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Apple blocks Google Voice app, pulls similar titles

07/27, 11:30pm

Apple pulls Google Voice

Apple has begun removing a number of third-party Google Voice apps from the App Store, while rejecting Google's official client, according to TechCrunch. Developer Sean Kovac recently announced that his GV Mobile app was pulled from the App Store, despite its approval and presence for the past few months.

Sonos debuts CR200 touchscreen controller

07/27, 10:00pm

Sonos CR200 controller

Sonos on Monday unveiled the CR200, its latest multi-room system controller. The device diverges from the button-based layout of the company's other controllers, instead utilizing a 3.5-inch color touchscreen as the primary interface. The display offers 640x480 resolution and capacitive technology for improved response and accuracy compared to a resistive screen found on many other devices.

Boris Continuum Cartoon Look package uses BCC filters

07/27, 8:40pm

Boris Continuum Unit ships

Boris FX has released its latest set of effects, Boris Continuum Unit: Cartoon Look, based on Continuum Complete 6. The suite includes a number of video filters such as Cartoon Look, Pencil Sketch, Charcoal Sketch, and Watercolor. Cartoon Look simulates the effect utilized in films such as "A Scanner Darkly" and "Waking Life." The filter includes preset looks and styles that are accessible through a pop-up menu. Users can also customize the settings, save their own configurations or combine multiple effects.

MyScript for Livescribe transcribes handwritten notes

07/27, 8:25pm

MyScript for Livescribe

Livescribe and Vision Objects have combined efforts to release MyScript for Livescribe. The software is used to transcribe handwritten notes from Livescribe to typed text. Users can then edit the converted text and create a personal dictionary of frequently used words, names, and abbreviations. The software can additionally send edited text to Microsoft Word, the users e-mail, or save it as a picture file.

Aperture2Twitter, iPhoto2Twitter link to Mobypicture

07/27, 7:20pm

V1.5 Blue Crowbar apps

Blue Crowbar has released v1.5 of its Twitter plug-ins, Aperture2Twitter and iPhoto2Twitter. The plug-ins are used to send tweets and photographs directly from Aperture or iPhoto. The new versions add support for posting videos and pictures to Mobypicture, which integrates with other websites including Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, YouTube, and Vimeo.

FMSmallBusiness update adds clipboard copy support

07/27, 6:30pm

FMSmallBusiness 1.4.1 out

CampSoftware has included 31 updates in its FMSmallBusiness 1.4.1 release. Most of the changes are user-requested additions, including support for common documents and copying to the clipboard. FMSmallBusiness (FMSB) is based on the FileMaker Pro database platform and geared toward running a small business, with tools for tracking contacts, calendars, schedules, activities, projects, documents and more. The software works with Mac and Windows systems or the iPhone, along with most web browsers, and can be configured for single- or multiple-user configurations on up to 250 workstations.

iPhone apps: Matalot, RouteBuddy Atlas, Solution Zero

07/27, 5:55pm

SlotZ Racer, Pi Cubed Lite

Matalot ($1) is a task manager designed for the iPhone and iPod touch. Users can enter tasks which need to be completed and include information like related contacts and locations. Contacts can be linked directly from the Contacts app and location data can be added automatically using the built in location services. The software also allows users to set a priority level for each task.

Bionic Heart game features 24 different endings

07/27, 5:40pm

Bionic Heart game released

Tycoon has released its newest game, Bionic Heart, based on a science fiction novel carrying the same name. The game takes place in London, England in the year 2099, when the Earth's climate has been permanently altered, causing near-constant rain across the globe. Players take the role of Luke Black, an engineer and lead programmer at a large nanotechnology research company, Nanotech. The game follows Luke's life involving technology, romance and friendships.

X-Power 1 provides backup power for iPhone, iPods

07/27, 5:10pm

X-Power 1 released

Xmultiple has released the X-Power 1, an iPod and iPhone USB cable that can charge a device's internal battery without being plugged into a computer. The unit features an AAA-size, lithium-ion battery that provides 20 hours of additional playback time for an iPod should the device run out of power, while iPhone 3G talk time is claimed to be increased by 4.5 hours. The unit also functions as a standard sync cable that supports the iPhone and any iPod with a dock connector.

Video of XPERIA X2 shows Win Mobile 6.5, panels

07/27, 4:50pm

XPERIA X2 video out

The upcoming Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 handset was the star in a recently found video, confirming the 3.5-inch OLED touchscreen smartphone will run on Windows Mobile 6.5. The video also shows Sony Ericsson's in-house Panels user interface, though no other new details are revealed. Sony Ericsson has been teasing the public with the XPERIA X2 for a while now, without officially releasing any specifications. The video of the device suggests a production version is still a ways off, as the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS does not have a heavy Sony Ericsson influence.

Pegatron shows netbook with Palm Pre's CPU

07/27, 4:40pm

Pegatron Pre-powered PC

Pegatron, a subsidiary of ASUS, has built a prototype netbook that uses the same ARM Cortex A8 chip on its Freescale iMX515 CPU that's in the Palm Pre smartphone. In the nameless netbook, however, the chip is clocked at 1GHz rather than the 600MHz in the Pre. While the clock speed is lower than that in the majority of Intel Atom-powered netbooks, the Pegatron netbook's CPU is capable of playing back 720p HD movies and supporting 3D games.

VTech launches home phone with Bluetooth

07/27, 4:35pm

VTech launches home phone

VTech on Monday availability of its LS6245 wireless home phone with an integrated digital answering macjine that can connect both landline and cellular calls. At the same time, users can pair the system with up to eight Bluetooth devices, such as cell phones or headsets. Thanks to the speakerphone on the base station or the optional add-on handset, users can have to have two conversations at the same time, with one being a landline call and the other from a paired cellular line.

LightWayText, iText editors upgrade

07/27, 4:30pm

LightWayText, iText fixes

The four text-editing applications within the LightWayText and iText lines have all been upgraded by their developer. LightWayText is now at v4.5, while iText is at v3.5, iText Express is at v3.2.1 and iText Pro '09 is also at v3.2.1. LightWayText and iText have been given Universal Binary support, as well as bugfixes and enhancements to text import. LightWayText in particular has received a German localization.

ASUS releases Eee PC 1004DN in Taiwan

07/27, 4:20pm

ASUS Eee PC 1004DN now out

ASUS is now selling its Eee PC 1004DN in Taiwan, a Monday NetbookNews report says. The 10.2-inch netbook sports a 1024x600 resolution display and a 1.66GHz Intel Atom processor and 1GB of RAM, with its unique in-class feature being a DVD burner. It is also the only netbook to sport Intel's GN40 chipset, complete with the GMA 4500 integrated graphics processor.

Philips launching Android phone

07/27, 4:10pm

Philips V808 Android Phone

Dutch electronics firm Philips is launching into Android phones of its own in the near future, PCOnline has confirmed today. The Chinese site says the V808 will have the familiar 480x320 touchscreen common to many Android phones and should also have a 3.2-megapixel camera with video capture. If true, the phone would focus more heavily on GPS than usual and come with newer GPS software as well as a mounting kit.

WD unveils 750GB, 1TB My Passport Essential SEs

07/27, 3:55pm

750GB, 1TB Essential SEs

Western Digital has introduced new, 750GB and 1TB portable USB drives as a part of the My Passport Essential SE line. Models are approximately the same weight as their counterparts in the My Passport Elite series, but slightly larger. The SEs are USB-powered, and on Windows systems equipped with sync software and 128-bit encryption. A titanium silver finish decorates the outside of what are effectively external versions of WD's new notebook drives.

Epson intros high-quality PX650 photo printer

07/27, 3:50pm

Epson PX650 photo printer

Epson recently announced the upcoming release of its Stylus Photo PX650 all-in-one printer, which it aims at digital photographers who the company thinks will get better quality prints than labs can produce. PC-free printing is made possible thanks to a 2.5-inch LCD screen and a memory card slot, or via PictBridge compatibility with digital cameras. The PX650 can also scan and copy prints thanks to its 1,200DPI resolution scanner.

Acer AspireRevo nettop to get dual-core Atom, more

07/27, 3:35pm

AspireRevo to go dual-core

Acer's AspireRevo nettop, notable for being the first PC to sports NVIDIA's ION platform, will be getting an upgrade soon, according to a Monday Fudzilla report. The single-core Atom CPU will be replaced in favor of a dual-core Atom, though clock speeds will remain the same, at 1.6GHz. At the same time, there will be double the RAM standard, at 4GB, and storage space will be bumped to 320GB from 250GB.

Apps: Password Repository, Dock Library, Forklift

07/27, 3:35pm

Back-In-Time, Attributes

Password Repository 2.10 ($30) allows users to save and manage all of their passwords inside an encrypted document. The information is all stored within a table that can be sorted. Passwords can also be labeled with custom sets of colors to help users sort related items. The latest release includes an enhanced import function which can import data with a varying number of fields and layouts. The update also includes improved management of categories and several bug fixes. [Download - 1.7MB]

Pavtube HD Video Converter provides editing abilities

07/27, 3:30pm

Pavtube HD Video Converter

Pavtube has released a Mac version of its self-titled HD Video Converter. The software is used to convert HD video into other formats, for devices such as the iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, PSP, BlackBerry, Zune and Zen. Watermarks can then be applied in the form of logos, text, animations or secondary video. The converter can also compress larger files, compensating for potential problems with audio and video sync.

EU to allow 900MHz 3G, 4G

07/27, 3:25pm

EU to Allow 900MHz 3G 4G

The European Union on Monday greenlit using 900MHz airwaves for both 3G and 4G cellular data in the continent. A change to the GSM Directive now lets existing 3G technology, like UMTS, operate on the same lower frequency as GSM and will give it both longer range and higher practical speeds than the 1,800MHz and 2,100MHz bands used today. It won't be dependent on a particular format and is built with upcoming 4G formats like Long Term Evolution or others in mind.

Resident Evil 4 debuts for iPhone

07/27, 3:00pm

Resident Evil 4 on iPhone

Capcom has released an iPhone version of Resident Evil 4, a survival horror title originally released for the GameCube in 2005. Players assume the role of Leon Kennedy, an agent sent to Europe to rescue the US president's daughter. In the process Leon confronts a dangerous religious cult, fending it off with an arsenal of weapons.

Google Donut to carry CDMA, multi-touch

07/27, 2:35pm

Google outs Donut update

Google has recently released the code for its Donut update for its Android operating system to software developers. Much like the earlier Cupcake, Donut will be part of the next-generation Android operating system rather than the whole system itself. Notably, the new release not only adds support for CDMA phone networks but also brings multi-touch support, a universal search function, text-to-speech, automated back-ups and a redesign for the camera application, among other changes, to the existing T-Mobile G1 and HTC Magic Android handsets.

Boingo to give free Wi-Fi to Verizon users

07/27, 2:15pm

Boingo Verizon WiFi Deal

Boingo today expanded an already existing deal with Verizon to provide Wi-Fi for subscribers. The new agreement gives those using either Verizon's DSL or FiOS Internet services free Wi-Fi access on many of Boingo's hotspots, such as those at coffee shops and airports. Whether the deal extends to international hotspots, and when it will be fully ready, hasn't been clarified at the time, though the two companies will be linked for at least the next four years.

RunCore adds more PRO IV solid state drives

07/27, 1:30pm


Storage device maker RunCore on Monday announced it has added to its recently announced range of PRO IV solid state drives (SSDs), meant to replace old hard drives in users' PCs and Macs. The drives range from 32GB up to 256GB with a variety of interfaces and sizes. SSDs are much more efficient than hard drives, as there are no moving parts. This also makes them more resistant to physical damage such as drops, quieter and faster.

Weekend AVG update accidentally targets iTunes

07/27, 1:25pm

AVG update harms iTunes

A number of Windows iTunes users found their software disabled over the weekend, talk on Apple's support forums reveals. The problem is known to have originated with AVG's antivirus tool, which was recently updated with new virus definitions. The program then mistakenly identified iTunes DLL files as containing the Small.BOG Trojan, and prevented iTunes from working following the quarantine process.

Novatel opens MiFi web server to developers

07/27, 12:45pm

MiFi server open to devs

Novatel has opened the MiFi web server's Common Gateway Interface to developers, according to an announcement. Third-party companies should as a result be able to access the onboard processors of MiFi hotspots, enabling broader software support and as well as MiFi uses beyond a straightforward Internet connection. A programming guide has been published on Novatel's developer site; the API should support both current and future MiFi hardware.

Toshiba flash production up for Apple?

07/27, 12:20pm

Toshiba Flash Up for Apple

Toshiba is said today to be expanding its flash memory production in a way that may hint at continued large orders from Apple. Although it will push its factories making NAND flash memory for handhelds to about 90 percent capacity in August, the electronics giant is still believed by DigiTimes to be warning most companies that its on-demand stock will be short, a typical sign that a major firm is snapping up most of the extra supply. Apple is considered the most likely candidate both through its usual high demand for flash memory as well as its $500 million deal to guarantee supply in the long term.

Foxconn claims dead worker had questionable record

07/27, 12:05pm

Foxconn blames dead worker

The Foxconn worker who killed himself in mid-July, Sun Danyong, may not have been wholly innocent, claims the company's general manager for China, James Lee. Interviewed by the New York Times, Lee notes that products went missing several times under Danyong's watch, although they would always return. The disappearance of a fourth-generation iPhone prototype -- immediately preceding Danyong's death -- is said to have raised suspicions. "We don't know who took the product, but it was at his stop," says Lee.

Samsung intros 5-inch e-book reader, notepad

07/27, 11:55am

Samsung e-book reader

Samsung on Monday announced it will soon bring out its own e-book reader, the 5-inch SNE-50K, in its home market of South Korea. Users can also make notes on the device, unlike competing e-book readers from Amazon and Sony. While content will not be downloaded wirelessly straight to the device, it can be transferred from a PC, originating from a local bookstore chain. Other than the 5-inch screen and its 600x800 resolution, there is 512MB of onboard storage, slotting it between the Kindle and Reader in terms of space.

Panasonic releases Lumix cams with HDR

07/27, 11:45am

Panasonic FZ35 FP8 ZR1

Panasonic this morning swelled the ranks of its Lumix cameras with three new models that all have new features. The FZ35 replaces the FZ28 as the company's ultrazoom and adds a new High Dynamic mode that improves the high dynamic range (HDR) of a scene, bringing detail back to overly bright highlights and darker shadows. A pseudo-manual mode known as My Color gives control over brightness, contrast and saturation with live previews of each, and a faster autofocus system that helps both for action scenes as well as capturing 720p video.

iZotope Radius update adds pitch coherence controls

07/27, 11:10am

Radius plug-in update

iZotope has released an update to its Logic Pro and Soundtrack Pro plug-in, Radius. The latest version boasts support of Logic 9 and Soundtrack Pro 3, and adds pitch coherence controls to the interface. The plug-in enables users to adjust the timing and pitch of audio material, while still preserving the sound quality of an original recording.

Verizon: profit drops 21%, Pre due next year

07/27, 11:00am

Verizon Q2 and Palm Pre

Verizon this morning reported mixed results for its spring quarter but promised that Palm's new smartphone would reach its network. Although the carrier's revenue was up 11.3 percent from year to year at $26.9 billion, its actual profit was down 21.2 percent to 52 cents per share. Its subscriber based jumped to 87.7 million but was helped mostly by acquiring Alltel; it added 1.1 million customers outside of the takeover and was slightly slower than AT&T.

Apple looking to time music deal with future tablet?

07/27, 10:55am

Apple expands record deals

Apple is planning to expand the content buyers receive when shopping for iTunes music, writes the Financial Times. The company is currently said to be in negotiations with the four major record labels -- EMI, Sony, Warner and Universal -- regarding a project called "Cocktail," aimed at boosting music sales by supplying interactive material with albums. At the core of the concept is a new booklet, which can mix photos, lyrics and liner notes.

Sony doubling PS3 production ahead of slim model?

07/27, 10:30am

Sony Doubling PS3 Builds

Sony is rapidly accelerating production of the PlayStation 3 in what may be a sign of confidence in its upcoming 120GB slim model. Tips from integrated circuit (IC) distributors sent to DigiTimes have Sony ordering enough of their parts on average to make 1 million of the game consoles just for this summer, or twice the rate that was seen in the spring. The rate is said to be high enough that demand is outstripping supply at Renesas, which makes the key chipsets for the PS3.

Snow Leopard build adds Exposť features, new QT icon

07/27, 10:00am

Snow Leopard build release

Apple has released build 10A421 of its upcoming Snow Leopard operating system. The latest developer update is almost 745MB, and includes bug fixes and enhancements. Some unannounced changes include a new QuickTime Player icon, and several new desktop pictures. A new version of the Unix kernel has left beta stages, and Darwin is now listed as a final component of the System Profiler.

Next mintpad to use Google's Android OS?

07/27, 9:55am

mintpad 2 may get Android

The second generation of the small multimedia device from mintpass, the mintpad, may use the Android operating system rather than the current model's Windows CE OS, says a Monday Pocketables report. The original device sports a 2.9-inch touchscreen and plastic body, with other planned improvements to the new device including a larger screen, metal body and the additions of WiBro (Korean WiMAX) and GPS.

Averatec reveals thin, full-speed aluminum notebook

07/27, 9:35am

Averatec N3400 Ultra Slim

TriGem today moved its US PCs somewhat upscale by shipping the Averatec N3400. Thanks in part to its aluminum shell, the 13-inch portable is one of the thinnest in its class at between 0.4 and 0.98 inches thick but still uses a regular notebook processor in the form of a 2.16GHz Pentium dual-core. It's also one of the lightest in its category at 3.8 pounds and manages this by bundling a USB-based external DVD burner instead of adding weight to the system's insides.

Spotify prepares to launch iPhone app

07/27, 9:20am

Spotify iPhone app coming

Streaming music service Spotify is preparing to launch an iPhone app, says the BBC. The title is currently waiting for approval from Apple, and permits premium (paid) subscribers to stream Spotify playlists away from a desktop. A notable difference in the mobile client is the ability to temporarily store a playlist, allowing for offline listening.

Ricoh preps GR Digital III semi-pro compact

07/27, 9:10am

Ricoh GR Digital III

Ricoh on Monday improved on its flagship point-and-shoot model and rolled out the GR Digital III. Sharing the same basic body design as the GR Digital II, it still outputs 10-megapixel shots but generates less noise and also shoots up to a much wider aperture of f1.9, producing a more DSLR-like shallow depth of field as well as allowing more light in. It also brings shutter priority to supplement the existing aperture priority mode and has a 3-inch, 920,000-pixel LCD with more than three times the resolution of the camera's predecessor.

Samsung ups iPhone-class CPU to 1GHz

07/27, 8:30am

Samsung 1GHz ARM CPU

Samsung today unveiled a new ARM processor that could show the direction for future smartphones. Nicknamed Hummingbird, the design uses the same Cortex-A8 architecture as the chip in the iPhone 3GS but clocks at 1GHz, significantly higher than the 833MHz of its previous best. The feat is accomplished both by a smaller, more energy-efficient 45 nanometer process as well as partly customized circuits designed to handle the load.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 bows for T-Mobile

07/27, 7:50am

BlackBerry Curve 8520

RIM today formally launched the long-in-development BlackBerry Curve 8520, its first more consciously low-end QWERTY smartphone. The device trims costs compared to the 8900 by using a lower-resolution 320x240 screen and a 2-megapixel camera but also marks a number of firsts in control for BlackBerries: it abandons the trackball for an optical trackpad which is ostensibly both smoother to use but also more durable. It also has dedicated media keys at the top to pause or skip tracks without having to look at the screen.

WD intros first 750GB, 1TB notebook drives

07/27, 7:15am

WD 1TB Notebook Drive

Western Digital today reached a symbolic milestone in notebook storage today by launching two new Scorpio Blue notebook hard drives above the 500GB mark. The new versions reach 750GB and 1TB each by fitting just over 333GB per platter. While the drives are 12.5mm tall and therefore unlikely to fit most notebooks outside of desktop replacement models, the design both points to the future and is deemed particularly useful for external drives, where the extra space is more valuable.


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