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Fliq Bookmarks enables Palm Pre sync with Safari

08/05, 11:45pm

Fliq Bookmarks sync

Mark/Space has released Fliq Bookmarks, a beta application that enables users to sync their Safari bookmarks with the Palm Pre. The application can sync both individual bookmarks as well as bookmark folders and the bookmarks bar. The software works with The Missing Sync for Palm Pre to additionally sync the device with contacts, calendars, music, ringtones, bookmarks, photos and other media. The plug-in supports various applications including iTunes, Address Book, iCal, Microsoft Entourage and iPhoto.

Zaxwerks releases 3D Serpentine plug-in for Adobe

08/05, 11:20pm

3D Serpentine plug-in

Zaxwerks has released 3D Serpentine, a new plug-in for Adobe After Effects that enables the creation of 3D path-extrusions, also know as animated noodles. The software works by using 3D paths to control the position, size and orientation of 3D graphics, and enables the creation of 3D effects such as shooting starts and film reels. Features include auto-orientation technology to prevent twists and distortions, end cap control, the ability to import custom head and tails objects from both ProAnimator and Invigorator, and image rendering and lighting functions.

Geographic Imager 2.5 supports spacial data formats

08/05, 10:35pm

Geographic Imager 2.5

Avenza Systems has released v2.5 of its Adobe Photoshop mapping plug-in, Geographic Imager. The software is used to import, edit, and export geospatial images such as arial and satellite photographs. The latest version supports ECW, MrSID, and DEM files and can import and export spatial data formats with georeferencing. Version 2.5 can also crop images to a specified size while they are being imported, enabling files large files which could not open to be imported.

PC Tools releases iAntiVirus utility for Mac

08/05, 9:20pm

iAntiVirus released

PC Tools has released its newest security application, iAntiVirus. The software is used to protect Macs from viruses, spyware, keyloggers, and trojans intent on accessing files and personal information. The antivirus runs silently in the background, constantly monitoring the computer's system, and alerts users about attempted attacks. The application quartines detected viruses where users can view and restore items.

iGO My way iPhone app offers 3D GPS navigation

08/05, 7:55pm

iGO My way iPhone GPS

NNG Global Services has introduced a GPS iPhone app, iGO My way. The software is used to navigate to and from locations anywhere in North America. One a single satellite signal is claimed to be required for proper function, while a 3D terrain map can be used to visualize the location of major landmarks. A cellular signal is not necessary, as the maps are stored directly on the device.

Crosley Radio intros four new Turntables

08/05, 7:50pm

New Crosley Turntables

Crosley Radio has announced four additions to its line of turntables, the CR7002A, CR6007A, CR6005A and CR2413A. Two of the new turntables, the CR7002A and CR6007A, allow users to both play vinyl records and create digital recordings using a USB storage device or SD card. Both turntables enable the playback of MP3 files, while also integrating a CD player and AM/FM radio. The CR7002A Troubadour Turntable is equipped with a side-mounted cassette player, while the CR6007A Tech Turntable features an LCD display and remote control.

SeeFile 4.7 optimizes interface, adds browser support

08/05, 7:45pm

SeeFile 4.7 ships

SeeFile Software has launched SeeFile 4.7, updating its digital asset management software with an optimized interface and full support for Firefox 3.5, Safari 4 and Internet Explorer 8. The software is geared towards small to mid-sized companies, tracking digital media like images, PDFs and video, and organizing and distributing the media online. SeeFile monitors shared folders and volumes, tracking any changes in the file structure, and updating its database and web interface to synchronize with the file structure changes. It also automatically renders previews and imports metadata.

Final Cut Pro gets new metadata workflow tools

08/05, 7:40pm

exceLogger, miniME ship

Intelligent Assistance has released two new software projects, exceLogger and miniME, the latter of which is used to read QuickTime metadata, imported from non-tape sources, into Final Cut Pro. The application also provides tools to view hidden metadata in XML files or export Excel spreadsheets. Metadata can be remapped to visible fields in Final Cut Pro, while multiple sources can be merged into one field.

Samson Go Mic utilizes multidirectional hinge

08/05, 7:15pm

Samson Go Mic released

Samson has released its newest microphone, the Go Mic. The device utilizes a USB connection for direct input, while a laptop mount that doubles as a tabletop stand. The microphone is compact in size, measuring 2.5-inches by 1.5-inches, and utilizes a multidirectional hinge to help ensure users record the intended audio. The device integrates a condenser microphone with a frequency response of 20Hz to 18kHz with 44.1kHz/16-bit resolution.

OS X 10.5.8 fixes range of security vulnerabilities

08/05, 6:50pm

Mac OS security update

The Mac OS X 10.5.8 update, released on Wednesday, includes a variety of fixes for security vulnerabilities. A bug included in previous versions allowed decompression of maliciously crafted data to terminate an application. Another issue allowed a website to control the displayed website URL in a certificate warning.

Pentax adds waterproof WS80 with 720p, more

08/05, 6:25pm

Pentax WS80 P80 E80 Cams

Pentax tonight updated its Optio compacts with three new models that include an update to its semi-rugged W models. The WS80 can withstand water at depths of up to 5 feet but still keeps in step with most newer point-and-shoot cameras, including an option of shooting 720p, 30FPS video rarely seen in its category. Still images are captured at 10 megapixels and get a relatively long 5X optical zoom as well as ISO 6,400 sensitivity, face detection and anti-shake compensation to compose shots.

Audio-Technica debuts new ATR series microphones

08/05, 6:10pm

Audio Technica new mics

Audio-Technica on Wednesday debuted 11 new ATR series microphones designed for home recordings, live performances, computers or camcorders. Products include the ATR1500, ATR1300, ATR1200 and ATR1100 vocal/instrument mics; the ATR6550, ATR6250, ATR4697 and ATR2250 specialty mics; the ATR4700 and ATR4600 computer mics; and the ATR5200 headset mic.

Sound Studio 3.6 adds IMA 4:1 iPhone app sound format

08/05, 6:05pm

Sound Studio 3.6 released

Freeverse has released Sound Studio 3.6, updated audio editing software developed by Felt Tip. The application is used to mix and edit audio tracks, create podcasts and digitize tapes and vinyl records. The latest version supports more Core Audio formats and introduces IMA 4:1 for use when developing iPhone apps. AutoUnit plug-ins and Resampling tools have been enhanced and feature new toolbar shortcuts.

Moto Rival messaging phone lands at Telus

08/05, 6:00pm

Moto Rival at Telus

Telus this morning became only the second North American carrier to adopt the Motorola Rival on its network. The QWERTY slider is built for messaging with quick access to e-mail, Facebook and IM across Windows Live and Yahoo. It occupies the entry- to mid-range category among non-smartphones with a 2-megapixel camera, 3G data, a 3.5mm headphone jack and microSDHC support up to 8GB.

iPhone again triggering spike in flash memory

08/05, 5:40pm

iPhone and Flash Mem Spike

Apple's voracious use of NAND flash memory for iPhones could be the key spark in the entire industry over the next few years, iSuppli said today in a new study. The smartphone's existence is estimated to help multiply revenue in the business by 5.6 times from its 2008 numbers to $932.5 million by 2013. Much of this comes from Apple's insistence on stepping up the amount of memory with each upgrade. By pushing the capacity of the iPhone up by four from 8GB to 32GB, the company not only demands more memory itself but is indirectly pushing up the amount of memory others need to carry to remain competitive.

iPhone apps: Tweetings, Words With Friends, AniGif

08/05, 5:35pm

Perseids, 12cast

Tweetings ($1) is a Twitter client that includes push notification features. The application allows users to log into their twitter account and interact with the site. Users can view their timeline, post tweets, browse their friends and followers, uploading pictures to TwitPic, and more. The optional push notification feature allows users to receive alerts when they are mentioned in an @reply or when a direct message is received.

Namco lines up iPhone division, future game plans

08/05, 5:15pm

Namco iPhone plans

Game developer Namco has founded a dedicated iPhone division, meant to exploit the unusual popularity of the device. The division is being helped by Jonathan Kromrey, an iPod/iPhone games producer and designer, who was formerly responsible for research, design and development of products and applications at Apple. Kromrey notes that this week is currently the only one this year in which Namco does not expect to announce some form of new iPhone content, whether in terms of games or related material.

Lenovo shows IdeaCentre C100 all-in-one nettop

08/05, 5:00pm

Lenovo IdeaCentre C100

Lenovo recently showed its upcoming IdeaCentre C100 all-in-one nettop PC to a group of journalists, revealing a 20-inch screen and a 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU with either 1GB or 2GB of RAM. Initial versions will have a 20-inch screen and run on the Windows Vista operating system, though later versions will have Windows 7 and a touchscreen. A DVD burner will be integrated, while hard drives will range from 80GB to 160GB units.

Mac OS X 10.5.8 upgrades Safari, fixes connectivity

08/05, 5:00pm

Mac OS X 10.5.8 update

Apple has posted an anticipated v10.5.8 patch for Mac OS X, updating a number of components in the operating system. The list begins with Safari, which has been upgraded to v4.0.2, and should now be more accurate when running full history searches. Connectivity problems have been smoothed out in several areas, for instance in terms of better reliability when linking with AirPort networks or Bluetooth devices.

Motorola A3300 with Windows Mobile due in China

08/05, 4:35pm

Motorola A3300 in China

A new full touchscreen handset from Motorola was spotted in China recently, with the photos revealing it will be based on the Windows Mobile operating system, as one of the images clearly shows a Windows key. Specs on the A3300 are thin, but the device will sport a large touchsccreen, along with some touch-sensitive buttons at its base, reminiscent of the Samsung Instinct.

NI intros Kontakt Player, Maschine Drum, Mutations

08/05, 4:30pm

Native Instruments apps

Native Instruments on Wednesday introduced several new products including Kontakt Player, Maschine Drum Selection and Evolve Mutations. Kontakt Player works as a software instrument based on the company's Kontakt 3.5 sampler, with support for Kompakt and Intakt formats. The player takes advantage of 64-bit systems, extended memory addressing, DFD streaming and multiprocessor configurations with up to 16 cores.

Lexicon intros BD-30 Blu-ray player with USB port

08/05, 4:15pm

Lexicon BD-30 BD player

Lexicon has recently announced it will soon begin shipping the BD-30 Blu-ray player, which supports BD-Live thanks in part to its Ethernet connection as well as the picture and picture BonusView feature. The player can also reproduce DVD content, which it will upscale to 1080p, as well as DVD Audio, SACD and CD formats. Lexicon is also quick to point out the BD-30's USB connection, which allows users to play back files from thumb drives and external hard drives, though there is no word on which types of audio or video file formats will be supported.

Renderings show Samsung Reclaim M560 for Sprint

08/05, 4:00pm

Spring Reclaim renderings

Two renderings of Samsung's Reclaim M560 handset have shown up on the web recently, with the device unofficially expected to arrive at Sprint stores on August 16th. The dual-band CDMA handset slides open to reveal a QWERTY keyboard, and should sport a 2.3-inch screen with 320x240 resolution. The handset otherwise promises to bring with it a 2-megapixel camera, a GPS sensor, Bluetooth functionality and a microSD memory card slot that stores music and video. A 2.5mm audio jack will let users enjoy their tunes.

iPhone claims third of 1H09 cellphone profits

08/05, 3:50pm

iPhone rules phone profits

Apple has achieved disproportionate influence in the cellphone market this year, says Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi. Calculating figures from the first half of 2009, Sacconaghi notes that while Apple was only the fifth-largest cellphone maker, with 8 percent of revenues, it did manage to obtain 32 percent of operating profits. "Even if we exclude the operating losses generated by Motorola and Sony Ericsson, Apple still accounted for 25 percent of industry profits," says the analyst.

Chrome, Safari chip at IE web share in July

08/05, 3:45pm

Net App Browser Share July

Internet Explorer's share of the web browser market has dropped to its lowest point in recent memory thanks to inroads from Apple and Google, new stats from Net Applications show. The web tracking firm says Microsoft's browser now has 67.68 percent of the market, lower than a previous low in April. Most of the losses came from both Chrome and Safari, which themselves reached all-time highs of 2.59 percent and 4.07 percent respectively.

Apps: SkypeCap, FunBooth, Cram

08/05, 3:35pm

KavaTunes, Curator

SkypeCap 3.1 ($50) is a tool for capturing and recording Skype video and audio. The application detects when Skype is active and then gives users the option to record audio and video or the software can be set up to automatically start and stop recording. Version 3.1 has added a new auto recording option along with the ability to auto check updates. [Download - 5.9MB]

Red Marble launches Dr Lynch: Grave Secrets for Mac

08/05, 3:00pm

Grave Secrets ships

Red Marble Games has released Dr Lynch: Grave Secrets, a hidden-object search and find game for the Mac. Gamers play as Dr. Ignatius Lynch, a paranormal investigator researching claims of ghost sightings at an archeological dig in England. Players seek clues from a cast of characters, looking to unearth hidden objects and solve bonus puzzles.

RIM patents hybrid capacitive/resistive touch

08/05, 2:55pm

RIM patents hybrid display

BlackBerry maker RIM is attempting to merge the best of both worlds when it comes to resistive and capacitive touchscreens, as it has recently applied for a patent for a touchscreen display with both types of sensors. With such a setup, the device would be capable of fast response to bare fingers and support multi-touch gestures but would still have high precision when using a stylus. The main disadvantage of capacitive touchscreens, price, promises to be an even bigger issue with the hybrid display, however, suggesting it would only be used high-end BlackBerry devices, such as sequels to the Storm.

Boris FX updates products to support new Final Cut

08/05, 2:45pm

Boris FX updates for FCS3

Boris FX has announced that its entire product line is being updated to support the Apple's new Final Cut Studio 3. The collection consists of various effects and filters, for both Final Cut Pro and Motion. The Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) 6.0.4 FxPlug, a compilation of video filters including Cartoon Look, Pencil Sketch and Charcoal Sketch, is a free upgrade for BCC 6.x owners. People with older versions of BCC FxPlug can upgrade to the most recent version for $300.

fmDataGuard 2.0 improves speed, adds log reflection

08/05, 2:40pm

fmDataGuard 2.0 ships

WorldSync is now shipping fmDataGuard 2.0, with configurations providing anywhere from a 50-200 percent speed jump. fmDataGuard uses FileMaker Pro software for regulatory audit trail compliance, logging all data views and changes and provides instant data rollback. It also offers quick recovery from a crash or corrupted files. fmDataGuard 2.0 works with the audit log requirements for regulatory mandates like Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley, among others.

Toshiba ships 43nm solid-state drives

08/05, 2:40pm

Toshiba Ships 43nm SSDs

Toshiba at mid-day said it was shipping its first solid-state drives based on a smaller, denser 43 nanometer manufacturing process. These early examples are going directly to computer builders and should give them both added capacity and speed. In 2.5-inch form, drives now come up to 512GB in capacity and move data at read speeds up to 230MB per second and writes up to 180MB per second; 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities are also available.

Smith Micro debuts Poser 8 3D animation software

08/05, 2:35pm

Poser 8 update

Smith Micro has released a new version of its 3D character art and animation software, Poser 8. The application is designed for both professional and recreational use, and enables designers to develop and customize animations using 3D figures such as humans and animals, along with 3D objects and scene elements. Poser 8 delivers an improved user interface for simpler navigation and includes a user configurable work environment, as well as over 1GB of new content, some of which consists of eight new ready-to-pose 3D human characters, that all have different body types and ethnicities.

T-Mobile ships myTouch 3G, Curve 8520

08/05, 2:00pm

T-Mobile outs myTouch 3G

T-Mobile today marked the official release of its second Android-powered handset, the myTouch 3G. Already delivered in advance to some pre-orders and reviewed here, the device is also T-Mobile's first keyboardless Android device sports a 3.2-inch display with haptic feedback for its keyboard as well as a trackball for one-handed use. Besides access to Google apps, it gets Microsoft Exchange support from HTC and multi-IM chat support for AIM, Windows Live and Yahoo. There is a 3.2-megapixel camera capable of recording video, a Wi-Fi connection and a slot for the included 4GB microSD card.

Rogers to carry 8GB iPhone 3GS? [U]

08/05, 1:45pm

8GB iPhone 3GS Rumor

(Updated with Rogers statement) A rumor suggests that Rogers, if not more carriers, may be replacing the 8GB iPhone 3G with a 3GS equivalent. Screen caps of what appears to be an internal website for the Canadian provider have it already launching the more advanced but lower capacity phone and deliberately bleeding stock of the old model until their supplies run dry. According to the BGR tip, stores are under strict orders not to sell new models in advance even if they arrive before the older phones disappear.

Firefox 3.5.2 fixes ICC profiles, security issues

08/05, 1:25pm

Firefox 3.5.2 update

Mozilla has released Firefox 3.5.2, updating its multi-platform web browser. A key fix in the release aids photographers, illustrators and other graphics professionals, by now properly rendering images with ICC profiles on all monitors. Such profiles are used to define color spaces, ensuring that the colors depicted on a display are those intended.

I-O Data tuner streams 1Seg TV to iPhone

08/05, 1:15pm

I-O Data intros SEG Clip

I-O Data has recently launched its latest SEG Clip, the GV-SC310, which connects to PCs via a USB connection and picks up 1Seg TV broadcasts. The tuner then has the ability to send these broadcasts wirelessly, whether live or recorded, to Sony's PSP or to iPhones and iPod touch devices.

Ustream 3GS Recorder app now uploads iPhone videos

08/05, 1:15pm

Ustream 3GS Recorder app

Ustream has launched an updated iPhone app, 3GS Recorder, that allows users to upload videos from their handset. The company's previous app could only be used to view content from Ustream's website. With the addition of recording capabilities to the iPhone firmware v3.0, videos can now be sent to Ustream, Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.

Xbox 360 line to be reduced to Arcade, Elite?

08/05, 12:55pm

Only two Xbox 360 models?

Only two models of the Xbox 360 will persist into the future, leaked packaging suggests. Depicted in a photo are current and planned boxes for the 360 Arcade; the latter box lists only one other 360 as an option, that being the 120GB Elite. Missing is the current standard console, the Pro, which has been in production since 2005 and tends to be the best-selling Xbox system.

Zune HD's web browser is 'iPhone-like'

08/05, 12:10pm

Zune HD Browser Experience

The web browser for the Zune HD will be one of the highlights of Microsoft's media player when it ships, a hands-on with the devices show. Testing with the player by CNET reveals that the browser, although made by the Internet Explorer team, is directly comparable to Safari for the iPhone and can do nearly everything Apple's software can, including multi-touch commands and the on-screen keyboard. It only lacks recognition of embedded video.

Apple Stores to recover revenue before 2010?

08/05, 11:55am

Apple Store recovery soon?

Apple's retail stores should resume financial growth before the year is out, says Needham analyst Charlie Wolf. Although Apple increased its year-over-year retail revenue by 3.5 percent in the most recent quarter, it also grew the number of stores by 20 percent, generating a decline of 14 percent when considering same-store totals. A consolation is that the June quarter was not as bad as the one ending in March, during which year-over-year revenues fell 17.2 percent. Low Mac sales are thought to be easing, helped by new and cheaper MacBook Pros.

Sony finalizes Memory Stick XC formats

08/05, 11:25am

Sony Memory Stick XC Final

Sony today published final details of its new high capacity version of its Memory Stick format first previewed at CES. Now known as Memory Stick XC, the format borrows much of its advancements from SDXC and switches to the newer exFAT file system to provide as much as 2TB of storage once flash memory advances. Full-speed XC-HG Duo and XC-HG Micro cards will also theoretically transfer up to the maximum 480Mbps (60MB per second) of USB 2.0 and should transfer at a minimum of 5MB per second even in the slowest environments.

Apple bans extremely prolific iPhone developer

08/05, 10:50am

Apple bans iPhone dev.

Apple has revoked the license of one of the most prolific App Store developers, reports say. Affected is Khalid Shaikh, the founder of Perfect Acumen, a company with 26 workers mostly based in Pakistan. Apple says it has received numerous complaints about Shaikh's products, and sent notices to him regarding over 100 titles. During a space of nine months the company has managed to publish some 943 iPhone apps, or approximately five apps per day.

Creative refreshes Inspire 2.1, 5.1 speakers

08/05, 10:40am

Creative T3130 T6160 Audio

Creative in mid-week has switched its attention to its computer speakers with two new Inspire speaker offerings. The range is topped by the T6160, a 5.1-channel surround setup that produces 30W across its satellites and supports them with a 20W subwoofer to handle low-end frequencies. It tries to improve high frequency audio through a phase cap that separates the mid-range.

Sprint intros two 4G to Wi-Fi mobile routers

08/05, 10:10am

Sprint 4G Pocket Routers

Sprint this morning gave its WiMAX-based 4G service a boost by introducing two new routers to bridge the mobile Internet connection to a local network. The Cradlepoint MBR1000 takes any of Sprint's 3G or 4G ExpressCard and USB modems, including all-in-one modems, and shares the connection over 802.11g or n Wi-Fi to as many as 32 different devices. Unlike most cellular routers, it has three large antennas to boost the range as much as with most landline routers.

Eee PC 1101HA now on sale in the US

08/05, 9:45am

Eee PC 1101HA now in US

The first Eee PC branded 11.6-inch netbook from ASUS, the 1101HA, is now being sold in the US. The netbook was originally slated for a late June release, at least in Europe. Part of the Seashell line due to its slim and tapered form factor, the netbook uses a 1.33GHz Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM and a 1366x768 display resolution. Only available in black, the netbook uses a six-cell battery and weighs just over 3lbs.

Google buys On2 to boost YouTube quality

08/05, 9:30am

Google Buys On2

Google on Wednesday morning said it would buy On2 Technologies in a $106.5 million deal that could improve the quality of YouTube videos. The acquisition gives Google access to On2's video compression methods and is expected to directly translate into one or more of Google's video websites, most likely involving YouTube but potentially Google Video as well. While the search engine giant says it can't talk about product plans, it claims to be "committed to innovation" in video quality on the web.

UK iPhone exclusivity to end on Oct. 9th?

08/05, 9:30am

O2's UK iPhone deadline

O2's exclusive hold on UK iPhone sales should end October 9th, says Mobile Entertainment. The magazine claims to have seen documentation revealing the deadline, the earliest possible date that rivals such as Orange and T-Mobile could begin selling iPhones. O2 has been the only official carrier in the region since 2007; while it is thought that the company should have general rights until 2012, overriding exclusivity will have to end before 2010.

BlackBerry edges iPhone 3GS in spring phone sales

08/05, 8:55am

IDC Spring US Sphone Sales

Despite a major phone launch, Apple's iPhone lineup was just edged out by Research in Motion's BlackBerry devices in US sales during the spring, according to IDC. Despite a high profile launch, the iPhone 3GS came in second while the BlackBerry Curve series took the lead. Of the top five, three were BlackBerries and included the original Pearl in third place as well as the AT&T-only Bold in fifth place. Apple's iPhone 3G came in fourth.

Logitech rolls pair of PowerPoint-aware remotes

08/05, 7:35am

Logitech PPoint Presenters

Logitech this morning swung out two presenter remotes designed specifically to streamline PowerPoint slideshows. The Professional Presenter R800 tops the entries and not only lets users advance or backtrack through slides but includes a display that counts down to the intended finish of a presentation and provides vibrating alerts in the last five minutes. It also has a 100-foot range that helps for presenting in lecture halls and uses a green laser that should work on less friendly surfaces.


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