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Soulmen intros Ulysses 2, Blue Technologies disbands

07/13, 11:30pm

Ulysses 2 update

The Soulmen has released Ulysses 2.0, an update to the text editor for Macs, previously owned by the Blue Technologies Group. The software provides an interface with integrated notepads and a document browser as well as includes project management tools with filtering features. The latest update delivers a revamped interface with new project templates, an unfilled filter for displaying documents which are not located within a collection, and a document trash that holds all deleted files for viewing, while enabling them to be restored if necessary.

Verizon to restrict devices to its own app store

07/13, 11:30pm

Verizon app store rules

Verizon has disclosed a number of details regarding its upcoming app store, including plans to prohibit handset makers from shipping devices with their own app portals, according to GigaOM. The restrictions will prevent immediate access to the BlackBerry App World or Windows Mobile Marketplace, although users will be permitted to add the stores manually.

iPhone changes outlook, weakens carriers positions

07/13, 10:30pm

Analyst on iPhone and ATT

Despite the current government inquiry into the exclusive relationships between handset makers and carriers, Bernstein Research analyst Craig Moffett suggests the iPhone has not been entirely positive for AT&T. Apple's device has contributed to network strain, with many users criticizing AT&T for blocking VoIP apps and tethering.

SilverFast 6.6.1 adds new HDRI format for RAW data

07/13, 10:25pm

SilverFast 6.6.1 update

LaserSoft has launched an update to its scanning and image processing software, SilverFast 6.6.1. The imaging application provides tools for scanning and color reproduction and is designed for both beginners and professionals; it can be used as both a standalone application or as a Photoshop and Twain plug-in. Version 6.6.1 has added a new HDRI format for generating complete digital RAW data from scanned pictures, which includes all readable information such as data of the infrared channel, and allows for later image optimization.

Control4 releases home control iPhone app, dock

07/13, 8:35pm

Control4 ships app, dock

Control4 has released its IP-based home control application, My House UI for the iPhone and iPod touch. The application, developed by Control UI, enables homeowners to adjust their Control4 systems directly from the mobile interface. Users can access the controls of any synced devices such as thermostats, security systems, home theater equipment or lighting. The iPhone app features a similar interface to the Control4 touchscreen menus.

Apps: Pod to Mac, Hazel, TimeLog

07/13, 7:50pm

Pongo, Pukka

Pod to Mac 3.0 (free) is a tool for transferring media from an iPod or iPhone directly into iTunes. The main interface displays all of the media stored on the device and allows users to selectively choose tracks to transfer. Transferred tracks also carry over details such as play counts and ratings. Version 3.0 adds support for the iPhone 3.0 firmware and allows users to disconnect an iPhone and reconnect another one without needing to restart the software. [Download - 0.83MB]

JoinMe iPhone app locates friends without anonymity

07/13, 7:45pm

JoinMe locator iPhone app

mobya has released its first iPhone application, JoinMe, which can be used to locate contacts who also have an iPhone. The software differs from similar applications, such as Google Latitude, because it sends an invitation which can be accepted or declined. After the request has been accepted, users can follow the radar to find the person, making it useful for connecting with friends at the mall or to keep tabs on locations of children. The application also displays the distance of the contact and the time until arrival by calculating their speed relative to distance.

Trapcode Particular 2 replicates iPod ad effect

07/13, 7:10pm

Trapcode Particular 2

Red Giant has released Trapcode Particular 2, an Adobe After Effects plug-in used to generate 3D particles such as sparks and burning embers. The update includes a new shaded particles feature that enables each particle to be lit by every light in a scene, along with a Shadowlets effect that allows users to add shadows and enhance the depth of field. Trapcode Particular 2 also offers Streaklet, a particle that replicates the long-exposure lighting effects featured in iPod and Sprint commercials.

iPhone apps: BUZZER!, Suduko 100,000,000, Cellar

07/13, 6:45pm

BoredBeGone, Edibles

BUZZER! Music Quiz ($2) is a quiz game that creates questions based on a users personal music library. The game includes seven different question types including Guess the Intro, Guess the Artist, Guess the Album, and more. Players can select from from different length quizzes or create a custom quiz with different combinations of the available questions. The game also features the option to select an entire music library or only select playlists.

Lexmark intros new wireless "N" touchscreen printers

07/13, 6:35pm

Lexmark myTouch printers

Lexmark has announced a new line of inkjet printers, with eight all-in-one devices to be released on September 1. The printers each integrate 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreens for "as needed" navigation. Graphical icons provide quick access to basic print, copy and scan functions. The printers also utilize Lexmark's new Vizix print technology, featuring separate ink tanks to improve printing speed and printing precision. The line boasts Wireless-N connectivity for customers needing a longer range and faster file-transfer rates.

Telus set to launch HTC Touch Pro2, Snap

07/13, 5:45pm

Telus to launch Touch Pro2

Telus on Monday announced plans to launch the HTC Touch Pro2 and Snap smartphones later this month in the Canadian market, while customers can purchase the BlackBerry Tour beginning this week. The Touch Pro2 should arrive in the United States around the same time, with T-Mobile expected to release the device on July 22nd.

Analyst claims Dell Android phone still enroute

07/13, 4:55pm

Dell Android phone in fall

A Collins Stewart analyst believes Dell's rumored Android powered mobile device will be a cellphone after all and be launched in limited numbers via China Unicom. Ashok Kumar said he checked with electronics manufacturer Foxconn, which is said to be the contracted builder for the device. Kumar said other Chinese carriers passed on the Dell devices, which will reportedly run on ARM's Marvell processor.

Jumsoft releases Pages Templates Expert collections

07/13, 4:35pm

Pages Templates Expert

Jumsoft has released a new line of Pages templates, Pages Templates Expert. The line includes five different packs, for a total 32 different templates which can be used with Apple's word-processing software. The packs are titled Minimal, Fashion in Process, Flora, Summer Party and Terra Spa. Each covers a variety of document types, including business cards, envelopes, letters, memos and posters.

LG LX290 slider now available at Sprint

07/13, 4:35pm

LG LX290 now at Sprint

Wireless provider Sprint is now offering the LG LX290 slider handset. The mid-grade offering has a 1.3-megapixel camera and can access Sprint's Navigation service for voice and on-screen driving directions. It offers dedicated shortcut buttons for access to a to texting, e-mail, calendaring and alarms.

Apple wins MacBook Pro, Cinema Display trademarks

07/13, 4:15pm

MBP, C. Display trademarks

Apple has won a collection of important design trademarks from the European Trademark and Design Office, divided between two major products. A full 30 belong to the unibody MacBook Pro, which uses a unique chassis built out of a single block of aluminum. Also covered is the notebook's multi-touch trackpad, which omits a visible button in favor of one situated beneath.

Samsung Behold2 coming to T-Mobile?

07/13, 4:05pm

Samsung Behold2 due soon

A sequel to the Samsung Behold handset launched last November is coming to wireless provider T-Mobile, if the image of a leaked Wi-Fi Operability Certificate for the Behold2 t939 handset is to be believed. While not many specs of the new device are known, the touchscreen handset should retain or expand on the current T-Mobile Behold's features, including its 5-megapixel camera, 3G data network access, stereo Bluetooth support and music playback functionality. Considering the source of the leak, the device will also add Wi-Fi to its spec sheet.

LG opens mobile app store with no US plans

07/13, 4:00pm

LG intros phone app store

LG Electronics announced on Monday it will launch an online applications store for mobile phones starting on Tuesday. The LG Application Store will offer about 1,400 apps in 15 languages and will expand to other markets before the end of 2009. The service will first hit Singapore, Malaysia and Australia before coming to Europe and South America sometime in 2009. Along with the market expansion, the number of available titles is also expected to grow to over 2,000. Just 100 of the early apps will be free.

BlackBerry to get own social network

07/13, 3:45pm

MyBlackBerry Coming soon

RIM is developing a social network that would help surmount some of the weaknesses to its BlackBerry App World store, a late scoop suggests. Already in a dormant state, MyBlackBerry is seen by TechCrunch as catching up to the iPhone's App Store by letting the users share recommendations for apps outside of the store itself as well as other BlackBerry-related tips. The site should be device-savvy and tailor its content based on the model browsing the site.

Worms for iPhone arrives at App Store

07/13, 3:25pm

Worms for iPhone on sale

After some delay, Team17 has released the iPhone version of Worms, its flagship strategy game. Players control a cluster of cartoon worms as they try to annihilate all other competitors. The game is turn-based, and sees players use a variety of nonsensical weapons including holy hand grenades and exploding sheep.

EU charges LCD makers with price fixing

07/13, 3:10pm

LCD makers price fixing

The European Union's antitrust regulators have charged Philips Electronics, LG Display and a number of smaller, unnamed LCD makers with corroborating on fixing the price of LCD monitors, Philips announced on Monday. According to a Monday report, the EU antitrust regulators began their investigation in 2006, along with their US counterparts, and has now concluded that the involved firms knowingly kept pricing high. Philips said it would vigorously fight the accusation and claimed that it sold all of its shares in LG Display in March, eliminating possible incentives to illegally collaborate in the future.

60% of businesses to avoid Windows 7

07/13, 3:05pm

60pc of Biz Avoiding Win 7

Despite Microsoft's hopes for Windows 7, most companies are likely to pass on the system entirely, a study today suggests. Of the more than 1,000 companies involved in the ScriptLogic investigation, 60 percent say they have no plans to upgrade at all, while 34 percent don't expect to move on the platform until sometime in 2010. Only 5.4 percent actually plan to update in 2009.

T-Mobile, Orange arranging to sell UK iPhones

07/13, 2:55pm

UK iPhone exclusive ending

O2's UK exclusivity deal for the iPhone may be coming to an end within the next few months, T-Mobile suggests. The latter company says that it is already in talks with Apple, and could begin carrying the iPhone 3G within a matter of months. The iPhone 3GS has not been mentioned by T-Mobile so far, nor is it said to have been brought up by Orange, also rumored to be pushing for UK sales.

DirecTV working on iPhone app for streaming NFL games

07/13, 2:40pm

DirecTV NFL app

DirecTV has disclosed plans to launch an iPhone app, Supercast Mobile, with a focus on NFL content. Users will be able to view any NFL Sunday Ticket game, except for those excluded by local blackout rules. Along with streaming video, the app is said to provide game highlights, scores, game stats, or player stats that can be used for fantasy football.

Insignia intros NS-HD01 portable HD Radio

07/13, 2:15pm

Insignia portable HD Radio

Best Buy's in-house brand Insignia has recently released its first HD Radio device, the NS-HD01. The device picks up both analog and digital stations on the FM band and has 10 user-programmable presets. Power comes from a sealed lithium-ion battery that is recharged by a standard mini-USB connection and an included cable. On a full charge, the device is said to be good for 10 hours of playback, and the screen automatically dims to save energy.

NPD: netbooks to make up 25% of notebooks

07/13, 2:10pm

NPD Says 25pc Netbooks

Netbooks are growing in popularity so quickly that they could represent a quarter of all portables sold this year, the NPD Group's DisplaySearch predicted today. Although netbook shipments should almost exactly double their 2008 levels to about 32.7 million in 2009, the researchers sees the total notebook market actually dropping by 100,000 systems to 129.5 million. The inertia would leave netbooks consuming 25.3 percent of the entire portable business this year.

Judge puts Psystar suit on track for January trial

07/13, 1:45pm

Apple lawsuit continues

Apple's licensing infringement lawsuit against Psystar is progressing again, with the trial now scheduled for January 11, 2010. The proceedings had been delayed due to Psystar's bankruptcy filing, which the company recently moved to drop after the Florida court decided the Apple suit would still be allowed to continue.

IronKey intros extra-secure S200 flash drive

07/13, 1:05pm

IronKey intros S200 drive

IronKey on Monday announced the upcoming release of its S200 USB drive, which is being touted by the company as the most secure device of its kind. The S200 is the only USB key to meet FIPS 140-2, Level 3 validation for cryptographic modules mandated by government agencies. Otherwise, the S200 sports the same tamper-resistant body, self-destruction circuitry and hardware-based AES-256 encryption as other IronKey drives. The 16GB key can be set to restrict networks, making its content inaccessible on uncontrolled computers.

Microsoft preparing Spotify-like music service

07/13, 1:00pm

MS music streaming service

Microsoft is preparing a new music streaming service, "similar in principle to Spotify," according to the company's executive MSN producer, Peter Bale. The Europe-only beta of Spotify revolves around a client application, which lets users stream virtually any track or album from the company's remote library. In the UK the service is 10 per month, or free with a minute of advertising interspersed every 30 minutes.

Acer's dual operating system netbook due in August

07/13, 12:10pm

Acer dual OS netbook due

An Acer netbook with both Windows XP and Android, which gives users the option of booting into either operating system, is due to ship sometime this August, DigiTimes reported on Monday. First announced at the start of June, the netbook's main specs are unknown at this time, but prices aren't likely to be lower than Windows XP-exclusive netbooks, as Acer still needs to pay license fees for the Microsoft operating system.

Voice memo bug impacts iPhone users

07/13, 12:10pm

iPhone voice memo bug

iPhone owners continue to be affected by a bug in the device's voice recording software, discussion on Apple's support forums indicates. The problem manifests itself when trying to play back a voice memo; although a memo will show the expected runtime, hitting play may not produce any audio. The scrub bar remains locked at 0:00, even though the play button toggles to show the pause option.

Nike bows new SportBand, iPhone site

07/13, 12:10pm

Nike SportBand and iPhone

Nike today upgraded its Nike+ running gear with a new SportBand and an extra feature for iPhone users. The tracking device for calories, distance and speed has a new background to be more easily readable on the run and is weather sealed to prevent it getting wet. It can work as a stand-alone device or as a supplement to an iPhone or iPod that saves having to look at Apple's players to check run information.

Intel's mobile Nehalem due by October?

07/13, 11:50am

Intel Clarksfield by Oct

Intel's first mobile Nehalem processors, known under their Clarksfield codename, have had their launch date pushed to near the start of fall if a rumor proves true. Originally scheduled for the summer, the quad-core chips are now penned in for late September or early October. No reason has been given for the delay by the sources for DigiTimes, although the processors are known to consume large amounts of power.

Microsoft makes Office Web free, shows 2010

07/13, 11:10am

MS Office Web and 2010

Microsoft today used its Windows Partners Conference to expand the details of Office 2010, including its web version. Initially considered separate, Microsoft now says Office Web is a counterpart to 2010 but will make it freely available to anyone with a Windows Live account. It will also be free to use on the local network for companies that buy volume licenses of Office 2010, though companies that just want the web app component will also have the option of a subscription.

New Leopard, Snow Leopard builds reach developers

07/13, 11:05am

Leopard, S. Leopard builds

New builds of Mac OS X 10.5.8 and 10.6 Server have been seeded to developers, reports say. The v10.5.8 release, titled 9L25, is said to have no known problems, and correct only two: one with saving e-mails as individual documents, and another involving URL localization. Testing efforts are now shifting from narrow to broad focus, concentrating on some three dozen components previously examined in other builds.

Fujifilm's 3D camera gets shipping info, pricing

07/13, 10:30am

Fujifilm 3D camera dated

One of the pioneers of digital photography, Fujifilm will reportedly release the first 3D consumer digital camera later this year. First announced last summer, the camera uses two lenses, spaced out like human eyes, to capture two simultaneous images of the same scene from slightly different angles. A system called FinePix Real 3D will then combine the two images into one, with output options that will include a 3D digital picture frame or special 3D prints.

Nokia Surge smartphone lands at AT&T

07/13, 10:25am

Nokia Surge at ATT

AT&T began its week early by launching the Nokia Surge, a unique handset just for the US carrier. The device is designed like a typical QWERTY slider messaging phone but runs on Symbian S60 and gets access to the full roster of smartphone-class apps as a result. It's pitched as a social networking device and comes with a JuiceCaster app for posting both updates and media to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and elsewhere.

Heritage group may fight Jackling House relocation

07/13, 10:10am

Heritage group v. Jobs

A California heritage group is continuing to object to plans to dispose of Jackling House, currently owned by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, writes Bloomberg. The executive recently forged a pact with investor Gordon Smythe, who has agreed to disassemble the historic mansion and move it to another location. The building was originally slated to be demolished by Jobs, as a part of plans to construct a newer and smaller home in its place.

RIM to launch own online music service

07/13, 10:00am

RIM music service coming

BlackBerry handset maker Research in Motion (RIM) will reportedly launch an online music download service for BlackBerries in order to compete with competitors Apple and Nokia. The application will be a result of a partnership with a UK-based music website, 7Digital and, according to 7Digital's marketing manager Peter Davis, will be free to download. In a unique approach, the quality will change depending on the network: BlackBerry users on a 3G network will download lower bitrate AAC tracks to save time, but can immediately move to 320Kbps MP3 downloads when on Wi-Fi. A sync feature will also connect the phone to a computer over Wi-Fi to transfer without requiring a USB link.

New LG Chocolate to get 21:9 multi-touch LCD?

07/13, 9:35am

LG Chocolate Video Leak

A leaked video for the next Chocolate phone suggests that the device will not only be LG's first touchscreen Chocolate but also more explicitly tailored to fight the iPhone. Its centerpiece should be an unusual 4-inch, 800x345 display; it should not only play movies shot in a theater-native 21:9 aspect ratio at full resolution but also support multi-touch, including pinching to zoom in Google Maps and other key apps. The clip shows the familiar S-Class UI from newer LG phones but may have different interface elements than these devices, such as both Google Maps and the contact list.

Hitachi intros two portable USB hard drive lines

07/13, 8:40am

Hitachi: new portable HDDs

A few months after acquiring SimpleTech, Hitachi has begun two portable hard drive lines under its own banner. The rugged SimpleTOUGH and the home-oriented SimpleDrive Mini lines are bus-powered, 2.5-inch USB 2.0 drives available in 250GB, 320GB and 500GB capacities. The SimpleTOUGH line uses a Hitachi TravelStar drive in a shock and water resistant housing with built-in storage for a ruggedized USB cable. Although the company says the drives can withstand a 3 meter drop, Hitachi claims models it tested survived drops of up to 30 feet and were driven over by a one-ton truck without damage. The TravelStar drive is shock-rated at 400G while operating and 1000G when idle.

Sony outs 32GB Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo HX

07/13, 8:35am

Sony M Stick Pro Duo 32GB

Sony started its week today by introducing its largest ever Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo HX card. The 32GB card stores twice as much as Sony's previous best and is treated as a particularly ideal fit for the company's own Alpha DSLRs and its HD camcorders: the latter could hold about 3.75 hours of HD footage on a single card. As an HX card, it's also relatively quick with 15MB per second write speeds and 20MB reads.

Hitachi unveils USB NAS adapter

07/13, 8:20am

Hitachi USB/NAS adapter

Hitachi has released a compact adapter under its SimpleTech label that allows any USB hard drive, memory stick or SD card to become a network attached storage device. The SimpleNET USB/NAS adapter includes two USB ports and a 100Mbps Ethernet jack to bring external disks online. The device is Linux-based and does not require reformatting of USB drives. Any USB-based storage device will work with the adapter, but printers are not supported. Hitachi says the adapter works with most networkable backup clients, including Apple's Time Machine.

Apple touch netbook due in October for $800?

07/13, 8:05am

Apple Touch Netbook Oct

Rumors of a touchscreen Apple netbook gained fuel on Monday with a claim by China's InfoTimes that supposedly confirms launch details. Backing earlier claims, the site says the system will use a 9.7-inch touchscreen supplied by Wintek and is due to ship in October. Apple is expected to avoid competing directly with regular, sub-$500 netbooks and may use the touchscreen and other features to bring the price closer to $800, much like the Sony VAIO P.

Thousands queue up for iPhone 3GS launch in Singapore

07/13, 1:50am

Singapore iPhone 3GS lines

The iPhone 3GS launch in Singapore has attracted huge crowds, with the first customer reportedly waiting in line for 11 hours. The exclusive local carrier, SingTel, estimates that approximately 1,500 to 2,000 individuals gathered around the company headquarters on Friday, according to Fortune. Several witnesses suggest the number was closer to 3,000 by the end of the night.


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