twitter post citing a developer working with Apple who says the tablet is real and using a "modified/extended" version of OS X iPhone. What that entails hasn't been made clear, though it implies more than just a higher-resolution iPhone interface.

Sony to convert eBook Store to EPUB open format

08/13, 12:55pm

Sony eBook Store goes EPUB

Sony on Thursday announced that, by the end of the year, it will convert all of the content on its eBook Store to the industry-standard EPUB format. Material will typically be copy-protected using Adobe Content Server 4. Sony's Reader was the first e-book device to support the XML-based EPUB, and Sony executives now claim that specific DRM formats limit overall growth in the e-book industry. Owners of other e-book readers should be able to cross-shop for titles through Sony.

Microsoft shows, prices Zune HD accessories

08/13, 12:55pm

Zune HD accessories

Following the official confirmation of a launch date and pricing information for the upcoming Zune HD, Microsoft has also detailed a number of accessories. The AV Dock can be used to play 720p movies, TV shows and videos from the portable device to an HDTV without sacrificing the HD resolution.

Apple tablet to come in two editions?

08/13, 12:35pm

Two Apple tablet models?

A slew of details have emerged on Apple's rumored tablet device, according to an anonymous source. Claiming to have sat on meetings regarding the product, the source says that it will indeed use a 10-inch touchscreen, and in many respects resemble an oversized iPhone. This extends to the presence of a Home button, and a black resin backing.

Office for Mac to integrate Outlook in 2010 update

08/13, 11:50am

New Office for Mac planned

Microsoft on Thursday announced plans to release a new version of Office for Mac sometime late in 2010. The update will feature a new application, Outlook for Mac, that will serve as a replacement for Entourage. The company is also set to include Visual Basic support once again, after the feature was removed from the Office 2008 release.

Apple files for iPhone motion compensation patent

08/13, 11:40am

iPhone motion compensation

Future iPhones and iPods could become easier to use when in motion, an Apple patent application suggests. The filing, newly published on Thursday, depicts a compensation system that adjusts onscreen images with relative positioning. Using technology such as an iPhone's accelerometer for instance, the system could detect movement along one or more axes, and shift icons to keep them in their original place. As a handheld approaches or recedes from a user, the technology could also be used to selectively scale graphics to keep them legible.

Samsung intros 256GB SSD aimed at gamers

08/13, 10:45am

Samsung 256GB SSD

Samsung has introduced its latest solid state drive (SSD), the 256GB FlashSSD, geared for gamers. The component is claimed to offer a five-fold improvement in data loading time compared to traditional hard drives, while running with lower power consumption.

Verizon adds global USB modem from ZTE to lineup

08/13, 10:40am

Verizon ZTE global modem

Verizon Wireless on Thursday announced it has added the AD3700 global USB modem from ZTE to its mobile broadband range. The device will connect to EV-DO, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, HSPA and UMTS networks in more than 175 countries, but uses Verizon's EV-DO Revision A network locally.

Samsung outs Tap and Take cameras with front LCDs

08/13, 10:05am

Samsung Tap and Take cams

Samsung's Tap and Take teaser campaign is finally over and has revealed a pair of point and shoot cameras that add a front-facing LCD screen for helping users compose self-portraits. The 1.5-inch front LCDs adorn both the DualView TL225 and TL200, with both sporting 12.2-megapixel sensors. Instead of pressing the shutter button to capture the image, the front screens can be touched (the tap part of tap and take) to focus the camera and capture the image. Also, Samsung announced the CL65, which sports Wi-Fi connectivity and geo-tagging capabilities.

Sanrio announces new character-themed USB drives

08/13, 9:50am

MIMOBOT USB flash drive

Sanrio Global Consumer Products, in collaboration with Mimoco, has announced a new line of MIMOBOT USB flash drives based on Sanrio characters. First in the company's lineup is the Hello Kitty USB drive, which will coincide with the character's 35th anniversary. In addition to Hello Kitty, customers will be able to purchase drives with other Sanrio characters such as Badtz-Maru, My Melody, Kuromi, Keroppi, Chococate and TuxedoSam.

China Unicom taking order of 5 million iPhones?

08/13, 9:45am

China Unicom iPhone order

China Unicom has ordered an extremely large number of iPhones for an initial wave of sales, says the International Business Times. Quoting local media sources, the Times claims that Unicom has ordered 5 million units from Apple, at a price of 10 billion yuan. Each phone is thus worth roughly 2,000 yuan, or $293, before markup.

LG debuts X130 netbook with 12-hour battery

08/13, 8:50am

LG X130 netbooks

LG has introduced its latest netbook, the X130, featuring a standard nine-cell battery claimed to enable runtime of approximately 12 hours. The device sports a 10.1-inch LCD with 1024x600 resolution, while powered by Intel's 1.6GHz Atom N270 CPU. Standard configurations ship with 1GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive.

Zune HD launch official: Sept. 15, $220

08/13, 4:25am

Zune HD Launch Set

Microsoft early this morning set the final launch for the Zune HD. True to leaks, the company's first touchscreen player will ship on September 15th and will come in a 16GB black version for $220 and a 32GB platinum-colored version for $290. Pre-orders start later today through Amazon (16GB, 32GB) as well as Best Buy, Walmart and Microsoft's own company store. Best Buy stores in major US cities will also have in-store previews on the 22nd and 23rd.


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