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Amazon deletes Kindle books, vows never again

07/17, 8:30pm

Amazon Dels Kindle Books

Amazon found itself in controversy on Friday when it deleted Kindle books on accounts based on the demands of publishers, according to an update from David Pogue. The New York Times journalist says that "hundreds" of users, who had ironically purchased Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm, noticed the removal this morning after the publisher MobileReference decided to back out of offering digital versions of the books and pressured Amazon into removing the titles. While MobileReference hasn't commented on the deletion, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has said the editions themselves were unofficial versions of work it has rights to publish itself and couldn't legally stay on the store.

Review: Nikon D5000

07/17, 5:25pm

Nikon D5000 Review

The hierarchy at Nikon is hoping that it can catch lightning in a bottle with the D5000 introduced in the spring of this year. A 12.3 megapixel offering, it effectively becomes the bridge camera between the simpler compacts in the sub-$400 range and prosumer rigs in the above-$1,000 price point -- and also the least expensive DSLR to produce HD video at the same time. However, is it priced right or left wanting? We investigate in our full review of one of the more fiercely competitive cameras on the market.

Retro third-person game BOH ported to Mac

07/17, 4:30pm

BOH ported to Mac

Editel has ported BOH, a retro-style game, to the Mac, in which players navigate claustrophobic battlefields with minimal vision. Players must defeat Evil Masters and numerous enemies from a third-person view. BOH consists of 30 missions, some of which include multiple phases and can be played on one of five difficulty levels. As the game progresses more bonuses and power-ups become available and can be found throughout the game.

MSI bookends C-series with CX700 and CR700 notebooks

07/17, 4:20pm

MSI CX700, CR700 notebooks

Taiwan's MSI on Friday announced the last pair of notebook PCs that make up its newly-formed Classic series, with the 17.3-inch CX700 and CR700. These join the recently-introduced 16-inch CX600 and CR600 duo, which, in turn, followed the debut of the 14-inch CR400. While exterior styling is shared by all five notebooks, the CX700 and CR700 are meant for multimedia enthusiasts, with both sharing 2.1-channel speaker systems, an HDMI output and the same LED-backlit, 1600x900 resolution display.

iPhone apps: Vocalia, WDW Notescast, Waterslide

07/17, 4:15pm

Priceless Picks, Alarm

Vocalia ($8) is a speech recognition tool for the iPhone that can recognize English, French, and German. It allows users to simply speak a contacts name and it will then browse through the users contact list and find the name closest to the one spoken. The 2.0 release has expanded the voice command options and now allows users to search through their music library by speaking an artists name. The update has also added the ability to open Safari bookmarks though a voice command.

Peek dropping prices to grow sales

07/17, 4:10pm

Peek dropping prices

In light of handset makers and wireless providers entering its space in the market, Peek is forced to lower prices of its portable e-mail fetching devices in order to turn a profit and grow its sales. According to a Friday WSJ report (sub required), Peek is not planning on releasing devices with voice capabilities, despite smartphone prices dropping rapidly and taking away from the company's target market.

Synology offers Time machine support, iPhone coming

07/17, 4:05pm

Synology Disk Station 2.2

Synology America has released the beta version of Disk Station Manager 2.2. The firmware is used in unison with its storage server hardware to manage and access NAS servers over the network and the Internet. The latest version adds support of iSCSI and SNLA devices. The update also includes support for Apple's Time Machine backups, providing the ability to backup desktop data to their Disk Stations. The beta includes a built-in firewall function that users can decide which service or IP address will be allowed to access Disk Station. The firewall also blocks uninvited connections.

Mac Data Recovery 4.0 provides FAT volume support

07/17, 4:00pm

Mac Data Recovery 4.0

Stellar has released v4.0 of its Macintosh Data Recovery application. The software is used to recover deleted, corrupt and lost data and Mac volumes. The latest version enhances the speed of scanning and can now search FAT volumes. Version 4.0 also supports more file formats including NSF, PMD, and plist files. The application features an enhanced user interface that utilizes a new Find option and a Save-scan process.

Official photos of Philips Xenium X830 surface

07/17, 4:00pm

Philips Xenium X830 photos

Specs and photos for an upcoming handset from Philips, the Xenium X830, have surfaced on Friday, revealing a handsome, if entry-level device. It will support quad-band GSM voice networks and GPRS and EDGE data connections, but the phone's headline-grabbing feature is its battery's 1.5 months of standby time and 10 hours of talk time. A 3-inch, 320x240 color touchscreen acts as the interface, and there is a decent 5-megapixel camera with autofocus integrated into the device.

Telus HTC Touch Pro2 gets a 3.5mm headset jack

07/17, 3:00pm

Telus Pro2 gets audio jack

With the near launch of the HTC Touch Pro2 by Canadian wireless provider Telus, an earlier report of the handset manufacturer switching to 3.5mm audio jacks on its phones has been confirmed to be taking place early. The Canadian provider's version of the Touch Pro2 will be the first of a series of HTC phones making the switch, though Telus doesn't highlight this fact on its page for the handset. HTC ships the device with a 3.5mm headset with earbuds as well.

Verizon picks up PC770 hybrid 3G modem

07/17, 2:40pm

Novatel PC770 at Verizon

Verizon this afternoon added a rare two-in-one modem to its 3G adapters. Novatel's PC770 has a nested design that can either work as an ExpressCard/34 adapter for some modern notebooks or, with an adapter, fits into older systems with PC Card slots. It supports up to EVDO Revision A speeds and uses technology from Novatel that reportedly helps maintain speed during simultaneous two-way traffic.

LG slips early details of first Android phone

07/17, 2:15pm

LG Android Phone Leak

LG has inadvertently provided early clues of its Android plans by posting a web user string for the phone on its own website. Known as the GW620, it should have a 480x320 display, 3G including HSPA and Wi-Fi. Mention is also made of a QWERTY keyboard, though it's unknown whether this means a hardware keyboard or else just the on-screen version already found in Android.

Apps: KeyBag, CoverScout, GraphicDesignToolbox

07/17, 2:00pm

PhotoStyler, iTunesMenu

KeyBag 1.7 ($50) is designed to record every keystroke entered. The program can keep track of opened applications, conversations, and any keys pressed in the applications. Version 1.7 features a new database engine which should improve the softwares overall stability and security. Several small bugs have also been fixed in this release. [Download - 26.5MB]

Millenniata discs to keep data 1,000 years

07/17, 1:30pm

Millenniata disc archiving

A Springville, IL tech company is hoping to make data loss on backed up DVDs a thing of the past, with its invention, dubbed the Millenial Disk. On September 1st, Millenniata promises to release an archival optical disc that is nearly identical to a run-of-the-mill DVD that is capable of holding corrupt-free data for 1,000 years, when stored at room temperature compared to modern DVDs being reliable for less than 10 years. The key to this longevity is the use of hard, persistent materials in the layers of the disc, the details of which are considered secret.

Apple schedules third-quarter FY09 investor call

07/17, 1:15pm

Apple Q3 FY09 call

Apple is set to disclose its third-quarter FY09 financial information on Tuesday, July 21st. A conference call will be streamed live at 8:00 p.m. EDT on the company's website, while the recording will be available through the following two weeks.

PSP Go now available for pre-order

07/17, 1:00pm

PSP Go pre-orders now up

Amazon is now letting buyers pre-order the PSP Go portable gaming system well ahead of its official October 1st ship date. As promised, the system will cost $250 in white, with a black version costing $1 less, or $249. The Go will be sold alongside the current PSP system, which retails for about $170. Unlike the traditional PSP, there is no UMD drive in the PSP Go, as the device instead relies on content downloaded to its 16GB of internal flash memory or to Memory Stick Micro cards.

Verizon limits phone exclusivity deals

07/17, 12:35pm

Verizon Limits Exclusivity

Verizon on Friday told US federal officials that it would voluntarily limit the duration of its exclusivity deals for phones to six months, albeit with limits. The terms will let any carrier with 500,000 or fewer subscribers pick up a phone regardless of the manufacturer. The carrier argues that it can't drop exclusivity altogether as this gives it a competitive edge and spurs on the phone manufacturers themselves.

Apple updates iMovie to version 8.0.4

07/17, 12:05pm

iMovie 8.0.4 update

Apple today released the latest update for its iMovie software, which is said to improve overall stability and fix several small issues. iMovie 8.0.4 has fixed a problem related to video rotation that appeared while working with files create on an iPhone 3GS and an instability problem that could occur when adding multiple beat markers in some languages. An issue that could cause the software to become unresponsive after using fine-tuning controls past stabilized portions of a clip has also been fixed.

Bizarre suit accuses Apple of Mafia ties, bugged iPod

07/17, 12:00pm

Bizarre Apple lawsuit

A bizarre lawsuit filed by Gregory McKenna in a U.S. District Court in Missouri accuses Apple, the St. Louis Police Department, the FBI, and an auto mechanic, of conspiring to stalk, extort and torture the plaintiff. McKenna, representing himself, explains the conspiracy and Italian Mafia connections throughout a 124-page document.

Alienware launches Nebula Red M17x

07/17, 11:55am

Alienware M17x Nebula Red

Alienware late last night quietly added a new, special version of its M17x gaming notebook. The Nebula Red version switches to a bright, anodized red aluminum for the outer shell, including the bottom and sides. The backlit keyboard should also come with red illumination, although as with regular models the keys can be changed in software to one of many colors in the visible spectrum.

Axiotron debuts the Nomad Storyboard System

07/17, 11:30am

Nomad Storyboard System

Axiotron, in collaboration with Toon Boom, has announced the Nomad Storyboard System, a new hardware and software bundle that combines the Axiotron Modbook tablet with Toon Boom's Storyboard Pro application. The Nomad Storyboard System provides storyboard developers with a portable tablet that runs Mac OS X and supports stylus input. The system, built from a modified MacBook, is powered by a 2.13GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics components, with 2GB of ram and a 160GB hard drive that can be upgraded to a maximum of 500GB.

Android 2.0 may ship by end of summer

07/17, 11:25am

Android 2 End of Summer

Android 2.0 may be ready before summer's end if a developer's clues reflect Google's intentions. In an interview with AndroidGuys, a representative of The Weather Channel says its next app release for Android will be based on 2.0 when it ships in that window. As apps written for the new software won't work on older operating systems, the statement suggests the new mobile OS will be ready by that point.

Nokia E72 NAM passes FCC

07/17, 11:00am

Nokia E72 passes FCC tests

Nokia's replacement for its E71 business phone, the E72, has now passed FCC testing in North America Model (NAM) trim, indicating it will likely soon come to North American wireless providers with native 3G. Compared to the E71, the E72 is near identical in terms of dimensions, though the former's directional pad is replaced with an optical trackpad. It receives a new e-mail client from the E75 with a number of improvements as well as new instant messaging support.

TriGem launches 22-inch all-in-one for US

07/17, 10:40am

Averatec D1005 AIO PC

TriGem added a fourth all-in-one to its US lineup today through the Averatec D1005. The first mid-sized system of the kind from the company has a 22-inch, 1680x1050 display and, in contrast to the two smaller models, uses fuller desktop-class parts. A 2.5GHz Pentium dual-core, 3GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive and a DVD burner render it a complete system. It likewise has 802.11n Wi-Fi and a 2-megapixel webcam to keep the number of cables to a minimum.

Nokia N86 8MP coming to US

07/17, 10:15am

Nokia N86 8MP for US

Nokia today said that it would add the N86 8MP to its US roster of phones. The device should be the same as the European model with an absence of local 3G but support for both GSM and EDGE data. As with the original version, the slider pins its hopes on an 8-megapixel camera that overcomes weaknesses of most cameraphones with a mechanical shutter, variable aperture and dedicated controls.

LG to release 32-inch OLED HDTVs by 2012

07/17, 10:00am

LG 32-inch OLED TV by 2012

LG Display's CEO on Friday said his company plans to build 32-inch organic light emitting diode (OLED) television panels in 2012. Products using the technology are becoming more common, as OLED products do not require a backlight, which means they can be much thinner than conventional LCD or plasma displays, while offering improved brightness and deeper black levels.

Intel to detail Nehalem mobile in September?

07/17, 9:50am

Intel Calpella at IDF Sept

Intel's Developer Forum in late September should mark the formal debut for its Calpella notebook platform and should serve as an opportunity to showcase its upcoming ultra-mobile technology as well, a leak indicated today. As part of an updated product roadmap, the semiconductor firm should provide detailed specs of Calpella and, presumably, the mobile Core i5 and i7 processors it will use. The overall platform is believed to ship in the fall.

Firefox 3.5.1 fixes JS security issue, other bugs

07/17, 9:25am

Forefox security update

Mozilla has released an update to its browser, Firefox 3.5.1, which addresses a JavaScript security issue disclosed earlier in the week. The vulnerability could have been used by an attacker to execute malicious code. The latest version also corrects a number of other bugs for improved performance and stability, while the Windows version is said to shorten load time on certain systems.

Olympus shows rugged cam with art filters

07/17, 9:00am

Olympus mju TOUGH-6010

Olympus chose Friday to introduce a new generation of its hardened TOUGH-series compact cameras. The mju TOUGH-6010 (to be called the Stylus TOUGH-6010 in the US) is superficially a standard 12-megapixel camera with 3.6X zoom but is waterproof to a depth of 9.8 feet, withstands drops up to 4.9 feet and will avoid freezing at temperatures as low as 14F. Magic Filters are new to the 6010 and, like the Art Filters on the E-P1 and full DSLRs, can either simulate real effects like a pinhole camera's or else strictly artistic visuals like an Andy Warhol-style Pop Art filter.

J.P. Morgan increases price target for Apple stock

07/17, 8:45am

JP Morgan ups AAPL targets

J.P. Morgan Securities has increased its target price and earnings forecast for Apple stock. Analyst Mark Moskowitz expects AAPL to continue rising up to $167.50 per share. The company is expected to show strong performance with sales in the business segment, while Moskowitz also increased his estimates for Mac sales from 2.13 million units to 2.5 million units.

Collins claims new Mini DisplayPort LCDs, tuner

07/17, 8:25am

CinemaView 24 and 47

Collins America today revamped its yet-to-be-released CinemaView displays built for newer Macs with Mini DisplayPort connectors as well as a TV add-on. The new display line is overall larger and will start with the 24-inch model; as before, the CinemaView 24 will bear similarity to Apple's LED Cinema Display but produce a 1080p resolution. The new screen moves from three to four USB ports and now has a 2ms pixel response time and a 1,000:1 static contrast ratio. Its pricing hasn't changed at $499, but its launch has been moved back two months to October.

Blockbuster to sell custom Archos 10 netbook

07/17, 7:40am

Blockbuster Archos 10

Blockbuster on Friday unveiled an unusual deal that will see it carry the Archos 10 netbook in its store. The 10-inch portable is billed as a means of accessing Blockbuster's download and rental services on the road and will have a shortcut to the movie store's website. Its version of the system will also be less expensive than normally offered in the US, dropping down to $300.

Workamajig update revamps CRM module, adds links

07/17, 12:45am


Workamajig has released an update to its job tracking and project management software, Workamajig Developed for the creative design industry, the web-based program streamlines ad agencies and creative firms, while providing tools for creating projects, schedules, and storing and managing digital assets. The latest update delivers a revamped Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, along with improvements for the Mac OS X 10.5.7, and new links to the Strata media buying software.


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