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Apps: iMusic Valet, Keep Your Word, R10Cipher

updated 02:45 pm EDT, Mon August 3, 2009

myTexts, Patent Grabber

  • iMusic Valet 1.0 ($12) is a media player that allows users to link songs with specific images. Users can choose to play single music files at a time or continuously play music from a specific library. The applications interface resembles an iPod and can be set to float above all other windows. Photos that are linked to songs are shown within iMusic Valet's window as the song plays. [Download - 8.7MB]

  • Keep Your Word 1.6 ($25) is an application designed for those looking to learn a new language. The software allows users to classify and group large sets of words, building a unique dictionary for study and memorization. It further supports any and all characters handled by Mac OS X, allowing almost any word to be entered into a database. The update includes new exercise and study modes along with various other small fixes and improvements. [Download - 2.4MB]

  • R10Cipher 3.0 ($30) is a tool for encryping and decrypting files using up to 384 bit Blowfish encryption. Files to be encrypted can be dragged and dropped to the main windows and support for batch encryption is included. Decryption can be performed by double clicking in a file which will result in the software recreating the file with its original filename. Version 3.0 has increased the encryption strength from 128 bit to 384 bit and added new features for storing Shared Secrets which are used to encrypt or decrypt files. [Download - 9.2MB]

  • myTexts 1.8 ($12) is a small text editor that has been designed to be simple and less distracting. The software sports a basic interface that features options for customizing fonts, colors, spacing, and more. Documets can be saved in multiple formats such as txt, rtf, doc, docx, and more. The latest update has added several additional background colors and a new intermediate save feature. The activate by cursor feature has also been updated to be more accurate and several bugs have been addressed. [Download - 11.5MB]

  • Patent Grabber 5.6 ($25) is an application that automates the process of downloading patent documents from free public patent archives. Users can enter a list of patents or PCT applications and the software will then download every page for each patent. The downloaded pages are then stored in a library allowing users to access and print them at any time. The latest update has added the ability to create a spreadsheet of bibliographic information for U.S. patents. [Download - 5MB]

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