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Thurly plug-in shortens URLs, posts to Twitter

07/16, 11:45pm

Thurly plug-in released

Elixir has released a plug-in for the Apple Safari Internet browser, Thurly. The plug-in is used to shorten URLs and post them on Twitter from within Safari. Using a keyboard shortcut, Thurly automatically shortens the URL of the webpage currently open. Thurly can post the URL directly to the users Twitter account using another keyboard shortcut or by clicking the Tweet button added to the browser window.

Comcast iPhone app shares contacts, voicemail, more

07/16, 11:40pm

Comcast mobile app ships

Comcast Cable Communications has released an application enabling users to access their Comcast services such as Digital Voice, Digital Cable, and high-speed Internet from their iPhone or iPod touch. Users can sync their iPhone contacts with their Comcast Universal Address Book and utilize Digital Voice features to view who has called their home, listen to voice mail messages or forward calls from home to the iPhone. The application also includes SmartZone inbox features including a combined email and voice mail inbox, sorting and searching features, and voice mail forwarding.

Boxee 0.9.14 includes geo-based app filtering

07/16, 11:10pm

Boxee 0.9.14 released

Boxee, the self-proclaimed social media centre application, has been updated to version 0.9.14. The update includes Geo-based app filtering that enables developers to specify which countries their application is accessible. Boxee 0.9.14 additionally allows developers to mark their applications and RSS feeds as "adult" which will assist users in filtering unwanted content. Below the browsing menu there is now an option to view unresolved videos Boxee has found on the users home network. The unresolved videos can then be categorized using the "recognize" feature.

World of Warcraft Mobile Armory iPhone app released

07/16, 11:05pm

WoW Mobile Armory app

Blizzard has released the first official World of Warcraft iPhone application, titled World of Warcraft Mobile Armory. Similar to the WoW Armory website, the app enables user to keep track of their characters, plan adventures, and follow the activities of their guild. Users can view all character data including statistics, equipment, and achievements. Guild statistics are also accessible, as well as a users in-game calendar, and the leader board. The included talent calculator assists in the selection of specs for characters.

Bose launches SoundLink wireless PC speaker

07/16, 11:00pm

Bose SoundLink

Bose this evening launched one of its first dedicated network streaming devices, known as the SoundLink. Intending it to be simpler than wholly independent systems like a Sonos unit or even networking devices like the AirPort Express, Bose's solution involves only a single-piece stereo speaker and a USB-based wireless adapter. Plugging the stick into any computer automatically routes the computer's sound to the SoundLink without needing specific drivers or other software.

Xbox update brings Netflix browser, games on demand

07/16, 10:45pm

Xbox 360 July Update

Microsoft today updated the Xbox 360 to add several of the updates mentioned at E3. The console's Netflix player now includes a browser to let users pick and manage their Netflix queue, saving the trouble of using a computer's web browser. Those viewers with Gold accounts also get the often delayed party system for movies that lets them watch titles in Netflix with others at the same, including with live chat.

Apple's WWDC iPhone, Mac sessions now for sale

07/16, 10:40pm

WWDC session recordings

Apple has made recordings of iPhone and Mac development sessions from the WWDC available for its Apple Developer Connection programs, including the free ADC Online and Registered iPhone developers. In previous years Apple has fallen behind in making the sessions available on iTunes after the event. The company has switched gears, making the entire WWDC catalog of session available within a little more than a month -- the fastest Apple has ever managed to do. Some developers believe the real value of the sessions does not come from the lecture, but rather from the question and answer session that ensues.

ProteMac KeyBag 1.7 utilizes new database engine

07/16, 7:00pm

KeyBag 1.7 released

ProteMac has released KeyBag 1.7, a keystroke monitor and recorder that runs hidden in the background. The latest version features a new database engine, while fixing several bugs found in the previous release. The application records every keystroke entered into the computer, enabling users to view a keystroke log showing activities of every person to use the system. The new version additionally records chat conversations for the most recent versions of iChat, Adium, Proteus, Skype, Yahoo and MSN.

Gartner Q2 results indicate Apple consistency

07/16, 6:40pm

Gartner preliminary report

Worldwide PC shipments have declined by five percent in the second quarter of the year, according to preliminary data gathered by the research firm Gartner. The market did perform better than the previous forecast of a 9.8-percent decline, however. The research company also believes re-stocking has slowed, after playing a major role in shipment growth for the first quarter. According to the results, Apple was able to maintain its fourth-place ranking in U.S. shipments, with an 8.7-percent market share, while growing 2.5-percent compared to the second quarter of last year. Apple's market share also showed a significant increase from last quarter.

Voice control app supports all iPhones, iPod touches

07/16, 6:30pm

Vocalia 2.0 iPhone app

Creacreed has released v2.0 of its iPhone application, Vocalia. The software enables users to control their iPhone using voice recognition software. The new version provides speech recognition capabilities for the second generation iPod touch, enabling new features such as iTunes music control, and opening bookmarks in Safari. Version 2.0 also features help messages that list possible commands that can be used and utilizes enhanced proximity sensing abilities to recognize speech in noisy environments.

Amazon to replace broken Kindles free of charge

07/16, 5:20pm

Kindle replacements free

To avoid ruining its relatively good reputation, or perhaps to shake off legal action, Amazon on Thursday said it would replace its Kindle 2 e-book readers with cracked screens free of charge, instead of asking $200 for a replacement. Just yesterday it was reported the $5 million class action lawsuit was filed in Seattle against Amazon because an official screen protector that mounts onto the Kindle 2 damages the device over time, leading to a cracked body and screen, making the device unusable.

SyncMate 2.0 capable of syncing with other Macs

07/16, 4:55pm

SyncMate 2.0 released

Eltima has released SyncMate 2.0, used to synchronize data between Macs, Windows Mobile devices and other smartphones. The new version enables sync with Google, remote servers, other Macs and Nokia Series 40 phones. Version 2.0 also includes new plug-in features, such as ones for iTunes videos and Stickies. A new interface attempts to simplify navigation, and several bugs from the previous version have been fixed.

Verizon pushes Slacker radio to BlackBerry Storms

07/16, 4:50pm

Verizon pushing Slacker

Verizon announced on Thursday that it will soon update its subscribers' BlackBerry Storm handsets with the Slacker Radio application. The over-the-air push update will happen during the next few days, and give Storm users access to Slacker's free, limited-control service. When users hear a song they like, they can purchase it without disrupting their listening session, provided the track exists in Verizon's V CAST Music service.

More specs, photos leaked of LG touch Chocolate

07/16, 4:45pm

Photos of LG Chocolate

Some information and unofficial photos of the LG Chocolate BL40 handset were unveiled via a German blog recently, which coincides with the earlier reports. The news corroborates stories that the Black Label series device will sport a 21:9 cinema format display with an 800x345 resolution on its 4-inch display. Navigation will be done via LG's S-Class user interface.

Belkin cancels FlyWire wireless HDMI system

07/16, 4:15pm

Belkin cancels FlyWire

After delaying its FlyWire wireless HDMI system, Belkin has now announced it will no longer bring the device to market. According to a company representative, the FlyWire's demise is due to its high $1,499 price tag in the current economy. The FlyWire allowed users to send and receive audio and video sources that included HDMI and analog sources. A small receiver can be hidden behind a wall-mounted TV, for example, eliminating the need for any wires.

Salling Media Sync 1.1 adds Pre capabilities

07/16, 4:10pm

Salling Media Sync 1.1

Salling has released a v1.1 update for Salling Media Sync, its Mac phone utility. The software syncs music, podcasts and playlists with normally unsupported devices, from makers such as Nokia, HTC and Sony Ericsson. New in v1.1 is support for the Palm Pre, which may be crucial for some owners due to the breaking of native sync functions in iTunes 8.2.1.

Sony Ericsson's phone shipments fall 43%

07/16, 3:55pm

Sony Ericsson Q2 2009

Sony Ericsson warned of worsening trouble at the company as it recorded a steep drop in the number of phones shipped this quarter as well as in its financial well being. The company shipped just 13.8 million phones this quarter, dropping 43 percent compared to one year earlier; the number was also a 5 percent shrink from already weak performance in the winter. Accordingly, the company swung from a roughly $8.5 million profit in spring 2008 to a $300.5 million loss in 2009.

Multiple US iPhone carriers may kill AT&T growth

07/16, 3:40pm

Pali on iPhone, ATT future

Growth could come to a crawl at AT&T if the company loses its exclusive iPhone deal, argues Pali Research. The deal is nominally set to expire in 2010, after which the US may finally join other countries in supporting competing iPhone networks. The most likely candidate for a second iPhone carrier is thought to be Verizon, which has reportedly been in talks with Apple, and may be the only alternative in providing blanket coverage across the US.

Google considering Chrome OS for cellphones?

07/16, 3:20pm

Chrome OS for cellphones?

Google may be considering bringing a version of its upcoming, web-based Chrome OS or another variant of a web-based platform to cellphones, if a speech by the company's VP of engineering, Vic Gundotra, is any indication. Gundotra, speaking at the Mobilebeat 2009 Conference on July 16th, said web applications will be closely linked to successful cellphone operating systems.

Analyst: Microsoft "misjudged" iPhone, Google

07/16, 3:10pm

Analyst Says Sell MS Stock

In a rare move, Argus Research analyst Jackson Turner today reversed his recommendations and urged investors to sell Microsoft stock. He cautions that the market has "shrugged off" real threats to its operating system business and that neither investors nor Microsoft have fully realized that the iPhone, as well as Google platforms like Android and Chrome OS, are shrinking Microsoft's influence. Some effects may not be felt until later in 2010, when Chrome OS is released, but Microsoft now faces a slow "ebbing tide" over the next few years as it loses share.

iPhone apps: Dopplr, iBank Mobile, Apimac Idea

07/16, 3:05pm

Presenter Pro, Police Scan

Dopplr (free) can locate a user and then recommend nearby places to eat, stay, or explore. The application comes with a built-in database of recommendations which cover 250 cites around the world. Users can also add their own locations to the database and access recommendations from other Dopplr users.

Google implements location web search on iPhones

07/16, 2:40pm

Google location search

Google has introduced location-based searches to the iPhone version of its website. The option is currently only available in the US and the UK, but lets users prioritize results by proximity, instead of just popularity. Common to the desktop website, the feature was previously disabled on iPhones for reasons including privacy.

Busted Loop offers free access to raw App Store data

07/16, 2:25pm

Free raw App Store data

[MobileBeat] Busted Loop on Thursday launched a new initiative, Raw Appstore Data (RAD), that will allow free access to a variety of data compiled from Apple's App Store. The content includes names and ranks for over 60,000 apps, along with pricing information and release dates. The company gathers separate data for each of the 77 App Store markets.

Dell slips redesigned Inspiron 13

07/16, 2:20pm

Dell Inspiron 13 Early

Dell today signaled that further revamps of its Inspiron notebooks were coming through the low-key Singapore launch of a new Inspiron 13. Borrowing design cues from the just-launched Inspiron 17, it also has a rounded design and a 16:9, LED-backlit display but a more modest 1366x768 picture. Besides the switch to a wider ratio, though, it also strips out the optical drive and drops nearly a full pound to reach 4lb. in standard trim.

EVGA intros InterView dual LCD display

07/16, 1:45pm

EVGA InterView LCD display

Motherboard and graphics card maker EVGA on Thursday announced the upcoming release of its first LCD display, the InterView 1770, which mates two 17-inch LCD panels onto a single stand. Either can be rotated 180 degrees, so the displays face in different directions. Each sports a 1440x900 resolution and can also fold together like a clamshell for stowing away. The spine stand houses a 1.3-megapixel camera, and there are three USB ports in its base. Each monitor has its own keyboard and mouse connections, though each controls what's on both screens.

Apps: MacVide 3gp Converter, SongGenie, DutyWatch

07/16, 1:25pm

Watchmac, Calories

MacVide 3gp Converter 2.7 ($20) allows the conversion of most popular video files to 3gp mobile video. The software also allows users to customize different options including the bit rate, frame rate, resolution, and cropping. Version 2.7 has added several new watermarks that can be overlaid on top of videos along with a series of bug fixes. [Download - 10.5MB]

Symbian reveals Horizon developer program

07/16, 1:00pm

Symbian developer program

Symbian Foundation, the originator of the Symbian OS, has announced a new developer program meant to foster the popularity of Symbian apps. Called Horizon, it is slated to aid in the distribution and marketing of titles, as well as limited troubleshooting in terms of production. Companies should also have access to language translation services, making it more practical to sell an app across several markets.

Blu-ray, downloaded movie sales spike

07/16, 12:45pm

Blu-ray Sales Climb 91pc

The Digital Entertainment Group today trumpeted a surge in newer video formats for the first half of the year. Although spending as a whole between January and June dropped 3.9 percent versus the early part of 2008, the industry agency says the amount of money spent buying Blu-ray movies jumped 91 percent to $407 million. Direct-download movies also helped offset problems with DVDs and climbed 21 percent to $968 million.

KONTAKT 3.5 extends performance ceiling

07/16, 12:20pm

KONTAKT 3.5 update

Native Instruments has released v3.5 of KONTAKT, its dedicated sampling software. Aside from supplying samples, the software performs functions such as looping and tempo sync. The new version concentrates on performance, for instance introducing multi-core and mulit-processor support, making better use of Intel Macs.

Nikon to fix D5000 startup issue for free

07/16, 12:05pm

Free fix for Nikon D5000

Nikon on Thursday announced it would fix for free a power-up problem with its recent D5000 DSLR camera for owners. The issue is with an electronic component that powers up the DSLR but which reportedly doesn't meet Nikon's specifications. As a result, under some circumstances, the camera doesn't power up at all until a subsequent try. The non-powering issue is present regardless of whether or not the camera is running on battery or the state of charge.

iLuv preps earbud/mics for iPhone, iPod shuffle

07/16, 11:45am

iLuv iEP515 and iEP315

iLuv catered to owners of Apple's latest handhelds today with two in-ear headphone sets. Both the higher-end iEP515 and basic iEP315 are primarily treated as upgrades for the iPhone 3GS with an in-line remote and microphone in addition to passive noise reduction through its design. Their controls are also supported on the third-generation iPod shuffle, second-generation iPod classic and fourth-generation iPod nano as well as the iPod touch, where the microphone also works.

Apple aims to patent car-tethered iPhone navigation

07/16, 11:30am

Car-linked iPhone nav.?

Apple has been contemplating a close pairing between iPhones and some cars when it comes to GPS navigation, a recent patent application hints. While limited navigation apps have been possible since the introduction of the iPhone 3G, and proper turn-by-turn apps have become possible with the iPhone 3.0 firmware, the Apple patent proposes linking an iPhone into a car's navigation system, which in turn could pull information from the main car computer.

Dell planning to evaluate Chrome OS, Moblin

07/16, 11:25am

Dell mulls Chrome, Moblin

Dell via its blog on Wednesday announced it will evaluate the cloud-based Chrome OS for use in its products, possibly tying it in with the Android OS, also from Google. At the same time, the company said it is also likely to integrate the Linux-based Moblin operating system into its ultra portable computing devices, or netbooks. Either OS has its advantages, Dell claims, with the former not only offering what Dell calls an experience-targeted platform, but is also cost effective compared to the traditional Windows operating systems.

iWebTemplate releases iWeb Themes for Business 4

07/16, 11:10am

iWeb themes for business

iWebTemplate has released iWeb Themes for Business 4.0, new themes for use with Apple's website building application, iWeb. The package contains five new themes including Simplicity, International, Blackout, Time Machine, and Flourish, which bring the complete collection of themes up-to 91. Each template consists of several graphic elements customizable in size and color, and can be either moved around within the theme or removed completely.

FontExplorer X Server provides administrator control

07/16, 11:00am

FontExplorer X Server

Linotype Imaging has released FontExplorer X Server, used to work in online groups to create fonts. The application combines FontExplorer X Pro client edition with network administration capabilities. Administrators can distribute fonts over a network while allowing users to alter the fonts and font preferences for their local use. Administrators can additionally organize fonts by work groups, departments, job types, and projects, assigning font privileges to those working on the projects.

Palm opens webOS SDK to everyone

07/16, 11:00am

Palm Opens webOS SDK

Palm this morning acted on vows to expand webOS development and opened the Mojo SDK to any developer with a working e-mail address. The gesture gives anyone free access to writing apps for the Pre or future webOS smartphones and significantly expands the reach of the platform, which was previously limited to a closed beta with at most a few thousand developers.

Another Chocolate phone from LG spotted

07/16, 10:45am

Chocolate BL42 spotted

Quickly following official previews of the multi-touch LG BL40 come some unofficial images of a smaller, less advanced Chocolate-series handset, the LG BL42, courtesy of a Danish leak. The new LG handset is a slider, with the top panel home to a 240x320 resolution screen and a few backlit touch-sensitive buttons; it slides open to reveal a conventional number pad.

Sonar 2.0 tracks file changes, system performance

07/16, 10:40am

Sonar 2.0 update

Matterform Media has announced an update to its real-time security tool for reporting file changes on a hard drive: Sonar 2.0 reports all changes made to the hard drive and allows developers to monitor applications that are being downloaded. It also helps with debugging system slow-downs which can be caused by harmful applications that frequently write to the disk. The latest update adds support for the Mac OS X 10.5, and is expected to support the newest Mac OS X 10.6, which is to be released later this year.

Corsair kicks off high-speed Extreme SSDs

07/16, 10:40am

Corsair Extreme SSDs

Corsair on Thursday added a second line to its solid-state drives tailored to performance users. The Extreme series uses a fast controler from Indilinx and multi-level cell storage from Samsung to put its speed near the top of the field. Its reading speed crests at 240MB per second and is paired with a maximum write speed of 170MB per second.

BlackBerry OS 5.0 to add tabbed browsing

07/16, 10:15am

BB OS 5.0 tabbed browsing

The upcoming and previously discussed BlackBerry OS 5.0 is now known to be getting a new tabbed browsing feature, which RIM has reportedly been working on for quite some time. A new beta build including the feature has been leaked to BGR, which claims mixed reactions to the current version. While opening new tabs is fairly easy, switching between multiple windows is considered unnecessarily difficult as there is no shortcut for the operation.

Steve Jobs spotted at post-leave Coldplay concert

07/16, 10:10am

Steve Jobs at Coldplay gig

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was recently spotted by a roadie outside the dressing room of British rock band Coldplay, accounts say. The incident occurred at a Tuesday night concert at the Shoreline Amphitheater outside of San Francisco, and is notable as the first public sighting of Jobs since his return to work earlier this month. Jobs is a self-professed music lover, and was seen speaking with Dave Holmes, a TV host and celebrity news writer.

Dell adds Vostro All In One desktop

07/16, 10:05am

Dell Vostro All In One

Turning its attention to the work side of its PCs, Dell today launched its first integrated desktop in the Vostro line. The simply named Vostro All In One is the company's first for business and is meant to get back space on the desk. Aside from having a more serious all-black design, the 19-inch system has features sometimes needed at work, such as parallel and serial ports, as well as options for a built-in webcam, backup software and VESA mounting for a display arm (shown) or a wall.

Antiglare displays to propagate to more Macs?

07/16, 9:45am

Antiglare on more Macs?

Apple is currently considering antiglare options for more Macs, say sources claimed to be familiar with the company's plans. In recent years Macs have migrated to a glossy display surface, which Apple describes as providing a "crisp" and "vivid" picture, along with a seamless design aesthetic. The move has engendered complaints however, as in many cases reflections can obscure onscreen images, or affect the appearance of colors.

Microsoft OneApp hints at Zune/Win Mobile store

07/16, 9:25am

Microsoft OneApp Trademark

Microsoft has quietly filed for a trademark that may allude to a unified app store for both Zunes and Windows Mobile phones. The filing for the name "OneApp" would cover not just an app download store for cellphones and media players but would also address a developer kit for the same platform. Among the apps suggested possible through the service would include games, media playback, messaging and mobile payments.

Dell rolls out LED-backlit Inspiron 17

07/16, 8:50am

Dell Inspiron 17

Dell today filled out its mainstream notebooks with the Inspiron 17. The desktop notebook switches to the same 16:9 aspect ratio display and thinner, more efficent LED backlighting as newer Inspirons but, matching its 17.3-inch size, has a much higher 1600x900 resolution as standard. Processors are also generally faster in standard trim and scale up to a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo.

Nokia ships 15% fewer phones in spring

07/16, 8:25am

Nokia Q2 2009 Results

Nokia today reported a severe blow from the world economic collapse both in market share and in its financial health. The company shipped 15.2 percent less phones in its spring quarter than it did a year ago, down to 103.2 million. The amount is a 10.7 percent jump compared to the winter, at the height of the crisis, but was still enough for Nokia's market share to remain almost flat compared to the winter and to have dropped from 40 to 38 percent from year to year, according to its estimates.

Apple asked MS to stop Laptop Hunter ads?

07/16, 7:15am

MS denies Apple request

Microsoft's Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner, claimed at the company's Worldwide Partner Conference that Apple lawyers have asked Microsoft to stop its Laptop Hunter ad campaign. Turner said he received a phone call from Apple lawyers who argued that the ads were no longer accurate as it had reduced its computer pricing, particularly for the MacBook Pro. Rather than comply, however, he expressed enthusiasm at the result.


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