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Image leaks show rumored Android-based HTC Click

07/21, 10:50pm

Android HTC Click

Leaked photos allegedly show an unannounced HTC handset, potentially an entry-level Android device, according to the French site PointGPhone. Details are slim, although the device is called the "Click" and appears to lack a keyboard. A directional pad is utilized instead of a trackball, diverging from HTC's previous Android designs, although it carries a button arrangement similar to the MyTouch.

ArchiveConnect offers file archive and storage tools

07/21, 9:30pm

ArchiveConnect software

Group Logic has released ArchiveConnect, a set of tools for file archiving and storage management. The software allows users to identify and access archived content, while enhancing the Mac Finder to avoid mass recalls of archived files when using previews, Quick Look and Cover Flow. The company has designed the utility to eliminate misinterpretations of archived files.

Microsoft confirms Windows 7 family pack

07/21, 8:35pm

Windows 7 family pack

Microsoft on Tuesday confirmed plans to offer a family pack for its upcoming Windows 7 operating system, according to company blogger Brandon LeBlanc. The bundle serves as a better option for homes with several computers. Customers will be provided with three licenses for Windows 7 Home Premium. The company is also ready to offer release to manufacturing (RTM) downloads for developers with MSDN subscriptions.

IPS 4.6 adds InDesign CS4, QXP 8 support

07/21, 7:10pm

IPS 4.6 announced

Managing Editor has released v4.6 of its Integrated Production Suite. The software is used to help manage multiple-website operations, distributing all elements of advertisements and page production. The latest version runs each application in the suite natively on the Intel processor to enhance application performance. V4.6 also supports Adobe InDesign CS4 and QuarkXPress 8.0 for design purposes and Suitcase Fusion 2 for font management.

Apple Q3 call: 'tremendous' iPhone demand

07/21, 7:00pm

iPhone production increase

During a conference call following Apple's third-quarter financial disclosures, several company executives shed more light on iPhone production, Mac sales and iPod shipments. The company is currently working to meet 'tremendous' demand for the iPhone 3GS, which so far has outpaced the initial production capabilities. Out of the 81 nations that the iPhone 3G has reached, the new 3GS has arrived at 18.

iPhone apps: MeetMe., Photo+Map, PDF Expert

07/21, 5:55pm

Hurricane, PixSter

MeetMe. ($2) can be used to find a meeting point between two locations. Users begin by inputting two locations and the software then prepares a list of possible meeting locations between those two points. By default the application looks for locations halfway between the two points but users can choose to look for locations closer to either one. After a location has been selected the address and a map can be sent via email.

Apple Q3 data shows shrinking Mac, iPod revenues

07/21, 5:45pm

Apple Q3 breakdown

In tandem with a public statement, Apple has published a complete table of its Q3 results, which reveal individual details about Apple's revenues. Among these is an 8 percent drop in Mac revenue year-over-year, led by an 18 percent fall in desktop revenue, but compounded by a 2 percent drop in notebooks. Total Mac revenue was $3.329 billion, as compared to $3.610 billion in Q308.

Super Laser Racer game to be released July 24th

07/21, 5:30pm

Super Laser Racer announce

New Star Games has announced Super Laser Racer will be available for purchase on July 24th. The game is an aerial view, combat-racing game inspired by Geometry Wars and Wipe Out. Super Laser Raver includes 12 tracks, four tournaments and 12 race cars -- each of which must be unlocked throughout the game. The game can be played in one of two modes: Eliminator mode or Survivor mode.

DealNN: printers, keyboards, MacBooks and more

07/21, 5:30pm

DealNN: printers, more

Today's featured deals from DealNN include printers, keyboards, MacBooks and more. Most noteworthy is a crazy deal we found on the HP VooDooDNA gaming keyboard. It was priced at $79.99, but a $40 instant rebate drops the price to $39.99, a coupon code slashes an additional 20% off the cost for a final price of $29.99. Get a fully customized gaming experience with the VooDooDNA keyboard, featuring programmable keys, a detachable wrist rest and illuminated characters.

Apple posts 'best non-holiday' quarterly results

07/21, 5:00pm

Official Apple Q3 results

As promised, Apple has published the results of its fiscal third quarter, which ended June 27th. Total GAAP revenue is calculated to have been $8.34 billion, generating a net profit of $1.23 billion, and earnings per share of $1.35. Gross margins are reported at 36.3 percent, up from 34.8 percent a year ago; the figure is also substantially higher than many research estimates.

Modem Mate ships external antenna for 3G USB modems

07/21, 4:40pm

New 3G antenna ships

Modem Mate is launching an external antenna for USB-based 3G modems that lack an antenna connector. The device couples inductively with the internal antenna of most 3G modems. The antenna ships with an adapter that features a fastening strip for attaching/detaching the coupler to a 3G modem. The antenna then clips to the upper portion of the display for the best signal strength.

Dolet 5 supports Sibelius 6 notation features

07/21, 4:40pm

Dolet 5 released

Recordare has released v5 of its Dolet plug-in for the Sibelius music notation program. The plug-in enables MusicXML 2.0 files to be transferred to Finale and other music applications. Dolet 5 supports the plug-in and notation features added to Sibelius 6 including transpositions, octave-transposing clefs, hidden staves on systems, jazz articulations, comments and enhanced chord symbols. The update boasts faster operating speeds and more automated conversions.

AUDIO 2 DJ utilizes low-latency drivers for Mac OS X

07/21, 4:40pm

AUDIO 2 DJ announced

Native Instruments has announced the AUDIO 2 DJ, a compact USB audio interface intended for DJs. The device utilizes the same audio technology as the AUDIO 8 DJ and AUDIO 4 DJ interfaces but is much more compact -- about the size of a deck of cards. The AUDIO 2 DJ uses dual stereo outputs to connect two decks separately into an external DJ mixer or output independent signals when mixing music on a computer. These outputs provide a +9.7dBu audio signal and low-latency drivers for Mac OS X to help ensure tight mixing.

Sprint 4G in Atlanta, Portland and Vegas in August

07/21, 4:35pm

Sprint to add 4G markets

Wireless provider Sprint on Tuesday announced that it will launch its WiMAX mobile broadband service concurrently in Atlanta, GA, Portland, OR and Las Vegas, NV starting in August. Sprint says the new generation network will allow users to access data between three and five times faster than current 3G networks, with peak download speeds faster than 10Mbps, and averages of between 3 and 6Mbps.

Speck upgrades See Thru, See Thru Satin cases

07/21, 4:30pm

Speck ships upgraded cases

Speck has launched updated versions of its See Thru and See Thru Satin cases for MacBooks and MacBook Pros, including 13- and 15-inch sizes. The cases accommodate design changes in the new Pros, while retaining compatibility with the previous generation of unibody notebooks. Case construction involves two translucent hard shells, which snap into place to protect a computer from bumps and scratches.

Toshiba TG01 passes through FCC with CDMA onboard

07/21, 4:25pm

TG01 passes FCC testing

The Toshiba TG01 smartphone, notable for its use of a high-powered 1GHz Snapdragon CPU from Qualcomm, has appeared on the FCC website. Unlike the usual FCC listings, the TG01 tested in this case is a production-ready device with support for CDMA networks and not a prototype, indicating it will very soon launch at either Sprint or Verizon, and perhaps eventually on both wireless providers.

Kaufman supports iPhone pushing gross margins

07/21, 4:05pm

Kaufman Q3 forecast

The Kaufman Bros. research firm says it anticipates strong numbers from Apple's Q3 results, expected at 5PM Eastern. EPS may reach $1.21, and echoing UBS, Kaufman predicts a higher-than-anticipated iPhone contribution that will drive gross margins. The firm does caution that margins will be hurt by low inventory, and customers waiting for new releases.

Point of View outs Ion-powered Mobii netbook

07/21, 4:00pm

Point of View Ion netbook

Holland-based Point of View recently announced it has released its first Mobii netbook using the NVIDIA Ion platform, Mobii ION 230. The Mobii ION 230 sports an LED-backlit 10.2-inch, 1024x600 resolution display and has advanced graphics processing capabilities thanks to the Ion platform. To take full advantage of this, Point of View includes an HDMI output with the netbook. General processing power comes from Intel's 1.6GHz Atom CPU.

Mystical TTC 2.0 adds new filters, HDR tools, preview

07/21, 3:55pm

Mystical TTC 2.0 released

Auto FX has launched Mystical Tint Tone and Color 2.0, a suite of 60 new Photoshop filters for professional photographers. Mystical TTC 2.0 uses dynamic rendering, allowing users to combine filters to achieve the desired image. The latest version also integrates a preview window to assist in fine tuning the filters. The company has added a variety of new effects such as Afternoon Sun, Moon Glow, Color Tone, Soft Sepia and High Key Blast.

BlackBerry update in UAE involved spyware

07/21, 3:50pm

UAE BB update is spyware

Nearly 145,000 BlackBerry users in the United Arab Emirates got a text message from the country's provider, Etisalat, urging them to download an update that promised to boost performance recently. Instead, the update allegedly led to operating system crashes and drastically reduced battery life and could allow unauthorized access to private information stored on users' devices, including e-mails, according to a Tuesday BBC report. RIM, the maker of BlackBerry handsets, made a statement saying it had nothing to do with such an update and it was not authorized, developed or tested by the company.

Xbox dash upgrade set for August 11

07/21, 3:45pm

X360 Dash Update Aug 11

Microsoft today said that its promised Xbox 360 dashboard update should go live for most users on August 11th. The software change primarily centers on Netflix and supports full queue management from the console as well as the party system for watching videos with friends. When it goes live, the patch will also have some full Xbox 360 games available to buy through Games on Demand.

MBS REALbasic plug-ins reach 30,000 functions

07/21, 3:40pm

MBS plug-ins 9.5pr6

Monkeybread is distributing v9.5, prerelease 6 of its REALbasic plug-ins. The update brings the number of functions to 30,000, and the number of classes to 1,500. In general the v9.5 upgrade includes OCR classes for optical text recognition, and the QTFrameExtractorMBS class, which extracts pictures from a QuickTime movie. Also added are asynchronous DNS queries, and CGImageSource/Destination classes used to read and write image data, such as EXIF, IPTC and GPS information.

New Motorola Morrison photo confirms Android

07/21, 3:30pm

Motorola Morrison photo

A new leaked image of the upcoming Motorola Morrison handset reveals the device will be running on the open-source Android OS from Google, as the image shows the device powered up. The source of the leak maintains working prototypes of the new Motorola handset are out there, and T-Mobile logos on the handset corroborate an earlier report regarding the handset.

Apple acknowledges Foxconn worker's suicide

07/21, 3:15pm

iPhone-related suicide

Apple has confirmed the suicide of a Foxconn employee working in China, according to reports. Foxconn is one of Apple's largest manufacturing partners, responsible for assembling both the iPod and the iPhone. The worker, 25-year-old Sun Danyong, had been assigned to shipping iPhone prototypes to Apple.

Samsung intros 1,000W Blu-ray home theater

07/21, 3:10pm

Samsung Blu-ray system

Samsung on Tuesday announced the upcoming release of its newest Blu-ray home theater system, the HT-BD3252. The 5.1-channel system includes wireless rear speakers and an integrated Wi-Fi connection for access to a multimedia library found on users' PCs. Rated at 1,000W of total power, the system sports bio kelp speaker cones and has an automatic sound calibration feature that includes a microphone to tune the speakers for a specific room layout. A range of HD audio formats is supported, including the most recent Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio standards.

802.11n Wi-Fi to be final by September

07/21, 3:00pm

802 11n WiFi Final by Sept

IEEE chairman Bob Heile late Monday signaled that the 802.11n standard for Wi-Fi was likely to be finalized by September. Heading up the 802.15 group for personal area networks, Helie said through e-mail that the faster wireless standard has been sent on to a review committee for approval, which would likely take place at the committee's next meeting in mid-September. The move comes after a "rocky" point of getting appropriate language into the late draft of the 802.11n format.

MacHighway: low-cost alternative to MobileMe hosting

07/21, 2:40pm

MacHighway vs. MobileMe

Denver-based MacHighway is taking on Apple's MobileMe, offering a web hosting package for less than half the $99 price tag for Apple's service. The company provides Mac-specific site hosting and support, designed for use with iWeb, Sandvox and RapidWeaver. MacHighway says most of the other features of MobileMe, such as syncing of Mail, iCal and Address Book, can be accomplished with free work-arounds.

Skype 2.8 enables screen sharing, Skype Access

07/21, 2:40pm

Skype 2.8 released

Skype has posted an official v2.8 release of its self-named Mac client, which allows for conversations via VoIP, video and text. New in the update is screen sharing, which can be used to show a Skype contact an entire desktop, or only a select portion in order to preserve privacy. The receiver in the process must only have a video-capable version of Skype.

Apps: FlashVideo Converter, ProteMac Meter, AirRadar

07/21, 2:25pm

Sandvox, Radium

FlashVideo Converter 3.2 ($100) is a tool for converting Flash SWF and FLV files to video files such as MP4, MOV and MPEG. The software has controls which allow users to adjust the codec parameters and to control the size and quality of the output video. Users can also adjust the resolution, quality, and audio settings of the conversion to their specific needs. The new release includes an updated capture engine, a new watermark, and a lossless video render feature. [Download - 16.8MB]

Dell cuts Adamo price to match MacBook Air

07/21, 2:15pm

Dell Cuts Adamo Price

Dell has quietly slashed the price on its Adamo ultraportable to match Apple's recent MacBook Air updates. The base model with a 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB of RAM and a 128GB solid-state drive now costs the same $1,499 as the entry 1.86GHz MacBook Air. The higher-end model has dropped to $2,299 but is still more expensive than its $1,799 Mac counterpart. It still has its 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo and 128GB SSD but comes with 4GB of RAM and built-in 3G in return.

Klipsch rolls Image S4i earbuds with mic

07/21, 1:50pm

Klipsch Image S4i

Klipsch at mid-day on Tuesday branched out into fully iPhone-aware headphones through the Image S4i. The pair adds an in-line remote and mic to the regular Image S4 and gives iPhone and iPod touch owners the option of calling or recording audio. Klipsch's remote is also Apple-sanctioned and supports all the functions of current iPods, including the third-generation iPod shuffle. In an attempt to improve on Apple's formula, the S4i's remote and mic are at a more natural position at the Y split in the earbud cord and have 360-degree reception with anti-echo processing to let users talk freely.

Android smartphone due at Cellular South in 2009

07/21, 1:25pm

Android at Cellular South

Wireless provider Cellular South on Tuesday announced it will offer an as-yet unnamed Android handset in its lineup sometime this year. The carrier is short on details but justifies the move by arguing that the open-source operating system is seen to be growing by industry experts. Cellular South plans special treatment for the device and expects to give customers help online and in shops.

UK retailer slips specs on new XPERIA phone

07/21, 1:00pm

XPERIA X3 exposed?

UK vendor eXpansys has reportedly leaked information on upcoming Sony Ericsson phone, the first from the company to run Google's Android operating system. Previously known only under the codename Rachael, the official name is alleged to be the XPERIA X3, marking a radical departure from the Windows Mobile-based X1 and X2. eXpansys specifications suggest quad-band GSM, with dual-band HSPA capable of downloads up to 10Mbps. In practicality, most HSPA networks are limited to 3.6 or 7.2Mbps.

Former Apple VP joins Microsoft retail efforts

07/21, 12:15pm

Ex-Apple VP with MS retail

A former Apple executive is now playing a crucial role in Microsoft's fledgling retail efforts, reports say. George Blankenship is presently serving as a consultant to Microsoft, though the company has declined to say what help it is seeking. While at Apple, Blankenship served as the vice president of real estate.

Intel intros 34nm SSDs, vows 60% price drop

07/21, 12:05pm

Intel 34nm SSDs

Intel today promised a minor upheaval in solid-state drives by launching the first-ever solid-state drives built on a 34 nanometer process. An improved version of the X25-M uses the higher density to provide better performance than the older, 50nm version without having to increase the price. Latency in processing tasks is down by a quarter to about 65 microseconds, while data handling itself is faster at as much as 6,600 transactions per second when writing and 35,000 when reading.

Cricket adds TXTM8 handset to lineup

07/21, 11:20am

Cricket adds TXTM8 phone

Cricket on Tuesday announced it is now offering a new handset, the TXTM8. Like some other Cricket devices, the TXTM8 sports a QWERTY keyboard hidden behind the horizontally sliding front face that features a 2.2-inch display. The tri-band device can also connect to the Internet, can sync e-mail addresses and access social networks. The Cricket MyHomeScreen gives users quick access to news and weather information.

CLEAR reaches Vegas with Mondi, Mac support

07/21, 11:05am

CLEAR Vegas and Sam Mondi

Clearwire had a two-pronged launch on Tuesday with news both of its CLEAR WiMAX service reaching Las Vegas as well as the availability of the Samsung Mondi for its network and othe device news. The 4G-level service debuts on the 21st and will give the desert city typical download speeds between 3Mbps and 6Mbps, rendering it suited to video streaming and other broadband tasks on the road. Plans start at $20 for fixed service at home or $30 for mobile use anywhere in CLEAR's coverage areas. The company also has a $45 fixed-and-mobile plan for those who need two connections as well as a $10 day pass for visitors.

UBS: iPhone 3GS should drive Q3 results

07/21, 11:00am

UBS on Apple Q3 forecast

Apple's Q3 2009 results, set to be announced later today, should in large part be carried by the launch of the iPhone 3GS, says UBS analyst Maynard Um. While other analysts have focused on Mac sales, Um notes that AT&T is believed to have activated 2.5 million iPhones during Q3. Total iPhone shipments may therefore be closer to 6 million, beating out many other forecasts.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 due at T-Mobile on August 5th

07/21, 10:25am

T-Mobile Curve 8520 dated

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone got a release date at wireless provider T-Mobile on Monday thanks to a leaked promotional image. The brochure page indicated the device will launch at T-Mobile retail locations and other stores on August 5th, when it will replace the current Curve 8320. This includes Walmart, direct sales to T-Mobile or BlackBerry employees as well as customers who are eligible for upgrades.

Intel Core i5 desktop CPUs due Sept. 6?

07/21, 10:15am

Intel Core i5 i3 Sept 6

Intel's first truly mainstream, desktop processors based on its Nehalem architecture should be ready in less than two months, a leaked roadmap shows. The first three processors tipped earlier are now reportedly due to arrive on September 6th and, as promised, should be headlined by the quad-core 2.66GHz Core i5 750, 2.8GHz Core i7 860, and 2.93GHz Core i7 870. New, however is word that the i5 part won't support Hyperthreading but that all three will overclock substantially in Turbo Boost mode, reaching as high as 3.2GHz, 3.46GHz and 3.6GHz each when one or more cores can be shut down.

Apple plans Brighton store opening for Saturday

07/21, 10:00am

Churchill Square store

The first Apple Store to launch in Brighton, England will throw open its doors on July 25th at 10AM, Apple has announced. The shop is located within the Upper Mall at Churchill Square, and has been a long time in coming, as the first job openings are said to have been advertised two years ago. Store hours are set from 9AM to 6PM between Monday and Wednesday, 9AM to 8PM on Thursday, and 9AM to 7PM on Friday and Saturday. Sunday hours are 11AM to 5PM.

Adobe adds to open-source Flash components

07/21, 9:25am

More Flash open-source

Two core Flash technologies have entered the open-source realm, according to an Adobe announcement. The first of these is Strobe, now known as the Open Source Media Framework. Developers can use the technology to build media players around Flash, adding extra features as wanted or needed. The second is the Text Layout Framework, which allows for special typography functions in web applications.

Sonic prepares to offer 3D movie download service

07/21, 9:05am

Sonic to bring 3D movies

Sonic on Tuesday announced that it is working on developing a way to bring 3D movies to users' homes via its Roxio CinemaNow movie delivery service. To make this possible, Sonic has partnered up with other companies, including graphics processor maker NVIDIA. Roxio CinemaNow's 3D content will be optimized for NVIDIA's GeForce graphics chipsets, and the Roxio CinemaNow player will support both GeForce 3D Vision and matching 3D-capable displays. This includes the Samsung 2233RZ and ViewSonic FuHzion VX2265wm, both of which are already available.

Samsung makes 2 gigabit, 40nm DDR3 RAM

07/21, 8:50am

Samsung Makes 2gbit DDR3

Samsung on Tuesday said it had become the first company to mass produce 2 gigabit (256MB) DDR3 memory chips using a 40 nanometer manufacturing process. The smaller, higher-density technology lets the company produce significantly denser memory without raising power consumption or the cost: it will allow up to 16GB RAM sticks for servers and 4GB for notebooks, but should draw 1.35V and should let Samsung produce about 60 percent more memory at a given time than on its 50nm process, eventually lowering the price.

iPod touch to gain video recording?

07/21, 8:00am

iPod touch w Cam and Mic

The heavily rumored iPod touch with camera is not only being manufactured but should gain a microphone that might enable video, according to a rumor late this past evening. A purportedly "well-connected" insider says that media players with both media capture features are already being made in China and that they should ship within two to three months, keeping in step with Apple's recent practice of launching new iPods in September. Capacities and prices aren't part of the Wired leak.

Recorder 10 adds phone call recording for iPhone

07/21, 12:15am

Recorder 10 update

Retronyms has launched an update to its recording app for the iPhone and iPod touch, Recorder 10. The program allows users to record everything from memos, to discussions and interviews, and can be used as both a voice and sound recorder. The update adds the ability to record phone calls made through the iPhone, or through the iPod touch second-generation with an external microphone. Everything recorded with the app can also be synced or e-mailed to other users.


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