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Kensington bows iPhone/iPod battery dock

updated 01:40 pm EDT, Mon August 3, 2009

Kensington Dock w Battery

Kensington on Monday brought out a unique travel dock for iPhones and iPods. The Charging Dock with Mini Battery has a dock for both the Apple device itself but also a battery pack that attaches to the iPhone when it's in use. Attaching it gives an iPhone as much as 30 hours of extra music, 6 hours of web use or 3 hours of talk time; since both this and the iPhone share the same dock power, the two charge simultaneously and let users have the reserve power without occupying a second USB or power port.

In addition to all varieties of iPhone, the Kensington dock should work with every iPod that uses a Dock Connector and will work with devices even when they're used in a case. Pricing is already set at $70, but pre-orders placed today will start shipping only in late October.

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  1. beepy

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    Dear MacNN/,

    You have lately been using the term "bow" (rhymes with "row") to mean "prepare for release," presumably an allusion to placing an arrow in a bow before firing it.

    However, there is no verb "bow" in that sense -- it may mean to bend into the shape of a bow, or to play a stringed instrument with a bow, but not to place an arrow into a bow, at least not in conventional english.

    When a typical visitor reads a headline that begins with "[Company name] bows..." I imagine that like me, they read "bows" as rhyming with "cows," so that the company might be bowing to some pressure, e.g. the FCC. The incorrect use of the word is confusing, distracting, and wholly unnecessary.

    May I suggest the perfectly clear and effective words "prepares" and "readies." If you must be colloquial, may I suggest "preps," which is an accepted informal abbreviation of "prepares" and a mere one letter longer than the torturously affected "bows."

    Thank you.

  1. godrifle

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    'Bow' Subject of High Brow Row

    Maybe they mean bow (rhymes with cow) as in 'take a bow', a tenuous reference to debuting a product. Or in reference to a unwrapping or unveiling of a present.

    Here are some alternatives via the handy right-click Dictionary/Thesaurus!


  1. Jeff Simpson

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    Yes, yes, yes!

    The job of a writer is to communicate well, effectively using the language.

    It is not the job of a writer to bow new uses for words, to bow new meanings, or bow new vocabulary.

    I'd like to introduce and idea. Communicate well or bow out.

  1. Jeff Simpson

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    I don't type well.

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