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Anawiki Games releases Pony World Deluxe update

07/08, 11:55pm

Pony World Deluxe updated

Anawiki Games has released a new version of Pony World Deluxe. The game gives players the ability to design their own ponies and use them in mini games such as beauty pageants, races, and memory games. By winning these games, players can earn money that can be used to extend and decorate the farm by planting trees, flowers and bushes and building fountains and umbrellas. Users can additionally explore the Pony World and visit places such as the disco or the theatre.

Epic Tilt launches TapStar rhythm game for iPhone

07/08, 11:40pm

TapStar iPhone rhythm game

Epic Tilt in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment has launched a new rhythm game for the iPhone and iPod touch, TapStar. The game consists of four differently colored arrows, one in each corner of the mobile phones screen, with a series of matching colored arrows that move upwards in the middle of the screen. Following the same basic principle as the Guitar Hero games, players listen to a song while tapping the colored arrow in the corner of the iPhone, at the very moment the same colored arrow appears at the top of the screen.

QuickerTek releases Apple Juicz Lite MacBook battery

07/08, 11:15pm

Apple Juicz Lite battery

QuickerTek has released its newest external battery for the MacBook and MacBook Pro, Apple Juicz Lite. Similar to the company's original Apple Juicz, the new version still delivers 25 percent more power but in a lighter and smaller-sized battery. The external battery is capable of providing up-to five additional hours of battery power for the MacBook, and can also charge the internal laptops battery while plugged in. The current amount of battery power within the device can be read via its LCD charging status indicator.

AccountEdge business app comes to Canada

07/08, 9:35pm

Canadian AccountEdge ships

Acclivity has released a Canadian version of MYOB's AccountEdge after an eight year absence. The application is used to calculate and analyze a businesses important financial data, handle money transfers, and generate financial statements. The Canadian version of AccountEdge includes an enhanced command center interface that includes the Task List, a sliding drawer for regularly used windows and reports. The version also includes a Business Insights feature that provides users with trend-based information that can be used to analyze profits, turnover, and operating balances.

Flexible microphone accessory for iPhone ships

07/08, 9:30pm

Brando iPhone microphone

Brando has added the Flexible Mini Capsule Microphone to its line of headphone and speaker input accessories. The device plugs into the 3.5 mm headphone minijack to and provides 25+ dB higher quality sound recordings when using the phone's various sound recording applications. The Flexible Mini Capsule Microphone includes a pivot point that enables users to record sound directionally by aiming the microphone at its target. This enables users to point both the microphone and the video camera at their subject.

DEVONtech's XMenu, EasyFind add features, bugfixes

07/08, 9:05pm

XMenu, EasyFind updated

DEVONtechnologies has released two freeware updates, launching XMenu 1.9 and EasyFind 4.5 with new features and bug fixes. XMenu has new menu icons for easier recognition and also adds a snippets menu in a cascading structure that supports the user's inserting plain and rich text snippets, clippings, and Internet location files as single menu choices. From that point large numbers of rich text can be quickly accessed for retrieval and use. Meanwhile, EasyFind 4.5 adds Quick Look support and adds extended Boolean operators found in DEVONtechnologies' lead applications.

LaCie ships rugged, portable HD multimedia hard drive

07/08, 9:00pm

LaCinema Rugged HD ships

LaCie has released its LaCinema Rugged HD multimedia hard drive. The product is used to store and play high definition movies, music and photographs on any high definition television in 1080p resolution. The device is compatible with any HDMI supported display and utilizes graphic menus and setting features with a remote control for navigation. The LaCinema Rugged HD requires a USB 2.0 cable to connect to the computer where the device uses bus-powered multimedia loading.

Radio Gaga compiles 10,000 recordable radio stations

07/08, 9:00pm

Radio Gaga released

The GagaFactory has announced Radio Gaga, an application used to listen and record over 10,000 Internet radio stations. The application can record multiple radio streams simultaneously and is only limited by the users available bandwidth. Sessions can be automatically recorded using the scheduling feature set by the user. The recorded tracks can then be automatically trimmed and tagged by the application and users can additionally export recorded tracks directly to iTunes.

iPhone apps: Mark On Call, Word Solitaire, Cloudburst

07/08, 8:00pm

SurfBalance, Final Price

Mark On Call ($3) allows users to create and share detailed floor plans. The application can create rooms with detailed shapes and sizes, lay down flooring, and add and place architectural features, appliances and furniture. Additionally, colors and textures are automatically scaled onto items in the room using pre-set options, the iPhone's camera, or any saved picture from the user's photo library.

High humidity causing iPhone warranty rejections?

07/08, 7:30pm

Humidity triggering LSIs?

A number of iPhone users located in Singapore have reported problems with warranty claim rejections through the local carrier, Singtel, according to forum posts on HardwareZone. Many of the iPhones are being turned away due to water damage, despite claims that the devices never encountered water. The issues involve triggered Liquid Submersion Indicators (LSIs) which are located inside the headphone port and near the dock connector on an iPod.

Apple climbs to No. 253 in Fortune's Global 500

07/08, 5:50pm

Apple climbs Fortune 500

For the fourth year in a row, Apple has continued to climb Fortune's list of the 500 largest companies across the globe. The company first entered the bottom of the ranks at 492nd in 2006, before climbing to 337th last year with $24 billion in revenues. Apple this year ascended to 253rd with over $32 billion in revenue.

PC makers to wait on Acer before using new Atom chip

07/08, 5:30pm

PC makers hold off on N450

Some notebook manufacturers are taking a wait-and-see approach in regards to integrating the next-generation Intel Atom N450 CPU into their products, a recent report says. Instead, sources for DigiTimes claim they will look at PC maker Acer and ASUS, both of whom have already committed to launch products with the new chip before themselves releasing such products. The demand for netbook PCs, which feature sub-11-inch displays and clock speeds that are equal to or less than 1.66GHz, has dropped off lately, with lots of leftover inventory of such systems.

MSI intros 14-inch EX460 with Radeon HD 4330

07/08, 5:15pm

MSI intros 14-inch EX460

MSI will soon add to its Entertainment-series of notebook PCs with the 14-inch EX460. The system is relatively advanced with an LED-backlit display and ships with a 512MB version of ATI's Mobility Radeon HD 4330 graphics chipset, giving it better than usual video in the class. General processing power is courtesy of an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, though its clock speed is not specified. It's not known how much RAM the EX460 ships with, but the twin DDR2 slots can hold up to 4GB.

HP Mini 110 XP gets Broadcom HD video option, colors

07/08, 5:05pm

HP Mini 110 gets HD video

The Mini 110 XP netbook from HP is now available in two new color options, pink and white, and, more importantly, is offered for the first time with Broadcom's Crystal HD Enhanced video accelerator. The $30 option allows users to play back 1080p HD video files on the Mini 110 XP's standard 10.1-inch, 1024x576 resolution screen or optional 1366x768 screen. The Broadcom card is bundled with ArcSoft's TotalMedia Theatre, which needs to be used to play back the HD video files.

White BlackBerry Curve 8520 spotted, more colors due

07/08, 5:00pm

White Curve 8520 spotted

Some product literature from provider T-Mobile has revealed a white BlackBerry Curve 8520, suggesting the handset will soon be available. The handset has up until this point has only been shown in a black-colored body. It's not known if the white handset will be offered at the device's launch, or introduced sometime later to help shore up declining sales, though the latter is the most likely and common option.

Microsoft to fight Chrome OS with browser?

07/08, 4:50pm

MS Teaser and Gazelle

Microsoft is planning a "big" announcement on Monday that may have forced Google's hand in launching Chrome OS, tech pundit and Rackspace blogger Robert Scoble claimed today. While a non-disclosure agreement prevents him from providing further details, he implies that the news will have something to do with web apps, which will be the way software can run in Google's upcoming platform.

Safari 4.0.2 stabilizes "Nitro" JavaScript engine

07/08, 4:45pm

Safari 4.0.2 update

Apple has posted the v4.0.2 update to Safari, its Mac and Windows web browser. The patch implements a relative handful of changes, primarily upgrading the Nitro engine to include new security and compatibility fixes. Nitro is responsible for JavaScript rendering, and is thus linked with many speed improvements over Safari 3.

Apps: iPod Converter, Baseline, Better Finder Rename

07/08, 4:25pm

SkypeCap, SERa

iPod Converter 2.7 ($30) is a tool for converting video files to the mp4 format for use on an iPod. The software can covert most common video files including AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, ASF, and DivX. Within iPod converter users can crop video area, the bit rate, frame rate and video resolution. The latest update includes a new style interface and has fixed several smaller bugs. [Download - 10.5MB]

Pixologic announces ZBrush 3.2, GoZ, new plug-in

07/08, 4:15pm

ZBrush 3.2 update

Pixologic has announced a v3.2 update for ZBrush, along with the new GoZBrush and Decimation Master plug-in. ZBrush is a sculpting and painting program that sketches out a 2D or 3D picture, producing renders with lighting and atmospheric effects. Version 3.2 delivers a series of optimizations and feature adjustments, and includes some early integration of ZBrush 4 technology to improve working with GoZ.

T-Mobile preps swath of myTouch 3G accessories

07/08, 4:10pm

T-Mobile myTouch 3G gear

T-Mobile has just announced a range of accessories will be available for the upcoming myTouch 3G handset, which was made available for preorders earlier today. These include the ubiquitous soft pouches in a variety of colors, belt-clip holsters, wrist straps and gel skins, as well as more functional hardware that comprises of a battery extender and a docking station.

iPhone, Pre eating into BlackBerry sales

07/08, 4:05pm

iPhone and Pre Hurt BBerry

The iPhone and Palm Pre together are dragging down BlackBerry sales, according to estimates by Piper Jaffray analyst T. Michael Walkley. Both the iPhone 3GS and the $99 iPhone 3G have hit the BlackBerry the hardest, as some June customers at AT&T were buying one of Apple's devices in place of similarly priced phones from Research in Motion, like the Curve 8310 or the Bold. BlackBerry sales at that carrier were lower this past month than in May, a rarity for a company that has seen sharp growth from year to year.

Third-gen iPod touch observed in testing

07/08, 3:30pm

Third-gen iPod testing

Apple is already testing a third-generation iPod touch, information from Pinch Media indicates. The analytics group has tracked a device using the "iPod 3,1" moniker online, which is in keeping with Apple's standard hardware versioning. The second-generation Touch, for example, is designated iPod 2,1, while the iPhone 3G is iPhone 1,2.

No plans for HTC Hero on T-Mobile

07/08, 3:15pm

No HTC Hero at T-Mobile

T-Mobile today declared it has had its current fill of Android-powered handsets, as the wireless provider's CTO, Cole Brodman, said at the myTouch 3G launch event that his company has "no plans" to bring the HTC Hero to its network. The news from Gizmodo is contrary to earlier rumors that had the handset coming as the third Android device at T-Mobile.

Amazon cuts Kindle 2 price to $299

07/08, 3:15pm

Amazon Kindle 2 Now 299

Amazon in an unannounced gesture cut the price of the Kindle 2 to $299. The move is the first price drop on any Kindle since the original was reduced to $359 and puts a larger gap between this and the larger Kindle DX, which still sits at its original $489 price. The company didn't provide a reason of its own for the cut, which comes even though Amazon has periodically sold out.

Genius intros EasyPen i608 and MousePen i405 tablets

07/08, 3:00pm

Genius releases two pens

Genius has released two new additions to its line of digital tablets, the EasyPen 1405 and MousePen i608. Both tablets incorporate an electronic pen, enabling users to easily design digital artwork on a computer. The pens feature 1024-level pressure sensitivity and two buttons used to control shapes or line thickness while drawing or writing. The EasyPen i405 features a 4-inch by 5.5-inch pad, while 28 programmable Hot Keys can be used to control software and Internet functions.

Google OS may force Schmidt from Apple's board

07/08, 2:55pm

Chrome OS and Apple Board

Google's launch of Chrome OS today could create a conflict of interest that forces its chief Eric Schmidt off of Apple's board of directors. Although the two companies continue to collaborate on the iPhone, iLife and other projects, the creation of an operating system intended for full-fledged computers now means Google has products that can compete directly with two out of three of Apple's key businesses, as Android and now Chrome OS both give it a vested interest against the iPhone and Mac OS X.

Audio-Technica rolls ANC7b headphones

07/08, 1:55pm

Audio Technica ANC7b

Audio-Technica grew its still-small noise-reduction headphone line today through the ATH-ANC7b, its main and only over-ear model in the category. It upgrades an earlier outgoing model with a purportedly more natural and richer sound. It continues to use an active cancellation process with dual microphones that pick up outside sound; the company believes about 85 percent of outside sound is eliminated before it reaches the listener's ears. Noise canceling demands batteries but can be turned off.

More images surface of Sony Ericsson Rachael, Kiki

07/08, 1:30pm

Sony Rachael, Kiki phones

Updated images have allegedly leaked for Sony Ericsson's next major smartphone, codenamed Rachael. A follow-up to the XPERIA X1, the phone is expected to use the Android 2.0 operating system, running on a Snapdragon processor. It may also have 7.2Mbps HSDPA, advanced 3D rendering capabilities, and an eight-megapixel autofocus camera. Little new is revealed in the photos, except that white may be an option, and that the back contains a slight bulge.

Razer intros Moray+ noise-canceling headset

07/08, 1:25pm

Razer outs Moray+ headset

Razer on Tuesday announced the release of its Razer Moray+ in-ear noise isolating headset and inline microphone combo. The replacement for the original Moray, the device is meant for those who do their gaming on a wide array of portable devices, including cellphones. The headset's 3.5mm audio jack fits into all iPhones, and Razer includes three adapters that make the microphone usable with Sony's PSP 2000 and 3000, the Nintendo DS Lite and DSi, as well as netbooks and most other notebook PCs.

Apple to slice WebObjects from Snow Leopard Server?

07/08, 12:35pm

WebObjects gone in S. Lep.

With the release of Snow Leopard Server, Apple will drop deployment support for the WebObjects web application server, sources claim. WebObjects is an enterprise framework for creating web apps, as well as deploying them through a related Java server. The technology was originally acquired by Apple in 1996, when it bought NeXT, headed by former (and now present) Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Panasonic offers 240GB HD camcorder

07/08, 12:25pm

Panasonic HS350 240GB

Panasonic on Wednesday claimed the capacity lead for HD camcorders in revealing the HS350. Carrying a 240GB hard drive, the camera can capture up to 31 hours, 40 minutes of 1080i widescreen footage in AVCHD (H.264); It can also take SDHC cards to add up to another 32GB of storage or offload video from the camera.

T-Mo myTouch 3G up for preorder with visual voicemail

07/08, 11:40am

myTouch 3G pre-orders up

The myTouch 3G handset introduced by T-Mobile late last month is now available for pre-order at the wireless provider by current T-Mobile subscribers. At the same time, some online product brochures on the handset reveal it will have visual voicemail, becoming the first Android-powered handset to sport the feature. The handset is priced at $200 on a two-year contract for current subscribers who are eligible for an upgrade.

Sony downplays talk of PS3 price cut

07/08, 11:35am

Sony Downs PS3 Price Talk

Sony chief Sir Howard Stringer on Wednesday dismissed pressure on his company to drop the price of the PlayStation 3 when the subject was presented at the Allen & Co conference. Responding to implications by Activision CEO Bobby Kotick that his game development firm might stop developing for the PS3 if its price remains too high, Stringer said it was simply the "nature of business" for companies to put pressure on each other and that it wouldn't necessarily push Sony to cut prices.

Rivet 2.2 adds video thumbnails, more iPhoto support

07/08, 11:30am

Rivet 2.2 update

Cynical Peak has posted the v2.2 update for Rivet, its media sharing utility. Users can stream music, photos and photos from a Mac to a LAN-connected Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, thereby bypassing the need for an extra set-top. Content is read from Aperture, iTunes and iPhoto libraries, as well as custom folders in the case of video.

AudioRefurb 2 update improves interface

07/08, 11:25am

AudioRefurb 2 update

JS8 Media has launched AudioRefurb 2, the latest update to its audio filtering application. Using a 31-band graphic equalizer, the program allows people to apply effects and adjustments to audio files. Changes in the update improve buffer processing, as well as data validation.

CalDigit VR mini storage unit boasts RAID support

07/08, 11:00am

CalDigit VR mini released

CalDigit has released the CalDigit VR mini, a compact digital storage unit. The product includes two digital storage drives and a frontside LCD display. The CalDigit VR mini supports both RAID 0 (striping), RAID 1 (mirroring), and JBOD and the device can work fast enough to complement high definition video editing. The product features RAID hardware that provides an independent CPU and cache memory to manage the RAID volume. This process eliminates the strain from the host system's CPU and gives applications full system access.

MacProxy 1.0 provides anonymous Internet surfing

07/08, 10:55am

MacProxy 1.0 ships

Tidal Pool has released MacProxy 1.0, which forwards network settings to a proxy server, enabling users to hide their IP address and navigate the Internet anonymously. The software supports Safari, Firefox, Mail, iChat, FTP and Telnet, and as well as other applications which may not have internal proxy tools. MacProxy users can also tether their iPhone, turning it into a local proxy.

Motorola outs touchscreen ROKR in Korea

07/08, 10:50am

Motorola ROKR in Korea

Motorola Korea on Wednesday announced it has launched the simply titled ROKR handset, one of its only touchscreen handsets outside of the Ming and Krave lines. A new panorama user interface supports three separate screens, maximizing the amount of shortcuts users can place on the screen. The touchscreen slides up to reveal a numerical keypad for dialing numbers. As with other ROKR handsets, music is a key focus, including access to the Korea-native MelOn music service.

London dev claims first augmented reality iPhone app

07/08, 10:40am

Augmented reality app

acrossair, a developer based in London, England, says it is waiting for approval on what should be the first augmented reality application for the iPhone. Called Nearest Tube, the app points users in the direction of the closest London Underground subway station. Distinguishing it from titles like Google Maps is the use of a live video mode, on top of which the app overlays graphics indicating which direction to travel.

LG shows 12MP, 720p-capable GC990 touch phone

07/08, 10:35am

LG GC990 Louvre Spotted

LG has tipped its hand as to its future phone plans with a Warsaw demo of a very high-end feature phone. Going under the GC990 name, the full touchscreen device seen by GSM Arena is the third beyond the Pixon12 and Satio known to carry a 12-megapixel camera and just the second beyond the i8910 to record 720p video. It should also be relatively strong in its own right with an intelligent zoom feature, ISO 3,200 light sensitivity and "zero" shutter lag.

SEC probe into Jobs health disclosure continues

07/08, 9:50am

SEC Jobs probe continues

The Securities and Exchange Commission is continuing with a probe into Steve Jobs' health, Bloomberg sources say. Investigators have been concerned that the company did not properly disclose its CEO's medical condition, which could have and arguably has had an impact on investors. Much of the company's direction is said to be attributable to Jobs, who also serves as the center of intense media focus.

Sixth Microsoft TV ad attacks white MacBook

07/08, 9:40am

6th Laptop Hunters Ad

Microsoft has returned to its ad campaign with the first ad in its "Laptop Hunters" campaign in weeks. The TV spot sees couple Matt and Olivia tasked with finding a system at Best Buy with a large screen, long battery life and good support for pictures at $700. They dismiss a 13-inch plastic MacBook as "too small" and too expensive at $1,000, eventually settling on an HP Pavilion dv7 exactly matching their target price. In comparing the Mac and Windows lines, Microsoft is direct and emphasizes absolute price over features.

OCZ unveils high speed Vertex Turbo SSDs

07/08, 8:25am

OCZ Vertex Turbo SSDs

OCZ today aimed for the performance crown and launched its Vertex Turbo solid-state drives. The 2.5-inch drives build on the existing formula of the Vertex line by increasing the clock speed for both the host controller managing data as well as the 64MB of cache; OCZ estimates peak read speeds of up to 270MB per second (up from 250MB) and peak writes of 210MB per second (from 160MB). Adding the extra speed provides an extra edge for notebooks and, through a bay adapter, performance desktops.

Google to launch own computer OS

07/08, 7:45am

Google Chrome OS

Google early today staked out its claim in full computer operating systems with word that it would launch its own. Chrome OS is meant "initially" for netbooks and relies solely on web apps; while Linux underneath, all software is just an instance of the Chrome web browser running in a custom windowing system. The approach not only keeps a small app footprint but sandboxes any content to prevent malware attacks from spreading. Importantly, nearly any Chrome OS app should also work in a truly standards-based web browser regardless of platform.


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