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Sony makes low-cost Readers official

08/04, 7:00pm

Sony PRS-300 and PRS-600

Sony has almost immediately followed up on late rumors with an official update to its Reader line of e-book devices. The new PRS-300 Pocket Edition and PRS-600 Touch Edition readers are less expensive than the PRS-505 was when new but have a similar 600x800 e-paper display and in some cases make significant improvements: while both have just 512MB of memory built-in, either will take not only Memory Sticks for extra storage but also SD cards. They also get a new, native Mac client for loading books over USB in addition to the existing Windows version.

IDFusion launches Bodega download store [u]

08/04, 6:55pm

IDFusion launches Bodega

IDFusion has launched Bodega, software that lets users purchase and download a variety of applications for Mac OS X. The program is starting with 150 titles, to which IDFusion has said it will soon be adding more. The company is consciously trying to avoid the problems of the iTunes App Store, which has had numerous complaints regarding rejections. Apple's decision to reject Google Voice last week prompted an FCC inquiry.

New Sony Readers to come with slashed book prices?

08/04, 6:00pm

Sony Reader Book Cost Leak

A leak Tuesday evening suggests Sony's new Reader devices should come in step with a price drop on the e-books themselves. Pointing only to an individual "briefed on the matter," the Wall Street Journal both confirms the pair of devices leaked earlier and says that prices on bestseller books will drop from $12 to $10, falling in line with both Amazon's Kindle Store and the Barnes & Noble store. Sony has already helped drive lower-cost books by adding Google's catalog of free, public domain titles.

Palm recruits former Apple brand designer

08/04, 5:35pm

Palm Gets Apple Brand Head

Palm has quietly swelled the ranks of its marketing team with another one-time Apple executive, a discovery made today shows. Although unpublicized, the company has chosen Jeff Zwerner as its Senior Vice President of Brand Design and takes an executive who has worked twice with Apple to create its image, once between 1995 and 1996 as a Senior Art Director and again between 2001 and 2003 as its Creative Director for Packaging. He has also worked at numerous high-profile companies, including Coca-Cola, Disney, The Gap, HP, LL Bean and Nike.

iPhone OS 3.1 beta lists unknown "iProd" device

08/04, 5:35pm

iPhone OS iProd device

A new USBConfiguration.plist in the latest iPhone firmware v3.1 beta lists an unknown Apple device tagged as "iProd," according to Ars Technica. The original v3.0 firmware beta contained code for iProd0,1. The latest version, however, has changed the designation to iProd1,1.

Demand for CULV notebooks still cool?

08/04, 5:10pm

CULV Notebook Demand Cool

In spite of high-profile launches, notebooks based on Intel's Consumer Ultra Low Voltage (CULV) aren't having much success in the market, contacts in the PC industry said Tuesday. Sales were expected to pick up in July and August but, DigiTimes said, have been modest even when the ultraportables were bundled with coupons to upgrade to Windows 7 for free. These companies are now counting on systems actually shipping with Windows 7 to see a jump, which for many won't occur until November.

HP outs Compaq 515, 610 business notebooks

08/04, 4:40pm

HP Compaq 515, 610 outed

HP has released a pair of business notebooks, with the 14.0-inch Compaq 515 and 15.6-inch Compaq 610. Either sports an LED-backlit display with 1366x768 resolution, and the 515's processing power coming from a choice of AMD Athlon X2 or Turion X2 processors paired with as much as 8GB of RAM. Graphics processing is handled by the integrated ATI Radeon HD 3200 GPU. Otherwise, users can opt for a 250GB hard drive, and there is a standard-issue DVD burner and optional 2-megapixel webcam. Wi-Fi is integrated, and the systems start at 5lbs with a standard 6-cell battery.

GoPayment iPhone app processes credit card payments

08/04, 4:30pm

GoPayment iPhone app

Intuit has released GoPayment, its newest iPhone app to complement users GoPayment Merchant accounts. The application allows users to process credit card payments as soon as a job is completed. The software additionally sends electronic receipts via e-mail and text message. Users can also review transaction history online and synchronize the information with their QuickBooks application.

Specs leak for Nokia N97 Mini

08/04, 4:30pm

Nokia N97 Mini specs

First rumored in June and more recently spotted, the Nokia N97 Mini has finally received some detailed information, including unofficial specs, thanks to a recent Mobile-Review report. A smaller version of Nokia's flagship device, the N97 Mini is expected to be formally introduced at the Nokia World 2009 expo on September 2 in Germany. As the suffix in the name implies, the device is smaller than its namesake, sporting a 2.9-inch touchscreen display with 640x360 resolution and automatic brightness control, which is very close to the Nokia 5530XM.

RunWallet secures iPod shuffle while exercising

08/04, 4:25pm

RunWallet Shuffle holster

Grantwood has released the RunWallet, an armband holster designed to carry important cards, keys and money alongside an iPod shuffle during a wearer's workout. The armband is stretchable, and the holster can also be attached to a person's shoe, belt or pocket. Shuffles are attached to the outside of the holster, between the storage pocket and another thin band.

REALbasic launches Visual Basic Migration Assistant

08/04, 4:25pm

VB Migration asst ships

REAL Software has launched its new VB Migration Assistant, a tool for transferring software from Visual Basic to REALbasic code. REALbasic is a cross-platform software development application that can generate software from small utilities to enterprise-level applications. The new VB Migration assistant automates the transfer of Visual Basic 5 and VB 6 projects into REALbasic, avoiding numerous manual copy and past cycles.

T-Mobile adds TeleNav GPS service to myTouch 3G

08/04, 4:20pm

myTouch 3G gets TeleNav

To coincide with the launch of the myTouch 3G handset at T-Mobile on Wednesday, TeleNav on Tuesday said it will begin offering a free 30-day trial of its GPS Navigator service for the handset at the same time. The turn-by-turn GPS navigation service will be launched with a 30-day free trial, to which subscribers have to sign up via TeleNav's website.

Epson intros V500 office scanner with ReadyScan LEDs

08/04, 4:15pm

Epson V500 scanner

Epson on Tuesday introduced the V500, its latest scanner designed for small offices or home-based businesses. The device integrates a 30-page automatic document feeder with scan speeds of up to three pages per minute. ReadyScan LED technology is claimed to eliminate warm-up time when starting a scan or switching between reflective and film scanning.

Dell gearing up 5-inch Intel tablet?

08/04, 4:10pm

Dell 5in Tablet Rumor

Dell's return to handhelds in the US may be led by a mid-size device with an unusual sales strategy, one rumor maintains. A "well-connected" source in the industry for Wired says it would have a 5-inch touchscreen but would be based on Intel hardware, likely an Atom chip, rather than the ARM architecture normally used in phone-class devices. Rather than insist on a full price, though, Dell would give the tablet away for free in return for agreeing to a content subscription; users would agree to take books or "other media" that would be viewable on the tablet.

Workamajig update supports iPhone access

08/04, 4:05pm

Workamajig debuts

Workamajig has introduced v10.0.2.7 of its self-titled Project Management Software. The update includes enhancements for Safari 4 on all platforms, and allows iPhone access to important online Workamajig work areas such as Dashboard, Time Entry, Calendar and My Items to Approve. The latest version also incorporates an enhanced interface, and new features for Leopard and Windows, supporting better cross-platform use.

Simgua 3.0 adds macros, arrays and risk assessment

08/04, 3:55pm

Simgua 3.0 ships

Your Lingua has launched Simgua 3.0, updating the simulation and modeling software with macros, arrays and risk assessment. Based on open-source algorithms, the program allows users to simulate complex systems and represent results using visual models. The new macros in v3.0 allow users to design scripts both for analysis and automating repetitive tasks.

iPhone apps: PhoneFace, Longhorn, WaveSense

08/04, 3:55pm

Local Concerts, HotelPal

PhoneFace ($1) is a dialing application that allows users to create a photo contact list. Each contact can be assigned an image and Twitter users can link the application to their account to grab profile pictures from their friends. The lists can be flipped through by swiping across the touch screen and tapping an image gives users to options to call, text, or email the contact.

Khronos releases OpenGL 3.2 spec

08/04, 3:45pm

Khronos outs OpenGL 3.2

At the SIGGRAPH show that kicked off on Tuesday in New Orleans, the Khronos Group announced the release of its latest OpenGL graphics standard, OpenGL 3.2 (PDF). This update, the third major one in the last year, improves performance, quality, accelerated geometry processing and greater flexibility in dealing with 3D applications. Open GL 3.1 was released in March.

Maxell jumps into removable flash memory

08/04, 3:40pm

Maxell Flash Memory Cards

Best known for its optical storage, Maxell today entered the realm of flash memory with its first four products in the category. The first offerings are headlined by a USB flash drive that, in an uncommon turn, has its own microSDHC card reader to support memory from phones and other small handhelds without giving up permanent storage of its own. A microSDHC card line is also coming from Maxell itself.

New Zune HD images show updated UI

08/04, 3:25pm

Zune HD UI Image Leak

A handful of images have leaked today of the Zune HD ahead of a more official announcement for the device expected later today. Aside from confirming a black color in addition to the known silver, the shots also show that the music player has a significantly reworked music interface that lets users browse content more visually than on current Zunes, which only show a very small thumbnail. They also show the interface for HD Radio's sub-channels and replace early shots' "more" menu item with an "Internet" item, hinting that all non-Marketplace features, like web browsing, will go into that category.

Media 100 Suite adds MultiClip editing

08/04, 3:00pm

Media 100 Suite upgrade

Media 100 has released a new version of its self-titled Suite, used in video production. The update adds Matrox MX02 support, for portable, I/O, monitoring, and up/down/cross conversion. The suite also gains MultiClip editing, which enables real-time simultaneous editing of multiple video and audio sources. Cameras can be synced -- as source media becomes available -- using timecodes, sync marks or in-points.

Intel reveals 3.33GHz Xeon, more

08/04, 2:50pm

Intel Xeon W5590 and More

Intel on Tuesday afternoon upped the performance of its Xeon line by adding a new flagship model as well as three new models for simpler workstations and servers. The 3.33GHz Xeon W5590 boosts the speed of the quad-core, dual-socket Xeon beyond its previous 3.2GHz ceiling. It has the same 6.4 gigatransfer per second (GTps), point-to-point interface bus as Intel's best processors as well as 8MB of Level 2 cache. At a peak thermal power of 130W, it's intended for full-size systems.

Analyst: China iPhone, tablet likely to ship in 2010

08/04, 2:50pm

China iPhone for 2010

Kaufman Brothers analyst Shaw Wu has reiterated his belief that China Unicom is the front-runner for the iPhone's introduction into the Chinese market, although the device may not be ready for a local launch until closer to the Chinese New Year in February of 2010. Wu also diverges from several other analysts regarding the rumored tablet device, which he expects to land in 2010 instead of 2009.

SA debuts SA_ImageFlow SDK for Mac developers

08/04, 2:25pm

SA_ImageFlow SDK

Software Architect has launched its CoverFlow software developer-toolkit for the Mac, SA_ImageFlow SDK. The application is a Cocoa-based framework that provides developers with a simple way to add "CoverFlow"-like image presentation to their applications. The software delivers tools for background and edge-color customization in presentations, along with support for images with transparent areas, and standard image formats. Also included is an interface builder plug-in to help users bind data to the image-flow view, without the need of writing code.

NVIDIA to offer scaled down Ion LE for netbooks

08/04, 2:25pm

NVIDIA Ion LE for netbooks

NVIDIA will apparently soon roll out a less potent version of its Ion platform, according to a Tuesday Fudzilla report. The LE moniker has been used to designate an entry-level product at NVIDIA in the past, and the product PR manager for EMEA ION/notebook products, Igor Stanek, said the Ion LE chipset was designed specifically for use in Windows XP notebooks and nettops.

Apps: EasyBatch, Snowtape, Schreiben

08/04, 1:55pm

Docks, Modena

EasyBatch 1.4 ($18) provides users with a set of tools that let them scale, resize, rotate, covert, rename and add watermarks to groups of images. The application also offers options for adjusting resizing smoothness, JPEG compression, preserving EXIF data, interlacing PNG's, and more. The latest release has added threading support for multi-core computers, along with additional renaming options, and some small interface changes. [Download - 0.94MB]

Dell Precision gets ATI FirePro M7740 graphics

08/04, 1:25pm

Dell Precisions get M7740

Chipmaker AMD has announced that its ATI FirePro M7740 GPU will find its way into Dell's Precision M6400 series of notebooks. The chipset provides 1GB of DDR5 memory, along with 30-bit DisplayPort and dual-link DVI output. It is aimed mainly at graphics professionals, such as CAD users.

Griffin launches Elan Form Etch for iPhone 3GS, 3G

08/04, 1:25pm

Elan Form Etch ships

Griffin Technology has introduced its newest iPhone 3GS case, the Elan Form Etch. The new case is a polycarbonate inner shell bonded to a soft leather outer shell. The new case features an intricate etched pattern on the brown leather shell. The case allows for easy connection to docking stations, without requiring the case's removal.

WebGL standard promises plug-in free 3D acceleration

08/04, 1:10pm

WebGL standard detailed

Standards firm Khronos has revealed details on WebGL, an upcoming graphics technology. The standard provides a JavaScript binding for OpenGL ES 2.0, allowing 3D-accelerated graphics within a variety of web browsers. More crucially the standard eliminates the need for custom rendering plug-ins, enabling complex 3D on websites as matter of course. Some expected uses include online gaming, as at sites like Instant Action, or elaborate navigation interfaces.

Apple wrapping up Chinese iPhone negotiations?

08/04, 12:10pm

Apple field trip to China

Apple executives are scheduled to fly into China this week, according to a source identified by regional news site Sina. The officials are specifically said to be heading to Beijing, with the express purpose of discussing the iPhone with peers at China Unicom. Apple executives may also be meeting with officials from the country's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which has been handling testing for a local model.

MegaSeg 5 supports multi-touch trackpad controls

08/04, 12:05pm

MegaSeg 5 announced

Fidelity Media has released v5 of its DJ mixing and radio broadcasting software, MegaSeg. The application is used to transition between songs and music videos and trigger sound effects using hot keys and cue tracks. The latest version features more than 100 enhancements including Mac OS X Snow Leopard optimizations and a new animated interface. The update also features an integrated playlist viewer with direct iTunes access and supports multi-touch trackpad controls for cross-fading functions.

Olympus E-P2 due with built-in viewfinder?

08/04, 12:05pm

Olympus E-P2 Rumor

Olympus is already preparing a sequel to its E-P1 that would address at least one main complaint about the Micro Four Thirds camera, according to a claim by French magazine Chasseur d'Images. Coming from the same issue that accurately leaked the Nikon S1000pj under its working codename, the assertion intercepted by Photo Rumors has an Olympus E-P2 adding a built-in viewfinder. The current model only has an optional viewfinder that needs to use the camera's hot shoe, preventing it from using flash at the same time and providing a view separate from what the lens itself sees.

Kensington intros TwoFold notebook stands

08/04, 11:50am

Kensington TwoFold stands

Kensington on Tuesday announced the upcoming release of its TwoFold Notebook Stand and TwoFold Notebook Stand and Sleeve, either of which is designed to elevate the viewing screen on users' notebook PCs for reduced eye and neck strain, whether they are sitting, lying or sitting at a desk. The stands can accommodate notebooks between 14.1- and 15.4 inches in size, with straps that keep the notebook from sliding down. Either is available in either gray and blue or gray and green.

US to overtake Japan in 3G use by 2011

08/04, 11:40am

US to Overtake Japan in 3G

The number of 3G phone users in the US should overtake those in Japan for the first time in the space of two years, a new TeleGeography study says. Although Japan has had the largest 3G base since becoming the first country to get the speed in 2001, it's expected that the sheer number of users in the US will eclipse Japan's by 2011. The delay comes partly because of very quick adoption in the Asian country, where about 85 percent of all its users have 3G hardware.

Rumor hints at PayPal-like use of iTunes accounts

08/04, 11:20am

PayPal-like iTunes use?

Apple may be willing to extend the use of iTunes Store accounts to payments beyond its own venues, according to rumors circulating Wall Street. Apple executives have allegedly been dropping hints that accounts could be used to make purchases at third-party websites, much in the same way that PayPal operates as a go-between for many online retailers. iTunes users can already make limited purchases from third-party companies through some iPhone apps.

Sync'Em 1.33 adds support for Google calendars

08/04, 11:20am

SyncEm supports Google

Derman Enterprises released an update to its sync software, Sync'Em 1.33. The latest version adds support for basic Google calendar events and contact fields, while handling of FileAs/FileAsMapping fields in Exchange has been improved. The company also revamped the user interface and fixed several syncing bugs.

Palm Pre to land at Bell on August 27

08/04, 10:55am

Palm Pre for Bell Aug 27

Bell this morning finally committed to a ship date and price for its version of the Palm Pre that make it only the second carrier in the world after Sprint to offer the smartphone. It should ship on August 27th and will sell for $200 when paired with a typical-for-Canada three-year contract that includes at least a 500MB per month data plan. The new carrier's version doesn't vary sharply from the reference version reviewed here but, as a result, should have full HTML web browsing, multi-network instant messaging and deep integration with Facebook and Google services, including Google Maps.

INQ intros two 3G phones with Twitter, iTunes sync

08/04, 10:30am

INQ intros two 3G phones

UK phone maker INQ Mobile on Tuesday announced it will soon offer two new 3G handsets that will bring quick access to social networking site Twitter, push Gmail compatibility and the capability to sync via iTunes on PCs and, in a rare instance Macs. The INQ Chat 3G is the provider's first QWERTY phone while the INQ Mini 3G sports the more traditional candybar form factor with number pad. The phone are sold on pre-paid plans, and Twitter compatibility is new to either, as previous handsets from INQ had support for Facebook, Skype and instant messaging programs.

Sony phasing out 80GB PS3, slim model due Aug. 18?

08/04, 10:25am

PS3 80GB Phaseout and Slim

Sony could be in the last stages of winding down existing PlayStation 3 sales in preparation for its slim 120GB version launching soon. A leaked note from a Japanese retailer has the 80GB PS3 unavailable for order after August 9th as the result of a Sony request; the move also asks the store to take down displays advertising the 80GB console. As the 160GB edition isn't sold in Japan, the move would leave the retailer without any PS3s until a future revision.

QuarkXPress 8.1 intros Native Transparency mode

08/04, 10:15am

QuarkXPress 8.1 update

Quark is distributing a v8.1 update for QuarkXPress, its flagship publishing suite. The patch incorporates a new Native Transparency mode for generating PDFs, allowing items marked as transparent to remain unflattened during final output. The software has also been given a new key modifier, permitting more precise placement of images.

Microsoft outs Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000

08/04, 9:45am

MS Wireless Desktop 5000

Microsoft today rolled out its first modern wireless desktop intended for comfort first. The Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 combines a more specifically designed ergonomic curve in the keyboard itself as well as a softened palm rest to keep it use for hours at a time with less risk of pain. Although not tied to any particular operating system, it's one of Microsoft's first combination kits optimized for Windows 7 and turns the My Favorites keys into Taskbar Favorites, automatically switching to open apps based on their relative position.

Mexican iTunes music, Brazilian Apple Store emerge

08/04, 9:35am

Mex., Brazilian stores

Apple has launched a Mexican version of the iTunes Music Store, opening up digital music sales to the country. All tracks are DRM-free, as in the US, but cost a universal 12 pesos individually, though album prices may vary. Music videos cost approximately 24 pesos each. The Mexican iTunes Store as a whole continues to lack some features; though iPhone apps are available, movies and TV shows are not. Similarly, the mobile version of the iTunes Store remains non-functional.

Logitech intros Unifying Receiver for mice, keyboard

08/04, 9:25am

Logitech Unifying Receiver

Logitech on Tuesday introduced the slim USB Unifying Receiver, a new approach made to pair up multiple Unifying-compatible wireless Logitech mice and keyboards. Thus far, Logitech's system includes the new K350 and K340 wireless keyboards as well as similarly new M705 and M505 mice. The USB receiver is shaped like the existing Nano Receiver and protrudes less than a third of an inch from the side of a notebook or desktop PC or Mac, allowing users to leave it plugged in without worrying about catching it on anything.

New iPhone ads highlight file sharing, travel apps

08/04, 9:15am

New iPhone ads

Apple has aired several new television ads, "Share" and "Travel," featuring iPhone apps for file sharing and navigation. "Share" presents two free apps, Mover and Bump, that can be used to transfer contacts or files between iPhones via Wi-Fi or a 3G Internet connection. The commercial also shows two users playing Scrabble from different iPhones, a feature available using Wi-Fi or through Facebook.

NEC unveils its first DisplayPort LCD

08/04, 9:10am

NEC MultiSync EA231WMi

NEC on Tuesday entered into the field of DisplayPort-capable displays through the 23-inch MultiSync EA231WMi. The full-size connector gives owners of newer computers a future-proof display option and comes alongside DVI and VGA inputs for those using older or less compatible formats. It also brings new features for the company outside of this, such as an ambient light sensor and a new multi-directional pad for navigating on-display menu options.

Panasonic adds Amazon VOD to Blu-ray players

08/04, 8:45am

Pana Amazon VOD for Blu

Panasonic this morning gave all of its Viera Cast Blu-ray players support for Amazon's Video On Demand service. The feature gives the company's more advanced disc readers from 2009, including its portable reader, the option of streaming purchases and rentals directly from the reader without needing the storage for a complete copy. Using VOD isn't dependent on having a matching Panasonic TV (which already supports the feature) and supports HD with a sufficiently fast connection.

Nikon makes projector cam, others official

08/04, 8:30am

Nikon S1000pj Official

Nikon today quickly validated last-minute leaks by launching four Coolpix cameras, two of which are company if not industry firsts. The S1000pj is the first known still camera to have its own projector and can output images up to 40 inches across, including during slideshows with background music. The 12-megapixel camera is similarly advanced for compacts outside of this and has a 5X stabilized lens along with smart portrait enhancements for face detection and masking skin imperfections; it shoots at up to ISO 6,400 at a reduced resolution. announces Burger Shop 2

08/04, 7:25am

Burger Shop 2 for Mac has announced a sequel to the restaurant management game developed by GoBit, Burger Shop 2. In the latest addition players find themselves broke and in a dumpster, with a bump on their head and no recollection of what happened to their restaurant. Players must then rebuild their restaurant empire, come up with new menu items to draw in more customers, all while trying to figure out just what happened to their original burger shop chain.

Toshiba preps its first SDXC card

08/04, 7:15am

Toshiba SDXC Card

Toshiba this morning broke ground with its first storage card using the new SDXC standard. The 64GB card is both the largest SD card of any type but also offers performance closer to a CF card: it's the fastest SD card at write speeds of 35MB per second and read speeds of 60MB per second. Such speeds render the card fast enough for continuous still shooting with a DSLR or HD video capture, especially when offloading footage to a computer.


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