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Twittelator Pro 3.0.1 adds video uploading, support

08/11, 11:40pm

Twittelator Pro 3.0.1

Stone Design has launched a new version of its higher-end Twitter client, Twittelator Pro 3.0.1. The latest update features a new Twitlonger and TwidVid service, the ability to translate a tweet into different languages, and new options for sending e-mails within an app that contains a mail-to in a tweet or web page. New options enable users to temporarily mute friends through the subgroup menu, as well as open an option menu simply by taping a user's name. Twittelator Pro 3.0.1 has also been fully optimized for use with the iPhone OS 3.0.1.

DVD Jon receives subpoena in Apple antitrust suit

08/11, 11:35pm

DVD Jon Apple subpoena

John Lech Johansen, known to many as DVD Jon, has been served a subpoena in the ongoing Apple iTunes antitrust case. The plaintiff's attorney, Thomas Merrick, requested the subpoena to gather relevant documents that Johansen might have in his possession.

Injunction banning RealDVD sales upheld

08/11, 11:05pm

RealDVD Injuction Stays

A US court on Tuesday maintained (reg. required) a preliminary injunction that prevents RealNetworks from selling its RealDVD software pending the results of a lawsuit against the company. The decision is characterized by Judge Marilyn Patel as a safeguard given the legal ramifications of the technology. While she agrees individual DVD copying is legal given fair use principles, she warns that software designed to streamline copying and sharing DVDs is often illegal under federal law and that allowing sales may run afoul of that law.

Zune HD promo shows Sept. 15 release date

08/11, 10:35pm

Zune HD Promo Sept 15

The Zune HD may ship a week later than expected if a Best Buy retail promo is an indicator. Although two previous sources have cited an in-stock date of September 8, Gizmodo now sees a pre-order campaign that will have the Microsoft player available September 15th, or exactly a week later. They additionally confirm 16GB and 32GB versions of the touch player.

ShareAppScreen widget enables iPhone screen sharing

08/11, 9:55pm

ShareAppScreen widget

ShareAppScreen has released its self-titled Dashboard widget that allows users to manage their iPhone home screen from their computer. The widget additionally allows users to share views of their iPhone or iPod touch screens with select contacts, while providing access to iPhone apps. Users can drag and drop their favorite apps into an inbox to make them more quickly accessible. If new apps are downloaded and synced to the phone, the widget will only load information from the new apps.

Sprint bringing 4G to Maui, Charlotte, Austin, Boise

08/11, 9:15pm

Sprint expanding 4G range

Sprint on Tuesday announced plans to expand its 4G WiMAX service to 17 additional cities in Hawaii, Idaho, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas and Washington. The carrier claims mobile broadband speeds reaching 10 Mb/s while downloading or between 3-6 Mb/s for uploads. The 4G service is said to exceed 3G speeds by a factor of three to five.

Track Magic Pro augments Ruby on Rails

08/11, 9:00pm

Track Magic Pro released

ProVUE Development has released Track Magic Pro, a comprehensive management and analysis tool for Ruby on Rails that allows developers and administrators to manage database tables directly. The application bypasses the common Rails web interface and instead accesses data tables through Active Record so it will work with Ruby on Rails. The software works with existing Rails applications without altering their preferences and uses local RAM caching of open tables to increase the speed of searches. The new program includes Round Trip, a data modification tool that works both on and offline.

Apricorn PCI Drive Arrays hold up to 4TB per slot

08/11, 8:45pm

Apricorn PCI Drive Arrays

Apricorn has released the PCIe and the PCI-X Drive Arrays which support up to four 2.5-inch SATA hard drives or solid state drives. The PCI Drive Arrays can handle up to 4TB per slot, with support for servers, high speed data collection, animation, CAD/EDA simulation, video editing, and other storage systems. Both Drive Arrays embed all four SATA HDDs or SSDs onto a single card.

Syncro SVN Client 5.0 adds differencing tools

08/11, 8:10pm

Syncro SVN Client 5 ships

Syncro Soft has launched Syncro SVN Client 5.0, upgrading the Subversion client with new tools, a revamped interface and expanded compatibility options. The developer code-sharing tool has added a Diff Files tool for finding the differences between two files with algorithms other than the SVN built-in algorithm, while providing options for ignoring whitespaces and merging adjacent differences, among others.

Autodesk announces mental ray standalone renderer

08/11, 7:40pm

mental ray 7.5 standalone

Autodesk has unveiled a new standalone version of its mental ray renderer. The application is used to create photorealistic or stylized 3D imagery by utilizing a ray-tracing engine. The software works independently of other Autodesk 3D programs using a command-line interface, while an enhanced shading language enables users to extend the Autodesk 3D shader library.

Rumor: Current Snow Leopard build is GM? [U]

08/11, 7:15pm

Snow Leopard Golden Master

The recent Mac OS X Snow Leopard build, 10A432, has allegedly reached the Golden Master stage, according to the French site Mac4Ever. Several "knowledgeable sources" claim the latest version seeded to developers is the final copy and ready for mass production on DVDs.

Moto Sholes to use Android 2.0, due for AT&T too?

08/11, 6:45pm

Moto Sholes Android 2

Motorola's first high-end Android phone, the Sholes, could be not only the flagship device for the company but for Google itself. An uncharacteristically detailed leak on Tuesday claims that the touchscreen slider is built for Android 2.0, also nicknamed "Eclair" by Google, and that the smartphone OS may actually launch first on the device. The OS should include whole-device search as well as voice recognition and text-to-speech.

Yale University, SRC develop next-gen DRAM

08/11, 6:15pm

Next-gen DRAM developed

Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) together with researchers at Yale University researchers on Tuesday announced they have found a way to significantly increase performance of DRAM chips. The improvements stem from using ferroelectric layers that no longer requires the use of a storage capacitor found in conventional DRAM cells. Called Ferroelectric DRAM (FeDRAM), the cells would have a cell structure that closely resembles that of a CMOS transistor, with ferroelectric rather than dielectric gates.

Sony admits defective NVIDIA graphics in VAIOs

08/11, 6:00pm

Sony admits graphics fault

Sony recently issued a statement of confession admitting it used defective NVIDIA graphics chips in 14 models of its VAIO notebooks, according to a Tuesday report. As with other companies' related video issues, the chips would gradually be worn down by heat problems and result in distorted graphics, display artifacts and eventually blank screens. Sony will repair the affected VAIO PCs for free for up to four years after the systems were bought.

Dell puts out Nickelodeon Inspiron Mini 10

08/11, 5:40pm

Dell Mini 10 Nickelodeon

Dell in an unusual evening launch revealed its first non-education PC aimed at kids. A Nickelodeon Edition of the Inspiron Mini 10v will have a "slime" color scheme both on the lid and palm rest as well as a custom, Stardock-designed Windows XP skin with colors and icons themed around the TV network's shows. It also gets multiple links to special web portals on Nickelodeon's website and an updating desktop widget.

Bankruptcy court blocks Psystar from delaying lawsuit

08/11, 5:35pm

Psystar bankruptcy dismiss

United States Bankruptcy Court Judge Robert Mark has granted Psystar's request for voluntary dismissal of its Chapter 11 proceedings, although the clone maker is restricted from submitting a similar filing for the next year. The judge also explicitly blocked the company from receiving an automatic stay if it chooses to pursue a Chapter 7 filing.

Microsoft, Nokia to detail "alliance" tomorrow

08/11, 5:30pm

MS Nokia Office Tomorrow

Microsoft this evening said it and Nokia together would hold a conference call late tomorrow morning to unveil an "alliance" between the two firms. The two aren't specific about details. As the call will be led by Microsoft Business president Stephen Elop as well as Nokia's executive devices VP Kai Öistämö, however, it's the news may involve the addition of Office apps to Nokia's smartphones, especially its Eseries business models.

Zune HD now available for pre-order at Amazon

08/11, 4:55pm

Zune HD preorder at Amazon

Amazon has recently posted a product page for the 16GB and 32GB Microsoft Zune HD portable media players, revealing their prices but not shipping dates. The prices match those from a recent leak from Best Buy regarding the very same products, and the Zune HDs are expected to launch at Amazon as the same time as Best Buy, which should be September 8th.

BackPack adds shelf space to iMacs, Cinema Displays

08/11, 4:45pm

BackPack for iMac ships

Twelve South has launched BackPack, an adjustable shelf for iMacs and Cinema Displays. The shelf, made of heavy-gage steel, is sized to hold hard disks and other small accessories. It works using adjustable clips and rests on the iMac's stand using gravity to hold it in place to avoid scratching the stand's surface. More than one BackPack can be used on one machine by setting each to different heights on the stand.

Dell Ophone named, still on schedule for this week

08/11, 4:45pm

Dell Ophone named

A report from earlier this week had Dell's smartphone launching in China this week. A new, Tuesday report backs up those rumors, and goes on to unveil the name of the device. To be called mini3i, the device will launch at China Mobile. Sold under the Ophone brand, the carrier plans to add rebadged devices from other manufacturers under the new name.

AT&T's iPhone MMS service nearly ready?

08/11, 4:45pm

MMS for US iPhones soon?

AT&T may almost be ready to deploy MMS messaging for the iPhone, one source suggests. A commentator notes that having upgraded to the iPhone 3.0.1 firmware last week, he suddenly began seeing MMS options where they had previously been taken away. Though present during the iPhone 3.0 beta, the options were ultimately removed for Americans due to AT&T's lack of support.

iPhone apps: ACTCurrency, Tic Tac Toe, Task2Gather

08/11, 4:30pm

NFL 2010, Motocross

ACTCurrency ($1) is a universal currency converter that retrieves daily exchange rates for over 190 world currencies. The app also includes options for adding additional currencies but these must be updated manually. Calculations are performed as they are typed and can be converted either way. A recent update has changed the source of exchange rates to a more reliable one and improved overall startup times.

Razer set to intro StarCraft II gaming peripherals

08/11, 4:25pm

Razer to intro peripherals

PC gaming peripherals maker Razer on Tuesday announced it will soon reveal some new, high-end controllers for Blizzard's StarCraft II strategy game, with some placeholders already on its site for upcoming peripherals that include a mouse, keyboard and headset. The hardware maker promises the devices will be tournament-grade, though no other specific information was revealed.

Apple's Safari 4.03 brings security, other fixes

08/11, 4:25pm

Apple's Safari 4.03 update

Apple on Tuesday released Safari 4.03, an update to its cross-platform browser. The company says the "update is recommended for all Safari users and includes improvements to stability, compatibility and security including, (1) stability improvements for webpages that use the HTML 5 video tag; (2) fixes an issue that prevented some users from logging into; and (3) fixes an issue that could cause web content to be displayed in greyscale instead of color."

LG survey hints "bloom" phone, Synergy netbook

08/11, 4:15pm

LG Survey Leaks

A survey leaked out today has provided a probable clue as to LG's design direction for its phones and tight integration between these and future notebooks. The most unique spotted by Engadget would be the Dome, a spiritual successor to the enV3 that would have a unique curved shape that aids the keyboard. While the QWERTY pad would lay flat when the phone is closed, it would "bloom" outwards when the clamshell is open and space the keys far enough apart to be more comfortable during typing.

MBS REALbasic plug-ins reach final 9.5 release

08/11, 3:50pm

MBS REALbasic 9.5 plug-ins

Monkeybread has posted the final v9.5 release of its plug-ins for REALbasic, used to expand the platform's capabilities. The completed plug-in set hosts 1,500 classes, and more than 29,000 functions. Some of the added classes include: QTFrameExtractorMBS, RegistrationEngineMBS, SQLite3MBS, SQLAPIMBS, CGImageSourceMBS, CGImageDestinationMBS and CGImageMBS.Picture.

Ion-powered Samsung N510 due in September

08/11, 3:30pm

Samsung N510 in September

Conflicting with an earlier rumor, Samsung's N510 netbook will arrive in the US in September. A high-end crossover netbook, it should center on its use of NVIDIA's Ion platform to provide relatively high-speed 3D and HD decoding without affecting power use compared to Intel's graphics. The N510 is on the large side of netbooks, at 11.6 inches, but can therefore sport a relatively high resolution of 1366x768.

Mac Trojan masquerades as a QuickTime update

08/11, 3:25pm

Mac Trojan spotted

TrendMicro has spotted another Domain Naming System (DNS) Trojan targeting Mac systems. The malware, known as OSX/Jahlav-D, masquerades as a MacCinema Installer. Users are prompted to update QuickTime Player by downloading a QuickTimeUpdate.dmg file.

BBC reluctant to commit to iPhone apps due to Apple?

08/11, 3:15pm

BBC holds on iPhone apps

The BBC is reluctant to commit to iPhone development, a new report alleges. The network already has a small selection of apps available, including ones for Radio Times and Lonely Planet. It is believed, however, to be cautious about going any further, as a result of the terms and conditions imposed on developers at the App Store. Apple's wording would expose the BBC to "unlimited liability," according to claims.

Current flash Zunes vanish from official store

08/11, 3:15pm

Flash Zunes Vanish

Microsoft dropped a hint of the imminent Zune HD launch on Tuesday by pulling all of the existing flash-based models from the official Zune store. The move just leaves the full-sized hard drive models and implies that at least the Zune 120, and possibly the now two years old Zune 80, will sit alongside the Zune HD when it goes on sale in September. No official explanation has been provided for the removal, though the Zunes show elsewhere on company pages and include links to third-party stores.

Apps: iWeb SEO Tool, Cocktail, SerialMailer

08/11, 2:45pm

EasyBatch, Stationery Pack

iWeb SEO Tool 1.5 (free) is a utility that can optimize a user's iWeb created website for search engines. iWeb SEO Tool allows users to add page title tags, meta tags and alternative image text without having to mess with the base HTML code. Version 1.5 now allows users to add Google Analytics, Statscounter, or other analytical code to iWeb projects and includes an updated user manual. Improvements have also been made to MobileMe and FTP uploading. [Download - 11.6MB]

Palm Pre rumored to arrive at O2 on Oct. 30

08/11, 2:35pm

Pre at O2 on October 30th?

A Tuesday MyPre report maintains UK wireless provider O2 will release the Palm Pre handset on October 30th, citing sources at the provider. According to the unnamed insider, O2 management informed O2's staff about the release date on Monday, though pricing has not yet been set. The source did say purchase pricing will be close to that of the iPhone 3GS, with the same monthly rates.

LG Shine 2 spotted in AT&T garb

08/11, 2:20pm

LG Shine 2 First Shots

LG's sequel to the Shine has been spotted today in a lone shot that confirms its eventual launch with AT&T. Aside from supporting the existence and ultimate destination of the phone, the Engadget tip shows the new phone with the similar mostly metal slider body and glass-covered display as the original. Cosmetically, the new Shine appears primarily to be more minimalist than the original with selection buttons just underneath the display.

Panasonic Lumix GF1 tipped for September 1?

08/11, 1:50pm

Panasonic GF1 Sept 1 Leak

Panasonic's Lumix GF1 could get an announcement in three weeks based on a invitation that was briefly posted in a Chinese forum. The image lists an "unvealing" (potentially a play on words) for a new Lumix model in a two-day event that starts September 1st. A silhouette in the shot appears to match that of the GF1.

Intelligent Assistance intros Sequence Clip Reporter

08/11, 1:15pm

Sequence Clip Reporter

Intelligent Assistance has launched Sequence Clip Reporter, a tool for creating music or video reports formatted as Excel spreadsheets. It is intended for video editors and producers, who may need the reports for completed documentary programs. It supports XML formats exported from Final Cut Pro, and leaves the resulting spreadsheets open to editing.

iHome begins shipping iP1 iPhone and iPod dock

08/11, 1:05pm

iHome ships iP1 iPod dock

iHome on Tuesday announced it has began shipping its high-end iPhone/iPod docking speaker system, the iP1. The iP1 is the first in iHome's Studio series of products that uses Bongiovi Acoustics' Digital Power Station (DPS) technology for improving the depth of the audio without larger and more elaborate speakers. The feature can be switched off, however. The speaker system has 100W of total output split between its twin 4-inch drivers and 1-inch silk-dome tweeters.

BlackBerry 9700 spotted for T-Mobile

08/11, 12:55pm

T-Mobile BlackBerry 9700

Research in Motion's rumored BlackBerry 9700 is real, according to a person with hands-on experience. A test phone was specifically branded for T-Mobile, which may suggest that the 9700 will be the first 3G BlackBerry for the carrier. The 9700 is also notable for being the second BlackBerry with an optical trackpad, after the Curve 8520. Most BlackBerries rely on a trackball to navigate menus.

Apple wins patents on clickwheel phone, more

08/11, 11:55am

Clickwheel iPhone patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted several patents to Apple, among which are three notable ones. These cover the music backup process in iTunes, as well as a power adapter equipped with a FireWire port and a detachable plug. The third deals with a clickwheel phone interface, which in diagrams is associated not with the iPhone, but the iPod classic.

Dell briefly teases 10-inch Vostro notebook

08/11, 11:55am

Dell Vostro 10 Inch Teaser

Dell today provided a brief (now unavailable) teaser on Flickr of an impending but unannounced Vostro portable. Labeled only as a "Vostro 10-inch notebook," the computer borrows stylistically from newer Inspirons but, despite being small and thin, doesn't appear to be a netbook; it has an internal tray-loading optical drive and a relatively large amount of expansion. It would come in both a conservative black as well as cherry red and blue.

Roku adds live, on-demand MLB games

08/11, 11:20am

Roku Adds MLB Streaming

Roku today became one of the few if not only network media hub creators to offer Major League Baseball streaming. The addition gives anyone who already has an MLB.TV premium subscription the option of watching a game live if it's out of their home market, including in HD. Users can also watch recent games from any market on demand and still have access to MLB content on computers and elsewhere.

Dell ships Vostro All-In-One in North America

08/11, 10:45am

Dell Vostro AIO in the US

As promised, Dell is now shipping its Vostro All In One desktop in North America. The 19-inch system was already available in Japan and China, and sports VESA mounting compatibility for a wall-mount or an accessory arm stand. Like in the other markets, the base versions have a 2.6GHz Pentium dual-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive preloaded with Windows Vista Home Basic and an integrated DVD player.

Apple to open stores in Augusta, Reston, Naperville

08/11, 10:30am

VA, IL, GA Apple Stores

Apple is launching three new retail stores in the near future, two of which will debut on Saturday, August 15th. The first is in Reston, Virginia, with a 10AM Eastern opening time but few other details. It is located at 11900 Market Street, near Reston Town Center and the corner of Discovery.

Xbox 360 Netflix feature now console-exclusive

08/11, 10:30am

X360 only Netflix Console

Microsoft as part of its just-launched summer Xbox 360 update revealed that it will be the only game console maker to get Netflix movie support. The company explains the deal as an "exclusive partnership" and as such locks out PlayStation 3 and Wii owners from streaming movies and TV shows. Both companies decline to say how long the exclusivity will last.

Intel, Micron prep 3-bit-per-cell, 34nm flash

08/11, 9:45am

Intel 3 Bit Per Cell Flash

Intel and Micron this morning said they have developed some of the densest NAND flash memory ever. The two have expanded on their already small 34 nanometer (nm) manufacturing process to add 3-bit-per-cell storage. By packing extra data into each memory cell, the firms say they can create a 32 gigabit (4GB) single chip that measures less than 0.2 inches square. While 3-bit isn't new and has been used by SanDisk, combining it with 34nm makes for not only the smallest chip of its type but also relatively inexpensive since more can be produced and more will fit in a given space.

iTunes 9 to have social networking companion? [u]

08/11, 9:40am

iTunes 9 social ties?

(Updated with images) The social networking aspects of iTunes 9 could be more elaborate than previously suggested, says a source responsible for earlier rumors. Beyond just providing basic interaction with sites like Twitter and Facebook, Apple is said to be looking to tie iTunes to a separate social networking app, which could function similarly to Yahoo's OneConnect and merge multiple services. It is not known if the app is intended for Macs or iPhones and iPods.

Harmony 900 remote brings RF wireless

08/11, 9:25am

Logitech Harmony 900

Logitech on Tuesday brought some of its highest-end universal remote control features closer to the mainstream in the Harmony 900. It has the same color touchscreen and basic design of the Harmony One but adds an unusual RF to IR bridge system to improve its usefulness. The remote itself talks to an RF hub that in turn blasts an IR signal to one of two receivers. Doing so gives home theater and media center PC users the range and out-of-sight control of an omnidirectional RF signal but the compatibility with devices looking for an IR remote.

Verbatim bows penny-sized USB drives

08/11, 9:00am

Verbatim TUFF N TINY Drive

Verbatim today hoped to claim a crown for USB flash drive storage today by adding the TUFF 'N' TINY to its collection. The sticks use extra-dense memory and as a consequence are about as thin as a penny while not having much more surface area at 1 inch by 0.5 inches. At the same time, the company claims they're designed to be durable with a completely sealed design that resists dust and water; each comes bundled with a key ring lanyard to encourage taking them outside.

Labels make album format after Apple rejection

08/11, 8:25am

CMX Album Music Format

Major music labels are developing their own whole-album music file format after being rebuffed by Apple, a source for a UK newspaper says. Created by EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner, a file format known as CMX would contain both the songs as well as liner notes, attached videos and mobile content. Much like a DVD, it would have its own "launch page" that appears after launching a given file.

15-inch MacBook Pro gets matte LCD option

08/11, 7:05am

15in MacBook Pro Matte LCD

Apple on Tuesday quietly addressed the concerns of some notebook buyers by adding a matte display option for the 15-inch MacBook Pro. Similar to the choice that launched with the 17-inch model (pictured), the feature replaces the glossy glass screen and bezel with a more conventional metal bezel and separate anti-glare panel. The option is available across all three 15-inch systems.


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