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Apps: Blackout, Ecoute, Mousequeak

updated 05:15 pm EDT, Mon August 10, 2009

NameFind, ProfCast

  • Blackout 3.1 ($9) is a utility that can dim a screen regardless of the monitors current hardware or gamma settings. The application works by placing a transparent window over the desktop. The window provides the dimming effect and passes keystrokes and clicks through to underlying applications. The update includes two new display modes, Spotlight creates a circle of light which can follow the cursor or stay fixed on a specific area, and Soft Edges gradually fades the corners of the screen. Version 3.1 includes several improvements to some of the softwares existing features. New options have been added to the system-wide menu, the window fading animation has been improved, and some of the menu items have been reworded for clarity purposes. [Download - 0.86MB]

  • Ecoute 1.2 ($10) is a small media player with music, video, and podcast playback capabilities. The software features a simple interface which includes an integrated search feature for finding files and album artwork. Ecoute also features built-in support allowing users to keep their profile up-to-date with their current listening habits. The latest release includes a new Share function which can automatically update a users Facebook or Twitter status with information on what song they are currently listening to. The update also includes a new Suggest feature which can generate iTunes store links for the song a users is listening to, improved album sorting, an updated Search feature, multiple bug fixes, and more. [Download - 3.8MB]

  • Mousequeak 1.1 (free) is an iTunes controller that features support for additional plugins and skins. The controller makes use of a slider interface for controlling iTunes. Music can be paused by sliding downwards, tracks can be skipped by sliding down and right, iTunes can be opened or closed by double clicking on the slider, and more. The new release is now able to directly read information from a users iTunes Library XML. The update also allows users to command-click on the Appearance Change button to show the selected appearance in the Finder and has added support for using SlipCover cases as album artwork. [Download - 2.3MB]

  • NameFind 3.0 ($25) provides users with a graphical interface for the Unix "find" command-line tool. This allows users to search for files by a name in a specific directory. Version 3.0 includes support for QuickLook and can display system icons natively. The software has also received an interface update including a new Dock icon with badges and progress indicators. [Download - 18.2MB]

    ProfCast 2.6.2 ($60) is a tool for recording lectures and creating enhanced podcasts. Users can make audio recordings and then include either PowerPoint and/or Keynote slides to enhance the presentation. ProfCast sports live presentation recording, synchronization of slides with audio, Keynote and PowerPoint support, RSS generation and publishing support. With v2.6.2 uploaded RSS feeds and files no longer use time-stamps in their names and a memory error related to image exporting has been fixed. [Download - 22.5MB]

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